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Two New Mobile Phones In the Range Of 10500 Rupees

Two New Mobile Phone In June 2015 In Range Of 10500

In this review session, we are looking back to some of not so popular smartphones available in market with decent feature, specifications and gorgeous look. We would like to make clarification, out attempt is get your attention on these quality smartphone, which does not get exposure because of low brand value or lack of promotion from the manufacture itself. Also, we are not saying, you should buy one of these. However, as a gadgets review website, this is our prime responsibility to present complete information of all available gadgets in gadgets.

At most of occasion, we have ignored these smartphones because of brand value and service center problems. Infect, we had remained silent on Xiaomi products until last month because of its limited reach in providing service customers. We are receiving emails to have a say on Yuphoria smartphone, but we are holding our self because this website will never be party to a problem, which will come up after five to six months.

While choosing a gadget, do not muffled because of buzz in social media rather look for brand approach in post sales services. You pay for a smartphone that is a whole sum of product cost, support and services. My dear friends since you pay for service, you should get it easily as per terms of business between you and the gadget brand.

I would like to assure all my readers, at this website; we never compromise with your benefit. Also, we will never be blind for a product even though it renders the best set of specifications and there is lots hula hu in news world. Read also 5 Latest Smartphones with Strong Battery Backup.

HSL Smart H8 Plus

This is an unknown smartphone brand in India. It has been in business since 2013 and today, claims to be having a pan India presence in sales and support.

Sales box : On purchase of this magic box, buyer will get a smartphone, battery, earphone, charger, USB cable, Screen Guard and warranty card. I have suggestion to all new smartphone brands, while adding accessories- please do not pretend to be a big brand. Sony or Samsung can sell smartphones without even adding basic accessories, but new brand like HSL cannot. That is why; such brands should try to make a sales box so lucrative that buyers are forced to consider. For example, add a nice leather flip cover, two screen guards, a nice headphone, and 8 or 16 GB SD card. This will make the sales box like hot Chocó lava Cake.

HSL Smart H8 Plus Review and Specifications

Built and Design: This is a light-weight gadget, renders solid feel while you hold in hand. According to official listing, the Smart H8 Plus is just 7.4 mm thick and 130 gram in total gross weight. I like this smartphone for decent outlook as it is unusual than the regular smartphone shell.

The brand has made it available in two colour options that are black and white. This is a premium craft wherein single colour resonates all around and delivers uniqueness in the gross. As far as single hand operations are concerned, I really felt much easier than some of popular smartphones. Volume rock finds place at the left side and the rest of controls are spotted at the right side.

HSL Smart H8 Plus Back Panel

Performance: This is a good smartphone in terms of the regular performance. Why I am saying regular because you cannot have a HD games played here. 1 GB RAM is mood spoiler, despite an Octa core processor from the MediaTek. Recently we reviewed, Lava Iris X9, which comes with quad core processor, but has a 2GB RAM. So what should a user choose: Octa core + 1 GB RAM or Quad core + 2 GB RAM. In my opinion, user should go for quad core + 2 GB RAM.

I will consider it a big mistake from HSL as it tries to limit RAM space. In day to day usages such as calling, listen to music, Whatsapp, Facebook or arcade games are working fine. But, those wants high capacity application to execute here should think twice.

HSL Smart H8 Plus Bottom

I would like to summarize the performance that this is a good smartphone for basic and medium usages. However, heavy applications or HD gaming has a question mark.

Impressive 16GB Memory onboard

At memory front, the H8 plus scores full mark. In a 10000 rupees smartphone, the end user is getting whopping 16 GB in-built memory and 32 GB SD card support. This is commendable. Well done for extra memory space.

