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Top Two Tabletop Wet Grinders between 7000 to 8000 Rupees

Panasonic MK GW200 Wet Grinder Process

2.5 Liters ULTRA BIGG Plus Wet Grinder

The most common breakfast that is made in almost every south Indian family is either idly or Dosa. The one and only ingredient that is needed to make that yummy fluffy idly or delicious crispy Dosa is dough. Preparing the dough is quite a simple task if you have a grinder at home.

The big and bulky traditional grinder is necessary when you are from a joint family or if your family has more than 6 to 7 members. But for the modern families of 4 to 5 members, you do not need to get this big grinder. If I were you, I will choose a table top wet grinder, which is more convenient to use and easy to maintain.

In my research on these grinders, I have found that many homemakers are choosing the Ultra brand wet grinders. Ultra is a very good brand and it belongs to Elgi, a Coimbatore based company. This is the brand that launched the first ever table top wet grinder. Ultra bigg+ wet grinder is a new model of grinders from Ultra, which is loaded with many benefits. Read also Top 5 Philips Mixer Grinder Juicer and Hand Blender for Indian Kitchen.

Ultra Table top wet grinder is a time-saving machine

In olden days, grinding stone is used to prepare batter for idly and Dosa. Then the mixer grinders, which have stainless steel blades were used. But people believe that stone ground taste is far better than the metal ground one. Also, it takes more time to grind the pulses into a batter using the mixer.

The wet grinder solved this problem saving both time and electricity. This machine uses stones like in traditional big grinder that provides nice taste.

It is very light in weight and is also portable. So, it can be carried easily to other places. This looks sleek and is aesthetically designed to provide good quality. The grinder comes in three colors – red, green, and blue. Your kitchen countertop can easily accommodate this as it is compact and needs very small space.

The fresh grind technology is used to keep the batter fresh without transmitting the heat smell to it. The setup consists of a steel drum, roller grinding stones, and the ABS body to provide lightweight and longer life. This grinder is not only used to grind the dough but also used for grinding Masala pastes for rasam and sambar.

ULTRA BIGG Plus WET GRINDER Review Specifications Price Online in India

Multi-utility drum and Patented Conical Stones

The stainless steel drum is of 2.5 liters capacity, which is more than sufficient for a medium sized family. The drum is of cylindrical shape and can also be used as a storage container to store the batter in it after grinding. Therefore, you do not need to shift the dough into other container and so can be directly placed in the fridge. The hatch made of ABS material is placed above the drum to lock it while rotating. It ensures the safety and does not allow the drum to come out of its position during the operation.

The unit consists of a sturdy durable motor of 150 watts power for better grinding ability. The drum is made of AISI 304 food grade stainless steel, which is also rust proof. This drum is also shockproof. So, you can touch it anywhere even when it is in operation.

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Patented conical stones: The Ultra grinder comes with the two conical stones. This conical shape of the stones is the patented technology of Elgi Ultra. The batter can be ground smoothly and effectively because of this special shape. The temperature of the dough is also kept at a lower level. It would be more efficient if it had three stones instead of two stones. Customers are more likely to choose three stones grinder when both cost almost the same.

Optional attachment facility and Other Features

Atta kneader and coconut scrapper can also be attached to it. However, this is optional. I think the Atta kneader is more useful when you would like to prepare Chapati or Paratha.

The kneader kneads the Atta smooth and soft, which is easier and efficient than kneading manually. But coconut scrapper literally takes much time to scrape the coconut. Therefore, it is better to buy the scraped coconut directly from the grocery store. The setup does not include Atta kneader and coconut scrapper. You need to buy it separately if you want to use it.

Quiet grinding: You do not want to annoy your family members and disturb them while grinding. This Ultra grinder works quietly, which maintains calmness of your home. It also vibrates less compared to other grinders. One of the best features of this is that you need not stand there and wait once the operation is started. Meanwhile, you can involve in your household chores without wasting your time.

Clean up easily: Cleaning should not be a tedious work after the operation is completed. This product makes it easy for you to clean as it comes with the batter cleaner. You can just keep the stone assembly set under the running water and cleaning task becomes very simple. It is preferable to clean them when it is still wet.

Price, warranty and other Prime Features

You can get the grinder for around 8000 rupees in the retail stores. In Amazon India website, you can get it for 7,790 rupees. Warranty is for 5 years period on this product. Ultra provides a better customer service even at your doorstep in south India.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Saves time and electricity
  • Compact
  • Drum is also used as storage container
  • Conical stones for better grinding
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • 5 years warranty


  • It would be better if it had 3 stones instead of 2 stones
  • Slightly over priced

Verdict: The Ultra bigg+ wet grinder is packed with many superior features, which makes it a high-end kitchen gadget. It is slightly costly than the other wet grinders that are available in the market. But I am sure it is worth of every penny that you spend on it.


Brand: Ultra
Capacity: 2.5 liters
Number of stones: 2
Type of stones: Conical
Drum shape: Cylindrical
Power: 150 watts
Warranty: 5 years
Buy: Rs. 7700


Panasonic Wet Grinder MK-GW200 : Fill, set, and relax– My Pick

This review article cannot complete without a branded wet grinder. I am not saying Ultra is not a brand. A branded wet grinder will satisfy those who are obsessed with brand names. Obsession is a negative word still I use it here because trusting only branded items itself is not a very healthy thing. In fact, you can buy a good product from a new brand at relatively low price. Read also Top 5 Super Mixer Grinder Between 1900 to 4500 Rupees.

