Are you looking for a reliable RO water purifier to use at your home? In this piece, follow the review of the three most advanced RO purifiers with UV UF technology onboard and built-in multistage water purification system from top purifier brands Kent, Aquaguard, and Aquatec Plus. These are best RO water filters available for home use only.

Water purifiers are no longer a luxury rather a necessity. The scarcity of pure drinking water now issues also for those living in small towns and villages. Thus, Water purifier has become one essential gadget for every Indian home. Drinking pure water has lots of advantage, in fact, plays a significant role in decreasing your family health bill. Here, read about top-rated water purifier models from favorite brands in the Indian market.

► Aquatec Plus Advance Plus RO Purifier with UV UF TDS Control

You might not have heard of Aquatec Plus. This brand is the newest entry in the water purifier market. It is one of the few water purifier companies in India market, which sells not only excellent quality RO purifiers but also provides quality post-sale service. Water purifiers of this Bengaluru based brand are reliable. They are highly efficient in reducing TDS levels and making water potable.

Aquatec Plus Advance Plus Water Purifier for Home Use

Currently, this company provides free of cost installation across India. You need not wait more than 48 hours for installation of your new RO purifier that is the claim. Moreover, the company also claims to resolve malfunction in your water purifier in less than 48 hours.

Aquatec Plus provides a series of drinking water purifiers that have many great features. Advance Plus RO Purifier with 12-liter capacity is one of them. The water filter machine for home use comes packed with the wherewithal that is necessary to purify water to its maximum level.

Because of lots of unique features onboard, Advance Plus RO Purifier has a large shape size. You can install this RO purifier in both ways – Tablet-top and Wall Mount.

As claimed, Aquatec Plus purifier can filter close to 15-liter water per hour. Its storage capacity is brilliant 12-liters. Thus, it is also suitable for big families having members count in eight to fifteen. This RO UV water purifier price is 8200 Rupees only.

→ 8-Stage Water Purification Process of Advance Plus

Not one or two or three rather this advanced water purifier is based on 8-level of water filtration system. Here, the primary filter levels are Sediment, Carbon, Post-carbon, Ultra filter, Ultraviolet, Pre-filter. Because of several filters and purification concomitant, the water filtered by the water purifier is odorless, germs-free and taste natural.

The purification stages are for removing suspended particles from the water. Ultra Filtration meaning active UF is for removing almost all suspended particles and bacteria from the water.

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The water purifier system can make clean water from the water that has TDS level-up to 2000 PPM. This RO water purifier for home use is one of the few purification systems, so affordable claims to make potable water from such high TDS water. You can consider it therefore for purifying bore well water also. In fact, I would not hesitate in considering it the best water purifier for borewell water purification under 10000 Rupees.

Advance Plus water purifier is ideal for getting potable by purifying water from any source. The effective 8-stage water purification of this purifier makes water pure and enhanced.

Aquatec Plus Advance Plus RO Purifier Features

→ How to choose the best water purifier for home use

Often people confuse water purifier with a smartphone or LED TV. More is the number of features and machinery inbuilt, the better the product is. No, in water purifier it does not work that way. For buying the best water purifier for your necessity, you need to comprehend your requirement first.

Who should buy this water purifier? I live in Chennai. The corporation water supply to my home is already filtered by RO membrane in the Corporation water treatment plants. Chennai Corporation runs mega plants to purify seawater to make up for limited water storages in reservoirs. If I buy an RO water purifier to purify the water again, that would be imprudence. For the quality of water I get, I do not require an RO purifier. Instead, a UF or UV+UF water purifier would serve the purpose for 99.99% pure drinking water. Therefore, carefully access to your requirement and then decide.

→ Filter Life and Maintenance Cost

According to Manufacturer's claim, filter lifecycle is close to 8,000 liters. This RO water purifier for home use is one of the few multifunction purifiers with lowest maintenance cost if the filter life claim is valid. Responding to a query, one of the sellers of Aquatec Plus Advance Plus water purifier stated that the annual maintenance cost could be anything between 3000 to 4000 Rupees. Moreover, the manufacturer recommends a complete service of a unit in use once in 6-months.

Alert Mechanism: Features such as over-flow protection, Auto Start, and Auto shut off with the water purifier making sure that the use of this low-cost RO water purifier is hassle-free. You do not drink a single drop of unpurified water, withal.

