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Value for Money Smartphones in 4000 to 11000 Rupees

Coolpad Note 5 Review and Specifications

The five smartphones I am going to review here are some good choice among recently launched smartphones. They may not be the best smartphones but because of their certain qualities – qualify to be in the list of top picks for this Diwali.

Swipe Elite 2 Plus

Everything about Swipe’s new wonder excites me barring brand’s dull approach in making available related accessories that might be needed to users after using the device for a couple of months. My team has answered many users’ queries about –where to buy Swipe smartphones battery. In fact, I tweeted to Swipe about this issue but that remains unaddressed so far.

Even though made with plastic, the phone looks very stylish. Finishing across sides and rear is amazingly impressive. Adding value to the design is a metallic ring design that circles the rear camera. Brand logo on plain black rear, too, has a great appeal.

Not too heavy, it weighs 143 grams and has a thickness of 9.8 mm. This is a dual SIM smartphone, but not optimized for 4G LTE networks in India.

The 5-inch 480P display with 196 PPI pixels density is not a decent choice for media viewing but saves battery. 2500 mAh battery on a 4444 Rupees smartphone is quite appealing – I am sure you will agree with me. Further, low fuel consumption by the standard display is also ensuring extended battery backup for users.

The Elite 2 Plus lists a quad core processor and 1GB RAM with Mali-400 MP2 Graphics processor for lag-free management of multimedia contents. For data storage, it comes with 8GB internal memory wherein close to 4GB remains free for users. If one thinks that this much memory is not sufficient for storing lots of images and videos taken by 5MP rear camera of this phone, then use memory expansion feature, which can easily expand onboard memory 32GB more.

All in all Elite 2 Plus by Indian startup brand Swipe is a nicely designed smartphone model with some decent specs at 4444 Rupees price. At GS, I endorse this low budget Indian smartphone.

Swipe Elite 2 Plus Review and Specifications

Price 4444 Rupees
Features Android Lollipop, GSM+GSM, Micro SIM, Dual SIM
Body 9.8mm {T}
Display 5.0inch, 480P, 196PPI, TFT, 66.78% Screen-to-Body Ratio
CPU Spreadtrum SC9830A, Quad Core, 1GB RAM, Mali-400 MP2 GPU, 8GB Internal memory, 32GB SD Card Support
Camera 5MP Primary, Flash; 2MP Front
Battery 2500 mAh; Li-ion
Connectivity VoLTE, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, GPS, microUSB, FM Radio


LYF Wind 4S

Usually, I avoid endorsing products of a new entrant in market. And, the same is true with LYF smartphones as well, which is a flag bearer of Reliance Industries limited in the digital world. I, however, have listed the LYF Wind 4S here because of its ability to ensure seamless connectivity with highly spirited Jio networks.

At the price of 7650 Rupees, the phone dons a deadly combination of 2GB RAM, quad core processor, and 4000 mAh battery. If one wants a decent device for lasting a whole day or night in downloading content from Internet using Reliance Jio network, at present LYF wind 4S has to be the one in 9000 Rupees budget segment.

The phone although comes with 16GB internal storage, but has the USB OTG feature as well to seal demand for more storage onboard. It, therefore, could hold up external storage in terabyte – making a case for users to store huge offline content and watch whenever is feasible. To access a huge memory size, a device also needs a powerful processor. And, a Snapdragon quad core processor onboard solves the concern here.

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Build quality and design are what really lacking in this presentation by LYF. Just 148 grams of weight (excellent) and 9mm of thickness, however, are pro features here. In my opinion, as metal body smartphone has become a trend now, use of plastic shell should have been avoided for a greater appeal.

Everything on LYF Wind 4S is according to my taste except its looks. Hardware specifications are in sync and so complementing each other rather well. This champion has been designed for providing mind-blowing experience of high-speed LTE network for mobile browsing and data-based calling.

All said and done, I cannot suggest it enough. There are many good devices with similar specifications but with better build quality, actually a stylish golden metal body, up for sale. If you have become a fan of this phone because of strong specifications then consider Xiaomi Redmi 3S and 3S Prime, which have my endorsement for better build quality and powerful CPU.

