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Top Three Best Water Purifier In India For Home Use

Top Three Best Water Purifier In India For Home Use

Are you looking for a reliable RO water purifier to use at your home? In this piece, follow the review of the three most advanced RO purifiers with UV UF technology onboard and built-in multistage water purification system from top purifier brands Kent, Aquaguard, and Aquatec Plus. These are best RO water filters available for home use only.

Water purifiers are no longer a luxury rather a necessity. The scarcity of pure drinking water now issues also for those living in small towns and villages. Thus, Water purifier has become one essential gadget for every Indian home. Drinking pure water has lots of advantage, in fact, plays a significant role in decreasing your family health bill. Here, read about top-rated water purifier models from favorite brands in the Indian market.

► Aquatec Plus Advance Plus RO Purifier with UV UF TDS Control

You might not have heard of Aquatec Plus. This brand is the newest entry in the water purifier market. It is one of the few water purifier companies in India market, which sells not only excellent quality RO purifiers but also provides quality post-sale service. Water purifiers of this Bengaluru based brand are reliable. They are highly efficient in reducing TDS levels and making water potable.

Aquatec Plus Advance Plus Water Purifier for Home Use

Currently, this company provides free of cost installation across India. You need not wait more than 48 hours for installation of your new RO purifier that is the claim. Moreover, the company also claims to resolve malfunction in your water purifier in less than 48 hours.

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Aquatec Plus provides a series of drinking water purifiers that have many great features. Advance Plus RO Purifier with 12-liter capacity is one of them. The water filter machine for home use comes packed with the wherewithal that is necessary to purify water to its maximum level.

Because of lots of unique features onboard, Advance Plus RO Purifier has a large shape size. You can install this RO purifier in both ways – Tablet-top and Wall Mount.

As claimed, Aquatec Plus purifier can filter close to 15-liter water per hour. Its storage capacity is brilliant 12-liters. Thus, it is also suitable for big families having members count in eight to fifteen. This RO UV water purifier price is 8200 Rupees only.

→ 8-Stage Water Purification Process of Advance Plus

Not one or two or three rather this advanced water purifier is based on 8-level of water filtration system. Here, the primary filter levels are Sediment, Carbon, Post-carbon, Ultra filter, Ultraviolet, Pre-filter. Because of several filters and purification concomitant, the water filtered by the water purifier is odorless, germs-free and taste natural.

The purification stages are for removing suspended particles from the water. Ultra Filtration meaning active UF is for removing almost all suspended particles and bacteria from the water.

The water purifier system can make clean water from the water that has TDS level-up to 2000 PPM. This RO water purifier for home use is one of the few purification systems, so affordable claims to make potable water from such high TDS water. You can consider it therefore for purifying bore well water also. In fact, I would not hesitate in considering it the best water purifier for borewell water purification under 10000 Rupees.

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Advance Plus water purifier is ideal for getting potable by purifying water from any source. The effective 8-stage water purification of this purifier makes water pure and enhanced.

Aquatec Plus Advance Plus RO Purifier Features

→ How to choose the best water purifier for home use

Often people confuse water purifier with a smartphone or LED TV. More is the number of features and machinery inbuilt, the better the product is. No, in water purifier it does not work that way. For buying the best water purifier for your necessity, you need to comprehend your requirement first.

Who should buy this water purifier? I live in Chennai. The corporation water supply to my home is already filtered by RO membrane in the Corporation water treatment plants. Chennai Corporation runs mega plants to purify seawater to make up for limited water storages in reservoirs. If I buy an RO water purifier to purify the water again, that would be imprudence. For the quality of water I get, I do not require an RO purifier. Instead, a UF or UV+UF water purifier would serve the purpose for 99.99% pure drinking water. Therefore, carefully access to your requirement and then decide.

→ Filter Life and Maintenance Cost

According to Manufacturer's claim, filter lifecycle is close to 8,000 liters. This RO water purifier for home use is one of the few multifunction purifiers with lowest maintenance cost if the filter life claim is valid. Responding to a query, one of the sellers of Aquatec Plus Advance Plus water purifier stated that the annual maintenance cost could be anything between 3000 to 4000 Rupees. Moreover, the manufacturer recommends a complete service of a unit in use once in 6-months.

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Alert Mechanism: Features such as over-flow protection, Auto Start, and Auto shut off with the water purifier making sure that the use of this low-cost RO water purifier is hassle-free. You do not drink a single drop of unpurified water, withal.