Best Water Purifier for Home Use (हिंदी में) | #Aquatec Plus Advance Plus


  • Using the 8-stage purifier system
  • Equipped with RO, UV, UF, and TDS Control
  • The affordable Efficient Purification system
  • Free of cost installation
  • Faster Service resolution by the brand


  • Lacks Smart feature
  • Lacks Mineral Protection feature
  • No UV fail alarm

Conclusion: Considering the testimony of those who have used Advance Plus RO purifier with UV+UF, it is indeed the best water filtration system for home use. Therefore, I would recommend it as one of the best options under 10000 Rupees. Although it is ideal for purifying water from all the sources, still I would not recommend it for every home. Estimate your requirement first and then decide the best water purifier for the water quality at your place.

Price 8200 Rupees
Convenience Overflow Protection, Auto Start, Auto Shut Off
Capacity Tank: 12-Liter | Filtration Capacity :15 Liter/hr.
Purification 8-Stages with RO, UV, UF and TDS Control
TDS Levels 2000 PPM
Filter Life 8000 Liters
Storage Tank Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Grade ABS
Power Operating Voltage: 24-Volt | Power Consumption : 42-Watt
Warranty  One Year | Free of cost installation
Maintenance Cost Between 3000 to 4000 Rupees annually
Service Recommended once in 6-months
Installation Table-Top/Wall-mount
Aquatec Plus

Customer Care

+91-9964482901 |

For Demo & installation, call on +91-9901156533


► Kent Pearl RO UV Mineral Water Purifier

People often get confused while choosing from a dozen of advanced water purifiers in market. Every brand has their own technology behind the range of drinking water purifiers they offer. Kent being the market leader offers a number of efficient water purifiers. My favorite, however, is Kent Pearl Mineral, an RO water purifier with UV purifier technology .

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Kent’s Pearl Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier runs on electricity and can filter water from any source. Its double purification technology not only destroys all the bacteria present in the water, in fact, also filters out all the suspended particles. TDS controller and Kent's Mineral protection technology ensures that you never drink mineral-less water.

Built and Design: This comes in a modular design and can be installed in both ways: wall mount and countertop. Its eight-liter water storage tank is fully transparent – users can check water level and quality as well. The water storage tank is detachable that makes the cleaning process very simple and less messy.

The body of the Kent purifier is made using ABS plastic making it non-breakable and durable at the same time. Kent's special Push-fit components ensure leak-free performance that gets enhanced by the use of O-rings.

→ How this Kent RO Purifier filters Water?

The Pearl purifier filters water is using KENT's Mineral RO Technology that has all the benefits of normal RO filters while eliminating the limitations. Not only it removes all the impurities from water but also making sure that the water retains the minerals in the water that are necessary for our body. Spin-welded housing ensures improved membrane life.

Kent Pearl 8 Litre Mineral RO UV Water Purifier

The membrane life is also improved by the inbuilt Auto-Flushing System that periodically removes salt deposits from the membrane.

Kent Pearl's internal mechanism forces water through multiple chambers to achieve close to 100% purity. Actually, that being possible by the unique stages of Sediment filtration, Activated Carbon filtration, Ultra-filtration, and Post Carbon filtration. 11W UV lamp also comes in action towards the end of purification process for complete deactivation of harmful micro-organisms. Actually, such effective multi-stages processes making this purifier suitable to purify water from sources like bore-wells, tanks, and municipal pipeline.

→ Alert and Safety Features Built-In on this Kent Purifier

Filter Change Alarm and UV Fail Alarm, beeming on the front side notify for any maintenance if required. Filter Change Alarm tells if the filter needs to be changed and UV Fail Alarm starts blinking when the UV lamp becomes inefficient. Both cases trigger power cut to make sure that you do not drink impure water.

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Further, built-in SMPS protects your purifier machine ensuring smooth working even power supply in your home suffers frequent fluctuations. Suitable for eletricity supply condition in India, Kent made this purifier to support a wide range of input voltage.


  • In India, where houses in different regions have different sources of water, Kent Pearl Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier can make a big difference. It can purify water from any source while protecting the necessary minerals.
  • This uses multiple methods to purify water: UV, UF and Kent’s Mineral RO Technology.
  • Its smart TDS technology keeps monitoring the impurity level in the water and does the purification based on it. This is very helpful in delivering water with a stable level of necessary minerals.
  • This Kent purifier comes with an auto-start and an auto-off feature to ensure that you don’t have to operate the product manually.


