Having your own camera is a fulfilling sensation, now that when you have one the possibilities are endless. Apart from having the privilege of capturing your quality moments with family and friends, a good camera could also be a money-making venture. With a decent professional camera, you can open a studio business or even start your own money making Vlog. However, the price of a decent camera is of all things disheartening. Some digital cameras are priced well over a lakh, while others go for at least 70,000 Rupees. You see with such a price tag, the average photographer can’t afford it.

All the same, these high priced cameras are meant for professional photographers and not for taking photographs during the usual family reunions and birthday parties. So what do you do if you need a camera that takes DSLR quality pictures, but is valued at a reachable price? In this piece, we have covered some very affordable cameras that you won’t regret buying. These cameras were specifically designed to carry DSLR specs but are not fully DSLR so they will come at a cheaper price.

Canon EOS 700D (Pricing: 35000 Rupees)

At its launch, this camera was priced at almost twice its price in some areas like Europe, however, after a few months of sales, the camera entered other markets like India and this was followed by massive discounts. It features an 18 Megapixel Hybrid CMOS AF sensor which delivers full HD images and videos. It also offers seven different filters for the images and a live preview of everything that you are about to shoot. It features a 5fps shooting system with nine autofocus(AF) points. The maximum optical zoom times for this product is 10 times (10X) so you can get even the tiniest of detail on this device.

Canon EOS 700D Digital Camera

The camera’s screen is a 7.7 inch LCD II screen which is touch screen supported. This tells you that everything is just fast on this device. The screen’s user interface is intuitive and usable even by a first grader. Plus you don’t have to keep scrolling strenuously using the buttons, just touch the screen and everything is right in place for you within a nick of a second. In addition, the maximum shutter speed on this device is an astounding 30 seconds, meaning that you can comfortably take photos of speeding objects like animals and vehicles.

When it comes to video shooting, the 5 frames per second continuous shooting mode helps you take professional level videos of moving objects. If you are looking for a Vlogging camera especially one that is suitable for shooting videos when moving, then this is the camera for you. If you will shoot your vlog videos while moving, for example, while skating or riding a bike, then don’t waste your cash going for something more expensive. This camera is just built for such video shooting needs.

I have no problem with its inbuilt microphone, it is great if you maintain a reasonable distance from the sound-producing object. Even so, I have an issue with the camera’s autofocus mode. Being automatic and no manual mode on this part, then it means you will have to stick with shooting videos an automatic focus mode. You can’t adjust that. Additionally, I hate to say that Canon never included an image stabilization capability on this device, so you have to try and stay as rigid as you can when shooting videos, if you want to achieve an acceptable level of precision.

Apart from those two issues, I think the camera is great. The design is perfect and it comes with a one hand gripping edge on its left side, so you won’t drop it easily. This product is also considerably light in weight since it only weighs 2.26 pounds. The battery is good too, it can last for hours and definitely won’t die on you easily.

Price 35000 Rupees
Model EOS 700D
Continuous shooting 5fps
Screen size 7.7 inch
Touch screen Yes
Focus type Automatic only
Weight 2.3 pounds
Image stabilization No
Megapixels 18MPs
Max shutter speed 30 secs
Optical zoom 10X
Average User Rating 4.5 / 5 stars


Nikon D5300 (Pricing: 32500 Rupees)

Now here is a better deal, a fully equipped DSLR camera with a price that is a fraction less of the Canon EOS 700D. When it comes to budget cameras, the answer always has to be Nikon. This reminds me of my first camera which I will review in the next article, the Nikon L840. At first, I thought Nikon’s reduced pricing definitely meant some little defects that would escape the eye. But when I saw the L840 for the first time, I guess that was love at first sight. Nikon doesn’t disappoint, at least it didn’t disappoint me with the L840. But rest assured, I’ll try to be as rational and frank with you when I review one of their best DSLR entries in the budget DSLR camera’s section, the Nikon D5300. So in this piece I won’t review the L840, I’ll tell you about a better version of it, the Nikon D5300.

