Television is one of the necessities of today’s modern lifestyle. Whether you want to pass your free time or need the latest news and high-quality entertainment, LED TV is the most dynamic and affordable solution.

Which is the top LED TV under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling LED TVs from 5000 to 10000 Rupees range. The suggested LED TV comes from the top television brands in India market, such as Vu, Kodak, Sanyo, and others.

☼ 32-Inch Thomson 32Alpha007BL Linux TV

Thomson is an old Indian TV brand. It used to dominate the local TV market in the 80s and 90s. In the smart TV market, however, it enrolled itself very late. Looking at its available TV models, it will dominate the segment as it used to do before within a couple of years.

Thomson 32Alpha007BL HD IPS Screen Smart TV

The Thomson 32Alpha007BL smart TV is impressive in terms of features, performance, and build quality. Although its current market price is ₹8999, after several discounts offered by the brand and online marketplace, it will cost around 8000 Rupees. At that price, it is the best value for money option at present.

  1. 30W Audio with Surround Sound from two box speakers
  2. 32-Inch IPS HD Screen
  3. Three-Side Bezel-less Frame
  4. Screen Mirroring
  5. System Language: English and Hindi
  6. All Popular TV and OTT Apps Supported
  7. 5 Connectivity Points
  8. Contents in All Indian languages

Which other smart TV for 8000 Rupees has those great features? None! Therefore, grab it before it becomes sold out.

30W Surround Sound | 32-Inch Smart TV under ₹10000 {हिंदी में} | Thomson 32Alpha007BL

Price ₹8999
Features 32-Inch | HD | IPS Panel | Brightness: 400 nits | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | 3×HDMI 2×USB 2.0 | 2.4GHz Wi-Fi | Ethernet | Headphone-Jack | 2×15W Box Speakers | Surround Sound | RAM: 512MB | Memory: 4GB | Linux OS


► 32-Inch Vu 32BFM HD LED TV with FM Radio

The Vu LED TV is the top LED TV under 10000 Rupees despite not being a smart TV? How can you say this? First of all, it is a Vu product. This brand is famous for providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Also, the customer support of this TV brand is mind-blowing.

Now let us talk about The Vu 32BFM LED TV model. It is currently the best-rated TV below 10000 Rupees. Those who bought it and currently using it, have rated it very high for its picture quality and sound quality.

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The Vu 32BFM LED TV comes with two powerful box speakers that generate loud and clear sound. Its screen brightness of 400-nit tells clearly that the picture quality of this non-smart TV is outstanding. And, how can we ignore the built-in FM radio, which makes it a total solution for home entertainment?

32-Inch | Best HD LED TV under 10000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Vu 32BFM

Price ₹8490 | Amazon
Features Made in India | Smart TV: NO | 32-Inch HD Screen | 20W Sound System | FM Radio | Headphone-Jack | 1×HDMI | 1×USB | Power-Consumption: 55W


► 32-Inch Sanyo 32A081H Smart IPS TV

Sanyo is a Panasonic brand. This Japanese brand sells high-quality products at affordable prices. For instance, Sanyo 32A081H 32-Inch HD smart TV. On sale at 9500 Rupees, this TV is currently a best-selling smart TV under 10000 Rupees in India market. It is not an Android smart TV. But it comes with preinstalled commonly used TV apps, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hungama, YuppTV, and others.

The smart TV user interface of this budget TV is user-friendly. Sanyo brand provides a multi-option remote to access smart features with much ease. You can install apps, share content, play games, and access your social media profile as well.

It makes sense to buy a smart TV now as Reliance Jio GigaFiber plans to offer a full TV package with a broadband connection. Reliance Jio's mobile success affirms that soon people will watch TV through the Internet and the DTH service will become a thing of the past. Therefore, your next LED TV must be a smart TV.

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The 32-Inch HD screen of this Sanyo TV features an IPS panel, which is the best display panel to show better color, and contrast with wider viewing angles. The built-in 16W audio system with Dolby Digital sound technology produces loud & clear sound with deep bass. So, you will thoroughly enjoy watching movies and songs on this 32-Inch HD TV.