  • Leakage issue: Many customers have reported this issue.
  • Many customers have also reported that Customer Service that Kent provides is of very low quality. Kent has always been criticized for the poor response they give to the customers when it comes to in-warranty support.
Price Rs. 16500 Rupees
Convenience Auto Shut Off, Auto Start
Alarms Filter Change Alarm, UV Fail Alarm
Capacity 8 Liter
Purification UV
Filtration 15 Liter/hr
TDS Levels 750 ppm
Filter Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, Post Carbon
Power 160V – 300V, 50Hz
Operating Voltage 24 V
Storage Tank Detachable Storage Tank
Warranty One Year
Membrane Type Spin-welded RO Membrane
Installation Wall Mount/Counter Top


► 7-Liter Aquaguard Enhance RO Water Purifier with UV Technology

“Every household does not have the same kind of water source” this fact has been the main idea behind Aquaguard's Enhance series water purifiers. The series lists some uniquely designed water purifiers for different needs, essentially depends on the source of water. Let’s keep it simple; if water that your house gets, has more bacteria and less suspended particles, then why don’t you buy a purifier that focuses more on killing bacteria.

Aquaguard Enhance RO Water Purifier with UV technology from the Enhance series can easily purify water from sources like Municipal pipelines and Bore-well. It is sleek, stylish and will add to the beauty of your kitchen if you want to place it there. Let’s now jump into the essential details of this purifier to have a better overview.

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Innovative Design: Either wall mount or install it safely on a table. User-friendly design and sturdy build of the Aquaguard purifier offers all possible convenience to users. Its water tank capacity is just 7 liters so it may not be sufficient enough for big families with six or more members. Like the Kent Pearl, this, too, comes with (not fully) transparent water tank – allowing users to see water level and quality.

It weighs about 8.2 KG and requires 45W of operational power. Built-in power stabilizer making it safe from fluctuating power supply.

→ This RO Purifier has multi-stage purification system

This is a reliable water purifier because of the use of Reverse Osmosis technology to remove suspended particles from water. Actually, water moves through a membrane which consists of many sheets with very small holes that block suspended particles. And, after removing suspended particles, the water is then sent to the UV section where the bacteria are killed by UV rays. This multi-layered multi-stages process ensures germ-free pure water to be delivered from the tap.

This purifier also boils every drop of water for about 20 minutes with its unique e-boiling technology killing even the last bacteria. Further, the UV lamp used on this purifier has a life cycle of up to 5000 burning hours. There is also a special chemical cartridge for removing residual organic impurities to revive the original taste of the water. Its silver surety technology enhances the purification efficiency and stops the growth of waterborne disease-causing bacteria.

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The Aquaguard Enhance Water Purifier with RO and UV filter technology is recommended for salty and blackish water as its TDS reduction efficiency is approximately 90 percent. But remember, this Eureka Forbes purifier is able to recover only 25% of the water inflow; the rest is wasted making it less water efficient.

Aquaguard Enhance RO UV 7 L RO UV Water Purifier


  • Suspended particles using RO technology and making almost bacteria free using UV technology.
  • The 20 minutes boiling feature adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that water is free of waterborne disease-causing bacteria.
  • In a country like India, where most of the households depend on bore-well for their water needs, this purifier can deliver a big change. It is energy efficient and can work with fluctuating power source.
  • Aquaguard is well aware of environmental degradation that is why, on this purifier, it has used the materials that can be recycled.
  • Today, most of the house water purifiers come with a universal approach, but Aquaguard Enhance series has taken an initiative to give people choose a purifier according to their needs.


  • Aquagaurd Enhance RO UV purifier is the best choice for you if the water supplay to your house has high TDS level. But if you have got a Municipal water pipeline connection, then there can be a problem. The RO technology, in that case, can also remove the minerals that are necessary for your body.
  • The lack of Ultra Filtration (UF) unit is my main concern. If you read the studies done by many Indian institutes, you will find that RO and UV technologies are just not enough to clean water 100%. According to authentic recent studies UF technology is the best technology for removing almost all impurities and bacteria from water. And, the good thing is that this technology doesn’t even require electricity for working.
Price Rs. 16500
Performance Removes Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa-cysts, Pesticides, Chemicals, Excess TDS from Water
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite RO
Capacity 7 Liter
Purification RO + UV
Body Features UV Lamp Life: 5000 Burning Hours; UV Lamp:11w
Power Consumption 45 Watt
Power Requirement 230V AC, 50 Hz
Warranty One Year
Net Weight 8.2 Kgs
Installation Table Top/Wall Mount