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A contrary point of view can be that buying product is not just a payment and getting goods home. Rather, you also get in an agreement with the company for a free service period. A new brand cannot be trusted for adhering to service commitments.

Branded, non-branded, or finding a right product is basic questions every buyer has in mind. This website is a right place helps you choose a value for money product from a new or established brand. At GS, you find a complete hands-on review and products details in almost all categories. Follow our suggestion and pick one right product for you. Always trust GS team for a better product.

Are not you surprise to see a Panasonic grinder. Honestly, I am. Panasonic is one highly reputed brand worldwide and it operates manufacturing unit in India where products are made using Japanese technology. We endorse this grinder, which is “Made in India” with the advancement of Japanese technology. You can buy this wet grinder without a second thought.

Panasonic MK GW200 in India

Built and Design of this grinder and what is in its Sales Box

The unit, spatula, measuring cup, user manual, and guarantee card.

It is easy to operate, has a decent 2-litre capacity, and above all Panasonic offers (up to) five years of free service warranty. There are two variants of this super wet grinder – one is model number MK-SW200 with automatic timer switch and another is with manual on/off switch called MK-GW200.

Panasonic claims that this product got 21 times better features than any other wet grinders in the market. Ok! Even if this is not believable, at least, there are some truths behind such strong claims. Friends, we are discussing a Panasonic product, not some cheap desi, or China made items.

Going by the five stars rating for both the variants at e-commerce websites, one thing is clear, Panasonic’s this wet grinder is one best selling home appliance in the Indian market.

This has a compact built looks awesome in a simple design. The entire setup platform is managed amazingly, as no extra gap or unused space exists.

I have to credit Panasonic for a brilliant blueprint for this wet grinder. There is an air ventilation ensures a long life for the motor. Because of this, even if it runs 7 to 10 hours daily, it will continue to serve many years without malfunction. All safety and convenience features are present on this device.

Through transparent polycarbonate lid, you can monitor the quality of the running stuff without stopping the machine or opened the lid. Alfa flow grinding stone is lightweight & robust and carries friction that gives perfect result every time.

Panasonic MK GW200 Wet Grinder Process

Extraordinary Alfa Flow design for faster and better result

Panasonic says it has registered patent for the unique design of Alfa flow, which is ultimate thing responsible for the performance of this wet grinder. Two rounded granite stone blocks adjoined and run on the grinding plate in opposite direction. I have to agree with Panasonic that the unique (even not so unique) of Alfa flow with granite stone gives faster and better result.

User automatic timer with big size knob: Because of this feature, you will be relaxed sitting in front of TV, enjoying time in a much better way. Big size with brilliant placement on top makes the control knob reachable easily.

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Cannot say about others, but I took four sessions to get a perfect measurement and fix an appropriate time for preparing Mava. Once you have done with calculation and measurement, just set the switch in automatic timer mode, and relax. The machine will do the job. No need to stop the machine to check, how far the moving stuff inside has been ready.

Black Granite Stone: A wet grinder is nothing but an electronic version of two stone chakki widely used in villages (in north India it also called Jata). Here, Panasonic runs two Granite stones – a tough stone with very rough surface that generates very good friction, which gives fast result and quality result.

Safety and Convenience Features on this Panasonic Wet Grinder

Six safety features ensure every session with this machine is safe for the user, motor, internal circuit, and components.

  • Use it everywhere without the fear of electric shock thanks its shockproof feature.
  • Circuit break means overload protection. Very similar to other machines here, too, is one red button placed into the base. You know well what has to be done if the machine stops working due to extra load beyond its capacity.
  • RoHS compliant certification tells this machine is made without the use of banned substance that is lead, cadmium, mercury, and others. This is a good thing, right?
  • Safety interlocking is one more patent technology from Panasonic
  • Finally, you will agree with me five years of free service is a great relief.

Convenience Features:-

  • Easy top lock is one better feature, lets you lock top lid easily. Using this feature is easy even for senior citizens.
  • Anti-slip HTD belt ensures uniform running of the grinder by the motor. This also enhances motor life.
  • Stainless steel drum is robust and rust-free.
  • While running, the lid must be closed. To add some extra water in the moving stuff inside the drum, use Convenio inlet.
  • Easy top-lock and interlocking features – not exactly safety rather continence features. Interlock means it runs automatically when the lid is closed and it stops when the lid is open.
  • Unique water draining system takes out water through the base. I have not seen this feature on any other wet grinder. In general, you need to dismantle a device, wipe all parts well, and finally, fix them together again. Here, you are very free from such unwanted tasks.


  • 21 Amazing Features
  • Lightweight, compact built and super design
  • Body cooling ventilation to enhance life of the motor
  • Up to five years of free service guarantee
  • Interlocking feature

Final Verdict: The Panasonic MS-GW/SW200 wet grinder is designed sophisticatedly looks stylish and it is lightweight yet durable. Five years of free service is a big relief for buyers. Interlocking, automatic switch, lots of safety and convenience features make it hot product among all available choices.

Panasonic MK SW200 Review Specifications

Capacity: 2 liters
Features Alpha flow, Interlocking safety system, Circuit breaker, Rotary switch
Easy Automatic timer In SW200, Not in GW200
Number of stones: 2
Type of stones: Granite
Drum shape: Cylindrical
Power: 230 watts
Run per minute 1350 Rupees
Warranty: 2 years and 5 years for motor
Product Dimensions (cm) L- 43.25CM, W- 27.0 cm, and H- 27.67cm
Weight 11.3 Kg
Buy: Rs. 7500

Users Review and Opinion


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