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Top Three Ultra Premium 4K Television set in India

Televisions with 4K displays are facing some controversies these days. In one of my recent articles, I have explained how some experts are trying to paint the UHD technology as useless. But for the time being, consumers should not pay attention to such claims because 4K TVs are here to stay and they will certainly replace your current televisions (if haven’t already) in the coming years.

Currently, the cost of producing 4K footage and then telecasting it over the radio waves is quite high. This is the reason that no sports channel telecasts any live event in 4K. However, the production of 4K equipment has been increasing at a steady rate and in the near future, even the cost will go down for sure. The example of FHD television is in front of us.

We are currently running a review series on the best 4K TVs that an Indian consumer can purchase now. The first two articles (already published) in this series focused on the budget and mid-range segment televisions. Those who want most of their money should check them out.

In this third and final installment, we will be focusing on the best-selling 4K TVs available in the premium segment of the market. My team has spent the last four weeks looking for the best candidates for this article. We have also done interviews with people who are already using these televisions to get some insight on the product value and customer support.

40 Inch Samsung JU6470 Series 6 UHD TV

We just cannot ignore Samsung when it comes to 4K televisions. This Korean brand has been leading the UHD television market since the arrival of 4K technology in the TV world. In the previous two articles, we did not include any ultra-high definition TV of Samsung, as most of them were highly priced.

The JU6470 model from Samsung's UHD TV Series 6 comes at a price of 68,500 rupees. Although the price is not very high as we promised in the introduction, still we include because of its impressive built with amazing features. Thus, not by the price rather the qualified features and superb built quality makes it a premium 4K LED.

Superior Build Quality: Samsung offers great build quality in all its televisions and this particular model is one better example of that. The plastic used in the making not only feels solid but is also highly durable. The design of the back panel is also appreciable. Samsung has placed all those ports that are generally needed on an everyday basis in the sideways position. The back of the TV is totally flat, which is a good thing as this stops the dirt from getting stuck.

The base stand is less wide than the TV itself, which means you will not need a wider table to install it. Although the TV does support wall mount installation but the table top installation unfolds its real glory.

Samsung JU6470 Series 6 UHD TV Review Specifications Price in India

Generates Perfect Details With Perfect Colors: The manufacturer has done a great and appreciable work on the front of picture quality. The TV is based on DLED backlighting technology, which helps in spreading the brightness evenly across the screen. However, this technology also increases the thickness of the outer shell, which can be a disappointing thing for some people. The TV covers a large portion of the sRGB color gamut because of which it generates more accurate colors.

Unboxing and setting up a brand new television is really a tedious task. But the special thing about this TV is it does not require any kind of color calibration. You just need to setup the connections and the TV will be ready to play movies and serials right away.

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Smart TV with Premium Features

Instead of equipping this UHD TV with Android TV OS, Samsung has loaded it with in-house developed Tizen OS. I was quite skeptical about this new operating system when it was launched, but with time, Samsung has made the huge improvement in it. Its user interface is really impressive now. To browse through the menu, you do not need any pointing device. All the icons are big enough that users can easily make a selection using the arrow keys of the remote.

The UI never suffers from hiccups or stutters because it is supported by a quad-core processor capable of flawlessly handling many things at the same time.

Surprising Connectivity Features: Like any other premium level television, this Samsung product features a plethora of connectivity ports on the back. It has got 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports all of which are placed in sideways position (I have also mentioned this in above paragraphs). In addition to featuring an Ethernet port, the TV also offers support for USB 3G/LTE Dongles.

Pro Features:

  • Great build
  • Offers immersive movie watching experience to the viewers
  • Supports USB Network dongles
  • 4K upscaling
  • Energy efficient
  • Good audio quality

Cons: Limited number of apps are available on the online store

Verdict: The Samsung JU6470 4K TV is really a great solution for those people who are looking for premium features at a non-premium price. It offers a number of things that we do not usually see on a TV of this price segment. But do not expect to get features like motion control and voice control. These features are only available on the highly priced televisions.

Price 68700 Rupees
Display Size 40inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 917.7 x 535.7 x 62.6 mm
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3 X USB, 4 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Warranty 1 Year


55 Inch Sony Bravia KD 55X9000C UHD TV

Sony is a big brand and I do not need to describe its achievements because most people already know its story. There was a time when Apple’s belated Steve Jobs took inspiration from this Japanese brand. Many experts even say that one-day Apple’s fate will be somewhat similar to Sony’s fall in today’s market.

However, the things are not so bad for Sony. It is doing really great into the TV and Camera market. Last year, the brand announced its Bravia KD 55X9000C UHD TV at the CES 2015 event. It is Sony’s thinnest television so far and is currently available in India for around 2,10,000 rupees. The price of the TV makes it a premium segment product. We are really excited to do a review on this product. So without wasting any more time let’s get to the main thing.

Thin and Floating Profile: I must say Sony has done a great job in the design department of this television. There cannot be a more beautiful outer shell than what this product currently comes in. The display panel of the UHD TV is just 4.9-mm thick. But a TV needs more than a display to entertain users, which means Sony has to put other hardware somewhere. While looking at the TV from back, you will find that its lower half actually features an attached compartment, this is where all the processing units and circuitry have been placed. This compartment increases the thickness of the TV up to 3.9 cm.

The manufacturer ships this television with a uniquely designed base stand that provides a floating look to the whole setup. The legs of the stand are flexible and can be brought together or kept apart depending on the size of the table on which you are planning to install the TV.