LYF Wind 4S Review and Specifications

Price 7500 Rupees
Features Android Lollipop, 4G LTE, GSM+GSM, Dual SIM
Body 148 grams {W}, 9mm {T}
Display 5.0inch, 720P, 294PPI, IPS LCD, 65% Screen-to-Body Ratio
CPU Snapdragon 210, Quad Core, 2GB RAM, Adreno 304 GPU, 16GB Internal memory, USB OTG, 128GB SD Card Support
Camera 8MP Primary, Flash, ISO Control, HD Recording, 6X Zoom; 5MP Front
Battery 4000 mAh; Li-Po
Connectivity VoLTE, Mobile Hotspot, GPRS, 2G, EDGE, 3G, HSPA, 4G Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, microUSB, FM Radio


Moto E3 Power

We have been silent on this Motorola magical device, which is, in fact, one of the best-selling smartphones at present only because our believe is Moto E3 2016 fails when comes to a value for money proposition. No doubt about its specifications thereby solid performance all the time. However, there are many efficient devices in market today that have a great appeal in looks as well as has more fire power in their CPU.

Do whatever is possible but plastic cannot be metal. And, the beauty of metallic body is only felt when one holds a metal unibody designed smartphone in their hand. The Moto E3 power bears a plastic body causes its thickness to expend up to 9.5mm which in today’s scenario – is simply too much. Most best-selling smartphones in market today has a body thickness less than 9mm.

The phone sports a 5inch HD display and has not so appreciated screen-to-body ratio as well, 66.78% precisely. The MediaTek processor cannot compete with that of Snapdragon. The Motorola device thus gets a hit in terms of handling multimedia tasks and gaming. And it may not be as fiery as the Redmi 3S Prime from Xiaomi. This is true although that most of the RAM space on Motorola device remains free because of purity of software. But only 2GB RAM of this phone cannot match with 3GB RAM of the Xiaomi device. Use of a noted graphic processor, which is here Mali-T720 MP2, however, ensured that users have a great experience in executing multimedia contents.

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Both front and rear camera on this phone are impressive and with Google camera app they simply do magic. However, when compared with Xiaomi device, they still fail in specifications thereby performance and final outcome as well.

Even in battery power with 3500 mAh value, it fails to beat Xiaomi device which carries 4100 mAh battery onboard.

All in all the Moto E3 power is a decent device but is four to six months late in market. Its manufacturer Motorola should have checked market trend before drawing its design. Because of Motorola branding, by the way, the phone has been upbeat in sales but when comes to value for money, Redmi 3S phones from Xiaomi are the best choice at present. If you cannot wait for Xiaomi’s next flash sales then Moto E3 Power is the smartphone to go with currently.

Moto E3 Power Review and Specifications

Price 8000 Rupees
Features Android Marshmallow, 4G LTE, Dual SIM
Body 153.5 grams {W}, 9.5mm {T}
Display 5.0inch, HD, 294PPI, IPS LCD, 66.78% Screen-to-Body Ratio
CPU MediaTek MT6735P, Quad Core, 2GB RAM, Mali-T720 MP2 GPU, 16GB Internal memory, 32GB SD Card Support
Camera 8MP Primary, Flash, CMOS Sensor; 5MP Front
Battery 3500 mAh; Li-ion, Fast Charging
Connectivity VoLTE, Mobile Hotspot, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, microUSB, FM Radio


Panasonic Eluga A2

Panasonic journey in smartphone world has been a kind of ON and OFF, precisely not consistent. Despite being a trusted consumer electronics brand globally, In India, in smartphone market especially, this Japanese brand reputation is as good as any Indian smartphone brand. It is still struggling to gain trust like Xiaomi, which has been setting quality bar with every successive launch. Not every Panasonic smartphone could be trusted for impressive qualities those are according to the current trends. However, with two decent smartphones in low and mid budget – Panasonic T44, priced 3500 Rupees and Eluga A2, priced 8000 Rupees, it has proven that despite regular failure it will not run away from smartphone business as Microsoft is planning to do so.

