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TRENDWOO Wireless Mobile Tablet Speaker Below 3500 Rupees

TRENDWOO BEAT IT Portable Bluetooth Mobile Review and Specifications

Bluetooth speakers have become a revolutionary tool in how we handle our music outdoors and in offices. Apart from their sheer simplicity and mobility, portable Bluetooth speakers are equipped with other handy utilities such as call reception and FM radios. You might be asking yourself why you might need one of these devices, especially if you already have a powerful Bluetooth supported home theatre system in your house. The answer to this question is simple, flexibility. You possibly can’t carry around your Home theatre system everywhere you go. As a matter of fact, you barely can’t move it from your sitting room, yet you might be craving for some clear music in your bedroom.

So this is where portable Bluetooth speakers become helpful. With one of these gadgets, you can perhaps carry loud music to every place you go. However, you must aim to get a good portable Bluetooth speaker, one that won’t die on you or spoil easily. TRENDWOO BEAT IT Portable Bluetooth speaker is a good option that I would highly recommend for you. Not only is it built by one of the best companies in the industry, but also comes with some powerful drivers that will give you the best listening experience.

Why should you buy the TRENDWOO BEAT IT Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

Here are some likable features of the TRENDWOO BEAT IT Bluetooth speaker that makes it one of the best portable music speakers to buy.

Latest Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 is part of what most portable Bluetooth speakers are using nowadays. The TRENDWOO BEAT IT is no different either, but it uses the latest CSR enhancement to the Bluetooth 4.0 chip. This new modification ensures that this speaker is both power efficient and fast in connection. The connectivity range of this product is about 33 feet and within this range, there is no distortion to the connection whatsoever. This version is also compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The AZDP V1.2 and AVRCP V 1.4 profile support in this device, is part of what increases compatibility.

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 Powerful Audio Output: In as much as Portable Bluetooth speakers are tiny, they should be considerably loud and clear. This is because they are used in extremely diverse environments and therefore should have just enough potential to perform each task needed. For example in conference rooms, a portable Bluetooth speaker can come in handy in complementing the weak sound from a projector.

The TRENDWOO BEAT IT houses a speaker unit with two 45 millimeter drivers. Each of these drivers can produce 5W in audio output at a frequency range of 140Hz to 20 KHz. With such a rating, this product can be fairly audible even in a big conference room measuring 1000sq.ft.

The Wireless Speaker is Extremely durable and lightweight

Unlike most portable Bluetooth speakers in its class, this device is not built from Plastic. Plastic can be very disappointing at times, especially due to its frailty. Portable Bluetooth speakers are used in very challenging environments like outdoors and in Basketball pitches and therefore you cannot afford to gamble on the material they are made of. You want a portable speaker that won’t freak you out if it gets hit by the ball while playing beach soccer or volleyball with your friends.

The TRENDWOO BEAT IT is made of a Zinc Alloy. The metal shell on this device is completely hand made to ensure some bit of rigidity. This means that this product will withstand environmental conditions pretty well. Moreover, this device is light in weight as it only weighs roughly a kilogram. It measures only 7.05 by 3.11 by 2.75 inches and therefore isn’t as bulky when carrying it. Its design is also attractive and out of the box.

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Long lasting battery and Make Hands Free Calling Feature

This product comes with an inbuilt lithium battery that is rechargeable. After a full charge, it can give you up to 10 hours of play time. It only takes about 4 hours to charge this device to full capacity and it uses a micro USB cable. This device requires just a normal 5V and 1A voltage for charging. The battery is a 4000mAh battery.

Hand’s free calls: This device supports hand’s free calls. Through its integrated two-way microphone, you can pick calls and communicate freely with the receiver on the other end,without any distortion. This makes it an ideal option for conference calls.

Pricing and Verdict: This device comes with a one-year warranty and is priced at 3150 Rupees. Judging from its sturdy build and powerful drivers, this product is reasonably priced and a good option. If you’re looking for just a simple Bluetooth speaker then this is the right product for you. It will not only blend with different environments like offices and in-house characteristics but also come in handy for outdoor use. My recommendation? Buy it!

Price 3200 Rupees
Product type Bluetooth Speaker
Material Zinc Alloy
Driver output 5W x 2
Driver Size 45 mm (2 drivers)
Color Silver
Product dimensions 7.05×3.11×2.75 inches
Product weight 1005 grams
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 CSR+EDR
Battery type Lithium
Play time 8-10 hours
Battery charge time 3-4 hours
Hands-free support Yes
Aux Cable Yes

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