Wacom, a Japanese brand, is today one of the best names for graphics tablets. Wacom sales its graphics tablet along with a uniquely designed Patented PEN. What is the use of Wacom pen tablet? A Wacom Pen tablet is the perfect solution to draw something digitally, write something digitally, and record something digitally, and so on. You can use one of the best Pen Table models by Wacom only for writing something or drawing something. Neither Wacom PEN nor its Graphics Tablet requires battery or recharging. Both the devices just work on plug and use.

In this article, I look at the best models of Wacom Pen Tablets in the Indian market. In addition, I would answer questions such as how to use Wacom pen tablet. Which is the most suggested Wacom Pen Tablet model for online teaching? Moreover, what is model name of the most recommended Pen Table for beginners? Also, Wacom pen tablet alternative if any in the market. Read also Lenovo Fun Learn Educational Tablets with CG Slate Program.

►The World is one big Market Today thanks to the Internet

Finally, we have come to a stage where the entire world is within our reach. The Internet makes the world just one big market. The great thing about this grand market is it honors all kinds of talent. No longer, you are being forced to learn traditional skills to survive. Now whatever is your ability, if you are master in it and you could showcase it beautifully, you get the market. You get the right audiences. Thus, you get the right consumer/customer to make money to live like a king.

In recent years, the Internet has taken center stage in sharing knowledge. It has revolutionized knowledge distribution. Thanks to the Internet, those who can share knowledge, for them the market is so huge that even if they share free of cost, would still make enough money. Consequently, knowledge has become affordable in today's digital age.

YouTube is now the primary destination for education. To learn regular course or prepare for jobs, YouTube is the best institute today with lakhs of tutor ready to help students and aspirants to discover the tactic and in doing practice. Many other websites have also come up with a clear mission of becoming one of the best online platforms for learning, for instance, Unacademy.com.

You want to learn something, practice for an upcoming exam, head to YouTube, Unacademy or a relevant Android application. Do not pay a hefty fee at coaching center. That is now just waste of money. Do not like your educator, not happy with the way he/she explains a topic, no problem; just a click lets you switch to a new tutor. All this is possible thanks to the Internet.

►If you are an Educator; The Internet is the right Place for You

Similarly, if you have excellent teaching experience, the best place to teach is not in a coaching institute. Teach on YouTube, on Unacademy or various other online platforms for educators.

Although to be successful on YouTube or Unacademy, first you must have a thorough knowledge of the subject, you wish to teach. Plus, your presentation has to be perfect. Your way of teaching has to have an appeal to attract students. The way you explain subject before students and job aspirants have to be in utmost clarity.

To enhance your presentation, to become a professional online educator, you do not only need teaching experience; you also need latest gadgets. To gain viewer, students, and job aspirants the first thing is to invest in best devices for educators on sale. Start your shopping to become a teacher sensation on the Internet, with the best tablet for educators.

→ Must-Have Gadgets for Online Teachers

In recent months, many requests have come to use to provide some suggestions on the most recommended tablet for educators. Though there are many tablets to suggest. However, the GS team was looking for a tablet, primarily designed for teaching online, and is affordable, too.

The right contrivances to become a successful online educator would cost not more than 15000 Rupees. I am assuming that you have a desktop or laptop already. With this article, I can help you to buy the first necessary thing to teach online. That is a digital notepad along with a digital pen.

If you do not have a laptop or a desktop, then do not buy a digital notepad instead buy a touchscreen laptop. The best laptop for online educators is the HP X360. You need to pay just 54000 Rupees to get it home.

Many advanced tabs are available in the Indian market, fit for online teaching. However, I would prefer to suggest a professional tablet for online educators, which is solely designed for teaching, writing, and drawing activities.

Considering all the aspects that include build & design, features, reliability, and price, the most suggested option is a Wacom tablet for educators. Are you looking for the best tablet for teaching math or a tablet for teaching English? Pick up an excellent Wacom Pen Tablet.

While the Internet provides you a platform, it also increases competition against you. Hence, work on to enhance your presentation. For that, the first thing is the use of fitting smart gadgets.

→Best Digital Notepad with Digital Pen for Online Educators

The best thing about the brand Wacom Pen Tables is — in use they somehow render the same experience you get while using chalk on a slate. Once you have become a pro user of a Wacom Pen Tablet, you might find uncomfortable to use a paper pen, which has no undo and redo option.

I got chance to use Wacom Pen Tablet best models. Though it was my first use, still I was comfortable in using it. The reason is I have practice in writing on a digital surface. Occasionally I draft handwritten Greeting Messages on my HP X360 laptop. It is a 2-in-1 laptop, provides similar digital writing experience as a Wacom tablet pen does.

However, buying a Pen Tablet from the Japanese brand means you have a specialized solution in your hand. Further, the performance enhancement of Wacom Pen tablet drive would help you draw and write even smoother. For online educators and graphics designers, a Wacom Pen Tablet is one of the most recommended gadgets today.

