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Voltas AC Features Products Price and Installation

Voltas AC Features Products Price and Installation

Last month, one of my relatives went to nearest Voltas store to purchase an AC for his new apartment. He chose Voltas because he loves products manufactured by Indian brands. Those who do not know, Voltas is a child brand of Tata.

As responsible countrymen, we all should use Made in Bharat products as much as possible. Buying Indian products actually help in strengthen the economy. I am not suggesting, being a pro-nationalist means buying only desi products despite low standard and outdated technology. I am only trying to say if Made in Bharat products is offering a quality that is on a par with the products of MNCs, then prefer India made.

Anyway, let us get back to the main topic. So, my relative went to a Voltas store but unfortunately he could not buy any AC. The brand offers a plethora of air conditioners (literally), which confuses a normal person who does not have any knowledge of hard-to-understand AC terms.

Voltas AC India Features

This little incident happened at the same time when we are running an air conditioner review series on this website. I took this opportunity and started researching about the best Voltas ACs available in the market.

Voltas is yet to launch its new AC series for the year 2016. Thus, during my research, most of the products I came across were launched either in 2014 or before.

A product that is two years old will not come with modern extra features and will also be not efficient according to modern standards. This is the reason why I have filtered out all old Voltas air conditioners. In this article, we will only focus on products launched in 2015 or later. This filtration of old ACs has resulted in a final list of only 3 products.

To make this article easy to read, I have adopted the same format as is followed in the previous AC articles. Now, let us begin.

Voltas AC Android Application Temp

► Voltas Air Conditioners Build and Design

Voltas has been working in the Indian market since the year 1954. It has sustained itself for more than 60 years now. For so many years, Voltas has registered consistent growth and maintained a good reputation.

Big and famous always try to maintain their reputation by offering good quality products. This is also true for Voltas. The manufacturer makes its air conditioners with durable build materials.

I would like to point out though it is just not possible to sum up the build quality of all Voltas ACs in combined form.

Post-Purchase Support: In my research, customers gave mixed response while rating the post-purchase support of Voltas. Some customers were very happy with the support while others started telling me how they were mistreated by the company.

One thing I liked about Voltas’ customer service although its support executives remain polite and calm no matter how frustrated or rude a customer is. This is something customer service departments of other AC brands should adopt (or learn).

Voltas AC Android Application SWING V

→ Changed BEE Energy Star Rating

BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency has recently updated its standards of rating the products. As per the new system, products launched in 2015 or before will get 1-star deduction from their ratings. Simply speaking, a 5-star product of 2015 will now be considered as 4-star.

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Be sure to read the year of manufacture before buying any electronic appliance from now on. Many sellers will be trying to fool by referring to the old rating of the products as new one.

To take this headache away from the readers, we have updated the ratings of air conditioners according to the latest standards for this article.

► 1.5-Ton Voltas 185 DYi AC – Ideal for Medium Size Rooms

This product belongs to Voltas’ Deluxe range of ACs. It comes in an appealing outer shell that does not consume a lot of space on the wall. You will be flattered with its design. The front panel of the AC is fully clean and does not feature any vent because of which the whole setup gives a solid appeal. As you move up, the edges of the outer shell radiate outwards enhancing the beauty of the AC.

Voltas 185 DYi AC For Medium Size Rooms

As per the 2016 BEE Standards, this air conditioner is a 4-star rated product and consumes relatively low electricity than other ACs of the same price segment. It has a cooling capacity of 5000 Watts and its fins are capable of generating the air flow of up to 850 CMH. Considering the high cooling power of the AC, its electricity consumption of 1424 Watts is really impressive. Its 1.5-ton capacity is good for medium size rooms.

The air conditioner features four filters to protect circuitry and fins i.e. Anti-Dust, Catechin, Acaro Bacterium and Silver Ion. Although this machine is quite durable but its fins are made up of Hydrophilic Aluminium and can suffer from damages after a few years.

→ Self Diagnosis function Smart Function

Voltas has loaded this AC is with some experience enhancing extra features. The Self Diagnosis function helps the customer in case of a fault in the circuitry or any other part. This air conditioner restarts itself automatically in case of power failure. An LED display on the front shows important information like thermostat, operation mode and status of the AC.

The remote of this AC flaunts a big display. Its Glow buttons will help in operating the AC in dark situations as well. It also features some dedicated buttons for features like Sleep Mode, Turbo Mode, Swing, and Timer. Considering the health safety of the users, Voltas has used fungusproof materials while making this remote.

Price 46000 Rupees
Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1424 Watt
Cooling Capacity 5000 Watts
Dimension 970x300x217 mm (Indoor) and  840x540x300 cm (Outdoor)
Weight 13.5 KG (Indoor) and 35 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R-22


►Voltas 185 JY All Weather Air Conditioner

Indian weather is as diverse as its population. We experience four seasons throughout the year. Normal air conditioners are not capable of coping up with this diverse and periodically-changing weather.

Voltas has taken this drawback of traditional air conditioners very seriously. Few years back, the brand launched a new series of All Weather ACs that were specially designed for Indian conditions. You may have seen its TV adverts featuring a character named Murthy (a guy who does not have good relations with his father-in-law but tries to change the situation by using Voltas All Weather AC).

