In this exclusive budget purifier review article, I discuss two new products by Indian brand Kent that promises to purify water up to 99.999% percent using the UF technology, a certified trusted technology by government labs. The great asset of these products is that they purify water for an entire family for a whole year on minimum maintenance cost, effectively just 600 Rupees, this is what manufacturer Kent claims.

► Kent Service Warranty and service quality on-ground

Kent offers one-year onsite warranty for these UF purifiers. And under the warranty commitment, Kent will repair critical components only. And, if repairing does not solve problems, they will be replaced free of cost. That is according to Kent promises under warranty terms.

However, there are lots of disparity between Kent’s promise and its delivery on-ground. Our website has received many claims that expose how poorly Kent service team handles customer’s issue. I, therefore, advocate here to use email to register your complaint. Using email gives you upper hand because it becomes true evidence in case Kent mishandles your complaint.

Low Maintenance cost: Kent claims are while other water puffier brands charge 600 Rupees per filter that will hardly last three to four months meaning three to four filter a year, Kent UF based purifiers require just one or two filters a year. Therefore, Kent UF-based purifier could save close 1000 to 1500 rupees per year.

However, how accurate is the claim by Kent for its filter life. I cannot confirm for UF-based purifier. I am using Kent Pearl mineral water purifier, and I satisfied with the filter life so far has been. Furthermore, Kent customers have concern over service quality, but they never question filter life. Thus, I can read this as Kent is correct to its claim on filter life. But this is just my opinion. If you think my assessment is wrong, you could comment on this article and educate me and others.

→ Innovative UF Technology

Kent’s Hollow Fiber UF membrane is the hero of its new set of UF purifier. Pores on the innovative membrane are microscopic. As tree roots absorb earth water and purifier them for safe human consumption, Kent membrane is designed to achieve water quality close to that.

Of all the accessible water purifier technologies namely RO, UV, UF – UF happens to be the most efficient if the water has low TDS level. By the way, Bhabha automatic research center is also working on a new advanced technology called NF (nano-filtration membrane). The NF membrane will improve purification efficiency of water purifiers.

Kent and other water purifier companies bear research and development cost for the further development of the current technology to achieve a better result on water quality. And, this makes a big difference. It proves thus there is a difference between Kent’s UF membrane and UF membrane of other companies. Understand this with the quality difference of 1000-mAh battery on a Nokia phone and a Micromax phone.

Kent Crystal UF Water Purifier Review and Specifications

► Kent Crystal UF Water Purifier

Before I proceed with the purifier details, you must know it requires a base in the form of water dispenser or something similar for installation. It is not like other Kent UF water purifiers, which have a water tank with a base for simple table-top installation.

The Crystal model comes with 20 liters tank capacity. The top chamber of the purifier stores 7-liter raw water. Purified water is stored in the lower chamber, and its capacity is 13-liter. This UF purifier can purify up to 20-liter water per hour.

Further, Kent claims that due to a unique design of the filters in use on this UF purifier, their life capacity is close to 4000 liters. This figure is incredibly exciting since filters by other purifier brands would be dead within two to three months after purifying 1200 to 1500 liters of water.

Because of the use of food-grade material, build quality of this Kent product is hygienic and sturdy too.

Let us now discuss the inbuilt purification process of this non-electric purifier. It comes with three active filters, and it is based on UF technology. The three filters (sediment, activated carbon, and SS Mesh) are efficient enough for making water close to 100% safe. But remember the purifier can purify only low TDS water meaning the water must already have passed through stage one purification (RO system).

→ The UF Purifier is Ideal for Public Places

The Kent Crystal is a top-rated water purifier. It is an ideal high-capacity water purifier for producing potable drinking water in School, college, library and other public places. The innovative design of this UF purifier is a masterstroke. In fact, the purifier has no clear competitor at present from other brands.

A simplified review article on the first batch of Kent gravity based UF purifier is already live on this website. This model also incorporates the qualities of those rated non-electric purifier models, trusted by thousands for better efficiency.

I like this UF purifier for its design and particularly its three-stage purification technology. But remember, it is not well-suited for home use as it requires an installation base.

Price 3000 Rupees
Filters Activated Carbon, SS Mesh, Sediment
Purification Low TDS Water, Does not remove Dissolved impurities
Storage Raw Water: 7 Liter; Purified Water : 13 Liter
Filter Life 4000 Liter
Filter Cost 600 Rupees
Electricity Works without Electricity
UF Membrane Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic ( 0.1 Microns )
Build Quality Food grade non-breakable plastic, leakage proof


► Kent Inline GOLD UF Water Purifier

The Gold UF water purifier has the same set of filters and design as other gravity-based purifiers by Kent. Design-wise, however, it is different from the model we discuss above. Kent Inline Gold purifier requires wall mount installation. You cannot keep this purifier on a table and use it. It, therefore, is not suitable for those who frequently change house.

Much like other non-electric UF purifiers of Kent, this too is for purifying low TDS water, effectively corporation water. Its purification mechanism consists of sediment and Carbon Block filter with UF membrane for suspending virus, bacteria, and cysts from water.

The Build quality of UF purifier is undoubtedly A-grade. According to Kent, while designing this batch of gravity based purifier, there has been particular attention on leaking issue, reported with earlier products. Use of PUSH-Fit component will keep this model and other models in the batch leakage proof despite heavy usages.

Kent Inline GOLD UF Water Purifier Review and Specifications

→ Tank and Water Purification Capacity of this UF Purifier

The storage tank capacity of Kent Inline water purifier is 7 liters. Its water purification capacity per hour is close to 60 liters per hour (inlet pressure is a factor here), and the daily duty cycle is 75 liters.

While deciding a water purifier, it is very import that you are clear on your requirement. Before blaming the product think through that have you made the right purchase as per water purification requirement at your place? Take an example of this purifier; Kent clearly says it requires wall-mount installation, suitable for low TDS water, and does not remove dissolved salts from water.

If the water supply in your home has a salty taste, Kent Inline Gold is not the purifier you should buy. Being based on the UF technology, it can only filter out harmful battery, virus, and cysts. Try purifying salty water through this Kent UF purifier, it will make the water safe for drinking, but the salty taste in the water will stay. So what is the solution for treating salty water? Use an RO purifier with that is compatible to high TDS levels.

Price 4000 Rupees
Installation Only Wall-mount
Filters UF Membrane, Sediment, Carbon Block
Purification Low TDS Water, Does not remove Dissolved impurities, Does not remove salts
Storage 7 Liters, 1 Liter per minute, 75 Liter per day; inlet water pressure 0.3 Kg/cm2 ( minimum)
Filter Life 4000 Liters
Filter Cost 600 Rupees
Electricity Works without Electricity
UF Membrane Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic ( 0.1 Microns )
Build Quality Food grade non-breakable plastic, leakage proof