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Ultra HD Sony 4K LED TV in India below 250000 Rupees

Sony KD 65XD9305 Ultra HD 4K LED TV Price Online

Here is an exclusive preview of an elite 4K LED TV, which is good demand nowadays for its ultra-wide screen. Turn your living room into a cinema hall with this Sony 4K LED TV, which has a majestic 65-Inch Widescreen with many exceptional features.

65-Inch Sony KD-65XD9305 Ultra HD 4K Television

Being one of the oldest television manufacturing companies, Sony has been able to maintain its virtuous reputation and hence achieved some notable successes. However, its feats in the market have not gone unchallenged, with other competitors like LG and Samsung really coming up to overthrow this king of modern LED TV.

In India for example, Sony has had to split its consumer count with other competitors, point blank. Even the most unlikely manufacturers, the Chinese TV manufacturing corporations, are doing very well in this dynamic market. Nonetheless, this has not deterred Sony from doing what it knows best, producing high-quality HD televisions. Their KD-65XD9305 Ultra HD TV has distinguished itself as a people pleaser. You don’t need to look at this product twice, to know that you need one of these sets. Its dual-LCD light-guiding plates help in uniform light balancing and distribution on the screen, so as to give an Ultra HD view. Here are some of its exceptional features:-

A Refined Design: If I was asked to give an opinion of this product’s design, I would say that it’s a bit exaggerated. Nevertheless, Sony thought different and gave this colossal machine an extravagant finishing. The KD-65XD9305 has a well-polished metallic body that not only gives it some bit of solidity but also complements the shiny plastic on the front panel and gold edging on the outer casing of the television.

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I must say, for such a big TV Sony did a good job honing every inch of the KD-65XD9305 body. This gigantic screen weighs an astounding 32.1 kg and all this weight is supported by its inclined metallic stand. The stand is wide enough to support the immense weight and measures about 45 centimeters. The whole television measures 1458 by 891 by 275mm in Width, Height, and Depth. If you don’t trust the stand or you want to save on space by fastening the TV on a wall mount, this product comes with a wall hung at its back side. In fact, the wall hung is designed in such a way that it doesn’t alter TV’s slim profile.

Lots of Connectivity Options on this Sony 4K LED TV

The product has four HDMI input ports that come in handy for projecting videos to and from other screens. You also get an additional three USB ports from which you can use to connect pen drives and portable drives to play videos from, using the TV. There is also an Ethernet port but this won’t be necessary if you have a wireless router in your house.

This television supports wireless connectivity. And, other connection utilities include a SCART port, stereo inputs, and 3.5mm jack port for headphones. Some of these ports are covered using a removable panel, so you will actually need the user manual to know what most of these ports do.

Picture quality: For such a slim, massive screen to produce an HD view, a lot of light is needed. To achieve this, Sony’s this 4K TV model 65XD9305 uses two LED rows on either side of the screen and another two guide plates to achieve clarity. The backlight is hence guided with precision on the grid by the dual guide lights for better contrast.

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This Sony television also has a working shutter 3D support which works well with the HDR-10 support, to give a real HD view. So you can actually watch videos in 3D with any compatible 3D glasses. In other words, the picture is just great on this television. There are no blurred views at all viewing angles.

Superb Sound quality of this UHD LED TV

Sony’s decision to abandon the customary front firing speakers, for the side-edges slim ones, has dealt a reasonable blow to the audio output of this television. Nevertheless, with a little more volume you can hear just about anything, with a lot of clarity.

Sony KD 65XD9305 Ultra HD 4K LED TV Review and Specifications

Pricing and verdict: Sony has priced this 4K LED at about 212400 Rupees. Still, I would advise you to buy it if you want something authentic and long lasting. But with such amount of money, you can actually get something more sophisticated from Samsung.

Manufacturer Sony
Dimensions 1458 x 891 x 275mm
Body Metallic
Smart TV Support Yes
Shutter 3D Yes
Resolution Native 4K UHD
Slim Backlight Drive Yes
HDR support Yes
Luminance 65 degrees
Max Price 250000 Rupees

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