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Voice Calling Micromax Tablet with 4000 mAh Battery

Micromax Canvas Tab P681 Review Specifications Price in India

Micromax Canvas Tab P681 – An Android Tablet with Powerful Battery

Let us find out some smart tablets with 1GB RAM, 4000 mAH battery, Voice Calling, 3G SIM support, and minimum 8-inch screen. Interestingly my search gave only one result; a Micromax tab. Recently, Micromax unveiled the Canvas Tab P681, which is apparently an upgraded version of the P666 tablet.

The Micromax tab runs on the latest Android operating system. Although the user interface is stock Android UI, Micromax added its own feel into it for exclusive experience to the end users. This is a good move by the way to save CPU resources and battery on a tablet, which struggles for more RAM power and advanced GPU. In addition, the default Android UI is optimized in such a way that it unnecessarily does not consume resources and battery fuel to keep added features active.

I am using an Asus device that comes with a custom user interface over the Android operating system. I haven’t understood what Asus has achieved by replacing the default Android UI with its own. This is despite Asus’s UI for Android operating system is being much lighter than what other brands have for their smartphones & tablets. Furthermore, every after 15 days I get a notification for close to 300MB of combined update for multiple apps and services. This is absurd. This explains why the stock Android is in favor of users.

Is Wi-Fi an alternative of lacking 4G LTE connectivity? The success of Jio network making a point very clear – India is now ready for a data revolution. So, will it be a good decision to invest in a tablet that still relies on a 3G data network. The answer has to be no. But here is a catch. The P681 also has a reliable Wi-Fi. Thus, it will easily connect with Jio Hotspot service and Jio MiFi device, a pocket Wi-Fi router. Instead of 3G, if it had supported 4G SIM, it would have been one of the best tablets in 8000 rupees, apparently.

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Impressive Build and Design of this Micromax Tablet

I have been a fan of Micromax products. In fact, Micromax carries a reputation in providing good build quality, decent hardware, lots of features in affordable acceptable price. I am saying this not only as a reviewer, in fact, also as a long time users of Micromax devices. Getting a wrong in design and performance can happen to any brand. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster is for everyone to see. Also, one cannot forget Apple failure while it was trying to lure customers with a cheaper iPhone variant, the 5C model.

Coming to this Micromax tablet, there has been maximum use of the front in giving a better quality IPS display to users. In spite of being the side bezels fairly visible because of 8-inch screen size, users experience remains pretty much unaffected. All the ports and control buttons are at the right locations – as usually seen on Android-powered handheld devices.

Micromax launched this only in one color, Blue. The plastic used in making its body is durable and flexible, too. So the chance of it getting crack after falling from a height is almost negligible. By the way, chances of it being slipped out from users hand are pretty much there due to a fairly grip less smooth plastic shell. Using it in a rubberized or a leatherette case is advisable.

A tablet best fit for home use

Because of 8-inch screen size, the Micromax tab has some extra width and length, so in first use, it feels little awkward in use. It takes some time in getting used to with this. The multi-touch screen bears HD resolution measured as 800×1200 Pixels. In addition, pixel density in that is 189PPI. In a low budget device like this, the display quality appears to be good. HD resolution will ensure – users experience is exciting while watching videos or reading web contents. Whereas the low value of the pixel density is a remedy to reduce battery fuel consumption by the display.

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This is not a tablet to be used for gaming. Need a device, which can access to internet thereby, let you pay electricity bills, check exam results, and recharge mobile & DTH online? Why invest in a 20000 rupees laptop? Take this tablet, it will provide you a good platform to complete those works online.

CPU of this Micromax tab is not that resourceful

Why I am saying this tablet is not for gaming when the MediaTek chipset MT8321 in its CPU is purposely designed for tablet devices providing 3D gaming and cinema-class home entertainment to users. The reason is a few shortcomings in the CPU: 1GB RAM and outdated Mali-400 GPU.

Out of 1GB RAM, close to 450MB remains free for users. This much memory is fairly sufficient to install apps for shopping, recharge, news, entertainment and other activities. Also, users will be able to open four to seven browser tabs together on this Micromax tablet.

Apparently, Micromax P681 tablet has not much to offer to please users in terms of multitasking. That is obvious because Micromax’s notion behind this device is pretty clear. This is just a well-made regular use tablet, which is economically priced with all the basic features.

Connect this tablet with outside storage using its OTG Feature

In terms of memory management, it does well, though. Besides 1GB RAM, there is 16GB internal storage wherein close to 11GB remains free for users. The storage onboard can be expanded up to 32GB more using the microSD card slot on this Micromax tablet. Additionally, it comes with USB OTG support, which means users can plug external USB accessories like a keyboard designed for smartphone & tablets.

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Pro Features:-

  • Voice Calling; 3G SIM; Wi-Fi for 4G hotspot
  • Latest Android operating system: Marshmallow
  • USB OTG support

Conclusion: All in all Micromax P681 is a well-designed, good looking smart tablet. Its features and specifications are good enough for lag-free browsing and running multiple apps. Despite lacking 4G connectivity, at the price of 7500 rupees, it is a desirable multimedia tablet.

Price 7500 Rupees
Features Voice Calling, 3G Network Support, Single SIM, Android Operating system; Email
Display 8inch, 800×1200 Pixels, 189PPI, IPS LCD
CPU MediaTek MT8321; Quad Core, 1.3GHz, Mali-400, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory, USB OTG
Camera 5MP+2MP; LED Flash, Digital Zoom
Battery 4000 mAh
Connectivity GPS, BT4, Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi, 3G+2G
Body 258 Grams

Users Review and Opinion

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