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Best Tower Speakers under 10000 Rupees

Best Tower Speakers under 10000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best tower speaker under 10000 Rupees in India market? Here you read about the best-selling tower speakers from 5000 to 10000 Rupees price range. The recommended tower speakers are from top speaker brands and currently a top favorite of buyers because they can produce loud and clear cinematic sound with deep bass.

► 80W MarQ Flipkart Tower Speakers

The size of the speaker system does have a role to play in the quality of audio it produces. Therefore, investing in prominent size speakers makes sense. Generally, people prefer a soundbar for LED TV, but I think the best speakers for LED TV is a set of tower speakers.

The newest tower speaker under 8000 Rupees from the house of Flipkart is an excellent home audio system to enjoy songs in floor-shaking sound. It being a Bluetooth enabled speaker system means you could pair your smartphone with it for wireless music streaming.

As you can see in the image below, the sound system includes just two speakers. It has three speaker drivers, though. So, it is an excellent option if you are looking for a speaker system to replace the weak audio system of your big screen LED TV.

MarQ by Flipkart MA80WTM 80W Bluetooth Tower Speaker

This 2.0-Channel speaker system produces 80W audio at its full volume. Its audio quality and clarity are outstanding. There is an option to optimize its sound output for Bass and Treble. Trust me, your experience of watching TV with this MarQ tower speakers will change totally.

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Further, built-in Karaoke and FM radio function make this MarQ tower speakers an ideal speaker system for home entertainment and home party. If Karaoke is your primary requirement, then I suggest you Blaupunkt Party Speaker with Wireless Karaoke Mic (Rs. 5690).

Price ₹7500 | Flipkart 
Features FM-Radio | Karaoke (Option to connect two Karaoke Mics} | Elegant Control-Panel | TV Audio-In | Distortion-Free Sound | Pure & Natural Audio | Multi-functional Remote | Precise Control on Audio Quality | LED Display  | 1-Year repair & replacement warranty
Sound 80W | 2.0-Channel | 3 Drivers {2×Speaker + 1×Subwoofer} | 3-Inch Tweeter, 8-Inch Subwoofer | FR Range: 40 to 20K Hz | Impedance: 4-ohm
Control Volume | Play | Pause | FM Tuning | Bass | Treble | Mic-Volume | Mic-Echo
Connectivity AUX-In | USB | Bluetooth with 10-meter range | Remote | Wireless Music Streaming


► 110W F&D T60X Tower Speakers

Have you been looking for the best tower speakers to go with your LED TV or home theater system? Well look no further, Fenda Audio (or if you like F&D) has something in store for you. Their T60X Tower Speakers are a cut above the rest. Regardless of being a small brand, F&D India has taken some huge strides in building high-quality speaker systems.

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Likewise, the market has not been mean to them. F&D speakers are among the best-selling audio systems in India. Consequently, the company has been expanding its interests to other potential markets such as Nigeria and Kenya.

FD T60X Tower Speakers in 9500 Rupees

In this piece, we go through one of F&D’s flagship product, the T60x tower speakers. As we continue, let’s keep in mind that these are not just premium speakers, but also budget speakers. The average tower speakers price in India is slightly above the 12,000 Rupees mark. Therefore finding something unprecedented like the T60X going for below 10,000rs, is a huge stroke of luck. Below is an honest review of the F&D T60X Tower speakers.

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Elegant Modern Design: When looking for tower speakers for LED TV, you need to look for something that is stylish and up-to-the-minute. In most times, tower speakers are placed just next to LED TVs. You can decide to put one tower speaker on either side of your LED TV. Alternatively, you can place them at different corners of your living room. Whichever, the case, you want the tower speaker system to adorn your living room.

The F&D tower speakers with mic have a sleek polished veneer, which shines especially at the two top speakers. The manufacturer appended a wide-angle LED display at the top of the speakers to help with controlling the playlist. The display itself is furnished with a glossy facing, which extends down to the two small speakers beneath it. F&D made the casing from wood meaning that it is rigid and sturdy.

Rich Loud and Clear Sound: Remarkably, a 2.0 speaker surround Channel configuration powers the T60X tower speaker system. The speakers have a 110-Watts audio wattage while the signal to noise ratio is 70dB. We realized that the T60X had better BASS when compared to its closest competitor the F&D T80U. Also, we cannot fail to mention that there was very low distortion in the F&D T60X even in high volumes.

Conclusively, we concurred that the T60X was among the best F&D tower speakers under 10000 rs. To some extent, this tower speaker system kind of challenges its successor, the F&D T400X Full Wooden 2.1 system. Moreover, since the casing is wooden, there is literally no vibration coming from the 4-inch woofers. This is because wood dampens the vibrations effectively. Each channel has an 8-inch subwoofer just above the woofer. This arrangement helps with creating an active audio surround effect.

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Connectivity: To add more functionality to this device, the manufacturer built this system with Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker system also supports NFC streaming, meaning that you can play music from your smartphone with it, seamlessly. This device also supports Optical Input Connections. The optical input port provides a connection that is free from electromagnetic interferences. You can use this port with supported external devices.

Price ₹9500 | Amazon
Features Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth | Built-In FM Radio | Wooden-Cabinet | Weight: 18.5-Kg | Compatible: {Mobile, Computer, MP3 Player, Laptop} | 12-Months Warranty
Speaker 110-Watt Audio | 2.0-Channel | Frequency-Response: 20Hz -20KHz | Impedance: 8-Ohms
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | NFC | Memory-Card Reader
Sales Box Speakers | Wireless-Mic | RCA to RCA Cable | 3.5-mm to RCA Cable | Connection Cable | Remote Control | Operational-Manual
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