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Ultra Premium Headphones For Indian Music Fans

Sony MDR 7506 Review and Specifications

► Ultra Premium Audeze Sine On-ear Headphone

Of the finest headphones available in the market today, the Audeze Sine On-ear Headphone is certainly one. From sleek looks to purest sound quality, this headphone seems to have it all. Priced at 40,000 rupees, it uses planar magnetic drivers, making them a treat to listen to. Also, it’s one of the least expensive headphones available in the market to be offering this feature. Most of the headphones which have this feature come in open-back designs but Audeze Sine On-ear headphone, on the other hand, has a design that is closed-back.

Great frequency range: Talking about specifications, the size of its transducer is 80X70 mm and has a frequency response of 10Hz – 50KHz. It also provides three times more surface area than all other headphones available in the market under this category. It is weighs 998 grams. Speaking of impedance, it has of 20-ohms and a sound pressure level of >120 dB. Its magnet type is neodymium and diaphragm of uniforce. Its power handling capacity is 6W at maximum level and runs on an optimal power requirement of 500 mW-1W.

More suitable for iOS device users: After shelling out an extra 4000 rupees, its buyers can get hold of Cipher Lightning headphone cable, which can be used by directly plugging it into any iOS device. One shortcoming which these headphones seem to have is they seem to leak noise, which doesn’t make them good for using when people are around. However, when it comes to sound quality, these headphones do a fantastic job at delivering the little details about the audio files you listen through it.

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Integrated microphone in cable: These headphones cannot be recommenced for users which have a rather large head because the ear cups are smaller in size and won’t probably fit appropriately around the ears. The lightning cable which can be purchased for an extra few dollars as mentioned before – comes with integrated microphone in them which suffices for making or taking calls when you are using these headsets along with your phone.

Audeze Sine On ear Headphone Review and Specifications

Believe it or not but the BMW is after its design: The Sine is Audeze’s one of the best selling headphones to this date and reason being that it provides an amazing listening experience every single time. It is great for listening to all genres of music and songs played out on instruments. DesignWorks USA is behind its sleek looks and also world renowned BMW. Although its ear pads are pretty comfortable, most users have reported taking them off once every few hours of use because of aching ear lobes.


  • 3 X Surface Area than any other headphones
  • Sleek design
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Works brilliantly with iOS devices
  • Designed in collaboration with BMW
  • Neodymium magnet


  • Noise leak
  • Not recommended for studio use
  • Small ear cups

Verdict: For those who don’t mind shelling a few extra bucks for quality, the Sine are a perfect buy considering that they provide experience of high-end quality at very reasonable rates. Apart from minor drawbacks, these headphones are far superior to all those available in the market currently in its class. These reasons are perhaps are sufficient enough why anyone would go for these headphones and even go recommending them to many.

Price Rs. 34990
Connectivity Wired
Frequency 10Hz – 50 KHz
Cord Length 2.5 m
Design Closed Back
Weight 998g


► Audio Technica ATH M70x Professional Monitor Headphones

There seem to be millions of headphones available in the market to choose from, few are good enough and worth every penny spent on. The Audio Technica ATH-M70x Professional Monitor Headphones are one of those headphones which make you feel that way about them. Priced at a cool 14000 rupees, the Audio Technica ATH-M70x are the latest addition to company’s M-Series and are known for their highly durable key metal components.

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Splendid design with comfort: If one was to speak of its specifications, there are countless many impressive features that the headset comes loaded with. It comes with a large aperture which is 45 mm and has rare earth magnets placed inside. The voice coils in the headphones are copper clad aluminum foils and its ear cups can be rotated to about 90 degrees. The headband provided with the latest model has heavy padding and feels quite soft and comfortable when the headphones are put on.

Easily adjustable: Apart from this, one drawback reported about these headphones is the fact that it seems to grab some hair because of the edges between its plastic and leather. However, the headphones are thoroughly adjustable and can be modified to fit the shape of its users. When it comes down to be being good at the actual job and that is providing immaculate sound quality, the Audio Technica ATH M70x definitely does not disappoint. These headphones are basically designed for being used with professional monitoring and they do a brilliant job at it.