Display: Although some of expert may call it a substandard display. However, in my opinion, the H8 Plus has an absolutely perfect display. Basically we are discussing a phablet type display, which sports a 5.5 inches screen under corning gorilla glass (V4) protection. In the display, HSL limits pixel density to 200 PPI and stick to less power sucker IPS LCD panel that is fueled by qHD resolution. Now, it looks a display of a smartphone model from year 2013, but my dear friends, we are talking about a big screen display, which consumes more power, which translating into frequently charging. In this smartphone, display reduces battery exhausting. I will only say, it is good display, colour looks nice, saturation is perfect and brightness is OK.

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HSL Smart H8 Plus Left Side

Camera: We had limited change to check the indoor shooting quality. If we believe the official specifications sheet, the camera is really good in performance. Now I will tell you the reality. And, the truth is the camera is good, but not awesome. What I like most is that bunch of features in the Camera application for better photography. If you really want to know image quality, I will only say, output is better than image output from a Micromax smartphone.

The primary camera is an 8 MP auto focus does standard work with help of a LED flash, CMOS sensor and digital ZOOM. Some of tagged features are “Continues Shooting”, “Exposure compensation”, “Face detection”, “Geo tagging”, “HDR” and “Smile detection”.

I am impressed with the Selfie shooter, which is a 5 MP camera. We could be able to take some wide shot with decent background details. As I told you, this is a complete smartphone for general usages. Therefore, you will get everything little little.

Durable long-lasting Battery Backup

Wow! Very good battery backup. 2810 mAh battery delivers almost three days of active usages. Battery is firing because two reasons – the first is display, which does not consume much power because of low resolution and the second is 1GB RAM, which does not let you do much besides listening to music.

Call Quality and Connectivity: Calling quality is not like a Lumia smartphone, but it is almost close to that. Having 850 MHz network support makes it quite friendly to all kinds of networks in India. Besides 850 MHz, it supports frequency band 900, 1800, 1900 and 2100 MHz. User can access frequently to GPRS, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB hosting. In terms of connectivity, it is a complete smartphone.

Sensors: Yes, this smartphone is much smarter than any other smartphone under 10000 rupees category. It accelerates itself with all kinds of sensor such as Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Hall, Light, and Proximity sensor.


  1. Good Display
  2. Octa Core processor
  3. Bunch of sensors
  4. Good Camera
  5. Excellent Battery life

Cons: Just 1GB RAM for Octa core processor.

Verdict: I would suggest you give a try. Visit a local smartphone shop, ask for this smartphone. Take it in hand and feel for some time. If you like, then come online buy it with 10% cash back. You must look it physically before making a purchase. Read also HSL Smartphone with Powerful battery Under 6000 Rupees.

Price 10200 Rupees
SIM Dual, GSM, 3G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 5.5 inches, qHD, IPS LCD, 200 PPI, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Processor Octa Core, 1.7 GHz, MediaTek
Memory 1GB RAM, 16GB Memory, 32GB SD card Support
Camera 8MP[P], 5MP[F], LED, ZOOM
Battery 2850 mAh
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB, FM
Body 130 gram [W], 7.8 mm [Th]


Micromax Canvas Nitro 2 E311

This is the third scion of the Nitro smartphone family from India’s premier smartphone brand Micromax. Micromax Nitro 310 and 311 had a good response from smartphone users. Taking leaf out of current trend, the brand has renovated the current Nitro to compliance of today’s market standard.

Micromax Canvas Nitro 2 E311 Review and Specifications

According to the Micromax, the Nitro 2 is redesigned, re-engineered and re-loaded

The Nitro E311 is a combination of mighty camera, awesome display, and solid performance. But, in this testy Sambar, Micromax has added Sugar instead of salt in the form of just 2400 mAh average battery. We will review the Nitro 2 and explain you, whether you should eat this Sambar or look for alternative. Let’s start with this meal.

Sales Box: We are not disappointed, but the same time not very happy to see sales box content. On purchase of this magic box, you get a smartphone, battery, travel adapter, earphone, USB cable and warranty card. We are not very happy because a flip cover and a screen guard could saver buyer’s 500 to 700 rupees. For Micromax, cost for the same will be in penny as it will import from a Chinese factory. Therefore, why not save buyers money and make the sales box quite magical.

