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Veggetti Pro Review: A Must Have Table-Top Spiralizer in Modern Kitchen

Veggetti Pro Spiralizer in Modern Kitchen Features Pros and Cons

Have you ever thought of preparing some appealing “pasta” from greens or those super exciting curly fries?  Well, I really love the idea!  Just imagine how much fun it would be to use or make “ribbons” of foodstuff. Therefore, as soon as I heard of Veggetti Pro, I was so thrilled that I couldn’t hold my fire to try it!

The table-top spiralizer, the Veggetti Pro is a quick, easy way to convert boring veggies into delightful spaghetti in jiffies! Its ultra-piercing stainless steel blades smoothly cut the veggies and offer you the uninterrupted pasta strips, onion rings, appetizing salads, coleslaw, and the like! And you know what, the product works on nearly all vegetable sizes. What’s more? The spiralizer won’t need batteries, is dishwasher safe and may fit in just about any drawer.

Are you willing to put a healthy twist on your favorite family dinners or ceremonial feasts? Well, with flavorsome veggie pasta prepared with the Veggetti Pro, you definitely can! From spiral salads to fettuccine to crisp potato fries, this appliance can make your food preparation process super fun and your dinner time’s way healthier. You can adore the delectable taste of spaghetti without all those unhealthy carbs, cheers to this multipurpose, adaptable kitchen equipment. All you have to do is just slither in the customized blade, place in your vegetables or fruits. Then, just twist the handle for yummy results in moments.

So now, cut your calories down and enjoy your pasta on a diet that’s gluten-free by way of this incredible add-on. Check out what’s more to this tool!!

Veggetti Pro in India for Indian Homes

What is Veggetti Pro all about?

Veggetti Pro is basically kitchen equipment that asserts to allow you prepare spaghetti out of veggies so that you escape from the intake of fats, carbs, and calories. Way too different from those traditional pasta makers! Right? Veggetti Pro declares that you can create quite a few types of pasta by means of its thick and thin spiral blades. You can create some interesting onion rings, coleslaw salad, and baked butternut squash and furthermore glees.

Purpose of the Veggetti Pro: By means of Veggetti Pro, you can make quite a lot of veggie-based pasta. Therefore, as a substitute of cooking normal pasta noodles, you'll scratch down the consumption of carbs, calories, and fat in your pasta delicacies. Moreover, conflicting to typical pasta noodles, pasta prepared from veggies is gluten-free.  Thus and so, it turns out to be a perfect solution for moms who have picky devourers for children. They can delight in scrummy spaghetti on a habitual basis. That too, without any damage to the nutritional or flavor value! So, you know that you are using it for good!!

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Veggetti Pro Review Table-Top Spiralizer in Modern Kitchen

How does this Spiralizer work?

As the Veggetti Pro proclaims, preparing vegetable pasta is fairly cool with it. You apparently just have to inset the stainless steel blade into the machine. At that point, introduce cabbage, onions, potatoes or whatsoever amid the blades. Then, twist the handle to get amazing veggie spaghetti to create mouthwatering pasta from it.

Check out the step by step process to use the Veggetti Pro!

  • Insert Blade: First, you have to select which of the two substitutable blades you want to use. At that juncture, attach the one you've selected in the suitable space inside your Veggetti Pro.
  • Add Vegetable: Insert the veggie you'd want to cut in the appliance. Here, you must dredge up on one thing — One end of the vegetable must touch the side of the handle while the other one must rest against the blade.
  • Turn Handle: As soon as your veggie is inserted firmly, turn the knob of the machine with your main hand while holding it with another hand. You’ll see an additional green handle that is situated at the foot of the tool. You must grip that with your latter hand.

What all can you prepare with Veggetti Pro?

