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UHD Televisions in India between 60000 to 70000 Rupees

Haier LE50B7500U UHD TV Review and Specifications

Budget brands like Micromax and Vu are offering some of the most affordable TVs in market. However, they fail to provide great build quality and after sales service. These brands are only good if you do not have deep pockets and still want to buy an LED television with all modern features.

Largely, the selection of a TV model depends on what kind of customer you are. We can divide TV buyers into two groups. Buyers from the first group are more concerned with features than build quality. Such users are always influenced by the latest innovative features so they replace their existing TV with new one every year or two. The second group of people does research and spends money on the purchase like five to ten years of investment on the entertainment.

The readers who happen to belong to the first category of customers can check other articles on budget 4K TVs that we recently published. In this article, we are focusing on the needs of the second group of customers.

► 43-Inch LG 4K LED TV

Before I start the review on the first TV, let us discuss a few things. Just a couple of years back, 4K Televisions belonged to the premium segment of the market. That situation has changed now.  The prices have lowered greatly and people with average income can also purchase 4K TVs now. Small brands have played a significant role in making 4K LED TVs affordable for middle-class customers.

However, much of what we perceive about the 4K TV segment is actually not true. A common misconception is one cannot purchase a 4K TV from popular brand unless have a budget of one lakh rupees and more. Actually, this is not the real case now. I do agree that brands like Micromax and Vu sell 4K televisions under 50,000 rupees. Though there is not a great difference in the prices of ultra HD televisions manufactured by popular brands and of those manufactured by smaller brands.

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For Instance, the LG 43UF640T 4K TV, about which, we will discuss in detail in coming paragraphs, can be purchased for 70,000 rupees. The extra money paid will actually benefit you in a long run.LG 43UF640T 4K TV Review Specifications Price Online

→ Superior Build Quality of this LG LED TV

Along with Sony and Samsung, LG is one of the pioneers of the television market. It has achieved the place after being consistent with superior build quality and friendly customer support for many years.

The LG TV has an excellent built in glossy design such that your guest will say, “WOW what a TV.” Not only the outer shell of this 4K television looks attractive, even it takes up a very little space on a table.

In the packaging box, you get a kit for wall mount installation. Customers can also go for a tabletop installation as LG ships a pair of stands with the TV.

Not Just 4K It Is IPS 4K: The USP of this television is certainly the 43-inch 4K IPS display. The IPS panel boosts clarity, color, and sharpness. LG’s powerful graphics engine offers a life-like movie watching experience.

Superb contrast ratio and highest possible viewing angles are another jewels in the crown. The television also offers a great dynamic range and viewers can easily distinguish between different objects even in a dark scene.

Most budget UHD TVs suffer from a problem of motion blur. LG has successfully tackled the issue by developing a unique graphic processing engine. The high motion refresh rate of the display helps in eliminating stutters and results in a smooth footage.

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Preloaded with LG’s webOS 2.0: This is a fully functional Smart TV. It runs LG’s own webOS 2.0 operating system right out of the box. The interface of the OS is attractive and offers a fluid experience. LG’s TV OS also comes preloaded with apps of all the famous streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity options are present. However, there is only a single USB port on it.

→ Upscaling Engine on this 4K LED TV

In a recent article, we discussed how upscaling technology could change your movie watching experience. When a lower resolution video is played on a 4K display, many pixels remain unused. The technology does not add any new detail rather fills the empty pixels with surrounding colors.

Only a few budget 4K TVs come with this functionality and this LG television model is one of them. In our test, the upscaling technology of the 4K TV is better than any alternative in the market.

Inbuilt Web Browser: The LG TV also features an inbuilt web browser. The interface is attractive and jumping from one tab to another is like a piece of cake. LG’s magic remote makes browsing the internet much easier.


  • High-resolution display
  • 4K 60P support
  • Generates accurate colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • IPS technology
  • Magic remote
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Flexi wall mount kit
  • webOS 2.0

Cons: Single USB port

Verdict: All in all, the LG 4K LED TV is a fantastic model. The display panel is vibrant and capable of rendering 4K videos at 60P. Features like SmartShare and MHL enhance user experience. But even this LG TV has some cons. The point behind offering just a single USB port is unclear. Is LG trying to force customers to buy its highly priced 4K TVs? Well, maybe but whatever the reason is, it will certainly degrade the reputation of the brand in the market.

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Price 70000 Rupees
Display Size 43-inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 975.5 x 582.4 x 81.5 mm
Weight 9 KG
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet1 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Viewing Angles 178 (Horizontal) and 178 (Vertical)


► 50-Inch Haier UHD TV

The Indian consumers often consider Haier as a small manufacturer, which is not the reality. In 2014, this brand had world’s largest share of selling large kitchen appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Haier (a Chinese brand trusted by this website for good quality products) last year launched the LE50B7500U UHD TV in the Indian market. Technology enthusiasts were already waiting for this launch because the manufacturer had earlier teased the TV at Consumer Electronics Show. The 4K TV can be purchased for around 68,000 rupees.