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Build and Design: Micromax has not confirmed on the gross weight. However, the premium polycarbonate shell of this smartphone is just 7.5 mm thick, which is good considering its solid performance. It is a flat design wherein top and bottom is folded neatly.

The brand has made it available only in grey and pristine white colour options. Outer of this phone is one premium grey or white and sides are painted with golden touch. Yes, this is an attractive gadget, but not elegant. I would recommend white variant because the colors draft is much gorgeous than the black variant.

Keeping aside opinion on colors, I will only say that the Nitro 2 has sufficient spice to appeal smartphone buyers. Fans like me (I am using Doodle 3 from last one year) is going to get some freshness in terms of shape and design. Its folded top and bottom makes a finest unique craft to look for. The entire shell is polish and feels quite smooth while holding in hand. Micromax gets full mark for the design of this smartphone.

The latest Android Operating System onboard

The Nitro 2 runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and upgradable to lollipop 5.0.1. We do not have official confirmation on the lollipop update, but my source in Micromax has informed us that very soon the Lollipop update will be announced to make it competitive against competitor.

Display: Micromax Nitro 2 sports a 5.0 inches screen with IPS LCD display wherein resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels and pixel density is 294 PPI. Corning gorilla glass version three is holding wheel for screen protection. Color count touches to 16.7 million that transform this display to showcase photos and videos in real vivid colours. Here, colour looks real and over saturated that are in good level of brightness. Although it is a display one should desire for in 10000 rupees smartphone, but this awesomeness is turning into evilness in the Nitro 2. I will explain this in the other section of this review.

Viewing angle is wide that does not fade even if it is tilted at extreme angle. Wide colour spectrum translates into real HD video playback. You feel the display impact, if you play some real HD video from YouTube or from SD card source. On this display, you can see so deep that even tinny whitish hair is visible on face of a Bollywood actress. We are giving full mark for display.

Memory: Excellent! 16 GB internal memory in a smartphone with price tag of 10000 rupees should be appreciated. The Nitro 2 supports 32 GB SD card. I do not think anyone needs more that 2 GB DDR3 RAM in a smartphone. 10 out 10 points for memory management in the Nitro E311

Battery: In our understanding, 2400 mAh battery is uncalled in a multitasking and elegant smartphone like the Nitro 2. Micromax ought to have given at least 3000 mAh battery for worry free smartphone experience. Octa core Processor, DDR3 RAM and vivid display with superior brightness sucks up all battery juice by the end of a day.

If the official statement to be believed, user will get 9 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby on the 2G network in ideal situation. If you calculate the term ideal situation, it means just receive call and then keep it aside as I do with my Doodle 3.

As aforesaid, the Nitro 2 is a testy Sambar with all ingredients in right balance, but the brand put Sugar instead salt. We cannot confirm exact battery backup in real life as we had this phone for limited hours. However, we can presume that the end user will able to enjoy this phone until the end of the day while usages frequency is high. On medium usages, you can pull up to 36 to 40 hours of backup.

Latest Connectivity options on this Micromax smartphone

Micromax Nitro 2 is a complete smartphone at connectivity front. Operating frequency band support starts from 850 MHz followed by 900, 1800, 1900 and 2100 MHz 3G. Internet browsing is possible at any location in India via GPRS, 2G and 3G. For device to device data transfer, it packs Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and USB 2.0 hosting.

This is a dual SIM smartphone takes in regular SIM size and supports to dual SIM standby. As a human has sensors like eye, ear, skin, the same way a smartphone carries a set of sensors to respond according to situation. Your smartphone screen automatically rotate according to alignment of you holds because of a sensor. The Nitro 2 packs Accelerometer, Light, and Proximity sensor. It does not have a Gyroscope sensor, which makes gaming experience better.

