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Two Basic Sewing Machine with Modern Features

Brother JS 1410 Electric Sewing Machine Price Online

Singer SSM 01 Electric Sewing Machine

Singer has always had a revolutionary impact in the sewing industry with some reputable sewing products. No matter the level of complexity, Singer will always have what it takes to showcase your talent. With the SSM 01 Electric Sewing machine, Singer has made a significant move in the low budget market with high-end quality machines.

The multi-stitch machine is simple but incredible with 13 built-in stitches and 4-buttonholing system. If you have dreamed of owning a sewing machine, then the model SSM 01 is the ultimate choice for home-based sewing.

The Electric Singer SSM 01 lets you smoothly glide clothes leaving behind stylish stitches, not forgetting the appealing circular stitches. This guide will take through the incredible features of this multi-stitch machine. Read also 6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features.

13 Built-in stitches on this Portable Singer Sewing Machine

Showcase your creativity in style with the 13 built-in stitches of the Singer SSM 01. The machine lets you explore your talent and new ideas with different stitch styles.

Thread Tension Control: It delivers quality stitches with a controlled thread tension. The spring screw regulates bobbin thread pressure ensuring consistency in the quality of the stitches. The thread tension control varies with thread thickness.

Automated needle threader: Needle threading can be challenging for users with eye problems. This machine has an inbuilt needle threader, a good relief for users as it reduces eyestrain. The machine instantly does it all. This feature saves the agony of damaging the threading system.

Singer SSM 01 Electric Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online in India

Automatic reverse sewing: A push on an automated knob is all it takes to stitch in reverse. You will not have to repeat stitches in order to attain your design; SSM 01 lets you sew directly over the last stitches. This feature is incredible in making the best decorative hems. With reverse sewing, your fabric designs look stunningly attractive and fashionable.

Built-in free arm: The free arm feature enhances access to difficult-to-reach areas. This makes sewing of cuffs, trousers, and collars easier and fast.

Additional features:-

  • Electric thread tension control
  • 13 built-in stitches
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Quality circular stitches
  • Multi-stitch sewing
  • Portable with a handle
  • Reverse stitching
  • 4-step buttonholing

Warranty: One year of free service warranty is assured by the brand. If purchased it online, then you are eligible for additional replacement guarantee: terms and conditions may differ depending on the website offering the service.

Price: The Singer machine is affordable and user-friendly. It sales around 6495 rupees on Amazon and Flipkart, but may be slightly higher in offline retail shops.

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  • Comes with a simple stylish design
  • Automated needle threading
  • Supports reverse sewing
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a handle, easy to carry around
  • Has an electric thread tension control
  • Low power consumption (70 watts)


  • Lacks a quick set bobbin system
  • Doesn’t support wide range stitches for versatile users
  • More than one step in buttonholing
  • Non-adjustable knee lift

Final Verdict: The Singer SSM 01 Electric Sewing machine is simple, but still a perfect solution for decorative home sewing. The multi-stitching machine comes with a stylish portable design with 13-built-in stitches that can comfortably let you touch new height by creating some awesome designs. Explore your stitching talent with this portable Singer machine. For basic home dressing and furnishing, the SSM 01 will never disappoint you.

Brand Singer
Model Name SSM 01
Type Electric
Sewing speed 600 stitch per minute
Number of buttonhole style 4
Number of stitches 13
Touch Screen No
Adjustable knee lift No
Needle threader Yes
Automatic thread cutter Yes
Start and stop button Yes
Automatic reverse Yes
Power consumption 70 W
Weight 6 kg
Height 12.67717
Width 15.19685
Depth 7.283465
Buy 6500 Rupees


Brother JS 1410 Electric Sewing Machine

The JS 1410 Electric sewing machine is the perfect solution for easier home embroidery and sewing services. It available at an unbelievable low price but produces amazing quality stitches. It is lightweight and weighs in at only 5.5 kg; thus, very convenient in carrying it around.