Haier LE50B7500U UHD TV Price Online in India

Modern Design: The TV offers a thin profile and has got a futuristic design. Minimal bezels provide a distraction free experience. The back panel of the TV is designed to offers ease while accessing the connectivity ports.

Average Quality Audio: Thin televisions have limited space inside and create difficulty in placing bigger drivers. Haier has followed a really smart strategy to get around the problem. The manufacturer has placed two full range 10-Watt speakers at the bottom side of the back panel. This placement saves space and enhances the lower frequencies. With the help of preloaded equalizer, users can easily change the audio settings according to their taste.

Generates Superb Footage: The 50-inch display panel is big enough to give theater-like experience at home. Display resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels unfolds the full glory of 4K videos. The screen is powered by an LED backlighting system and generates high-level of brightness without consuming much power.

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It also comes with Android TV operating system. Haier has changed the stock interface to enhance the experience. Icons of individual apps take advantage of the big display size and the color scheme of the interface gives a pleasing feel to the eyes.

→ A Big screen LED TV with Excellent Connectivity Options

As this LED got Smart TV functionality, Ethernet port is quite an obvious feature to have. To expand the options, Hair has also equipped this TV with inbuilt Wireless LAN. Out of the three USB ports here, one is based on the latest USB 3.0 technology.

Haier LE50B7500U UHD TV Review and Specifications

Important Features:-

  • Seven picture mode settings
  • Two sets of composite video input ports
  • Loaded with noise reduction technology


  • Features two 10 Watt speakers
  • Immersive picture quality
  • 4K resolution
  • Nice outer shell
  • Good build quality
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Cons: No headphone out jack

Verdict: The Haier UHD TV can be regarded as a nice package. 4K display, two full range drivers, and some amazing connectivity options are enough to give viewers a lasting experience. Customers will certainly appreciate the addition of one USB 3.0 port as it allows faster transfer of data.

Price 68000 Rupees
Display Size 50-inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 112.6 X 723 X 238.5 mm
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Warranty 1 Year


► 50-Inch Videocon UHD LED TV

Homegrown Videocon is not a big brand still it has successfully separated itself from the much-criticized desi brands like Onida and Micromax. Even though Videocon focuses on the budget segment of the market, its customer’s service has been of great quality.

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The Videocon VMS50QX19SA UHD TV is available in India with a price tag of 64,000 rupees. The features of the television have really surprised my team. The product perfectly fits the needs of those customers who want most of their money.

Vibrant Display Panel: This Videocon UHD TV flaunts a much wider 50-inch display panel and offers a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels. The panel enhances the users’ experience by generating more than one billion colors. There will be no problem in installing the TV in a bright room as its backlit panel is rated at 350 nits.

Videocon has also loaded the UHD TV with a special motion compensation technology for reducing blur from action scenes. Additionally, the display offers limited viewing angles of 176 degrees. You will experience some level of color and brightness distortion while watching from sides.

→ 4K Smart LED TV

The onboard Android TV operating system gives users an option to install any compatible app from the Play Store. It does not matter if you have an HD set top box or not, the TV is capable of streaming high-resolution videos from online services like YouTube and Netflix.

Videocon VMS50QX19SA UHD TV Review Specifications Price Online

The television connects to the internet via inbuilt Wi-Fi. You are getting three USB and three HDMI ports along with MHL support. The remote, which Videocon ships is also of great value. You can move from one option to another by just swiping the fingers on it.

Loud and Clear Sound: The TV generates decent quality audio. Total RMS output of 20 Watts should be enough for rooms of all sizes. The Automatic Volume Leveler proves to be of great help by balancing the uneven audio levels of different scenes.

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→ Excellent Build and Design of this 50-Inch LED TV

Purchase of a 64,000-rupee TV is not a joke. People expect great design as well as great build quality when they spend this much money. This Videocon television performs quite well in terms of looks and build. The thin bezels help in making the user experience more immersive. The base stand is small and positioned at the center because of which you can easily place this television on a small table.

Some Other Features:- 

  1. Adjustable backlit panel
  2. Supports SRS TRU Surround Sound
  3. Videocon has also preloaded a dedicated app manager on this TV


  • Produces more than 1 billion colors
  • Attractive design
  • Loud audio
  • Android TV OS
  • HDMI with MHL
  • 3 USB ports

Cons: Mediocre viewing angles

Verdict: With a bright and vibrant display, the 4K television will prove to be a great platform to watch movies. The manufacturer has efficiently designed the outer shell to save more space without compromising on the looks. The only thing that will stop people from making a purchase is its limited viewing angles.

Price 64000 Rupees
Display Size 50inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 1122.2 x 210 x 645.3 mm
Weight 15.9 KG
Connectivity Wi-Fi, 1 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV Yes

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