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Top Smart LED TV below 20000 Rupees

Best LED TV under 20000 Rupees in India

In this piece, we cover top-rated LED TV of best LED TV brands in India market. Next, you will read an in-depth review of big screen LED TV for home use. If your budget for a new LED TV is around 20,000 Rupees, you will find here a suitable model according to your requirement.

► 40-Inch Micromax Android Smart TV {40CAM6SFHD}

The Micromax smart TV is a fantastic big screen, smart TV under 20000 Rupees. It is an Android-Certified TV. So, Hakuna Matata about supported apps. You will install all your favorite TV apps if the required storage does not exceed 8GB, which is the memory size of this Micromax smart TV. Moreover, you will be able to use your smartphone as a super remote for the TV. Built-in Chromecast provides all types of mirroring options, withal.

Micromax 40-Inch Full HD Smart TV 40CAM6SFHD

I used and reviewed many Micromax smartphones and Micromax LED TV. Micromax never disappointed me with audio and screen quality on its digital system. The same is true for this full HD smart TV as well.

The 40-Inch screen looks mind-blowing. An IPS panel instead of an A+ Grade panel would have been something exciting. Nevertheless, whatever is on the screen that works well. The screen quality, clarity, and color are very impressive.

The 2.0-Channel speaker system produces a reasonably loud and clear sound.  You will hear the audio in cinematic quality as this Micromax smart TV comes with Dolby sound technology. However, what makes this TV unique is the fact that its audio system on the front side, unlike the most LED TV models that have either down firing or backfiring speakers. The audio from front-firing speakers feels more natural and impressive.

Android-Certified LED TV, 40-Inch full HD crystal clear screen, 20W front-firing speaker system with Dolby audio are the 4 best reasons why this Micromax smart TV should be your next LED TV. Yes, it is one of the top LED TVs under 20000 Rupees.

Price 19990 Rupees
Features 12-Months Warranty | Free-Installation | Power Consumption: {Active: 55W} | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount | Clock | Auto Power-off | Sleep Timer | On/Off Timer | Remote with {IR | RF | Internet Access} | Distance between TV and Viewers: 6 to 9 feet
Smart TV Android Nugget | Browser | Installed Apps: {Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar} | CPU: {Quad-Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory, Mali 470 MP3 GPU} | Google Playstore
Mirroring Screen Mirroring | Mobile to TV Mirroring | Built-In Chromecast
Screen A+ Grade Panel | Full HD | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Brightness: 250 Nits | Digital Noise Filter
Sound 20W | Dolby Sound | Front-Firing Box Speakers
Connectivity Wi-Fi | Ethernet | Analog Audio Input | Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 3×HDMI | AV | RF-In | RF-Out | Component-In | Composite-In | Digital Audio Out
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote+Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► 40-Inch Kevin Full HD LED Smart TV

The affordable smart LED TV is a top-selling model in online superstores currently. Kevin brand has launched three variants of the TV at three different price points with three different screen size. The 32-Inch variant is on sale below 13,000 Rupees, whereas the 48-Inch variant is on sale below 25000 Rupees.

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40-Inch Kevin KN40S Full HD Smart TV

The current price of this 40-Inch LED TV is 19,999 Rupees. What is remarkable that all the three variants are currently the top pick in their price category. There are not much of a difference between them besides their screen size.

We have already covered the TV model in great details in the other two articles. Therefore, here I will keep my discussion about it briefly.

What is best in this smart LED TV? What I liked best about this 40-Inch smart TV is that it is complete. Build, design, screen, audio system, and connectivity options – in every segment this Kevin TV impresses its user with its impeccable performance.

The 40-Inch full HD screen is based on A+ Grade panel whose refresh rate is fabulous at 60 Hz. The 20-Watt audio system because of high fidelity BOX speakers produces loud and clear sound. Further, it comes with multiple connectivity options. Two USB and HDMI ports are enough to keep the TV connected with several media devices concurrently.