The unique combination of the elegant look and compact design makes the Brother JS 1410 very impressive in terms of looks and delivery. This is a basic sewing machine with some modern features. You can, therefore, start sewing and repairing clothes or curtains at the comfort of your home as soon as it is delivered.

The Brother sewing machine has a wide range of stitches that lets you create decorative designs among other incredible features. Read also Singer Brother Electric Sewing Machine in 10000 Rupees.

Brother JS 1410 Electric Sewing Machine Specifications

Free arm conversion: The free arm feature eases circular stitching of collars, cuffs, and trousers.

LED light: This gentle light ensures that users monitor every move made in the sewing process, even in darkness. It, therefore, allows you to progress with work during indoor electric faults or power outages. In fact, it also helps complete a dress on time, a very important aspect in the tailoring business.

Get free Instructional DVD in the Sales Box

You will get a detailed instructional DVD, which explains: how to use this machine and take advantage of its entire unique feature. The instructional DVD helps both experienced users and beginners. Even new model in the market comes with some unique and improve functionality, in fact, Brother as a big brand in sewing machine R&D, continually improves and renovates the range of features for sewing machines.

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Seeing the DVD is also important since a simple feature, which you have used on another machine, here, one this new model might have redesigned in a unique way.

Brother JS 1410 Electric Sewing Machine Review

Auto-set stitch length and width controls: The model conveniently allows the user to adjust the stitching area. The width has a maximum of five mm while the length has a maximum of four mm. The flexibility enhances overall quality in stitches. Nothing will thus hinder you from attaining fashionable decorative designs in every project.

Top-Load Bobbin System: Brother JS 1410 comes with a horizontal bobbin enhancing performance. The top load bobbin prevents the thread from sliding out of place. You just drop a full bobbin and you are good to go.

14 built-in stitches: Wide range stitches provide a perfect solution for all your embroidery works. There are several stitch patterns available for best stitches. This Brother machine will do excellent work, no matter the level of versatility in your projects.

Additional Features:-

  • 5mm maximum stitch width
  • 4mm maximum stitch length
  • 4-step buttonholing system
  • Sturdy metal chassis
  • Manual thread tension control
  • Twin needle capability
  • Free arm for circular stitches
  • Manual bobbin winding
  • Dial stitch selection

What is price of this Electric Sewing machine?

You can buy this Brother sewing machine from online and offline electronics mall. In online mode, the price is set to differ for each website but generally lies between Rs 6500-7500.

Warranty: The brother JS 1410 comes with 12 months standard warranty.


  • Cheap compared to other models
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Fee arm sewing is possible
  • Comes with DVD for easy learning
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Runs smooth with less noise
  • Quality stitches
  • Perfect for home based sewing


  • Lacks an automatic needle threader
  • No one step buttonholing
  • Lacks quick set bobbin system
  • No adjustable pressure foot
  • No thread cutter

Conclusion: The Brother JS 1410 model gives an easy and hassle-free sewing experience. It has a superior performance hence worth every coin. I would honestly recommend this model to anyone out there willing to own an elegant user-friendly sewing machine. It is fun and enjoyable working out decorative and appealing designs with this model.

The JS 1410 lets the user make the most out of it, having the best stitches at low costs. There is no need of buying expensive large sewing machines when this outstanding product available in the market.

Brother JS 1410 Electric Sewing Machine Price Online

Brand Brother
Model Name JS-1410
Category Mechanical (Electric)
Sewing speed 750 stitch per minute
Number of buttonhole style 4
Number of stitches 14
Thread Cutter No
Start and stop button No
Needle threader No
Automated Fast Bobbin winding No
Free arm Facility Yes
Foot controller Yes
LED lighting Yes
Bobbin Type Horizontal
Weight 5.5 kg
Height 29cm
Length 38cm
Width 15cm
Instructional DVD Yes
Warranty 12 months standard warranty
Color White
Buy 7500 Rupees
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