NIKON D5300 Quick Review in India

As mentioned earlier, the D5300 is cheaper than the previously discussed Canon EOS 700D, but unlike its Canon rival, this camera has a 24.2 Megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor. At 24.2 Megapixels, the D5300 knocks out Canon’s 18MPs sensor in the EOS 700D with just a single blow. The battle becomes even more interesting, when the D5300 starts featuring a 39 point autofocus system with 3D tracking capabilities. There is no way Canon is going to win here with a 9 point autofocus system in their EOS 700D. Video shooting with the D5300 is in full HD at a 1080 pixel maximum resolution.

What’s even more, this camera has an inbuilt Wi-Fi receptor for easy sharing of videos to video sites like YouTube and photos to social media sites. You also get a fully functional GPS tracker on this device, meaning that it supports extra camera functionalities like geotagging. The display is however far much smaller than in its rival Canon product, since it measures only 3.2 inches, whereas, for the Canon EOS 700D, the display is a 7 inch one. However, the LCD display here is still touch screen plus it has a Vari-angle LCD swivel hinge that means that you can twist the screen up to 180 degrees, bent from the normal positioning. Of course, that smaller screen means that varying the screen position is easy.

Just like in the Canon EOS 700D, continuous shooting on this product is done at 5 frames per second, while the maximum shutter speed is at 30seconds. The 410mAh Lithium Ion battery gives you upto a maximum of 700 shots. Apart from featuring a better gripper than the previously discussed product, this camera weighs far much less, about half the weight of the EOS 700D. It weighs only 1.1 pounds, can you imagine? Read more about Nikon D5300 at Top 3 Nikon DSLR Camera under 50000 Rupees.

Price 32500 Rupees
Model D5300
Continuous shooting 5fps
Screen size 3.2 inch Vari-angle screen
Touch screen Yes
Focus type Automatic with 3D Tracking technology
Weight 1.1 pounds
Image stabilization Yes
Megapixels 24.2 Megapixels
Max shutter speed 30 seconds
Optical zoom 7.8X expandable with D-ZOOM kit (bought separately)
Average User Rating 4.7/5stars


Canon EOS 1300D (Pricing: 27400 Rupees)

Despite having an 18 Megapixel APS-C sensor like the Canon EOS 700D, this camera is far much smaller than the 700D, in terms of the display size and overall build. However. It still features a nine point auto focus with one center cross-type Auto Focus point and shoots in HD too. It shoots EOS videos at 1080, 730 and 640 x 480 pixels to be specific. In addition, the camera can offer up to a maximum of three frames per second in continuous shooting mode. This is far much slower than in all the previously discussed cameras.

Canon EOS 1300D Digital Camera

All the same, you get a camera with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity options on a budget. This camera can share videos to YouTube and to other devices using its Wi-Fi utility. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, including android phones and laptops. Its NFC technology (Near Field Communication) allows it to communicate and share items with more devices like Mac laptops and iPads. The screen measures 3.0 inches but unfortunately, it’s not touch screen supported.

The camera also includes a rather rare specification in this price range, a fully functional viewfinder. This means that you can successfully switch to Live View on the screen, which is a good thing since you can always take breathtaking images and videos of macro objects as well as those that are still-life. At 27400 Rupees, I highly doubt you can get a better camera from Canon.

Price 27400 Rupees
Model EOS 1300D
Continuous shooting 3fps
Screen size 3.0 inches
Touch screen No
Focus type Automatic
Weight 485 grams
Image stabilization No
Megapixels 18 Megapixels
Min shutter speed 1\ 4000
Optical zoom Yes
Average User Rating 4.3/5


Editor's Pick

From an honest point of view, I would pick the Nikon D5300. It offers a better design, a far much stronger image sensor (24.2 Megapixel) and a better microphone. Just to sum it all, it also comes at a better price. However, if your area is just shooting Full HD videos, I think the Canon EOS 1300D would do. It’s cheaper than all of them plus it’s lighter. However, it doesn’t come with inspiring luxuries like screen flipping and touch screen support.