Besides the smart TV features and associated functions, my favorite feature of this Kevin brand TV is screen mirroring. That allows a user to share their phone screen to this big screen LED TV. On my TV, I use this feature most often.

If your budget for a new big screen LED TV is anything between 15000 to 20000 Rupees, do consider this Kevin brand TV. I would not be wrong in suggesting that you can buy it with closed eyes.

Price 19990 Rupees
Screen 40-Inch | Full HD | 1080 × 1920 Pixels | Aspect Ratio 16:09 |60 Hz Refresh Rate | A+ Grade Panel | HRDD
Sound 20-Watt | High Fidelity Box Speakers | Power Audio Volume |
Connectivity 2×HDMI | 2×USB | 1×VGA | Ethernet Port | Wi-Fi
Power 63-Watt in Active mode
Build Weight: 10.6-Kg
Smart TV Android KitKat 4.4 | Dual Core Processor | 1GB DDR3 RAM | 8GB Free Internal Memory | Multi-Core Mali-400MP2 | YouTube | Netflix
Features Screen Mirroring | Web Touch Remote | Connect to external storage | Wireless Headphone control
Warranty 12-Months | Free Demo & Installation | Kevin Customer Care 18001028471


► 40-Inch Micromax Canvas Full HD Smart TV

The latest full HD smart TV under 20000 Rupees comes from the house of Micromax. The led tv 40-inch price is 29,990 Rupees. With a hefty discount, however, it is being sold at 19,999 Rupees.

Several outstanding features and capabilities make this Micromax TV to the list of 3 best LED TV below 20,000 Rupees. It can play Blue-ray media file in its real quality. Further, it has a 24-Watt audio system, superior to the 20-Watt audio system of other TV models.

Micromax Canvas Full HD LED Smart TV 2018 Edition

Three HDMI and two USB port are more than enough to keep it connected with multiple media devices synchronously. No need to leave your sofa to unplug one device and plug another as and when there is a need. Just sit tight on your sofa and watch in whichever mode whatever you wish to watch.

Smart TV features and functions: Further, Android TV operating system brings usual smart TV operations to this Micromax TV. Here is an interesting point. The OS version is Android Nougat while other smart LED TVs under 20000 Rupees still runs on Android KitKat. I need not tell you that the latest version of the Android OS happens to be far superior to its predecessors.

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This Micromax full HD TV facilitates similar smart TV features and functions as seen on other Android-powered smart TVs. However, smartphone control is a unique feature altogether. You can control the TV, browse through options, and also use your smartphone screen as like a laptop touchpad to control an on-screen cursor. I love this smart feature. Moreover, I should not forget to mention screen mirroring feature is also inbuilt.

Build and Design: Looks and design is one area Micromax failed to lived up to my expectation. Micromax could have done better with the design. The thick bezel around the screen is the design of past, Micromax introduced it in the present time, not good. Besides, there are other design faults as well.

Which is the best led TV to buy under 20000 Rupees? The Micromax smart LED TV is the best budget led tv from the recently launched models in the price range of 19000 to 20000 Rupees.

Price 19999 Rupees
Screen 40-Inch | Full HD | 1080 × 1920 Pixels | 60 Hz Refresh Rate | Dynamic Aspect Ratio: 16:9 & 4:3| 250 nits Brightness | DLED | Response time: 8-ms
Sound 24-Watt | Box Speakers | Surround Sound | Auto Volume leveler | Class D Amp with Stereo Digital Processing
Connectivity 3×HDMI | 2×USB | Ethernet Port | Wi-Fi | Headphone Jack | PC Audio In | PC D-sub
Power 65-Watt in Active mode
Smart TV Android Nougat TV OS| YouTube | Hotstar | Quad-Core Processor | Dual Core GPU | 1GB RAM | 5.5GB Internal Storage |
Features Screen Mirroring | Connect to external storage | Digital Blue-ray Media Player | Use Smartphone as remote and mouse
Warranty 12-Months | Free Demo & Installation
Sales Box 1 TV Unit | Wall Mount | User Manual | Remote | Stand | Screw | 2 Batteries | Warranty Card