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Voltas 185 JY All Weather AC

The Voltas 185 JY air conditioner belongs to the same All Weather Series of Voltas. It is an amazing product and is currently available for around 33,000 rupees in the market. You should definitely go for this air conditioner if your city suffers from extreme weather conditions throughout the year.

The Outer shell of this AC is designed with a careful mind. I am pretty sure this product will add to the beauty of your room. It offers a thin and flat profile. And, as I mentioned in the introduction also Voltas always uses durable materials for making its products.

The All Weather Air Conditioner comes with all the extra features that other Voltas ACs flaunt like Turbo Mode, Self-Diagnosis, Auto Restart etc. In addition to Anti-Dust and Silver Ion filter, the product also sports an Active Carbon and a Nano Silver filter.

→ AC for All Weather Usage

No matter how humid or dry the air in the room is, this air conditioner will make the environment pleasant for you. It features a much powerful compressor capable of bringing down the thermostat instantly.

An Active Dehumidifier installed inside the Indoor Unit (IDU) removes excess water molecules from the air if the humidity in the room crosses a certain level.

For effective and fast cooling, this AC moves the swing louvers in vertical as well as horizontal direction. Voltas refers this feature as 3D Flow.

Low Power Consumption: This Voltas AC consumes just 1430 Watts of power and offers a cooling capacity of a whopping 5050 Watts. A 4-star BEE rating gives an idea of how efficient the product is. One also gets to choose from different fan modes. By using the AC on optimal settings, one can reduce the power bill significantly.

→ Wi-Fi Connection And Remote Control

Voltas has featured a Wireless LAN on this AC, which allows it to connect to the internet wirelessly.

The Wi-FI connectivity has many advantages but to enjoy them you will have to install a dedicated application on your smartphone. With this application, one can access the All Weather AC from anywhere around the world (you will just need an internet connection). The application also allows the customers to change the fan speed, cooling mode, and many other settings. Frankly speaking, it acts like a virtual remote.

Price 32500 Rupees
Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1430 Watt
Cooling Capacity 5050 Watts
Dimension 990 x 315 x 242 mm (Indoor) and  840x540x300 cm (Outdoor)
Weight 13.5 KG (Indoor) and 35 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R-22


► 1.5-Ton Voltas 18V LY Inverter Compressor AC

Inverter compressor technology is relatively new and it has a great potential to change the air conditioner market. An Inverter AC can save a great amount of money in the long run because it consumes less power and is more efficient.

The Voltas 18V EY is one of the few Inverter ACs I can recommend presently. I would also like to admit though to take the product home you will have to spend a little more money. It will cost somewhere around 40,000 rupees. Still, I believe it is a great package.

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Voltas 18V LY Inverter Compressor AC

Ultra-Low Power Consumption: One of the many reasons why I love this particular Voltas AC is its maximum rated power input of 1235 Watts. At first, I could not believe this number.

Moreover, the actual power consumption of the machine will be much less considering it features an inverter compressor. Inverter technology allows the compressor to run at the different speeds as per the need. This means, once your room cools down, the compressor of the AC will automatically shift to a lower speed setting.

→ Cooling Performance

Well, it looks like Voltas has tried to lower the power consumption of this air conditioner by actually reducing its performance. Even at the highest settings, the cooling capacity of the product never crosses 4000 Watt mark. Another disappointing thing is its low Air Flow rate of just 600 CFM.

Although experts consider 1.5-ton ACs to be good for medium size rooms but considering the low cooling capacity of this particular model, I think it will just satisfy the needs of a small size room.

Average Ergonomics: This Voltas AC fails to impress me on the design front also. The outer shell gives it a feel of a product that belongs to 1990s. On the other hand, its build quality is appreciable. Its body does not suffer from any kind of flexing or creaking when outside pressure is applied. Voltas also ships a Night Glow remote in the packaging box. Common extra features like Sleep Mode, Turbo Mode, Auto Restart, etc are also present.

Price 53500 Rupees
Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1234 Watt
Cooling Capacity 400 Watts
Dimension 845 x 275 x 180 mm (Indoor) and  776 x 540 x 320 cm (Outdoor)
Weight 11 KG (Indoor) and 29 KG (Outdoor)
Refrigerant R410A


→ Voltas AC Installation Procedure

Unfortunately, Voltas does not offer free installation service with its air conditioners. This will certainly degrade the experience of customers. Many other AC brands are offering free installation and demo service these days and Voltas should also do the same.

The total installation charge will depend on the type of AC you have purchased and the extra parts used during the process.

In most cases, the seller of the product will take care of the installation but if he does not, then you can always call Voltas’ customer care at 1800 425 4555.

Voltas AC Android Application Smart Mode


  • Great build quality
  • All Voltas ACs generate less noise
  • Voltas offers many extra features
  • Durable products
  • All Weather AC offers Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Night Glow remote

Conclusion: Voltas is a decent brand and sells great air conditioners. The models I have discussed in this article offer all basic features one would expect on a good AC.

However, I am disappointed with the brand because most of the ACs it sells are two or more years old. In my opinion, Voltas will have to do a few things if it wants to maintain a good reputation among customers. Firstly, it should launch at least 10-15 ACs with latest features to provide customers with more options. Secondly, the manufacturer should improve its post-purchase services. And last but not the least, Voltas needs to provide free installation and demo.

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