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Uniquely Designed Two Channel Soundbar for your Premium LED TV

Denon DHT-S514 Soundbar System Review and Specifications

Denon DHT-S514 2-Speaker Home Theatre Soundbar System

Owning a powerful home theatre system is not just a way of entertaining your guests, but also a conduit for making a statement, that you value quality over aesthetics. Home theatres have come in very may shapes and sizes, some more beautiful than others while others more powerful than others. All the same, since your home theatre system will be sitting in your living room for most of its entire life, it’s good to create a balance between power and beauty when shopping for one.

In addition, you also want to buy a home theatre than is in your budget and one that won’t hurt your pocket. Of course, the pricier a product is, the more likely it’s going to deliver a quality output. However, this is not always the case. Some home theatres are fairly priced and yet tend to perform far much better than the overpriced audio systems. One such product is the Denon DHT-S514 Home Theatre System. This product will not only come to you at a reasonable budget, but also give you a variety of advanced functionalities that you can only find in way more expensive audio systems. Even so, this device is still pricey; if you are to compare it with a normal Subwoofer system with the same sound output. Here are its features;

Exceptional features of the Denon Home Theatre System

Excellent wall mountable Soundbar design: The designers of this product put in mind the very many situations where home theatre systems are used. They added a wall mountable utility on this device so that you can comfortably fix this system on your kitchen wall or any other crammed up room. Moreover, it has a long soundbar design which not only comes in handy in saving room space but also helps in creating an effective sound surround. The device measures 39.6 by 3.1 by 3.1 inches and weighs about 18 pounds.

Denon DHT-S514 Home Theatre Soundbar System Remote

Mounting this device to your wall is not that difficult of a task. The product has some keyholes at the back which you can use to fasten the device on a wall securely. I also liked the idea of some removable feet on this device. You can use the feet to place your Soundbar anywhere you, please. In addition, the feet are adjustable so that you can effectively modify the height as you prefer.

High quality audio output with assorted listening modes: This home theatre system can actually transform your house into a full movie theatre. Using its inbuilt Night mode feature, users can be able to adjust the sound output to a favorable setting. One that won’t have annoying volume leaps. I mean, we all hate it when we are watching a movie in the middle of the night and the woofer keeps having these volume jumps that could actually wake the child or rattle your neighbor. Using the night mode setting on this device, the sound output is stabilized in such a way you won’t have moments of unexpected volume hops.

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The device also has a movie surround mode which is meant to generate a roomy and enveloping sound output. This simply means that the sounds only stay in the room and are fairly distributed in the room. Through the system’s music mode, you can be able to listen to your favorite music or radio station in an ultra-clear output. Plus you can further enhance the quality through the home theatre’s own Dialog enhancer mode. The dialog enhancer setting is meant to boost dialog clarity and help contain sound output, which is a good thing, especially for your movies.

Denon DHT-S514 Home Theatre System in India

Bluetooth Connectivity plus TV remote support

This device comes with its own remote control, although it’s built in such a way that it’s compatible with many universal remote controls in the market. If you are lucky enough, this home theatre system could be controlled with your usual TV remote control, in case you don’t like the idea of having many remotes on your hand. The device is also equipped with a control panel on the main unit, which features a few buttons and some LED indicators.

The LED indicators help in informing you about things like the volume level, with just a single glance.  Additionally, the device also supports Bluetooth streaming which is further enhanced with an apt-X utility. This tells you that you can play music directly from your smartphone or laptop through the Bluetooth live stream utility.

Pricing and Verdict: You probably are asking yourself whether you should buy this product or not. Well, I for sure would buy it if I was that desperate for a weighty bass output. All the same, I hate to say that this device is somehow overpriced if you compare it to a typical subwoofer system with the same specs. The steep pricing is part of what discourages me from buying it.  It has a price tag of about 51000 Rupees on average.

Judging from the fact that cheaper models will produce almost the same sound quality and feature a far much better user experience, the situation is quite tricky. The most weakening part about this device is that it lacks an LCD display. This means that you constantly have to do some guess works with the remote and buttons, just to understand how the thing works.

Price 51000 Rupees
Manufacturer Denon
Device Type Home Theatre System
Model DHT-S514 2
Dimensions 39.6 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches
RMS Power Range – Amplifiers 175 Watts
Color Black
Remote control support Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Sound Decoding Dolby Digital and DTS rich sound decoding
Listening Modes Dialog enhancer mode, Night Mode, Music mode, Movie surround mode
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