Thus, the Sanyo 32A081H LED TV is an excellent smart TV in 9000 Rupees range. Its slim build profile, excellent screen quality, and powerful sound system with Dolby Digital sound technology make it a total value for money option. Do not miss it!

32-Inch Smart TV from 12000 to 13000 Rupees Range (हिंदी में) | Mi | Kevin | Sanyo

Price ₹9500 | Amazon
Features Hotel Mode | 12-Months Warranty | Free-Installation | Power Consumption: {Active: 55W} | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount
Smart TV Linux V3.10 OS | Mali-400 MP2 GPU | App Store | Preinstalled Apps: {Netflix | YouTube | Browser | APP STORE | Hungama | YUPPTV}
Screen IPS Panel | HD | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Brightness: 280 nits | 800:1 Native Ratio | Multi Zoom Types | Picture Mode: {Standard, Dynamic, Natural, Movie, Stadium, Personal}
Sound 2×8W | Box Speakers | Dolby Digital Sound Technology
Connectivity Wi-Fi | Ethernet | Sound-Out ARC | Screen Mirroring | Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 2×HDMI | RF-In | AV-In | S/PDIF-OUT
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote & Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► 32-Inch eAirtec 32DJ LED TV

I am sure you don’t know much about the eAirtec brand. I am also, for the first time seeing a product of this brand listed online. What is interesting though the 32-Inch HD TV of eAirtec is currently one of the best-selling LED TVs under 10000 Rupees on Amazon. Those who have bought the TV and have been using it regularly confirm that the picture quality and sound quality are much better than expected from a non-branded cheap LED TV.

eAirtec 32 inch HD Ready LED TV 32DJ

Connectivity options of this eAirtec 32-Inch TV are two HDMI ports, two USB ports, a VGA port, Headphone-out, earphone-in, and two sets of AV ports. This many connectivity options, even big brands like LG and Sony do not provide on their smart LED TV. Since a VGA port is present, this TV could also be used as a computer monitor. Besides, almost all the regular users of this eAirtec LED TV approved it for its powerful 20W sound system.

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Honestly, 7000 Rupees is too less budget for a good quality big screen LED TV. A company with no brand name has the advantage of not having the burden of a brand name and its market reputation. Therefore, if a product is non-branded and affordable that does not mean it must be having a mediocre build quality. Purely going by the opinion of those who have been using the eAirtec LED TV, I recommend it as the best 32-Inch LED TV for 7000 Rupees.

Price ₹7000 | Amazon
Features 12-Months Warranty | Free-Installation | Power-Consumption: {Active: 60W} | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount
Screen A+ Zero Dot Panel | HD | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Brightness: 300 nits
Sound 10W+10W | Box Speakers
Connectivity Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 2×HDMI | AV-In | AV-Out | VGA | Earphone-In
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote & Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► 32-Inch Kevin K56U912BT LED TV

Which is the best 32-Inch LED TV under 10000 Rupees? The Kevin LED TV is the top LED TV under 10000 Rupees at present. This Made in India TV features a powerful 2.0-Channel speaker system. It has all the essential connectivity ports. You can also use it as a computer monitor as it comes with PC connectivity support, withal.

Some of the best alternatives to this Kevin 32-Inch HD TV are BPL 32-Inch HD TV {T32BH3A} and Kodak 32-Inch HD TV {32HDX900S}, and Sanyo 32-Inch HD TV {32S7201H}. Compared to them, it is the most recent model in the market, it has a more powerful sound system, and its picture quality is far more impressive as well. Also, it is thousand, thousand-five-hundred rupees cheaper than them. With a 10% CC discount, you can get this Kevin 32-Inch TV home by paying just 7500 Rupees.

In terms of build quality, however, I found the TV models of BPL, Sanyo, and Kodak far better. It is hard to make an assumption about the longevity of all these LED TV models. However, taking into account the BIS {Bureau of Indian Standards} certification for the BPL LED TV, it can be said with full authority that its build quality is genuinely superior.

