Which is the best wall fan under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling wall fans from 1000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested wall fans are products of the reliable fan brands in India market, such as Usha, Havells, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton, and others.

► 54W Crompton SDX Black Gold Wall Fan

Crompton is one of the best brands for wall fans in India market. Wall fans of this Indian brand are cheap but they have a durable build and a decorative design. Even if they do not have a remote controller with them, they are among the best wall fans in India market because of their superior build quality.

Recently the Crompton brand introduced a wall fan variant of its fan model the SDX Black Gold. This wall fan has a 54W motor, 400-mm long blade, and a total metal body. It is a low power consumption but a high-speed wall fan. Its blade can rotate 1360 times in one minute.

Crompton SDX Black Gold Full Metal Body Wall Fan

The whole body of this Crompton wall fan is made of metal including its blade which is made of Aluminum. Plus, the motor of this wall fan has over-heat protection. So, this Crompton wall fan will last more than 5 years for sure. No doubt about it.

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Thus, Crompton SDX Black Gold Wall Fan is an excellent option for you to consider if you are looking for a durable and fast wall fan. It is one of the best wall fans under 4000 Rupees in India market currently. Go for it.

Metal-Body Table Fan under 3000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Crompton SDX Black Gold

Price ₹2900 | Amazon | Flipkart
Motor 54-Watt | Max-Speed: 1360 RPM | 100% Copper-Coil | Over-Heat Protection
Blade Metal-Blade | Length: 400-mm | Air-Delivery: 77-CMM
Build Metal Body | Metal Guard | Metal Stand


► 55W Bajaj Victor Wall Fan with Remote Control

Bajaj is one of the most trusted brands in India market for ceiling fans, wall fans, pedestal fans, and table fans. Recently this Indian home electronic brand launched its newest wall fan model Victor.

The Bajaj Victor wall fan is a smart fan. It comes with a remote controller. And, it has a useful timer function. Once the set timer is completed, the wall fan will stop automatically. This feature is very handy if you want faster cooling in your room by combining a wall fan with an air conditioner.

Bajaj Victor Wall Fan with Remote Control

Set a timer of 30 minutes because your room air conditioner will take about 30 minutes to make the room desirably cool. While the room temperature is slowly falling because of the air conditioner, the Bajaj Victor wall fan will ensure air freshness in the room. You don’t need to bother about switching it off after 30 minutes because the set timer will automatically make it off.

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Besides timer, other features that make Bajaj Victor wall fan a recommended wall fan under 5000 Rupees are uniquely designed blade system for large and longer air throw, over-heat protection, and of course its superior build & design. The trust of the Bajaj brand is certainly one of the factors as well.

55W Wall Fan with Remote under 3000 Rupees {हिंदी मे} | #Bajaj Victor | Fan for AC

Price ₹2600 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features High Air Throw | Silent Operation | Swing: Left – Right Only | Best for Air Conditioners | Warranty: 2-Years
Remote Functions: {On, Off, Speed-Control, Swing (Automatic/Fixed), Timer, Wind}
Motor 55W | 100% Copper Coil | Over-Heat Protection | Speed-Levels: 3
Blade 3 Blades | Material: Acrylic | Size: 400 MM
Body Material: Aluminum | Installation Kit: Provided by the brand


► 50W Havells Swing Wall Fan

Havells is one of the best brands for fans in India market. Therefore, it makes sense to check what it has to offer in the segment of wall fans.

Havells Swing is the best-selling wall fan under 3000 Rupees. Amazon has certified this model with “Amazon Choice” rating for its outstanding build quality.

Havells Swing Wall Fan

The 50W motor of this Havells wall fan at its full capacity can rotate the wings system 1350 times in 60 seconds. To protection motor from burning there is a built-in thermal overload protection device.

Control knob switch and pull cord are two ways you can control this Havells wall fan. One pull cord is for speed, and another pull cord is for oscillation ON-OFF.

For better Air delivery across the room, Havells Swing Wall Fan has some exciting features. This Havells fan can move its face from left to right and right to left automatically. Also, its face can be adjusted upward and downward direction as per requirement. The blades of this wall fan are aerodynamically designed, withal.

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Thus, Havells Swing fan has all the essential Wall Fan features. Being a Havells product itself is a certification that its build quality is durable. Therefore, it is one of the best wall fans under 3000 Rupees in India market. Buy it with confidence!

Price ₹2200 | Amazon
Features Oscillation up to 60° | Adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism | 24-Months Warranty
Motor 50W Motor | Thermal Overload Protection | Speed Levels: 3 | 1350 RPM | 72CMM Air Delivery
Blade 400-mm Blade | 3 Blades | Aerodynamically designed blades | 120 Ribs Guard
Control Pull cord Control for speed | Pull cord Control oscillation On-Off | Control Knob
Sales Box Motor | Mounting Accessories kit | Blade | Guard set | Guard ring | Guarantee card


► 55W V-Guard Esfera Wall Fan with Remote Controller

Premium design, high-speed motor, and high air delivery are some of the reasons why this V-Guard Fan is currently one of the best-selling wall fans in India market.