Specifications and performance of the Eluga A2 do not justify Panasonic’s reputation so far, I have to be honest here. I have been saying a lot about Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime and I think Panasonic presented a true alternative. In Moto E3 Power review section I said – in case one cannot wait for Xiaomi’s next flash for Redmi 3S devices should consider it. However, that gets corrected here as consider this Panasonic Magical gadget, which has all decent features and massive battery back and metallic golden body as well.

Panasonic Eluga A2 Review and Specifications

Price 8500 Rupees
Features Android Lollipop, 4G LTE, Dual SIM
Body 167.5 grams {W}, 8.9mm {T}
Display 5.0inch, HD, 294PPI, 66.41% Screen-to-Body Ratio
CPU MediaTek MT6735M, 3GB RAM, Mali-T720 MP2 GPU, 16GB Internal memory, 128GB SD Card Support
Camera 13MP Primary, Flash; 5MP Front
Battery 3000 mAh; Li-Po
Connectivity VoLTE, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, microUSB, FM Radio


Coolpad Note 5

The features of the Note 5 can be summed up as massive battery with fast charging, impressive camera with dedicated sensor, best memory management, and elegant golden metal body.

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The most exciting feature of this phone, however, has to be 4GB RAM, which provides enough space to the Snapdragon Octa core processor in its CPU for listing and executing huge numbers of tasks. In 11000 Rupees price range, it beats all other devices those have been best-seller so far.

In terms of memory management, I must admit Note 5 is the best among bests. Besides 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, it also comes with USB OTG and microSD support up to 64GB. You will agree with me, this much memory on a regular use smartphone is more than sufficient.

The phone has the latest Android operating system and that is running with a uniquely designed user interface called Cool UI8. Integration of fingerprint sensor security is also making this well-suited for those wants productivity with security. As it supports 4G networks, it will secure easy connectivity with existing 4G infrastructures in India.

Being heavier than most metal smartphones in market today – earns it a point cut in design segment but that is irrelevant as it carries 4GB RAM onboard. It sports a 5.5inch full HD IPS LCD display, which bears screen protection as well. The phone certainly has an impressive screen-to-body ratio, 72.31% precisely. Higher is the ratio better the phone is designed in terms of space utilization.

Having dedicated image sensor is a guarantee that a phone has an impressive camera management onboard. Whether user is a beginner or an expert, a dedicated image sensor is every hour need for better click. The Coolpad Note 5 comes to you with 13MP primary and 8MP front camera. And, the front camera here gets a powerful LED flash and by that making possible high-quality selfie even in low light or in no light. Obsessed with selfie and social media, the Coolpad Note 5 has to be one of your top picks for this Diwali.

Honestly, I am not surprised with this Coolpad Diwali gift as this Chinese brand has a history of launching trend-setting smartphones. Not long ago it had credited history with 7000 Rupees Note 3 and Note 3 Lite smartphones. My house owner still blesses me for a brilliant phone I got him purchased.

While testing the phone for this review, I faced some issues with battery charging and camera performance. It also has heating issue. But those are because of poor implementation of user interface. As it has been widely reported by users so far I hope that Coolpad will release update to fix them. I praise Coolpad Note 5 for being one of the finest smartphones in 11000 Rupees budget currently.

Coolpad Note 5 Review and Specifications

Price 11000 Rupees
Features Android Marshmallow, Fingerprint Sensor, 4G, Dual SIM
Body Metal, 174 grams {W}, 8.8mm {T}
Display 5.5inch, Full HD, 401PPI, 72.31% Screen-to-Body Ratio
CPU Snapdragon 617 Octa Core, 4GB RAM, Adreno 405 GPU, 32GB Internal memory, 64GB SD Card Support, USB OTG Support
Camera 13MP Primary, CMOS Sensor, Full HD Recording, Flash; 8MP Front, 2.2F, LED Flash
Battery 4010 mAh; Quick Charging
Connectivity Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, microUSB, VoLTE, FM Radio

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