How washing machine washes clothes? Washing machine usages simple science of motion and mass to wash clothes.  Dirty clothes soaked in water rotates inside a drum at a very high speed. Usually, washing machine drum can rotate 700 to 2000 times in 60 seconds.

Washing a piece of cloth means removing dart particles, which are stuck in its threads’ layers.  When washing machine drum rotates at high speed, dirt particles in the clothes because of less mass separates and rotates faster with water than the cloth. This is how washing machine washes clothes.

In this piece, you read about best washing machine under 7000 Rupees. The selected washing machine from 6000 to 7000 Rupees price range are products of top home electronics brands in India market.

► 6.5-Kg Koryo Big Bazaar Washing Machine {KWM6820SA}

The latest washing machine under 7000 Rupees in the market comes from a well-known family brand in India. Yes, I am talking about Big Bazaar! This Indian retail giant not just runs superstores, it also manufactures home and kitchen electronics under Koryo brand name.

The Koryo semi-automatic washing machine with 6.5-Kg laundry capacity is an ideal washing machine for small to medium size families. This washing machine is washer as well dryer. It first soaks, then washes and later dries clothes.

Koryo Big Bazaar Semi-Automatic Washing Machine KWM6820SA

The best way clothes in this Koryo washing machine is to first sort out them as per their fabric type. For effective washing, the Koryo washing machine has the Pre-Soak feature wherein clothes stay in detergent-mix water for at least 20 to 25 minutes. To give a perfect wash, its drum can rotate 1350 times in 60 seconds. You need to choose the right wash program from the available three wash programs according to the type of fabrics.

The Koryo Big Bazaar washing machine has a durable build, and its design is user-friendly, too. Its body is made of high-quality fiber. So, it will stay rust-free as long as it is in service. With four wheels underneath, this washing machine can easily be moved within the place, withal.

I liked this desi brand washing machine. It impressed my team with its wash and drying performance. Remember, there are not many reliable washing machines under 7000 Rupees. Of course, the washing machine is excellent. But you could trust it also because it comes from the house of Big Bazaar.

3 Best Washing Machine under 7000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | Onida | MarQ | Koryo

Price 6790 Rupees
Features 6.5-Kg Wash Capacity | 4.5-Kg Dryer Capacity | Air Dryer | Preset Timer | 1-Year Warranty | Power Consumption: 340W
Wash 3 Wash Programs {Heavy, Gentle, Drain} | 25-Minute Active Soak | Magic Filter | 1350 RPM | 3 Water Levels | Spin Cycle Duration: 5-Minutes
Build Rust-Proof Hi-Fiber Body | Rust-Proof Body | Rat-Proof Base | Transparent Lid | Buzzer | Drain Hose | Waterproof Panel | Wheels | 135W Wash Motor | 45W Spin Motor


► 9-Kg Onida Washing Machine – Only Washer {W90W}

The Onida washing machine from Onida’s Liliput series is undoubtedly the best washing machine under 6000 Rupees. I tell you why!

The washing machine has a durable build, rust-proof body. Also, it an Onida brand product, so a genuine reason to trust its build quality. Moreover, this wash machine is super easy to use as it is a washer only. Its 9-Kg laundry capacity makes it perfect for small to large size families. Since it has fewer functions means chances of its sudden stop working are far lesser than super advanced washing machines in the market. Onida brand provides up to 6-Years home service warranty as well.

Onida Liliput 90 Washing Machine W90W

Washing clothes is super tedious work. It takes lots of time and physical effort. So, our primary requirement is a machine which can wash clothes gently and thoroughly. Onida W90W Liliput washing machine washes clothes gently and thoroughly. Other features in any washing machine are secondary. Therefore, the Indian brand washing machine with 9-Kg laundry capacity is one of the best washing machines for a large family.

3 Best Washing Machine under 7000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | Onida | MarQ | Koryo

Price 6000 Rupees
Features Wash Only | 780 RPM | 2 Wash Programs | Wash Complete Buzzer
2 Control Knobs | 1 Water Inlet | Plastic Rust-Proof Build | Transparent Lid | 460W Motor | Hydro-logic Pulsator | Handle
Warranty 1-Year on Whole Product | 6-Years for Motor


► 6.5-Kg MarQ by Flipkart Washing Machine

This MarQ Top-loading Washing Machine can make your life a lot easier. It has the – just right features for the regular home. Therefore, it is currently the best washing machine from 6000 to 7000 Rupees price range. You wouldn’t face any issue in terms of installation and post-sale service since it is a product of a Flipkart-owned brand.

MarQ by Flipkart Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

It removes all dirt from clothes by using less quantity of water. Its express washing technology cuts the washing period by a significant portion of the time. This means that the overall sum of energy that is consumed is not as much of.

What is more? After each wash, water floods through the lint filter, therefore, removing the lint amassed throughout the wash. Also, this washing machine is possibly less detrimental to garments. The wash system is very subtle and can retain the look of your apparels superior to any other washing machine, withal.

3 Best Washing Machine under 7000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | Onida | MarQ | Koryo

Price 6700 Rupees
Ideal for Bachelor | Small Family (2 to 5 Members)
Features Balancing Fluid Technology | Digital Display | Lint Filter | Basket Lid | Collar Scrub | Wash Complete Buzzer | Single Water Inlet | Less Noise & Less Vibrations | Easy & Removable Wash Tray
Washer 6.5-Kg Laundry Capacity | 1350 RPM Spin Speed | Pulsator Washing Method | Water Level Selector | 35-Minute Wash Cycle | Pre-Wash Soak | Spin Only | Normal Wash | Heavy Wash
Dryer 4.5-Kg Dryer Capacity | 5-Minute Spin Cycle
Body Transparent Window Display | Wheel | ABS Plastic Body |Water Proof Panel | Power Consumption: 360W | 135W Wash Motor | 45W Spin Motor | Shock-Proof | Dimensions (WHD): 71.12×88.9×38.1 cm
Sales Box Washing Machine | Inlet Pipe | Safety Cover | Documents
Warranty 2-Years on Whole Unit | Additional 3-Years on Motor