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Best Washing Machine under 9000 Rupees

Best Washing Machine under 9000 Rupees in India

Which is the best washing machine under 9000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling washing machines from 8000 to 9000 Rupees price range. The proposed washing machines are currently a top favorite of consumers because of better performance, excellent build quality, and the reputation of the brand.

► 6.5-Kg Panasonic W65E5ARB Washing Machine

The Panasonic semi automatic washing machine is currently one of the top favorites of buyers from the price range of 5000 to 10000 Rupees. With a 6.5-kg wash capacity, it is an ideal washing machine for a family of 3 to 5 members. Panasonic brand provides 2 years of complete warranty and 3 years of an extended warranty for the motor. Moreover, it is a Made in India product. Panasonic manufactures this washing machine model in its factory in India.

Panasonic W65E5ARB Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Further, the Panasonic W65E5ARB washing machine comes with a powerful 360W motor, which achieves a very impressive spin speed of up to 1350 RPM. That is the reason why this Panasonic washing machine gives better wash in less time. In 15 minutes, your clothes will shine like a newly purchased one. Thanks to the Aqua Spin Rinse feature washed clothes are 100% detergent-free and dart-free. REGULAR and STRONG are two wash programs of this Panasonic semi-automatic washing machine.

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After washing air dryer system comes into action. The Air Dryer system of this Panasonic washing machine is very effective as well. Removes up to 90% of the moisture in the clothes.

Price ₹ 8990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Soak → Wash → Air Dry | Water Level Selector | Max Spin Speed: 1350 RPM | Wash Capacity: 6.5-Kg | Wash Programs: {Regular, Strong} | Wash Complete Buzzer | Warranty: {2-Year for Whole Unit | 5-Year for Motor}


► 6-Kg LG P6001RG Washing Machine

The LG washing machine is fit for bachelors and small families, as its laundry capacity is 6-kg. Its max spin speed, however, is 1350 RPM. Higher spin speed is always better.

Usually, semi automatic top load washing machines have three wash programs. The LG washing machine is no exception. Its wash programs are Gentle, Normal, and Strong. Furthermore, it has a water selector, spin shower for better last stage washing, and collar scrubber for removing dark spots from cuffs and collars.

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What are the limitations of the LG P6001RG washing machine model? The wash cycle is without the soak option. Prewash soaking of clothes ensures their thorough washing. This LG washing machine lacks an air dryer, as well. Not having unidirectional wheels underneath will make moving it from one place to another troublesome, withal.

Whirlpool rules the semi automatic top load washing machine market. However, if you want a washing machine with an enduring build quality, make the brand LG your first preference.

Price ₹8990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Spin-Speed: 1350 RPM | Wash Programs: {Gentle, Normal, Strong} | Spin Shower | Water Selector | Warranty: 2-Year
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