  • Using the 8-stage purifier system
  • Equipped with RO, UV, UF, and TDS Control
  • The affordable Efficient Purification system
  • Free of cost installation
  • Faster Service resolution by the brand


  • Lacks Smart feature
  • Lacks Mineral Protection feature
  • No UV fail alarm

Conclusion: Considering the testimony of those who have used Advance Plus RO purifier with UV+UF, it is indeed the best water filtration system for home use. Therefore, I would recommend it as one of the best options under 10000 Rupees. Although it is ideal for purifying water from all the sources, still I would not recommend it for every home. Estimate your requirement first and then decide the best water purifier for the water quality at your place.

Price 8200 Rupees
Convenience Overflow Protection, Auto Start, Auto Shut Off
Capacity Tank: 12-Liter | Filtration Capacity :15 Liter/hr.
Purification 8-Stages with RO, UV, UF and TDS Control
TDS Levels 2000 PPM
Filter Life 8000 Liters
Storage Tank Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Grade ABS
Power Operating Voltage: 24-Volt | Power Consumption : 42-Watt
Warranty  One Year | Free of cost installation
Maintenance Cost Between 3000 to 4000 Rupees annually
Service Recommended once in 6-months
Installation Table-Top/Wall-mount
Aquatec Plus

Customer Care

+91-9964482901 |

For Demo & installation, call on +91-9901156533


► Kent Pearl RO UV Mineral Water Purifier

People often get confused while choosing from a dozen of advanced water purifiers in market. Every brand has their own technology behind the range of drinking water purifiers they offer. Kent being the market leader offers a number of efficient water purifiers. My favorite, however, is Kent Pearl Mineral, an RO water purifier with UV purifier technology .

Kent’s Pearl Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier runs on electricity and can filter water from any source. Its double purification technology not only destroys all the bacteria present in the water, in fact, also filters out all the suspended particles. TDS controller and Kent's Mineral protection technology ensures that you never drink mineral-less water.

Built and Design: This comes in a modular design and can be installed in both ways: wall mount and countertop. Its eight-liter water storage tank is fully transparent – users can check water level and quality as well. The water storage tank is detachable that makes the cleaning process very simple and less messy.

The body of the Kent purifier is made using ABS plastic making it non-breakable and durable at the same time. Kent's special Push-fit components ensure leak-free performance that gets enhanced by the use of O-rings.

→ How this Kent RO Purifier filters Water?

The Pearl purifier filters water is using KENT's Mineral RO Technology that has all the benefits of normal RO filters while eliminating the limitations. Not only it removes all the impurities from water but also making sure that the water retains the minerals in the water that are necessary for our body. Spin-welded housing ensures improved membrane life.

Kent Pearl 8 Litre Mineral RO UV Water Purifier

The membrane life is also improved by the inbuilt Auto-Flushing System that periodically removes salt deposits from the membrane.

Kent Pearl's internal mechanism forces water through multiple chambers to achieve close to 100% purity. Actually, that being possible by the unique stages of Sediment filtration, Activated Carbon filtration, Ultra-filtration, and Post Carbon filtration. 11W UV lamp also comes in action towards the end of purification process for complete deactivation of harmful micro-organisms. Actually, such effective multi-stages processes making this purifier suitable to purify water from sources like bore-wells, tanks, and municipal pipeline.

→ Alert and Safety Features Built-In on this Kent Purifier

Filter Change Alarm and UV Fail Alarm, beeming on the front side notify for any maintenance if required. Filter Change Alarm tells if the filter needs to be changed and UV Fail Alarm starts blinking when the UV lamp becomes inefficient. Both cases trigger power cut to make sure that you do not drink impure water.

Further, built-in SMPS protects your purifier machine ensuring smooth working even power supply in your home suffers frequent fluctuations. Suitable for eletricity supply condition in India, Kent made this purifier to support a wide range of input voltage.


  • In India, where houses in different regions have different sources of water, Kent Pearl Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier can make a big difference. It can purify water from any source while protecting the necessary minerals.
  • This uses multiple methods to purify water: UV, UF and Kent’s Mineral RO Technology.
  • Its smart TDS technology keeps monitoring the impurity level in the water and does the purification based on it. This is very helpful in delivering water with a stable level of necessary minerals.
  • This Kent purifier comes with an auto-start and an auto-off feature to ensure that you don’t have to operate the product manually.