  • Healthy Linguini: By means of your Veggetti Pro, you can prepare low-calorie, low-carb and gluten-free linguini that are made from squash and zucchini. Just the once you are done, you can cover the stuff with tomato sauce, pesto or any other materials that you usually enjoy as pasta toppings.
  • Sweet Potato Chips: You can slice up a sweet potato and make it into a group of yummy sweet potato chips. These chips are definitely going to be cooler on your waist than those served at diners.
  • Salads and Coleslaw: The product will assist you in preparing a range of sliced veggies to be incorporated in coleslaw or a salad that takes account of carrots, cabbage, or beetroots.
  • Onion Rings: You can use the Veggetti Pro to cut onion rings to consume by yourself or to add to burgers or club sandwiches. This way, you'll decrease the prospects of tearing them up while doing so. Without being disturbed by blubbing, you can get all your onion rings you need! And the process would be way faster than it could ever be.
  • Baked Squash: The recipe book enclosed in the package includes the recipe for butternut squash. You can bake it in your rotisserie after getting your veggies done by the Veggetti Pro.
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So now, transform your veggies into mouthwatering spaghetti and enjoy your lip-smacking pasta while keeping your calories at bay.

Pros & Cons of this Reputed Spiralizer
  • Owns a Non-slip Base: The equipment possesses a non-slip base, which will draw itself to your kitchen counter, making the appliance improbable to slide around while using it. The lack of movement will allow it to do its work competently and will lessen the threat of harm to the individual who is operating it.
  • Promotes Healthy Eating: Do your kids, every so often, find the veggies to be boring and unexciting to eat? Well, if you use the same veggies to create succulent pasta with their beloved sauces, toppings, and garnishes, they'll appear to be more attention-grabbing and flavorsome to eat.
  • Hand-powered: Being hand-powered, the machine won’t use power to run, nor do you have to care about having batteries charged ahead of time to do so.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Every single section of your Veggetti Pro can harmlessly be put in the dishwasher. Therefore, you won’t have to wash the maneuver by hand.
  • Easy to Store: As soon as Veggetti Pro is fragmented down into bits, the machine becomes compact enough to be put in storage in your kitchen cupboards or drawers.
  • Comes With a Recipe Book: The Veggetti Pro comes along with a gourmet recipe book that encompasses more than 30 recipes. These recipes also include the preparation procedure of butternut squash pasta and veggie stir-fry.
  • Easy to use: The Veggetti Pro is not tough to use at all. You can smoothly turn its handle. Furthermore, it's appropriate for slicing practically any veggie of nearly any size.
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  • It won’t be possible to use up the whole vegetable without perhaps hurting yourself as your fingers might get too close to the blade.
  • The blades can be unsafe, as you can’t use the finger guard successfully while ‘spiraling' your veggies as it doesn't hold it in place and you may perhaps end up not using it. Even if you do, you’ll waste a great deal of
  • As the blades are too sharp, cleaning it with hand is hard. Be careful or you will cut or scratch yourself.
  • The metal clip that grips the blade is not secure in any way. Therefore, it is easy to scratch yourself on this even before you notice it.
Should you buy this table-Top Kitchen Gadget?

Taking everything into account, is the Veggetti Pro worth it? Does it sound to be useful? If you are a vegan, or if you have wheat or gluten problems, or if you desire to present your cooked veggies in a new way, then this is just the product for you! The Veggetti Pro Table-Top Spiralizer is a quick and splendid way to turn your vegetables into appetizing spaghetti in flashes of seconds! Its ultra-sharp stainless steel blades would smoothly slice off your greens with no trouble!

Veggetti Pro Spiralizer in Modern Kitchen Features Pros and Cons

Just hark back to one thing — those blades are truly sharp, so be cautious while cleaning it and you will delight in wonderful vegetable spaghetti for an inordinate length of time to come. Eating healthy food is vital for all and sundry at the moment and this little piece of equipment makes it stress-free for you. I really feel that this is an interesting kitchen gadget and gizmo to have. In fact, this would make a thought-provoking gift for any kitchen buff in your life! So, wait no more! Land Veggetti Pro on your wish list – right now!

Brand Veggetti
Material Stainless Steel
Color White
Model PRO : Three Varients
Dimensions 6.50 x 12.28 x 9.70 Inches
Buy 3500 to 10500 Rupees