Teaching online using a Wacom graphics tablet would allow you render the feel, which students get in a classroom. Students would see on YouTube that the subject is taught in the same professional manner, as they would have got in an actual class.

Besides, all the Wacom Pen Tablet best models have a very sleek and compact build. Buy the model that would give you enough active area to write, draw, and rub.

Wacom Pen Tablet alternatives, as far as I know, are almost none in the market. Even Samsung Note is not a perfect alternative. A Samsung Note is a smartphone first with substantial processing power. Samsung has not designed it exclusively to write and draw.

►Best reasons to consider a Wacom Pen Tablet

There are many cheap solutions, made in China tablets that do have similar function and usability like a Wacom graphics tablet. However, within six months of use, a China made tablet would become a redundant device. Moreover, you would not get smooth writing experience. It would lag so much that you would get irritated in use. Such infirm presentations due to a third-grade device you use would result in no gain in terms of viewership and followers.

As a professional online educator — what you need is — excellent hardware with the best application to write digitally lag-free while you teach to lakhs of students and aspirants every day. Thus, rather than spending few thousand in every 6-month and yet being unsatisfied with the way your teaching appears online, buy the best solution in the market.

Invest your hard-earned money in buying the best-branded solution for your online teaching profession. Not to forget Wacom Pen Tablet is a Japanese brand and its products are not made in China.

Another great reason to consider a Wacom Pen tablet is that the brand is single business oriented. Apparently, one of the best methods to buy the most advanced product at an affordable price is to buy from a brand, which is master in that field.

  • Professional designed Tablets exclusively for writing and drawing
  • Exceptionally smooth and noiseless touch sensitivity with virtually no lag
  • Neither the tablet nor the Pen requires charging or a battery to operate
  • No Charging Required
  • Supports all the latest Version of Popular Operating System in Market
  • Wacom has completed 30 plus years in the field of input device developing and marketing globally.
  • Doorstep service pickup and delivery

►Why is Wacom pen tablet best buy in the Market

Which brand offers such a professional product with the added advantage of doorstep service? Would Samsung, Apple or any other brand send a collection executive to pick up your not working Samsung Tab, or Samsung Note or Apple iPad from your doorstep? The answer is never.

Doorstep service pickup is a costly affair for any brand. Still, the brand Wacom is offering it despite being the best brand for Writing Tablet in India. Therefore, I interpret the extended service as — the brand has absolute confidence in its tablets and Pen. They are made of such excellent quality that no matter how roughly used, chances of their malfunction is almost none. In fact, the interpretation holds since the brand Wacom manufacturers its Pen Tablets not in China. The Wacom Pen tablet Best Models I observed had “Made in Malaysia” marking.

→What is in Wacom Pen Tablet Sales Box?

Nothing much, in fact, sometimes not having too many accessories pays.

In the sales box of every model of the Wacom Pen Tablet, have the same four things. Those are a tablet unit, a USB cable, a Digital Pen, and a software driver CD. That is it.

No charger means — no extra burden you need to carry. After all, the brand Wacom designed its smart Pen Tablets for Professionals. A professional thing is always compact in all aspect.

→ Wacom Pen Tablet How To Use

Wacom Pen Tablet driver CD is the one that does all magic. It is entirely possible that Driver would become corrupt while you are working on a project. Hence, you might face problem such as Wacom tablet pen going crazy, or it is not working. Therefore, keep the Drive CD safely and keep it with you in your Laptop bag when you are on tour.

It would take a while for you to become a master user of a Wacom Pen Tablet. Then only you would realize how well thought out the writing table is.

Initial Setup: Install the software on your laptop or desktop. Now connect the Wacom tablet with your system using the USB cable. Done — you can now use it.

In your Windows-powered system must be having OneNote. You can use it or any other relevant application to teach online. Practice with the Pen Tablet for few days. Learn its use thoroughly. Record some sessions and see how that turns out to be. Get feedback from family members and friends.

Once you are confident that you are no longer a novice in using your Wacom Pen Tablet, you know now all features, and your presentation skill has been sharpening enough, start recording your teaching and upload them on YouTube. Soon you would be an Internet Sensation.

If still having some problem in use, take benefit of Wacom pen tablet tutorial on YouTube and Office webpages. Alternatively, you can ask us. We would provide the best possible solution in no time.

→What is Wacom Tablet Pen and Touch?

The Wacom graphics tablet and Wacom Pen are two separate inventions, and both can work independently. You can use a Wacom pen on any tablet, which supports writing on its surface. If I am not wrong all the devices, which have similar properties like a Wacom Pen Tablet, you can consider them as Wacom pen-enabled tablet pc.

Whereas, Wacom PEN is patented technology, which acts like a Ball Pen, can write, draw, following pressure applied to it.

Mostly, a Wacom tablet Pen is just a revolutionary reshaping of a computer mouse. It, besides, doing normal mouse function, can also be used for digital signature and drawing. Want to send a hand-written digital email; you need a Wacom tablet Pen.

