Which is the best tower speaker under 5000 Rupees? This tower speaker review article covers the best-selling tower speakers from 1000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested tower speakers are currently a top favorite of buyers because of their excellent sound, punchy bass, the latest connectivity options, and solid build quality.

☼ 35W Obage Woody Tower Speaker

Tower speakers are much better than multimedia speaker systems. In the 4000 Rupees range, the Obage Woody Tower Speaker is the best option for your home. This affordable tower speaker generates HD sound like expensive speakers. It comes with a 2.1-Channel configuration, and its max audio output is 35W. Two full-range drivers produce 20W of sound, and one side-firing woofer produces 15W of power. The sound quality and clarity of the Obage Woody Tower Speaker are mind-blowing. Hence it is even perfect for connecting with a smart TV.

4000 Rupees for a 35W speaker system makes less sense, as per the current market scenario. However, the price makes sense when the speaker cabinet is made of high-quality real wood, and the size of the woofer driver is 6.5-inch. You would not get this with a 35W speaker system for 2000 Rupees.

The Obage Woody Tower Speaker can connect through wire and wirelessly. It has a USB 2.0 port and the latest version of Bluetooth. However, it lacks the HDMI ARC feature, in which the volume of the connected speaker increases automatically when the remote controller increases the TV audio level.

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More about the Obage Tower speaker is in our review video. Watch it until the end to get all the vital information about this best-selling tower speaker.

35W | Top Tower Speaker under ₹4000 {हिंदी में} | #Obage Woody | Real Wood Speaker

Price ₹3990 → Amazon
Features 2.1-Channel | 35W {10W+10W+15W} | 1×6.5-inch Woofer Driver | 2×3.00-inch Full-Range Driver | USB 2.0 | Bluetooth 5.0 | AUX-in | FR-Range: 50Hz – 18kHz. | Bass Controller | Treble Controller | Made in India | With Remote Controller


☼ 90W Vemax Verve Tower Speaker

Vemax's newest tower speaker is currently the cheapest double woofer speaker on the Indian market. This Vemax tower speaker has two woofer units, every 5.25 inches in diameter. Therefore, it is a certified speaker system for loud and clear sound with double heavy bass. However, that very reason makes it not so perfect for flat audio such as dialog and news. It is not suitable for pairing with a LED TV.

The Vemax Verve tower speaker comes with five speaker drivers, three are full-range drivers, and two are subwoofer drivers. Together these drivers produce a total of 90W of sound.

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On the connectivity front, the Vemax tower speaker has a USB port, Bluetooth, and Aux input. Also, it has a MIC port for connecting to a microphone for enacting its Karaoke function. Besides, to operate this tower speaker wirelessly, the Vemax brand provides a good quality fully-functional remote control.

90W | Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Double Woofer {हिंदी में} | #Vemax Verve

Price ₹3190 → Amazon
Features 90W | Speaker Drivers: 5 | Double Woofer | USB 2.0 | Bluetooth | Aux-in | Mic-in | Bass Booster | Treble Booster | Onboard Control Panel for Tracks | Warranty: 7 Days Replacement


☼ 60W Vemax Vogue Tower Speaker

The tower speaker of the Vemax brand is currently one of the few selected tower speakers available on sale that comes with those essential features that must be in a high-class tower speaker. Its max audio output is 60W. That it generates by four speakers wherein three have a full-range driver and the fourth one has a woofer driver.

Features that separate the Vemax Vogue Tower Speaker from the other available options are Bluetooth, Karaoke Support, Mic-In Port, and Bass Booster. You won’t get these many features in any other Tower speaker that is available below 5000 Rupees.

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Further, the build and design of this Vemax Tower Speaker are mind-blowing, too. The front side comes with a scratch-resistant coating. Moreover, it has all the required connectivity options.

60W | Bluetooth Tower Speaker under 3000 Rupees | #Vemax Vogue

Price ₹2800 | Amazon
Features Max Audio Output: 60W | FM Radio | Karaoke Support | Bluetooth | USB 2.0 | Mic-In | Aux-In | Bass Booster | With Remote Controller | Made in India | Warranty: 7-Days Replacement


☼ 55W Tronica Banjo DJ Tower Speaker

The DJ Tower Speaker of the Tronica brand is currently one of the best speakers under 3000 Rupees in India market. Those who bought it have recommended it to others. Definitely, because its build quality is excellent and the audio quality is very impressive. Thanks to the 5.1-channel speaker system and the wooden cabinet, this DJ tower speaker generates natural sound with clean bass.

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The Tronica Banjo is a complete speaker system. Why do I say this? Besides being a powerful speaker system, it has built-in DJ Disco light for the discotheque experience at home, Bluetooth for mobile connection, SD Card slot for microSD card, and Mic-in port for attaching MIC with it. Thus, considering everything, I would recommend this DJ single tower speaker.

55W DJ Tower Speaker with Disco Light | #Tronica Banjo

Price ₹2990 | Amazon
Features 5.1-Channel Speaker System | Woofer-Driver: 5.25-Inch | Bass Control | DJ Disco Light | 8-mm Thick Solid Wooden Cabinet | Warranty: 7-Days Replacement


☼ 35W Obage Omeeva Tower Speaker

Obage is an Indian speaker brand and its latest speakers on the market are Made in India. This is when almost 95% of speakers, headphones, and earphones in India market are China-made.

Tower speakers are a much better companion to LED TV than soundbars are. Therefore, to listen to the audio of your big screen LED TV in HD clarity, you should invest in a tower speaker system. As far as setup goes, single tower speakers or a pair of tower speakers are common in the India market. The Omeeva by Obage tower speaker system comes with a single speaker unit. It produces well-balanced audio with HD clarity. This Obage single tower speaker, therefore, is an excellent speaker for your LED TV.

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Should you buy the Obage tower speaker? Does it worth it? These questions and many other are answers in our video presentation which covers the speaker system in great detail.

35W | Bass-Treble Control | Tower Speaker under 5000 Rupees | Omeewa by #Obage

Price ₹4500 | Amazon
Features Max Audio: 35W | Speaker Drivers: 5 | Bluetooth 5.0 | Bass Control | Treble Control | FM Radio | Warranty: 1-Year
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