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Best Water Heater under 3000 Rupees

Best Water Heater under 3000 Rupees in India

Are water heaters expensive? Nowadays, a branded water heater with a small tank will cost you as low as 2000 Rupees. So, water heaters are not expensive anymore. Its usages are still. Therefore, the best idea is to buy a geyser or storage water heater with a 5-star rated heating system.

Which is the best water heater under 3000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling water heaters from 1000 to 3000 Rupees range. The recommended water heaters are suitable for small families, bachelors, and students.

► 3000W Panasonic Astra Instant Water Heater

Are you set for winter this year? If you don't have a tank water heater in your bathroom, then you are not programmed. Storage water heaters, those with a 10-liter, 15-liter, 20-liter, or 25-liter water tank, will require more than 5000 Rupees budget. You could get an instant water heater though in less than 3000 Rupees.

Which is the best instant water heater under 3000 Rupees? My vote is for the Panasonic Anchor Astra. This 3-liter instant water heater has a 3000W heating system with copper coil. The water in its tank matures to unbearable hot in less than 5-minute.

Instant water heaters usually have no manual control. The same is for this Panasonic water heater also. That means its operation is fully automatic.

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Besides being an instant water heater in the real sense, the build quality of the Panasonic Astra heater is what drives more buyers towards it. We covered all traits of its build quality in our video presentation, which is linked below.

Price ₹2990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features 3000W | 3-Liter Tank | Copper Heating Element | Stainless-Steel Tank | Fire-Proof Cable | Fully Automatic Operation | ISI Mark | Warranty: Up to 5-Years


► 3000W Crompton Solarium DLX Water Heater

This Crompton water heater is best for small and medium-sized families. Because of its 3000-Watt heating system, it makes hot water ready in much less time than costly water geyser with 25-Liter tank and only 2000-Watt heating system.

The Solarium DLX water heater has all the standard convenience features. When the water in the tank reaches set temperature, heating operation automatically stops. This is a necessary safety and convenience feature. Because of multi-functional safety valves and LED indicators using this instant water heater is super easy, withal.

Crompton Solarium DLX Instant Water Heater

The build quality of this storage water heater is superior. Its body is made of engineering-grade ABS plastic whereas water tank is made of steel. A layer of glass coating from inside protects the water tank from corrosion. In spite of being priced so cheap, Crompton brand offers 2-years warranty for this instant water heater.

Everything about Crompton Solarium DLX water heater is remarkable except for the efficiency of its heating system. I did not find any information about BEE rating for the 3000-Watt heating system. No BEE rating means this instant water heater will consume more electricity.

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No installation support from the brand is not a big concern. You cannot have everything when you are getting an excellent water heater at less price. A local electrician will charge you around 500 Rupees to install this Crompton instant water heater. The real concern, however, is its usages will be expensive.

Price ₹2790 | Amazon
Power 3000-Watt | Copper Heating-Element
Build ABS Plastic Shell | Steel Tank with Glass Coating from inside
Features Auto Power cut when the water temperature in the tank reaches to the set temperature | LED Indicators for “Water Hot” and “Ready to Use” alert | Multi-functional Safety-Valves
Warranty 24 Months | No Installation Support
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