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Best Water Heater under 12000 Rupees

Best Water Heater Under 12000 Rupees in India Market

Does water heater consume more electricity? Yes, water heater consumes a good amount of electricity. There will be a noticeable difference between the electricity bill you pay usually and the electricity bill you would have to pay after using a water heater for a couple of weeks in your house.

In a water heater, electricity is converted to heat energy to raise water temperate. Therefore, the best idea is to buy a water heater with a 5-star rated heating system. Even if you have to pay a few thousand Rupees more for a water heater with a 5-star BEE rated heating system, go for it. Not saving 1000, 2000 Rupees now would result in saving of around ten thousand rupees worth of electricity in a year.

In this piece, you read about top-rated storage water heater In India market from 10000 to 12000 Rupees price range. The recommended water heaters are products of reliable home electronics brands. Their operation is automatic, and they come with lots of safety and convenience features, as well.

► Havells Adonia Digital Water Heater with Remote

Havells is one of the most reliable home electronics brands in India market. Its products last longer.

The Adonia storage water heater from the house of Havells is the newest vertical storage water heater in the market. It comes with remote. You can control this smart water heater and set water temperature from your bedroom using its remote.

Havells Adonia Digital Water Heater With Remote

Being an Havells product itself is a certification of durable build quality. Still not sure, Havells brand offers up to 7-Years warranty.

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Further, the 2000-Watt heating system of this water heater is 5-star rated. That means its usages will only change the last three digits of your monthly power bill. Havells SHOCKSAFE 3-PIN power plug with two notification LEDs for POWER & TEST and also a reset button, adds value to this storage water heater with remote, withal.

According to the Havells brand, because of 8 bar pressure, the Adonia model is a recommended storage water heater for flats located above fourth, fifth floor in high-rise buildings. Still, my suggestion would be to first check with a qualified plumber if water pressure level is a severe issue in your flat.

Price 15-Liter @ 11500 Rupees | 25-Liter @ 13500 Rupees
Ideal for Bathroom | High-rise Buildings
Features Vertical Storage Water Heater with Remote | Whirl flow technology | 50 Degree rise in Water temperature in 35 Minutes | Energy saving high-density PUF insulation | Auto Power Cut when Water temperature reached the set temperature
Heating 2000-Watt | 5-Star Rated | Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element
Build Dimensions (LWH): 46×45.5×44.5 cm | Plastic Shell | Steel Tank with Anode Rode | Multi-functional safety valve
Warranty 2 Years on Water Heater | 4 Years on Heating System | 7 Years on Water Tank | Free installation

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