V-Guard Esfera is not a full metal body wall fan. Most of its body part is made of hard plastic. But it comes with a fully-functional remote. With that controlling its operation is super easier. You will get high air on demand without having to move from your position.

V-Guard Esfera Wall fan

Besides, this V-Guard wall fan has the timer function. Set a timer and forget. An energy-efficient high-speed copper motor powers it. Last but not least Esfera wall Fan is a V-Guard product. This Indian brand is famous for its high-quality long-lasting voltage stabilizers and home electronics.

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Air delivery and air coverage of V-Guard Esfera Wall Fan are very impressive. Thus, considering everything it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best wall fans under 3000 Rupees. Those who have bought it have recommended it to others. This wall fan makes no noise, expect unavoidable oblivious noise due to air cutting.

55W Wall Fan with Remote under 3000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | V-Guard Esfera

Price ₹2590 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Wall Fan with Remote and Timer | Remote-Control: {On/OFF, Mode, Speed, Time, Oscillation} | Warranty: 2-Years
Cooling Speed-Levels: 3 | Tilting-Angle: 35° | Swing: 70° | Oscillation: {Horizontal → Auto | Vertical → Manual}
Motor 55W | 100% Copper Coil | Max-Speed: 1350 RPM | Thermal-Overload Protection
Build Blade-Length: 400-mm (16-Inch) | ABS-Plastic Body | Metal-Guard for Hard-Plastic Blades


► 100W Havells V3 Full Metal Wall Fan

Are you looking for a high-speed wall fan with more than 10 years of expected life? Bet on a Havells wall fan. I recommend the Havells brand because of my own experience with a Havells pedestal fan. A wall fan is nothing but a pedestal fan without a stand for height.

Havells V3 450 mm Full Metal Wall Fan

My father bought a Havells pedestal fan around 12 years before. That pedestal fan is still working well. This proves Havells pedestal fans (wall fans with a stand), especially full metal body Havells pedestal fans, last more than 10 years.

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Havells V3 wall fan is one of the best metal body wall fans in India market under 5000 Rupees. Its blade system consists of three 18-Inch long wings. To rotate such a large blade system at a high speed a powerful motor is required. This Havells metal wall fan comes with a 100W copper motor, which has enough power to rotate the blade system up to 1400 times in just 60 seconds, every second around 23 times. Wow!

Full Metal Pedestal-Fan Wall-Fan under 5000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Havells V3 | #Orient Tornado

Price ₹4000 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Ideal for Large Rooms and Halls | 4 Side Air Throw | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor Capacity: 100W | Copper-Coil | Max Speed: 1400 RPM | Thermal Over-Load Protection
Cooling Air delivery: 110 CMM | Oscillation (60°): {Left-Right → Automatic | Up-Down: Manual} | Fan Speed Levels: 3
Build Blade-Length: 450-mm (18-Inch} | Blade-Material: Aluminum | Metal Blade Guard with 120 Spokes | Full Metal Body | Built-in Speed Control


► 90W Orient Tornado Full Metal Wall Fan

The Orient wall fan is a high-speed fan and it has a full metal body construction. Its blade, blade guard, and stand everything are made of high-quality metal, and to protect from rusting, a rust-proof coating is applied to them.

Orient Electric Tornado 450 mm Full Metal Wall Fan

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Orient Tornado wall fan is powered by a 90W copper motor. This motor has enough power to achieve a speed of 1325 RPM. Usually, wall fans have a blade system with 16-inch long wings. The wings of this Orient wall fan are 18-Inch long, though. High-speed motor and longer blades mean super high air delivery and long air throw.  Orient Tornado Full Metal Wall Fan, therefore, is a perfect fan not just for home use, but also for animal shelters, hotel storerooms, restaurants, shops, showrooms, classrooms, and business centers.

Full Metal Pedestal-Fan Wall-Fan under 5000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Havells V3 | #Orient Tornado

Price ₹3690 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Ideal for Large Rooms and Halls | 4 Side Air Throw | Pull Cord for ON/OFF and Speed Control | Onboard Speed Control | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor Capacity: 90W | Copper-Coil | Max Speed: 1325 RPM | Thermal Over-Load Protection
Cooling Air delivery: 6030 CMH | Oscillation: {Left-Right → Automatic | Up-Down: Manual} | Fan Speed-Levels: 3
Build Blade-Length: 450-mm (18-Inch} | Blade-Material: Aluminum | Full Metal Body | Chrome-Plated Metal Guard