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Update PHP version for WordPress Website – 9 Steps for Cloudflare Users

Update PHP Version for WordPress Website

Not only great content with related keywords, but the speed of a webpage is also equally significant for ranking in top 10 Google Search results. This is not a revelation. Google webmaster officials and experts say this at all the related forums.  There are thousands of tips & tricks, plugins, and expert services in the market for making a WordPress website blazing fast. At the Gadgets Shiksha website, however, we focus more on easy and quick solution to make WordPress websites fast.

One of the quickest methods to speed up a WordPress website is changing its PHP version to the newest. The newest version of PHP is always faster and safer than previous versions. If you can or allowed to make a change in the PHP version of your website, do it now.

If you are a Cloudflare user, then follow the steps I suggest for changing the PHP version. I didn't know these steps when I updated PHP version of my WordPress website. Somehow my website escaped from INTERNAL SERVER ERROR 503 but who knows you may not be that lucky. If 503 error strikes, then it is going to be a nightmare.

Cloudflare PHP Update

The image above is Cloudflare’s official answer to a related FAQ.  You need to set Cloudflare in “DEVELOPMENT MODE” before changing PHP version of your WordPress website.

► 9 Steps in changing PHP version for WordPress websites

  1. Take a full backup of your website
  2. Set Cloudflare in Development Mode
  3. Update the current PHP version to the Newest
  4. Purse Everything in Cloudflare
  5. Disable DEVELOPMENT MODE in Cloudflare
  6. Login your website
  7. Make small changes in the least updated plugin of your website (see if it is working fine)
  8. Try to edit an existing post
  9. You have successfully made your WordPress website faster and safer. You are Awesome!
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If there is any error, more likely the 503 Error then restore your website from the backup. Look for the real culprit. In 90% of cases it is the active theme, and in 8% cases, one of the active plugins. The balance 2% case covers other related issues. That includes a restriction set by the hosting service provider. If the issue is not because of the active theme and plugins, then you need to talk to the company manages hosting services for your WordPress website.

► Best WordPress Hosting Manager

In my opinion, ServerPilot is the best in the business. This US-based server manager service ensures your VPS is safe according to the current standard, and usages the latest version of assets. If any vulnerability is reported as it often happens, ServerPilot will be the first to release a patch and secure servers of all its clients.

Officially PHP 7.3 became available for public use on 7th of December, 2018. ServerPilot made it available for its clients on 11th of December, 2018, within 4 days. Other top hosting managers in the market, however, now {after a month almost} tweeting that PHP 7.3 is available for their clients.

ServerPilot PHP Update

Hosting with ServerPilot isn’t simple. You must have a basic understanding of hosting related things. If you want to “DO IT by Yourself” then the best idea is to first test and learn all the required steps. When you entirely sure that you know the nuts and bolts of hosting with ServerPilot, set up a new server with Digital-Ocean and ServerPilot. Use our Digital Ocean Coupon for 100$ free credit in your new Hosting account on its platform. Use the free credit for testing and learning.

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