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Best Washing Machine for Large family below 14000 Rupees

Best Washing Machine under 14000 Rupees in India

First, analyze the requirement and then select the right product is the best way of buying a perfect home appliance. Fully automatic washing machines are a much better option than semi automatic washing machines because of more wash programs and convenience features. However, this does not mean you should blindly buy a fully automatic washing machine. In some cases, a semi-automatic washing machine would be a much better option than the one with automatic operation. Thus, access your requirement first and then decide.

One significant advantage of semi automatic washing machines is – they do not require specialized installation. As soon as the ordered model is delivered, you can start using it. You must be aware that automatic washing machines require unique installation. Sometimes that could be a big headache since the company cannot offer free installation on time.

Which semi automatic washing machine is best for larger families? We cover here best full automatic, and semi-automatic washing machines below 14000 Rupees, recommended for larger families. If your budget for a heavy-duty washing machine with dryer function is anything between 13000 to 14000 Rupees, here you get the top product on sale in the Indian market.

Which is the best semi automatic washing machine brand in India market – is the question often asked on this website. Since the reach of online shopping has become widespread, and the online superstores like Flipkart and Amazon start delivering heavy home appliances also in small towns, no brand can claim that it holds the best brand title. Nowadays product rules not the brand. It took less than six months for Flipkart’s brand Billion to ship its products to millions of homes.

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► 8.5-Kg Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine with Air Turbo Dryer

The Samsung washing machine is one of the best semi automatic washing machines on sale with high wash capacity. This machine can do heavy, regular, and delicate wash. It does not require any installation. After delivery, all you have to do is that put its plug into the electric socket and start using.

Samsung Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine in 13500 Rupees

The washing machine is faster, durable, and energy efficient. For a family of 8 to 12 members, this can be a viable machine because of its high capacity and ability to give good wash in a few minutes. In its built, steel is not used in any major part. The tube is made using fiber. And other body parts are in high-quality thermoplastic polymer or Polypropylene, or Polypropene or PP.

The motor of this washing machine is highly efficient. It can rotate the drum 1350 times in 60 seconds by consuming only 340-watt electricity. Thus, use it daily for hours without worrying about the electricity bill.

The total weight of the machine is 31 Kgs. Relatively lightweight and sturdy body of this Samsung washing machine is also shockproof thereby totally secure in use.

No disagreement that Samsung is not asking big money for a high capacity washing machine still it should have been little more gracious in giving extra convenience features. Lacking digital display and wheel support although do not have much impact on the user’s experience with it but counted here.

→ Washing Features of this Samsung Washing Machine

The Samsung semi automatic washing offers three wash programs and through that cover almost all your washing needs. I own an automatic washing machine but barely used any features besides “normal,” “pre-wash soak,” and “Heavy” which this machine has. For an effective and quick wash, Samsung has boosted it with double storm pulsator, which has been significantly rated by experts for better results in lesser time.

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The missing feature Spin & Rinse may upset if you have used an automatic washing machine before. For first time users, the 8.5-Kg capacity of it makes up that, as more than one wash is a feasible alternative. Its 1350-RPM ability with two to three wash sessions is more than enough for taking out dirt from any clothes.

→ Samsung Warranty for this semi automatic machine

Samsung India offers two years of warranty with some conditions. As usual, any damage to the outer body, plastic parts, and any external attachments will not be covered under the warranty commitment.


  • Silver Nano Technology kills germs and bacteria in the clothes
  • Three most used wash programs
  • Energy efficient
  • Caster wheel
  • Twin Tube
  • Double Strom Pulsator
  • Air Turbo Drying System

Conclusion: Which is the best semi automatic washing machine in India below 14000 Rupees. The Samsung washing with 8.5-kg capacity is one of the best washing machines. Its double storm pulsator washing method with 1350 RPM gives magical wash in just a few minutes.

Price 13500 Rupees
Model WT85M4200HB/TL
Wash Options:  Delicate, Normal, Heavy | Max Spin Speed 1350 RPM | Pre-Wash Soak | Lint Filter | Magic Filter | Silver Nano | Number of Cycles: 3
Dry Air Turbo
Body Power Consumption: 340-Watt | Twin Tube | Rust-proof PP Body  | Caster Wheel |  Tub Material Polypropylene | | Gross Weight: 36-Kg | Gross Dimension (W x H x D): 860 x 1060 x 549 mm
Warranty 2 years on complete machine |  2 years on spin motor |  5 years on wash motor | Technician Visit


► 9.5-Kg Whirlpool Semi Automatic Washing Machine with 3D Wash Functions

The best semi automatic washing machine for large families from the house of Whirlpool comes with many advanced features thus makes washing a fun process entirely. Because of many 3D functions and features, operationally this machine is much more advanced than a regular semi automatic washing machine. Four water levels, five wash programs, and the powerful Max dryer are some of its key features and functions.

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Whirlpool Semi Automatic Washing Machine in 14000 Rupees

Build and design of this washing machine are outstanding. I have never seen a semi automatic washing machine in such a premium design and vibrant color. I can bet, if this Whirlpool washing machine competes with an advanced fully automatic washing machine, you will purchase it because of mind-blowing color and the overall grand design. Looking for the best semi automatic washing machine in India market in 14000 Rupees range to gift someone, here is the best option.

Wheels at the base make easier in changing its location as per requirement. The outer body, which is made with high-quality PP plastic, is also anti-rust proof. The color coating on this machine will remain intact for many years. Just wipe it occasionally it will become new again.

Pro Features:-

  • 3D Scrub Technology
  • 3D Lint Filter
  • Removes 10 Tough Stains
  • Faster Max Dryer
  • Large Wheels
  • Memory Retention (Wash Timer)
  • Separate Wash & Spin Water Inlet Slider
  • Rat Mesh
Price 13990 Rupees
Model ACE XL 9.5
Prime Mover 3D TURBO Impeller
Capacity Wash Capacity: 9.5-kg | Spin Capacity: 7.5-Kg | 1400 RPM Spin Motor
Wash Programs: 5 | Stain Removal Programs: 10 | Wash System Technology: 3D Scrub | Hard Water Wash | 3D Scrub Pads | 3D Lint Filter | Spin Shower | Soak (Time): 25-Min
Dryer Max Dry
Water Levels Extra High | High | Medium | Low
Body Control System: Electro-Mechanical | Large Wheels | Sorting Tray | Flip up Spin Lid | No. of Knobs: 4 | Separate Wash & Spin Water Inlet Slider | Dark Tinted Transparent Abs Wash Lid
Feature End of Cycle Buzzer | Memory Retention (Wash Timer) | Over Flow Protection (For Wash & Rinse) |
Warranty 2 Years on Product | 5 Years on Motor Warranty | Technician Visit
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