Usha Janome Memory Craft 9900 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Usha is undoubtedly the most trusted sewing machine brand in Bharat. And, it with American sewing machine manufacturer Janome presents sewing cum embroidery machine, the Memory craft 9900. This is an industry grade machine priced at whopping 1, 55,000 rupees. This machine is simply huge with all great features for embroidery invented so far under the sewing machine technology.

Going by its cost, it may not be an economical choice for homemakers and small tailor shops. However, advanced tailor shops, which are accepting orders for uniquely designed clothes will be showing interest in it. This is also a good choice for those wants to pursue small scale dress designer profession from home.

What I really like about this machine is – it is truly user-friendly and able to do most of the stitch and complex embroidery works with lots ease. It has been built on the concept of creating designs, importing them on machine and executing them with colorful threads. There some automated processed also added for making stitch feature super easy.

Embroidery Feature of this Usha Sewing Machine

Though it sounds unbelievable but the fact is – the Usha machine provides the possibility of drawing close to infinite numbers of designs on clothes by using preloaded two hundred embroidery stitches and listed 175 embroidery designs. In fact, users can reprint one embroidery design in 200 different stitch patterns. And, if the user can handle complexity, then the same could be reprinted by choosing multiple stitch patterns within one design.

Furthermore, Usha’s partner Janome is providing a design app for easy doing with embroidery designs, stitch style, and other details. The maximum embroidery areas it can cover in one go is impressive so its standard hoop size, 170×200 mm precisely.

There are many embroidery sewing machines and some of them, in fact, have been reviewed by GS team as well. The Usha sewing machine is certainly advance but the inbuilt feature like embroidery design editing making it by far number one, certainly brightest among all. My believe, therefore, is just because of the embroidery editing feature alone, it is going to be ordered by all major tailor shops providing service like special embroidery design on clothes.

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I really like concept and features of this machine. It has been excelled in such a way that it could become the base of users thought process and therefore their business. Understand this with an example. This is a fact by the way that earning 100% satisfactions on designs from customer especially from female customers are close to impossible. Then this machine with impeccable features helps embroidery designers and provides them lots creative freedom as well. It is making that possible because, under the embroidery design feature, users can do many things essentially resize, flip, duplicate, arc monogram, color grouping, choosing colors, tracing, drag & drop and zoom types of various advanced tasks with lots of ease.

The selection of stitch patterns and monograms are super easy on this machine. During a test session with this model, I was a bit scared initially as it challenges beginners like me with huge operational complexity. To my surprise, sewing and doing small embroidery was a good fun. It is true that the instructor to me was an expert but I too was fast in learning the operational use of various tools built-in on this. In fact, I could able to stitch an embroidery design on a piece of cloth after a quick training.

This Usha Embroidery Machine has a Built-in Lighting System

Embroidery is an art so it requires precision in getting shaped on clothes as thought by designers. A regular lighting system installed in working rooms may not be sufficient sometimes while doing micro embroidery designs. The Usha 9900, therefore, comes with not one or two rather five LED lighting system, placed at three good locations for best help to users.

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Body and Design: This is a computerized sewing machine so it has all those features and connectivity options that are needed for its connectivity with computer and smartphone. It also has 3MB memory to store design patterns.

One feature that really attracts me is its display panel, which is here showing current settings, active sewing & embroidery design patterns, machine status, and other details.

The key buttons for managing stitch process is placed on the right above of its needle system. They are five in count and has LED black-lit as well- beaming when they are in active status. These buttons are dedicated to start/stop, auto lock, making needle up and down, cutting thread, and reverse stitch function.

Five Key Control Buttons

Auto lock button works when zigzag and straight stitch buttons are selected. By the way, maximum zigzag and stitch width can be 9mm and 5mm, respectively. If other patterns are selected, the machine stops automatically to the point it should stop according to the design in action.

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There is a speed control slider for setting minimum and maximum sewing speed. Usha 9900 sewing machine also comes with a super easy bobbin winder feature. To set foot paddle pressure, there is some recommendation shown on the screen. Using the dial, foot paddle pressure can be increased or decreased.

Ten different types of pressure feet are included in the accessories box given from manufacturer side. Changing presser feet is also very easy on this computerized sewing machine.

For users help, all the design patterns are printed on the machine with their numbers. Patterns are grouped so finding them is not tough. Here LCD screen inbuilt on machine comes handy. Using the touch panel one can select design and stitch patterns.

Other Impressive Features of this Computerized Sewing Machine

Indian brand Usha has designed this sewing machine with American manufacturer Janome. So the machine gets all those additional support that both companies offer their customers in their respective countries. Here I would like to inform about a design app, which Janome developed for making complex embroidery designs in easiest possible way.

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Using the tools available on the app, users can create modified version of existing designs or develop own custom embroidery designs. Next, feed your design to your Usha 9900 machine for printing on clothes. The embroidery machine, by the way, requires minimal user’s interference when embroidery sewing is on.

Pro Features:-

  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Easy set bobbin
  • A large foot control
  • Can work with all kinds of power supply
  • 10 Unique pressure feet in accessories box

Final Conclusion: Despite being heavily priced, the Usha 9900 embroidery sewing machine is a value for money product. It comes with all the necessary features for making complex embroidery work a fun. I am a big fan of its ability to recall an active embroidery session, copy a design, and copy a design on a new cloth with some modifications.

If you have free-hand in using an embroidery sewing machine and now want to pursue your embroidery passion from home, I do not think there is any machine better than this one. It presents before users – all the necessary convenience to explore the world of embroidery art. One only needs to have a creative mind because drawing designs on clothes is taken care by this human marvel with lots precision.

Usha Janome Memory Craft 9900 Review and Specifications

Price 155000 Rupees
Embroidery Stitches 200
Built in Monogramming Fonts 3
Embroidery Designs 175
Maximum Embroidery Size 6.7 x 7.9 inch
Design Mobile App AcuGuide Janome
Hoop Size 6.7 x 7.9 inch, 5.5 x 5.5 inch
Embroidery Editing Drag & Drop, Resize, Color Grouping, Duplicate, Zoom, Tracing, User Color Choice, Flip, Arc Monogram
Lighting System 5 LED Lamps, Three Locations
Maximum Zigzag Width 9mm
Maximum Stitch Length 5mm
Memory 3MB
Backlit LCD Screen YES
Design Rotation Capability YES
Embroidery Sewing Speed 800 SPM
Straight Sewing Speed 1000 SPM
Needle Threading YES
Number of Hoops 2
Optional Hoops 1
Standard Hoops 2
Thread cutter YES