Which is the best mainline voltage stabilizer under 20000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling voltage stabilizers from 15000 to 20000 Rupees. The suggested voltage stabilizers are from top brands in India market and are currently the top favorite of buyers.

► 10KVA Aulten Voltage Stabilizer

Aulten is a Delhi-based company and currently one of the top trusted brands in India market for voltage stabilizers. This Indian brand sells specialized voltage stabilizers for all types of home appliances. So, it is a favorite brand for mainline voltage stabilizers as well.

The 10KVA voltage stabilizer of the Aulten brand supports input voltage range of 90V to 300V and it provides consistent output voltage in the range of 190V to 252V. Its max load capacity is 40-Amp, though. When the input voltage is 110V then 40-Amp load means 3500W load capacity. However, when the input voltage is 150V then 40-Amp load means 4800W load capacity. Low voltage means less load capacity and high voltage means high load capacity.

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Being a mainline voltage stabilizer, this Aulten voltage stabilizer has to be installed before the main power distribution in your home. More about it you could learn in our video presentation, which is linked below.

10KVA Voltage Stabilizer under 20000 Rupees | #AULTEN Mainline Stabilizer

Price ₹16990 | Amazon
Features Rating: 10KVA | Load Capacity: 40-Amp | Input Voltage: 90V – 300V | Output Voltage: 190V – 252V | One-year replacement warranty