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Best LED TV under 16000 Rupees

Best LED TV in 15000 to 16000 Rupees in India Market

The ideal screen size for a LED TV in India is 32-Inch and 40-Inch. Sales of these screen size account more than sixty percent of all other screen sizes put together. Branded 32-Inch and 40-Inch Full HD LED TV price in India market is in the range of 15000 to 40000 Rupees.

Often people ask us to suggest an ideal screen size for a LED TV that would fit well in their home. To install in a bedroom, I recommend a 32 Inch Full HD TV. However, for drawing room or the main hall in your house, order a LED TV with screen size not smaller than 40 Inch. I think a Full HD 43-Inch or a 49-Inch LED TV would be perfect. Viewing angles do not matter much in a LED TV for bedroom use. However, the LED TV you are going to install in the living room should have excellent viewing angles.

► The Best LED TV brands in India Market

For a great picture and sound quality, Sony LED TVs are the best option. Following Sony is the brand Samsung and then comes LG. In the low budget, my favorite brands are Onida and Vu. You could also consider products of Sanyo and BPL although.

If you are looking for a LED TV under 20000 Rupees, then first look for the best model of Vu LED TV. Not only the brand Vu sells excellent quality products at less price, but also Vu service quality is winning customers’ heart.

If post-sales service matters to you, then the best brand for a LED TV is Vu. Other recommended brands in the order are LG, Samsung, and at the end Sony. A bitter fact about Sony service is — I am yet to find a happy customer.

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Sony has a reputation for producing LED TVs with excellent audio & video function and high-quality build. A Sony LED TV would entertain your family for years. Users would find themselves in trouble, however, when their TV unit gets an issue.

With most of the LED TV variants, Vu offers up to 3-years of warranty. In case of a major malfunction in your Vu TV unit, instead of repairing, the brand ships a new unit to your address. For customers, it is a win-win case. Wouldn't you be happy if after using a LED TV for ten months, getting a fresh piece instead of the old TV is being repaired? The rest of the brands although would send their technician to fix the TV. Thus, Vu is the best brand for LED TV.

► Vu 40D6535 40-Inch full HD TV

If you are looking for a 40-Inch Full HD TV in 15000 to 16000 Rupees price range, one of the options in the market is the Vu LED TV. In spite of being on sale for more than two years, the Vu 40-Inch LED TV is still a favorite in the price range on Flipkart.

40 Inch Vu Full HD LED TV

I recommend it because of its excellent features. Its price is unquestionably accurate as well. You need to pay only 15500 Rupees to get the Full HD TV home. Those looking for a full HD 40 Inch LED TV under 20000 Rupees considering it over other newest LED TV models.

The features, which makes the TV special is inbuilt media player, auto volume leveler, High brightness in the Screen, and digital noise reduction feature for better clarity on the screen. Furthermore, you can play movies right from a pendrive on this Vu full HD TV.

TV cum Computer Monitor: You can also use this Vu 40-Inch TV as a computer monitor. However, it may not be a fit monitor for playing gaming. The reason is its high response time. For gaming, you need a LED TV or a Monitor with 5-ms response time whereas response time of this 40-inch full HD TV is 8-ms.

The Vu TV has a sturdy, stylish build with narrow bezels around the screen. All its connection ports are easily reachable. The picture quality and audio quality are excellent. In fact, Vu somehow manages to reduce the gap between what the top brands provide on their LED TVs and what this VU LED TV delivers.

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The booting time of the TV is a bit longer, however. Another concern is its mediocre sound system. If you are buying this Vu 40 Inch LED TV, also order a soundbar system.

Price 16000 Rupees
Features Movies Support in USB Mode | Built-in Digital Media Player
Screen 40-Inch | Full HD | Direct LED | A+ Grade Panel | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | 60 Hz Refresh Rate | Response time: 8-ms
Sound 2×10W Audio System | Automatic Volume Leveler
Connectivity 2×USB | 2×HDMI | PC Connectivity | Headphone Out | Audio & Video Output
Build Power Consumption: 70W | Piano Black Design | Installation: Table Top/Wall Mount


► Mi 4C PRO 32-Inch Android TV

Currently, the best-selling smart TV under 16000 Rupees comes from the house of Mi Xiaomi. If you need a truly smart TV, the Mi 4C Pro LED TV is the right option. I do not think it is a value option, however.

Mi LED TV 4C PRO 32 Inch Android TV

Since it is an Android smart TV, you can access Google Play store to install all your favorite video streaming apps, games, and other essential applications.  Some of the popular video streaming applications come pre-installed with the TV. To run applications smoothly the CPU onboard consists of a 64-bit quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal memory.

Looks and design of this Mi LED TV are impressive. Narrow bezels around the screen and two curved stands underneath makes it a thing worth to look at. I give full mark to the eye-catching design of this Mi LED TV.

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Screen and Sound System: The configuration of Screen and built-in audio system and their specification have not much to enliven. Remind you the TV is not cheap, which has been a central marketing tactic for this Chinese brand. The 32-Inch screen has HD resolution whereas refresh time and response time is 60Hz and 6.5-ms respectively. Two down-firing speakers together can produce 20W audio, withal.

Connectivity points on this 32-Inch smart TV — is one segment where Xiaomi delivers according to its reputation. The TV comes with 5 connectivity points and also Wi-Fi and Ethernet port.  Yes, it also has screen mirroring for sharing a smartphone to the big screen of this Mi LED TV.

Should you buy this Mi LED TV? The answers rest on your priority. The Mi LED TV 4C PRO fails to impress with its picture quality and with the audio quality of the 20W sound system. While going through the demo, I couldn’t believe that it is a Xiaomi product. Besides, product durability is one area where Xiaomi has a bad reputation.

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The US-based Vu brand is still the first preference in the budget LED TV market.  If you need a smart LED TV in 15000 to 16000 Rupees range, first check what Vu has to offer followed by what other best LED TV models are in the market. I cannot out-rightly reject this aspect — that the Mi LED TV is a truly smart TV, although.

Price 16000 Rupees
Features Smart Android TV {64bit Quad-Core Processor | Mali 450 GPU | 1GB RAM | 8GB Internal Memory} | Google Playstore | Google Voice Search | Apps: {Sony Liv | ALT Balaji | Eros Now | Sun NXT | TVF | Jio Cinema | Hungama | H&Q | Voot | Epic TV | Zee5 | VIU
Screen 32-Inch | HD | 16:9 Aspect Ratio | 60-Hz Refresh Rate | Response time: 6.5-ms
Sound 2×10W Audio System
Connectivity 2×USB | 3×HDMI | Ethernet | Wi-Fi | Headphone Out | Screen Mirroring
Build Power Consumption: 70W | Piano Black Design | Installation: Table Top/Wall Mount
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