► 40-Inch Full HD Vu Smart TV {H40K311}

Vu is one of the top led tv brands in India market. In the low budget segment, there cannot be a better brand than Vu. This US brand has revolutionized the Indian LED market. Today we can buy a 40-Inch smart TV for 20000 Rupees because of Vu. Vu was the first brand to disrupt the LED TV market in India by launching several affordable, but excellent quality LED TV models. What is great that even today Vu is the first choice of masses for a low-cost LED TV with premium features.

Vu Full HD LED Smart TV H40K311

The Vu LED is the latest LED TV model, barely a few months old. It is exclusively available at Flipkart. What is even more interesting that whoever have reviewed it after using for many days and weeks gave a 5-star rating. There are some 1-star or 2-star rating, but that is for delayed installation, which has nothing to do with the product quality.

Eye-Catching design: So far, I have reviewed more than 20 Vu TV models. Each of the models was fabulous in terms of looks and design. I would not be wrong in saying that Vu LED TVs are the best options if the looks & design of your new LED TV matters to you. In a black piano design with a narrow bezel around the screen, the Vu LED TV 40-inch looks outstanding.

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Further, the screen panel is A+ Grade Pure Prism Panel, capable of producing picture frames with vivid color while ensuring no gap between them. Digital noise reduction does help in this. On the other hand, true wide viewing angles ensure every member of the family gets a similar viewing experience irrespective of their place in the room. Fight for front seat is a story of past.

The picture quality of this 40-Inch Vu smart TV is fabulous. That being said, 8-ms response time is a bit of disappointment. That reduces deployment of this TV only for watching TV shows and online programs. This Vu TV is not ideal to connect with PlayStation and similar smart devices to use as a gaming monitor.

Pixel Mapping Technology: 1:1 Pixel mapping is another exciting feature of this 40-Inch Full HD LED TV. In fact, I was looking for this feature for a very long time. No two devices will ever be the same in terms of performance. When you connect a mediocre media player to a high-end TV or vice-versa, there is going to mismatch in what is being dispatched by the media player and what is being received, processed by the TV. That muffles the picture frame. However, that does happen with this Vu smart TV because of 1:1 Pixel mapping technology. It can process the same picture frame, not interfering in its pixel’s arrangement. That maintains originality, therefore, the quality of the media file.

The Inbuilt sound system is outstanding, too. At the highest volume, both the BOX speakers together are capable of generating loud & clear 20-Watt sound with deep BASS using DTS sound technology.

Other features: The rest of the features of this 40-Inch smart TV is absolutely perfect as well. Connectivity options are much more than you would need in everyday use of this TV. Built-in media player, Headphone Jack, DivX decoder, Screen mirroring, and favorite channel list are some of the features that I found interesting.

If you are interested in buying a big screen smart LED TV from the best led tv company in India market, do not miss this model.

Price 19999 Rupees
Screen 40-Inch | Full HD | 1080 × 1920 Pixels | 60 Hz Refresh Rate | 450 nits Brightness | A+ Achromatic Grade Panel | DLED | Response time: 8ms | Color Temperature Control | Digital Noise Reduction
Sound 20-Watt | Box Speakers | DTS Sound | DTS TruSurround | Lip-sync Adjustment | Auto Volume Control
Connectivity 3×HDMI | 2×USB | Ethernet Port | Wi-Fi | Headphone Jack | HDMI ARC | CEC vis HDMI
Power 75-Watt in Active mode
Smart TV Android OS | YouTube | Netflix
Features Screen Mirroring | Web Touch Remote | Connect to external storage | Digital Media Player | Premium Smart OS | Network Wakeup
Warranty 12-Months | Free Demo & Installation
Sales Box TV Unit | IR Remote Controller | 2 AAA Batteries | Built-in Power Cord | User Manual | VESA Wall Mount
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