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Best LED TV under 11000 Rupees

Best LED TV under 11000 Rupees in India Market

Are led TVs harmful to eyes? No, LED TV is not harmful to eyes. Some so-called experts claim that blue light from the LED screen is bad for eyes. If that is the case, then sunlight would do more harm because sunlight is the primary source of blue light.

Watching LED TV most of the times will certainly harm eyes in the long term. Anything excessive is always wrong. Water is life but drinking too much water can cause kidney failure and several other health issues. Thus, watching TV every day three to four hours is not going to affect your vision.

Which LED TV is best in 10000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about top LED TV from 10000 to 11000 Rupees price range in India market.

► 32-Inch JVC HD LED TV {LT-32N380C}

There are not many options to choose from when your budget for a LED TV is around 10000 Rupees. After a careful comparison of all the available options, the Gadgets Shiksha team selects the JVC 32-Inch LED TV model as one of the recommended options for the top LED TV under 11000 Rupees. It impressed us with its sound quality, picture quality, and its nifty feature 2-way Bluetooth.

32-Inch JVC HD LED TV LT-32N380C

The current market price for this JVC LED TV is 10490 Rupees. It is not a smart TV, though. Would you prefer a smart TV at the same price? Soon Reliance Jio broadband will reach to almost every home in India. This will be a very affordable high-speed broadband. You need a smart TV to work with a broadband connection.

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On sale at 10490 Rupees, the Kevin 32-Inch HD TV is the top LED TV in 10000 Rupees range presently as it is an Android Smart TV. With more than 2500 ratings and average 4.3 rating points, it becomes a must buy LED TV if your budget for a new LED TV is in 10000 Rupees range.

Price 10490 Rupees
Features 24W Sound System with Surround Sound | 12-Months Warranty | Free-Installation | Power Consumption: {Active: 55W} | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount
Screen A+ Grade Panel | HD | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Brightness: 350 nits | Digital Noise Filter
Connectivity 2-Way Bluetooth {Connect with 2 BT Devices} | Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 1×HDMI | RF | PC D-Sub | PC Audio-In | Digital Audio Out | Analog Audio Input
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote+Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► Vu 32-Inch HD LED TV {32K160M}

In spite of being priced so cheap this Vu LED TV has a slim and sleek design. It features an A+ Grade panel to produce bright and crisp images. The Achromatic technology removes all the fuzziness in the processing and renders an excellent viewing experience in HDR.

Vu 32-Inch HD LED TV 32K160M

Dullness in sunlight is a usual problem in most of the budget LED TVs. This Vu 32-Inch LED TV, however, features an Advanced Micro Lens Optical Design that keeps the images sharp even in bright daylight. Its smart Digital Noise Reduction feature is capable of effectively removing background noises.

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The dual Amplifi speakers on the back produce a cinema-like experience in your room. However, the room itself should not be bigger than 20 square feet. You can also use this LED TV as a monitor for your PC and laptop. Additionally, the headphone out port makes watching TV convenient as and when one wishes to.

For budget LED TVs, Vu is still the best brand in the India market. Therefore, giving priority to this Vu LED TV over other best-selling LED TVs from the same price range will have its benefit in the long run. The durability of Vu LED TVs is proven.

Price 10500 Rupees
Features Built-in Media Player | Movies Support in USB Mode
Screen 32-Inch | HD | 450 nits Brightness | A+ Grade Panel and Achromatic Panel | Digital Noise Filter | Direct LED | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response time: 6.5-ms
Connectivity 2×HDMI | 1×USB 2.0 | Component-In | Digital Audio Output | RF Input | PC Connectivity Port | Headphone Out
Speaker 2×10-Watt | Amplifi Speaker | Louder and Clear Sound | Audio Equalizer | Automatic Volume Level
Power Consumption: {Active: 50W | Standby: 0.5W}
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation

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