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Best Washing Machine under 16000 Rupees

Best Washing Machine under 16000 Rupees in India Market

Do washing machines really clean clothes? A washing machine can thoroughly wash clothes, but the quality of wash wouldn’t be as good as a hand wash. Using hands for cloth washing is still best. In today’s hectic lifestyle after 9 to 7 job, however, it is impossible to do a laborious task like cloth washing. That is why a washing machine is a practical requirement in today’s time.

► Which washing machine to choose?

The five most critical factors in selecting a suitable washing machine are size, wash technology, air dryer, machine smartness, and warranty terms.  The size of your new washing machine depends on the number of members in your family.

Wash technology is another most critical factor. You need to spend some time searching on the Internet, testing and observing by yourself washing machines of different companies as they come with a unique wash technology.

If there is no open balcony in your flat, then air dryer should be in your new washing machine.

Machine smartness makes washing clothes more comfortable. There are washing machines in the market, which can measure dirt in the clothes, and accordingly, set water level, wash program, wash time and other related things. In case of power cut, a smart washing machine can resume its operations from the same wash stage from where it was before power cut, withal.

Warranty terms are one of the most critical factors for electric systems using water in its process. Water and electricity are not a good friend. Therefore, while selecting a washing machine model, do consider the brand reputation in providing quality customer service. At the Gadgets Shiksha, in the selection of best washing machines, we give high priority to the brands’ reputation in customer service.

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In this piece, we cover best washing machines from 15000 to 16000 Rupees price range. The suggested washing machines are products of reliable electronics brands in India market. If none of the washing machine models recommended here fit your requirement, use the comment box below to share your requirement details to get assistance from our customer support. We will assist you in buying a suitable washing machine in your budget.

► 10.5-Kg Whirlpool Washing Machine {ACE 10.5 XL}

It is a recommended washing machine for big size families because of its 10.5-Kg capacity. It comes with 5 wash programs, 3D turbo lint filter, and up to 5-Years warranty. Whirlpool’s reputation is good among its products users for quality on-site service.

Whirlpool Semi-Automatic Washing Machine ACE-10-5-XL

Further, the Whirlpool top loading machine comes with many extra features, usually not seen on home use washing machines. It has a unique hard water program to give a quality wash to clothes even in hard water conditions.

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Usually, the top loading washing matches the design superiority of a front-loading washing machine by its high spin speed. For instance, the 1400 RPM spin speed of this Whirlpool washing machine. The concept is simple. Soak the clothes in detergent mixed water so that darts in it loses stiffness. Next, spin the clothes at high speed so that dart, because of less mass separates from the fabric.

Price 15990 Rupees
Features 3D Scrub Technology | 3D Lint Filter | 3D Turbo IMPELLER | 1400 RPM Spin Speed | Max Dryer
Wash 5 Wash Programs | Remove 10 Tough Stains: {Coffee | tomato sauce | butter | deodorant | crayons | chocolate | jam | hair oil | soft drinks and honey} | Hard Water Wash | Wash 14 King size Bedsheets in One-Go | Spin Shower | 4 Water Levels | 25-Min Soak time
Convenience Wash-Complete Buzzer | Memory-Retention (Wash Timer) | Over-Flow Protection (For Wash & Rinse)
Build Waterproof & Shockproof Control Panel | Dimensions (WDH): 94×56.7×102 cm | Hi-Fiber Body | 250V Spin Motor | 375W Wash Motor | Separate Wash & Spin Water Inlet Slider | Transparent Wash Lid
Warranty 1-Year on the Whole Unit | Additional 4-years on Motor
Sales Box Washing machine | Spin cap | In-let pipe | Documents


► 7-Kg Whirlpool Washing Machine {WHITEMAGIC ELITE}

Those who have been using the Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE washing machine say that it is an outstanding wash machine. This machine comes with a powerful motor and a very effective dryer system that makes washed clothes almost 80 to 90% moisture free in a few minutes. It is super easy to use. In fact, after one small demo, even our Dadi Ma can use it the way this smart wash machine should be used for washing and drying. Moreover, this Whirlpool automatic washing machine has wash programs for commonly used dresses and clothes in Indian homes. Operationally it is not too noisy, withal.

Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

However, the Whirlpool service failed to impress customers with a faulty unit of this washing machine model. In most cases, Whirlpool service, forget about being not up to the mark, it was worst. I have been reviewing Whirlpool products for many years. For the first time, I am seeing these many unsatisfied Whirlpool customers. Whirlpool is known for providing on-time service. So, it seems there is seriously something wrong with the management now heading the Whirlpool customer team.

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As far as the washing machine is concerned, I was thoroughly impressed with its performance. It is one of the best washing machines with dryer under 16000 Rupees. Go for it!

Price 15500 Rupees
Features Power Scrub Technology → 3 Directional Superior Agitation | Spa Wash System | ZPF Technology → Fills water faster even at low water pressure | Express Wash → 50% Faster Washing | DYNAMIX TECHNOLOGY → Makes clothes almost 100% detergent-free even in low water pressure | Warranty: {2-Year on Whole Product | 10-Years on Motor} | Child Lock
Smartness 6Th Sense Technology | Smart Sensors | Smart Lint Filter | Smart Detergent Recommendation | Auto Restart
Wash Soak → Wash → Rinse → Dry | Max Spin Speed: 740 RPM | 12 Wash Programs: {Daily, Heavy, Delicate, Whites, Hard Water Wash, Woolens, Bed-sheet, Sari, Rinse+Spin, Spin-only, Wash-only, Aqua Store} | 3D Scrub Pads | Hard Water Wash | Auto Tub Clean | Delay Start | Time Remaining | 5 Water Levels
Build Digital Display | Agipeller with Spa Steel Drum | 360W Motor | Transparent Lid


► 10.2-Kg Godrej Washing Machine {WS EDGE NX 1020 CPBR}

The semi-automatic washing machine with a 10.2-Kg laundry capacity is an excellent washing machine under 16000 for large families. Besides the trust of the Godrej brand, the exciting wash features, spin functions, and build quality make it a favorite of buyers. It is a perfect washing machine for washing blanket and other heavy fabrics.

Godrej Semi Automatic Washing Machine WS EDGE NX 1020 CPBR

The Godrej WS EDGE NX 1020 CPBR washing machine can wash clothes thoroughly and quickly because of its high spin speed. In this washing machine, first, the washable garments have to be soaked in a detergent mix water to soften dirt on them. After that washing process starts. And the end of the washing cycle, spin dry sucks out excess water from the clothes.

The washing performance of this Godrej washing machine is very impressive. So is its build quality. I am the first time seeing a semi-automatic washing machine with a glass top window.

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You shouldn’t consider this Godrej heavy-duty washing machine if your house does not have an open balcony. Not being equipped with an air dryer system makes it less perfect for those who want a washing machine with air dryer function also.

Price 15500 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Wash Complete Buzzer | Lint Filter | Spin Dry Only | Warranty: {2-Years for Whole Product | 5-Years for Motor}
Wash Wash Programs: {Gentle, Heavy} | Qudra Force Pulsator Wash System | Spin Speed: 1450 RPM | Active Soak | Water Level Selector | Prewash | Quick-Wash | Water Consumption in One-Wash Cycle: 85-Liter | Spin Shower
Build 500W Wash Motor | 200W Spin Motor | Transparent Glass Top Lid |  Dimensions (WHD): 87.63×99.06×49.53 CM | 100% Rust-Free Body | Castor Wheels
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