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Sony Bravia KD 55X9000C UHD TV Review Specifications Price in India

Beautiful Display With Innovative Features: This Sony 4K TV features a 55-inch display panel that offers a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels. However, just a UHD display panel is not enough to give users a lasting experience. 4K technology requires handling of a great amount of data every second. This is the reason that Sony developed the X1 Processor, especially for this television. In addition, to this, the manufacturer has also loaded the TV with Triluminos Display technology that enhances its RGB color reproduction. The 4K X-Reality Pro graphic engine handles all the details in a footage accurately and with the help of the powerful processor, it also increases the contrast ratio.

The TV also offers a wider dynamic range because of which graphic details pop out even more.

Experts always stop people from using the upscaling feature of 4K TVs and there is a good reason behind this. The upscaling technology used by many companies work by manipulating each pixel of footage. This tweaking of pixels at the elementary level changes the appearance of the footage and in the end, the videos differ a lot from what the video creator had thought how they would appear.

Surprisingly, Sony has succeeded in developing a technique that improves the video quality without changing the appearance. You will be amazed to see how great this technique is.

Generates Amazing Audio

I got stunned after reading the sound specifications of this television. It features not two, but four driver units each of which generates 7.5 Watts of audio. This 4 channel sound setup is enough to give users a theater-like experience. Moreover, the total RMS output of 30 Watt is perfect for large size rooms. You also get to choose from different sound modes like Cinema, Live Football, and Music. The TV also generates surround sound effect by using an S-Front Surround 3D technology.

Supports 3D: The display panel of the 4K TV is 3D ready. It supports passive 3-dimensional footage creation. And yes this functionality supports the native 4K resolution. On this television, you can enjoy high-resolution 3D gaming and that also at much high motion refresh rate.

All the tasks are handled by the onboard Android TV OS. Clean interface helps in jumping from one app to another without much problem. By default, all the web pages are opened in Opera Web Browser. But installing a new browser or any other app is not going to be a problem because the TV comes loaded with the Android Play Store. One of the most interesting features of the Smart TV OS is that it supports voice commands.

Inbuilt DVB Tuner: This UHD TV is capable of accessing digital cable channels without the need of any set top box. Sony has loaded it with DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital tuners. Unfortunately, as of now the DVB technology is not prevalent in India, but it sure will be in the coming years.

The connectivity department of the TV is also very rich. It comes equipped with interfaces like Ethernet, HDMI, USB, RF In and MHL.

Some Other Features Of The TV:

  1. Four HDMI and three USB Inputs
  2. Covers a large part of sRGB color gamut
  3. Supports all kinds of 4K source
  4. Customers can also avail 2 years of extended warranty
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  • Bright and vibrant display panel
  • Powerful processor
  • High contrast ratio
  • Features inbuilt digital tuner
  • 3D ready
  • Appealing design

Verdict: There is no denying that it is a highly priced TV. Still, it will not be a bad option to go for as you are getting class-leading features in return. The TV offers both beauty and brain, which is a combination hard to find.

Price 210000 Rupees
Display Size 55inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 7.5W X 4
Dimensions 123.2 x 71.2 x 3.9 cm
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3 X USB, 4 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Warranty 1 Year


Panasonic 49 Inches TH-49CX400DX

The next product that we are going to discuss is the Panasonic 49 Inches TH-49CX400DX Ultra HD LED TV, which can be purchased for an attractive amount of around 85,000 rupees. I have chosen this particular product because it offers some really great features. I am pretty sure that at the end of this review you will definitely fall in love with this TV.

Metallic Design: Panasonic has tried to do the impossible by featuring an all metal body on a mid-range television. The TV feels so premium that you would mistake it for a highly priced product. I was also confused whether to add it in a mid-range category or in the premium one.

The UHD TV follows the same design language as the Sony Bravia KD 55X9000C. Its top part is quite thin as Panasonic has placed all the electric components at the bottom.

Inbuilt Sound Bar: Manufacturers face great difficulty in placing quality speakers on thin televisions as they get very limited space to work with. But Panasonic has followed a really clever strategy to turn the odds in its favor. Instead of featuring two separate driver units on the either side of the TV, Panasonic has placed a single sound bar on the front. Not only this placement saves space, it also increases the experience of viewers. The two 8 Watt speakers offer distortion free audio but the volume can be an issue sometimes.

Panasonic 49 Inches TH 49CX400DX Ultra HD LED TV Review Specifications Price in India

49inch Display Panel Offers Immersive Experience: The wide display of this UHD TV will suit the needs of most customers. There will be no problem in using it for a home theater system. The LED Backlit panel is capable of illuminating even the faintest details. Its 4K resolution will generate crispy videos. Panasonic has used an IPS panel that offers a super high motion refresh rate of 100 Hz.

Not A Smart TV: The biggest disappointment of having this TV is you cannot use it for streaming videos online, nor you can install any app on it. The 4K TV is also limited on the front of connectivity. On the back, you will find just two USB ports.

Pro Features:

  • Bright display panel
  • Crispy graphics
  • IPS technology
  • Sound bar audio system
  • High motion refresh rate
  • Metallic body


  • No Smart TV functionality
  • No 3D
  • Limited on the connectivity front

Verdict: I am highly impressed by the build quality and picture quality of this Panasonic TV. Lacking Smart TV functionality is something that will certainly affect buyer’s decision. But you can solve this problem by purchasing a Smart Set Top Box like Apple TV or Android TV.

Price 85000 Rupees
Display Size 49inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
Audio 8W X 4
Dimensions 1094 x 672 x 55 mm
Connectivity 2 X USB, 3 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In and Composite In
Smart TV Yes
Warranty 1 Year

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