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Top Water Heater Between 10000 to 12000 Rupees

Havells Bello Digital Water Heater Review and Specifications

AO Smith HSE-SDS-25 25-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

The high earning strata of the society prefer AO Smith as it offers some of the most premium products. If you are not limited on the budget, then this brand will satisfy all your needs.

We have received many requests from website readers to present an in-depth review of AO Smith HSE-SDS-25 Vertical Water Heater. This particular model has become one of the best-selling geysers in the market. Because of an affordable price tag, even middle-class Indian families can own this product. This AO Smith 25 liter water heater is available at Amazon India for an amount of 11990 rupees only. Read also 15 Litre Home Water Heater between 4000 to 6000 Rupees.

Comes With Extended Warranty

Generally, I do not discuss product warranty in the beginning of a review. However, I had to make an exception for this product. The storage tank of this AO Smith Water Heater comes covered with a whopping seven years of warranty. For other parts of the product, AO Smith offers two years of service warranty. Those have purchased it from authorized dealers are eligible for four years of extended warranty (not on the tank). To avail extended warranty you have to register the product at the official website within two months (60 days to be accurate) of purchase.

Temperature Controls Are Available: A rotating knob on the front allows the users to control the temperature of the water. You have to believe me when I say this knob is very accurate. You get to choose from a temperature range of 25oC to 75oC. The thermal cutout feature cuts the power supply of the heating element after the water has reached the desired temperature.AO Smith HSE SDS 25 25L 2000 Watt Vertical Water Heater

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Free Installation: The best thing about this product is you are getting free installation service from the manufacturer. This is indeed a better customer support. You will have to pay some money if there is some requirement of extra parts during the installation process. Local plumbers are technically not qualified and they do the wrong fitting which results in a malfunction after a short period of use.

Mind Blowing Design: I have to agree there is no other brand like AO Smith when it comes designing electronic product. This water heater comes packed in the cutest and most appealing outer shell that I have ever seen. Customers can choose the color of the body and of the front panel individually. Since the product is quite big in size, it will occupy a good amount of space.

Offers Great Performance

At the highest settings, this geyser takes around 25 minutes to heat up the water. Therefore, I would suggest using it at the mid settings. Our interview with the users of this AO Smith water heater indicates, in the mid settings not only the heating time is reduced rather the life of the product is also increased. It's insulated storage tank holds 25 liters of water at once and is good at heat retention. Even though this AO Smith water heater is rated at 2000 Watts, it will not consume more power.

Will Last For Years: The manufacturer has coated the inner surface of the storage tank with glass to prevent corrosion. Even if you use hard water for all types of uses, this geyser will not be damaged. It comes equipped with an Anode Rod that extracts all types of salt from water, thereby increasing the durability.

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Generally, geysers lose their efficiency over time as the heating element is covered with chemicals. To prevent such problem on this water heater, AO Smith has coated the heating element with glass. It also features a safety valve that automatically releases the extra pressure buildup.


  • 7 years of warranty on the tank, product warranty can be extended
  • Temperature of the water can be controlled
  • Color of the body is customizable
  • Both storage tank and heating elements are coated with glass
  • Anode rod to extract harmful salts
  • This geyser has got BEE 5-star rating
  • Installation is done free of charge by manufacturer

Verdict: I am clear that the AO Smith geyser is the best water heater in the 25-liter segment. I will highly recommend going for this product.

Tank Capacity 25 Liter
Storage Tank Coating Glass
Power Consumption 2000 Watts
Installation Vertical
Warranty 2 Years (On Product) 7 Years (On Tank)
Buy 12000 Rupees


Havells Bello 25-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater

When it comes to electrical home appliances, the very first brand that comes to everyone’s mind is Havells. This desi brand caters to the premium segment of the market and has acquired a special place in the Indian market.

Generally, Havells products are priced higher than the alternatives from other manufacturers. I trust the brand because its products are much better in terms of features and durability.

The Havells Bello Storage Water Heater is one of the best selling devices in 10000 rupees budget category. This super geyser comes with some amazing features that other manufacturers do not even dare to offer. To take this device home, you will have to spend 10400 rupees.

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Havells Bello 25 Litre 2000 Watt Storage Water Heater

Dedicated Temperature and Power Controls: The very first thing to discuss here would be the dedicated power control, which we generally do not see on other geysers of this price segment. You do not need to unplug or switch off the device from the switchboard. With a dedicated power control, the end users can cut off the power supply from the control panel of the device itself. A heat control knob can also be found on the front. It provides a nice feedback with every increasing level that makes the controlling even more accurate.

Minimalistic Design: This Havells product is available in multiple color variants, all of which look premium. The finish of the outer shell will provide you an idea of how sturdy this geyser is. It is a vertical water heater, but its body has been carved out in a square to offer a sleek feel. After installation, it feels the part of the wall and enhances the beauty of bathroom. Havells has made this device as compact it could be. You will not have to sacrifice huge space for it. The outer shell is made of sturdy materials and can resist small collisions.

Safe and Secure

The regular water heaters often leak electric current into the pipeline. To avoid that Havells has used a special earth leakage circuit breaker. The geyser is also capable of working at a high pressure of 0.8 Mpa. However, if somehow extra pressure builds up, it is released through the multifunction safety valve. It also has an IPX4 rating, which means splashes of water will not do any damage to the internal circuitry.

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Fast Heating: Although this water heater works at 2000 Watts only but its performance is highly appreciable. The heating element is much efficient and heats up the water within 10-12 minutes. Its 25-liter storage tank comes coated with a special material, which makes it corrosion free.

High-quality insulation of the tank helps in retaining the heat for a long period. Like most of the geysers, this water heater also features a thermal cutout mechanism that stops the heating process upon reaching the desired temperature.

Moreover, the product does not consume much electricity. Therefore, I can assure your monthly electricity bill would remain under control.

Free Installation from Manufacturer: Havells wins the competition by offering free installation service with this water heater model. Even the brands like Crompton Greaves and Kenstar are left behind on this front, as they do not offer installation service even if you are ready to pay. If you have purchased this product online, then make a call to service center once the delivery process is completed.

Pro Features:

  • The storage tank comes with 5 years of warranty
  • High-quality materials have been used in the making
  • The manufacturer provides free installation service
  • Features two control knobs, one for temperature and the other for power
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker
  • Attractive and premium quality finish
  • Does not consume a lot of space
  • Heats up the water at a fast rate
  • Good heat retention

Cons: Controls can be a little hard to reach

Verdict: There is no point on which I can criticize this water heater. If the budget allows, then you should purchase this product right away. You do not even need to look for alternatives. It is made of solid materials and offers superb performance. The greatest benefit is you are getting free installation service from the manufacturer. I do not know of any other water heater that offers many amazing features at this price point.

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Tank Capacity 25 Liter
Storage Tank Coating Vitreous Enamel
Power Consumption 2000 Watts
Installation Vertical
Weight 24.5 KG
Dimensions 540 X 540 X 400 mm
Buy 10000 Rupees

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