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Best LED Torch under 2000 Rupees

Best LED Torch Flashlight below 2000 Rupees in India Market

It would be pretty hard, rather impossible to find a home without a flashlight. Earlier because of the backward technology, the bulb inside the torch used to fuse or sometimes even burst which caused a lot of disappointment and agitation in case the lights went out. Although in today’s date, there are some extremely good and lit torches available in the market.

Which is the best LED Torch flashlight under 2000 Rupees? In this article, we cover the best LED Torch in India market from 100 to 2000 Rupees price range. Here you read about top-favorite LED TV Torch with a rechargeable battery from the price range.

► iBELL Rechargeable Torch Flashlight

iBell is a popular and trustworthy brand for high-quality Made-in-China products at affordable prices. This brand primarily sells electronic products including well-made rechargeable LED torches. Because of superior build quality of its long-range torch, they are currently the best-selling options on the market.

The build quality of the iBELL long-distance rechargeable LED Torch is outstanding. Its body is made of Aircraft Aluminium. So, it is light in weight but is very strong.

ibell rechargeable torch light long distance

An LED flashlight or torch is looked for when there is no light. And, when there is no light then it is difficult to find the torch even it is nearby somewhere. That will not happen if you have this iBELL emergency light torch. It features a night glow band that illuminates in dark. That helps to locate it easily.

Although the iBELL brand claims for a light throw up to 2-KM by this LED torch model, it is just 400 to 600-meters in reality. Yet that proves the high caliber of this LED flashlight. Please note, there are various factors that disturb visibility.

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This iBELL torch without battery is very light thanks to its superior build quality. However, with the 1900-mAh battery, it weighs close to 500-grams. Indeed heavy! But the good thing is its battery life is excellent. That is close to 3-Hours. An LED Torch flashlight is not an LED bulb. Thus, 3-hours of battery life means 3 to 4 days of usages of this iBELL LED torchlight before charging it again.

Price 1200 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Light Bright Cool Daylight | Lumen: 460 | Beam-Range: Up to 2-KM | Zoom by Focus Adjustment
Battery Removeable-Chargeable Battery | 1900-mAh | Charger with Charging-ON Indicator | Charging Time: 3 to 4 Hours | Battery Life:  Close to 3-Hours
Build Body Material: Aircraft Aluminum | Unbreakable Front Cover Glass | Mirror-Finish Reflector | Water Resistant Body | Night-glow Band | Weight: 500-Grams | Length: 27.1-CM | LED Lamp Life: 100,000-Hours
Warranty 12-Month + 6-Month Extra for Online Registration


► Mr. Light Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Mr. Light brand, established in 2004 is also known as Moonway group is based in UAE. It has a prominent role in the development of the lighting industry of the Arabia Gulf region for over 10 whole years. It even holds a genius world record for the world’s largest LED torch ever manufactured.

Most of the flashlights, when used in continuation, start to dim their light and slowly get weaker. This is one of the most common problems with any kind of torch, especially the unbranded ones. This does not happen with the flashlights produced by Mr. Light as it comprises of the MC2 technology. If you are wondering what ‘MC2’ even means, it is an equation derived by Albert Einstein which represents the energy, speed, and mass of light.

Mr Light Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The distance the light of this Mr. Light torch model goes is 1500 meters, which as a matter of fact is pretty good. Seeing 1.5-kilometer is something that the ordinary flashlights do not possess, making this a plus point over others. Furthermore, this torch runs for at least 2.5-hours without the dimming its light in proper continuation which I personally believe is a reasonable period.

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Concluding it all!!! This Mr. Light LED flashlight is something good and will not let you down if you invest in it. The company majors in flashlights. It even has a genius record for world’s biggest flashlight, gives the best quality you expect for the everyday usage flashlight and has many happy clients too! Every person who bought this torch has been delighted with it — which is also adds up to its advantages.

Price 1600 Rupees
Features Water-Resistant | Bright Cool Daylight Color Beam
Light-Range 1.5-Kilometer
Battery Backup: 2.5-Hours to 4-Hours | 1950-mAh
Build Aluminum Allow Body | 8-Inch Long
Warranty 1-Year International Warranty


► Wipro Emerald LED Torch & Emergency Light

Wipro Emerald is a LED Torch as well as emergency LED Light. After being fully charged in 6 to 8 hours, 10 hours continuous light is assured. That means more than a week of usages in Torch mode on a single charge.

This Torch sports a 5-watt single LED inside the reflector which is quite efficient to produce 400 lumens of light. The tested range of this torch is around 400 meters, which is significant enough to use it on a farm too. For domestic usage, switch it to dim mode. Its rechargeable 3000-mAh lithium battery has assured life cycle of 50000 hours, the brand claims, withal.

Wipro Emerald LED Rechargeable Torch and Emergency Light

Further, the rechargeable LED Torch comes with 2 different brightness level, both affect the battery level as well. The dim lightning level can make it possible to go long for up to 10 hours of usage. The strong light level, whereas with a bright light fringe can make it go longer for 2.5 to 3 hours without a single dim.

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This Wipro torch only weighs 350 grams. Therefore, even young kids can handle it well. The handle is made to make it ergonomic. The broad base of the handle is solidly filled. Diameter is less enough to handle by small hands conveniently and provide the perfect non-slippery grip.

Price 650 Rupees
Features Rechargeable Battery Life: 50000-Hours | One-Button Control | Warranty: 6-Months
Light Bulb Type: 5W LED | Light Modes: Strong & Dim
Battery 3000-mAh | 2.5-Hours in Strong Mode | 10-Hours in Dim Mode | Charging Time: 6 to 8 Hours
Build Weight: 450 Grams | Body: Polycarbonate
Warranty 6 Months
Sales Box Wipro Emerald LED Torch | User Manual | Warranty Card