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Entertainment : Watching video at the Nitro 2 is really cool. You can continue with your work while video is played at the top of screen. This feature comes because of an option to pin video at the top. We had tested this feature while sending an email to friend. This is good option for those spends most of the time on Whatsapp. Create a video playlist, play it while you are chatting with friends on the WhatsApp.

Also, you have a live FM turner, music player, video player and YouTube and bunch of other multimedia enhancement applications.

Impressive Camera with Sony Image Sensor

To make your best life moment stay forever, the Nitro 2 packs elegant camera specifications. The primary camera is 13 MP with auto focus and a 5P Largan lens. For better photography, Micromax has fuelled up it with Sony IMX135 CMOS sensor. With help of a super LED flash and built-in digital ZOOM, you will be able to store life moment in best possible quality. Here, video recording is permitted at 30 frames per seconds, but quality is limited to HD only.

Yes, you can secure quality shots by the primary shooter. I agree that Micromax is not Sony, but here we are talking a primary camera that is powered by Largan lens and Sony sensor. I guess this is sufficient for anyone to trust Nitro 2 in terms of better photography.

The front facing camera is a 5MP Selfie shooter, which is boosted with f/2.2 aperture and OV05648-G04A sensor. User can take wide shots in 84 degree viewing scope. We had some good moment with selfie shoot, and the experience was awesome.

Micromax has done well in terms of balancing both cameras. One more thing, there is not much fancy control as both camera is managed by default Android application. Some of regular features in camera application is “Face detection”, “Geo tagging”, HD Recording and “Touch to focus”. Yes, we give full mark for both camera performances.

Smart Gesture : This has become a regular feature in most of smartphone. If I am not wrong the gesture control was introduced by Panasonic, and the same has been adopted across platform. The Nitro 2 packs advance gesture control wherein you have freedom to set an access symbol for all main applications.

Micromax Nitro 2 supports Gesture access for Screen Unlock, Silent mode, Speaker, Answer call, dial a phone no, camera snap and the main multimedia gallery. User needs to set a symbol that will take you straight to the linked application after the symbol is drawn on the display. Suppose you are at camera application and want to go music player, mere drawing a gesture, which is set for music player will direct you there.

What Micromax offers on the front of Performance?

The Nitro E311 is powered by an Octa core MediaTek processor in company of a Mali-450 MP4 GPU and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. We can confirm that performance is exceptionally well. No lag, no frame drop or application crash. You can enjoy and execute all apps available at the Play store.

Although it does not have a dedicated gaming sensor yet offers pleasing experience during gaming. You can play most popular action games such as modern combat 5, Asphalt 8 and other high intensity games. Before playing an action HD game, make sure you are next to a power source and caring travel adapter to charge it. With Micromax Nitro 2, gaming is fabulous and thrilling, but we cannot ignore average battery backup.

Micromax Canvas Nitro 2 E311 Back Panel


  1. HD Display
  2. Lag free Performance
  3. Superb Camera
  4. Smart Gesture Control
  5. Video Pinning
  6. Easy Multimedia content collection and storing in sufficient storage
  7. Correct Price tag
  8. Excellent Memory Management

Cons: Average Battery

Verdict: Yes, this is one smartphone you should include in the list of top 5 when your purchase budget for new smartphone is in between 9500 to 11500 rupees. Read also Micromax Yu Mobile Flagship Device below 13500 Rupees.

Buy 10500 Rupees
SIM Dual, GSM, 3G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 5 inches, HD, IPS LCD, 294 PPI, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Processor Octa Core, 1.4 GHz, MediaTek
GPU Mali-450 MP4
Memory DDR3 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, 32GB SD card Support
Camera 13MP[P], 5MP[F], HD Recording, Sony Image Sensors
Battery 2400 mAh
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB, FM
Body 7.5 mm [Th]

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