32-Inch | 4 Best HD TV under 10000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | #BPL | #Kodak | #Sanyo | #Kevin

Price ₹8500 | Amazon
Variants 24-Inch {KN24832} | 32-Inch {K56U912} | 32-Inch TV with Bluetooth {K56U912BT}
Features 2×10W Audio | HRDD Technology for Outstanding Picture Quality | Cinema-Zoom | Multifunction Kevin Remote | 12-Months Warranty | Free-Installation | Power-Consumption: {Active: 50W} | Setup: Table-Top/Wall-Mount | Auto-Sleep
Screen A+ Grade Panel | 1366 x 768 Pixels Resolution | 60Hz Refresh-Rate | 5-ms Response-Time
Connectivity Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 2×HDMI | PC Connectivity | AF | RF
Sales-Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote & Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► 32-Inch Noble NB32CN01 LED TV

The build and design of this 32-Inch LED TV for 10000 Rupees is as good as costlier LED TV models of big brands with the same screen size. Its thin bezel makes the end users feel that they are closer to the display itself. The double-legged stand provides a premium look to the whole setup. Connectivity options in the sideways direction on the rear side are easily accessible, withal.

Big Display LED Panel: Most of the LED TVs on sale under 10,000 rs generally feature 20-Inch to 24-inch screens. However, this television comes with a bigger 32-inch display panel that enhances the viewing experience of users.

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Further, the TV screen features A Grade panel with zero dots and offers an HD display resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. High contrast ratio and accurate color reproduction enhance the quality of even the minutest details. The motion refresh rate of 60Hz is high enough to eliminate flickers. Moreover, you can also play games on this television without any problem.

The viewing experience of the users does not degrade even if they are watching this TV from sides because its panel offers wide viewing angles of 178 degrees in both directions. The anti-glare coating eliminates reflections even if the display is positioned in front of a light source. Noble Skiodo NB32CN01 is the top LED TV below 10000 Rupees because of its brilliant screen quality.

20-Watt Dolby Surround Sound System: Noble has loaded this television with two speakers that generate high-quality stereo audio. The inbuilt amplifier works exceptionally well by generating loud audio with clear BASS. To give you an idea, these speakers give a total RMS output of 20 Watts, which is more than enough. You also get the option to attach a music system or home theater system by using the audio ports on the back.

Connectivity options: – The main benefit of this TV is that you can use it as a display for more than two devices at the same time. In addition to the standard RCA panel, it also has two USB ports and one HDMI Port. You can attach external hard disks and pen drives to this TV using the USB port. The onboard media player supports most of the modern audio and video formats.

Power Efficient LED TV: This 32-Inch HD TV under 10000 rs will not increase your electricity bill. Even at the highest settings, its power consumption never crosses the 45-watt mark. You can also turn the power saving mode on which needs just 28 watts of power to work. Significant power fluctuations would not damage this device as it supports a wide voltage input range of 100 – 250 Volts.

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Verdict: The Noble Skiodo NB32CN01 is one of the best 32-Inch LED TVs in the price range of 5000 to 10000 Rupees. It is the latest model on the market. Its build quality is excellent, and the display offers wide viewing angles. Connectivity features and multiple ports make it ideal for today’s requirements. The audio that it generates is ultra-loud as it comes with an inbuilt amplifier, withal.

32-Inch HD LED TV under 10000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | #Noble NB32CN01

Price ₹9000
Sales Box 1 TV Unit | Remote-Control | Table-Top Stand | Batteries | Instruction Manual
Screen 32-Inch | LED | HD Ready | 1366 × 768 Pixels | Motion Sensor | 60 Hz refresh rate | Response Time: 7-ms
Sound 2×10-Watt | Surround Sound | 4 Sound Modes | Audio Features: Bass Adjustment, Treble Adjustment, Auto Volume
Connectivity USB 2.0 × 2 (side) | HDMI | Bluetooth | PC-Audio | Headphone-Jack | RF-Input | AV-In×2 | VGA
Features Made in India TV | Number of Program Channels: 205 |  Picture Swap |  Picture Freeze |  Child Lock |  Hotel Mode |  Back-light Adjustment
Power 45-Watt | 0.3-Watt standby mode
Warranty 12-Months | Free-Demo | Free-Installation