In fact, the Japanese invention seems magical. While a computer mouse cannot operate without power, the Wacom Tablet pen, which is a perfect replacement for a computer mouse, requires no battery and charging. It has multi-touch gestures function like rotate, flip, Zoom, and Pan. Wacom pen tablet instructions on the official website can also help in the better use of this best Japanese invention.

Is Wacom Tablet Pen is Computer Mouse alternative?

Desktop computers have become less in demand after the arrival of Laptop or Notebook. Similarly, it seems to be the alternative of computer mouse has arrived to make it extinction in future.

In my first use of a Wacom Tablet Pen, I felt like I am using an oversize Pen. Its sensor behavior is ditto matching with a regular ink pen. The pen responds to pressure applied — is quite natural. The Best pressure level, Wacom until now has achieved, is 8192.

Further, Cello, the writing Pen brand claims to sale ball pen with the finest tip, 0.5-mm in size. The tip of a Wacom Tablet Pen is, whereas even smaller, 0.4-mm in size. Now tell me, isn't the Wacom Tablet Pen a mind-blowing invention?

Wacom Tablet Pen Review and Issues Resolution in India

How on a regular ink or ball pen draw a bold line when you increase pressure and writes in thin lines when you lose pressure. The same is the case with the Wacom Tablet Pen. On top of that, it does not require battery and charging. I would term it one of the most genius inventions in recent time.

In fact, I wish to buy a Wacom Tablet Pen soon and try to use it instead of my laptop mouse. I want to see — can a Wacom Tablet Pen replace my computer mouse.

However, the real magic of the Wacom Tablet Pen is visible when using it on a Wacom Graphic Tablet. If you already have, a Wacom tablet pen, then buy only a Wacom tablet for teaching online. Alternatively, if you have a Wacom graphics tablet, then just buy a Wacom pen. Wacom tablet pen is also available to use with iPad.

→Wacom Tablet Pen Issues

There are some quick steps to follow to solve Wacom tablet Pen issue. If the pen is not working or you are facing problems such as your Wacom tablet pen jumps, keeps clicking, lags, and or any glitch, one of the three solutions you could try.

From the Driver Application window, run a diagnosis. See if that helps. You could change the tip. When you buy a Wacom tablet, you get some extra tip. That can be used to see if the issue is related to the pen tip. Moreover, you can try to uninstall, and reinstall the driver. You could also try to update the driver. These are initial steps you should follow before you decide to call Wacom online support.

Besides, for the resolutions on all types of Wacom Tablet Pen glitch, you can go through FAQ available on the official website.

→ Wacom Pen Tablet Best Models in India

The primary difference between two Wacom Pen Tablets is their length and breadth. Currently, the most famous Wacom Pen Tablet models are CTL-471, 472, 671, and 672. However, I would recommend Wacom CTL-672 since it comes with right size, enough space for writing, and the latest Wacom PEN that supports up to 2048 Pressure Levels.

Wacom Pen Tablet CTL-672 Best tablet for online teaching

The size of the Wacom tablet is 8.5 × 5.3 Inches. That makes it a fit tablet for online teaching. In fact, it is the most advanced Wacom tablet for educators. The Wacom pen tablet price in India, especially in the online stores, is around 7500 Rupees.

The nearest model of this Pen Tablet is the Model No CTL-671, which is cheaper by 500 Rupees, but the PEN, provided with it has just 1024 Pressure Levels. More pressure levels allow you to adjust your writing by adding or loosening pressure. Therefore, the maximum pressure level of the Wacom PEN in the sales box is an essential factor to consider while buying a Wacom Pen Tablet.

Buy 7500 Rupees


Conclusion: This Wacom pen tablet review includes the best writing tablets for teaching online and drawing something special in less time. You are an artist, an illustrator, a cartoonist, or you are an online teacher, invest in one of the best models of Wacom Pen Tablet on sale currently. All the Wacom Tablets and Pen have the right features, sturdy build, assured durability, and reliability. Moreover, in the Indian market, their on sale prices are appropriate.

Wacom Service and answer to some Popular Queries

Wacom pen tablet help and service supports are available during weekdays only. For support assistance, you need to call +91-800 100 4159, the mobile number for Wacom customer support in India.

Before I close this review, let me answer few questions, which were some of the most requested queries about Wacom Tablet and Pen.

Are Wacom tablet pens interchangeable? Yes, due to some reason if the PEN, which came in the sales box, stopped working, you can buy a new PEN and use it. The PEN and the Tablet, both are separate devices. Since both the devices required each other to operate, Wacom bundles them and calls it a PEN Tablet. Originally, the PEN is called Wacom Tablet PEN, and the Tablet is termed Wacom Graphics Tablet.

Does a Wacom tablet pen need a battery? NO, Wacom Tablet PEN does not require battery or recharging. It has a use-life until the PEN tip is in working condition. According to the official website, the Pen is an invention hence patented by Wacom.