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Best Washing Machine under 11000 Rupees

Best Washing Machine under 11000 Rupees in India Market

What is top loader washing machine? How top loader washing machine works? The drum in a top loading washing machine faces upward, and the motor sits at the base. The motor and the drum are belted together. When you switch on the power supply to a top loading washing machine, the motor spins the drum at a faster rate. The spin rate of washing machine drum could be anything between 500 to 2500 Runs per minute.

Detergent mixed in water creates chemical reactions. That separates dust stuck inside thread layers of clothes. In a fast-rotating washing machine drum, dust particles are forced to accelerate faster with water because of less mass than the cloth. That triggers their final separation.

The design of the top loading washing machine makes it less energy efficient than a front-loading washing machine. However, top loading washing machines are much more convenient in use.

Which top loader washing machine should I buy in 11000 Rupees budget? In this article, we cover the best automatic washing machine from 10000 to 11000 Rupees price range. The selected washing machine models are products of top electronics brands in India market and suitable for small, medium and large families.

► 9.8-Kg Mitashi Washing Machine (MiSAWM98v25)

The Mitashi washing machine is currently a top favorite for those buyers looking for a high-capacity washing machine in 10000 Rupees range. It can wash all types of clothes, including heavy blankets, curtains, sofa covers, jeans, and other heavy fabrics. With 9.8-Kg laundry capacity, in one go, it can wash daily use clothes of a large family. So, it is an excellent washing machine for medium to large-sized families.

This Mitashi washing machine has two wash programs: Power & Gentle. 1300 RPM is its max spin speed. It also has a very effective Air Dryer system.

Mitashi Semi-Automatic Washing Machine MiSAWM98v25

Washing with this washing machine is a straightforward process. First, clothes are soaked in a detergent mixed water for 20 to 25 minutes. Next is high-speed washing. And, in the end, clothes are made almost of dry by the built-in effective air dryer, which smartly usages fresh dry air to release moisture from the clothes.

Mere washing is not sufficient to remove tenacious stains on the clothes. So, Mitashi brand equipped this washing machine model also with a SCRUB BOARD for hand wash effect.

Build quality of this Mitashi washing machine is excellent too. Its body is rust-proof. The built-in overload sensor protects the motor in case of overload, withal.

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All in all, this semi-automatic washing machine from the house Mitashi is an excellent option. Priced at 10600 Rupees, it is one of the best washing machines under 11000 Rupees.

Price 10600 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Soak → Wash → Dry | Air Jet Dryer | Over-Load Protection | Warranty: {2-Years for Whole Unit | 5-Years for Motor}
Wash ECHO Force Function | Spin Speed: 1300 RPM | Scrub Board for Hand Wash Effect | 2 Wash Programs: Power & Gentle | Lint Filter | Water Capacity: {Max: 68-Liter | Min: 38-Liter} | Wash Time: 35-Min | Spin Time: 5-Min
Build Rust-Free Body | High Castor Wheels | Transparent Top Window | Motor Input Power: {Wash Motor: 500W | Spin Motor: 180W}


► 7.5-Kg Lloyd Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (LWMS75)

Which is the best washing machine for a large family in 11000 Rupees? The Lloyd semi-automatic washing with 7.5-Kg laundry capacity is an ideal washing machine for large families. It is easy to use, capable, a high-capacity washing machine. Lloyd, which is now a part of Havells family, offers up to 5-years warranty on this top loading washing machine.

Lloyd Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine LWMS75

To protect the motor from laundry overload and overheat, Lloyd brand has equipped this washing machine with the thermal protection technology. With 2 water inlets (separate inlet for wash and spin), you will be able to wash more clothes in less time with this washing machine.

For effective washing, this Lloyd washing machine comes with the Soak wash technology in which the laundry is first soaked in a concentrated detergent solution for softening tough dirt and deep-seated stains. This way, clothes are washed thoroughly and also reducing water wastage and power consumption. The Air Dryer Technology onboard effectively removes moisture from clothes using fresh air and thereby reduces the total drying time of the cloth, withal.

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Not just washing performance, also the build and design of this Lloyd washing machine are excellent, impressive, and its body seems durable. There are four control knobs at the top panel named wash timer, wash selector, drain selector, and spin timer. With these control knobs operating this heavy-duty washing machine is a lot easier.

Price 11000 Rupees
Features Spin Speed: 1300 RPM | Auto Imbalance Correction | 12-Minute Soak before Wash | Air Dry Technology | Thermal Protection Technology | Warranty: {2-Years for Product | 5-Years for Motor}
Wash Eco-Wash | 3D Water Current | Soak Wash technology
Build Motor Body: Aluminum | Washing Machine Body: Rust-Free Hi-Fiber Body | Separate Inlet for Wash & Spin
Power Wash Motor: 520W | Spin Motor: 190W


►6.5-Kg LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine {P7550R3FA}

The LG washing machine has a rust-free body with rat repellent chemical coating on it to keep rats away. Also, it has a user-friendly control panel with four control knobs for setting wash time, wash program, drain selection, and spin time.

The collar scrubber of this LG automatic washing machine removes dirt and stain from cuff and collar area of clothes effectively. The built-in roller jet technology ensures proper washing of all sides of clothes, withal.

LG Semi Automatic Washing Machine P7550R3FA

Further, the Wind Jet Dryer of this 10000 Rupees washing machine removes moisture from clothes as well as from its inner tube. Moisture-free inner tube is essential for a long life of a washing machine.

For this LG washing machine, you need to separate clothes according to dirt level and fabric type. That is essential for best washing result, according to the brand.

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Thus, considering its wash performance, convenience features, and build quality, I wouldn't be wrong in saying that the LG automatic washing machine is one of the best washing machines in 10000 Rupees price range currently. It will be an excellent helping hand to your homemaker.

Price 10750 Rupees
Features Rat Away Technology | 6.5-Kg Laundry Capacity | 5.5-Kg Spin Tub Capacity | Wash Complete Buzzer
Washer 1300 RPM Spin Speed | Lint Collector | Collar Scrubber | Roller Jet Pulsator | Wash Programs: {Gentle | Normal | Strong} | 15-Minute Wash Time | 5-Minute Spin Time | Spin Shower
Dryer Wind Jet Dry
 Body Anti-Vibration Rubber | Unidirectional Wheel | Rust-Free Plastic Base | Dimensions (WDH): 795 x 470 x 975 mm
 Warranty 10-Days Return & Refund Warranty | 24-Months Service Warranty