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Professional Sound Quality: The headphones have an amazing range of 5Hz- 40kHz and are great at capturing sound and also filtering noise levels. The sound of the quality produced is absolutely striking and mesmerizing and these can be blindly put on and used at recording sessions too. Its padding is also very fluffy and feels quite cozy around the ears, which makes it very easy for users to put it on for extended hours of use.

Audio Technica ATH M70x Professional Monitor Headphones

Premium Headphone with monitor: Since these headphones are built for using with monitors, it wouldn’t be such a great idea, after all, to use them by plugging into your iPod or regular MP3 player. Another big deal about these headphones is the fact that it doesn’t let any sound escape from its cups, which is why they are highly recommended for studio use. They are so lightweight as well so one shouldn’t have any issues related to aching of ear lobes etc. after using them for a very long time.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Ear padding is comfortable
  • It has rare earth magnets inside
  • Best filtering of noise
  • Great for studio use


  • Grabs Hair
  • Not great for using with phones
  • Too heavy

Verdict: The bottom line is that these headphones are as good as you can get when it comes to having one in a professional monitor and that too under a budget. With the price tag that the ATH M70x comes with, it is an absolute bargain. Many of its counterparts available in the market pale in comparison when put up against the M70x. Therefore, these are definitely worth going for.

Price Rs. 14000
Connectivity Wired Aux-in
Frequency 5Hz- 40kHz
Cord Length 3 m
Design Over-The-Head
Weight 950 g


► Sony MDR-7506 Professional On-Ear Headphones

The market for gadgets presently is flooded with some of the most awe-inspiring headphones out there. The competition has only heated up with players such as Beats and Skullcandy appealing to the young generation with their groovy headsets. However, Sony somehow has still managed to endure this test of time and emerged as an all-time favorite with buyers.

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Great value for price: Speaking of the classic Sony MDR 7506, it’s astonishing how the headphone still manages to be one of the brand’s best-sellers even after 24 years of its launch. Priced at 6500 rupees and weighing less than 250 grams, its users so far have all good things to say about it. Apart from its ear pads disintegrating and hinges breaking after few years of use, owners of Sony MDR 7506 have known to remain satisfied with their pieces in the long run.

Sony Headphones often wins on design: Now, taking a look into the specifics and design, the MDR-7506 is known for its large bold diaphragm design. It comes with a connecting cord with 40 mm driving unit and gold plug. The folding feature of its design makes it super easy for users to store it. It’s made to handle 1,000 mW of power and possesses an impedance of 63 Ohms. These brilliant specifications are perhaps the reasons why the MDR7506 is reported to have a longer life along with enhanced performance compared to its counterparts available in the market.

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Immaculate sound quality: These headphones are considered to be perfect for users looking to use them for recording sessions to just putting them on for their daily dose of music. The outer ear cups of these headphones are built in metal and the entire body is made out of fine quality plastic. Another feature to notice in the Sony MDR-7506 is that its ear pads are leaner in thickness as compared to most of the headphones available out there in the market.  Also, its cord can be stretched as far as to 10 feet in length and remains fixed to its ear cup on the left side.

Sony MDR 7506 Review and Specifications

Why is Sony is the best brand for Premium Headphones? One great quality of these headphones reported by its many users is its capability to minimize the escaping of sound. When the headphones are being used, it is very unlikely that people close by will be able to make out what the user is listening to. Once the original pads have worn out, users can get replacements at a very feasible price of just 700 rupees a pair. This is perhaps another reason why it’s Sony’s one of the top selling headphones to this date.


  • Sony’s bestsellers for 24 years
  • Great for studio use
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Reasonably priced
  • Snug fit
  • Amazingly flexible and stretchable
  • Very Durable

Cons:- Ear pads wear off

Verdict: The Sony MDR-7506 Headphone can easily be plugged into any phone and used but not quite effortlessly. One shortcoming about this headset is that it cannot be controlled by a remote or microphone and has quite a long cord to carry. Hence, it cannot be considered as ideal for using with portable music players or phones. But despite this, its sound quality is truly mesmerizing and overshadows all other flaws tremendously. For the price tag it comes with, it makes for one great buy.

Price Rs 6459
Connectivity Wired
Frequency 10-20kHz
Cord Length 10 ft
Design Closed Ear Design
Weight 250 g
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