  • Leakage issue: Many customers have reported this issue.
  • Many customers have also reported that Customer Service that Kent provides is of very low quality. Kent has always been criticized for the poor response they give to the customers when it comes to in-warranty support.
Price Rs. 16500 Rupees
Convenience Auto Shut Off, Auto Start
Alarms Filter Change Alarm, UV Fail Alarm
Capacity 8 Liter
Purification UV
Filtration 15 Liter/hr
TDS Levels 750 ppm
Filter Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, Post Carbon
Power 160V – 300V, 50Hz
Operating Voltage 24 V
Storage Tank Detachable Storage Tank
Warranty One Year
Membrane Type Spin-welded RO Membrane
Installation Wall Mount/Counter Top


► 7-Liter Aquaguard Enhance RO Water Purifier with UV Technology

“Every household does not have the same kind of water source” this fact has been the main idea behind Aquaguard's Enhance series water purifiers. The series lists some uniquely designed water purifiers for different needs, essentially depends on the source of water. Let’s keep it simple; if water that your house gets, has more bacteria and less suspended particles, then why don’t you buy a purifier that focuses more on killing bacteria.

Aquaguard Enhance RO Water Purifier with UV technology from the Enhance series can easily purify water from sources like Municipal pipelines and Bore-well. It is sleek, stylish and will add to the beauty of your kitchen if you want to place it there. Let’s now jump into the essential details of this purifier to have a better overview.

Innovative Design: Either wall mount or install it safely on a table. User-friendly design and sturdy build of the Aquaguard purifier offers all possible convenience to users. Its water tank capacity is just 7 liters so it may not be sufficient enough for big families with six or more members. Like the Kent Pearl, this, too, comes with (not fully) transparent water tank – allowing users to see water level and quality.

It weighs about 8.2 KG and requires 45W of operational power. Built-in power stabilizer making it safe from fluctuating power supply.

→ This RO Purifier has multi-stage purification system

This is a reliable water purifier because of the use of Reverse Osmosis technology to remove suspended particles from water. Actually, water moves through a membrane which consists of many sheets with very small holes that block suspended particles. And, after removing suspended particles, the water is then sent to the UV section where the bacteria are killed by UV rays. This multi-layered multi-stages process ensures germ-free pure water to be delivered from the tap.

This purifier also boils every drop of water for about 20 minutes with its unique e-boiling technology killing even the last bacteria. Further, the UV lamp used on this purifier has a life cycle of up to 5000 burning hours. There is also a special chemical cartridge for removing residual organic impurities to revive the original taste of the water. Its silver surety technology enhances the purification efficiency and stops the growth of waterborne disease-causing bacteria.

The Aquaguard Enhance Water Purifier with RO and UV filter technology is recommended for salty and blackish water as its TDS reduction efficiency is approximately 90 percent. But remember, this Eureka Forbes purifier is able to recover only 25% of the water inflow; the rest is wasted making it less water efficient.

Aquaguard Enhance RO UV 7 L RO UV Water Purifier


  • Suspended particles using RO technology and making almost bacteria free using UV technology.
  • The 20 minutes boiling feature adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that water is free of waterborne disease-causing bacteria.
  • In a country like India, where most of the households depend on bore-well for their water needs, this purifier can deliver a big change. It is energy efficient and can work with fluctuating power source.
  • Aquaguard is well aware of environmental degradation that is why, on this purifier, it has used the materials that can be recycled.
  • Today, most of the house water purifiers come with a universal approach, but Aquaguard Enhance series has taken an initiative to give people choose a purifier according to their needs.


  • Aquagaurd Enhance RO UV purifier is the best choice for you if the water supplay to your house has high TDS level. But if you have got a Municipal water pipeline connection, then there can be a problem. The RO technology, in that case, can also remove the minerals that are necessary for your body.
  • The lack of Ultra Filtration (UF) unit is my main concern. If you read the studies done by many Indian institutes, you will find that RO and UV technologies are just not enough to clean water 100%. According to authentic recent studies UF technology is the best technology for removing almost all impurities and bacteria from water. And, the good thing is that this technology doesn’t even require electricity for working.
Price Rs. 16500
Performance Removes Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa-cysts, Pesticides, Chemicals, Excess TDS from Water
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite RO
Capacity 7 Liter
Purification RO + UV
Body Features UV Lamp Life: 5000 Burning Hours; UV Lamp:11w
Power Consumption 45 Watt
Power Requirement 230V AC, 50 Hz
Warranty One Year
Net Weight 8.2 Kgs
Installation Table Top/Wall Mount

156 thoughts on “Top Three Best Water Purifier In India For Home Use

  1. According to me Pureit is the best purifier in India. In the developing world, 80% diseases are water-related , so water purifier has become essential need for our home. It is also important to use good water purifier which really gives pure water. That’s why i trust Pureit.

  2. Kent is hopeless service and their product requires frequent changes especially the electrical fittings are of poor quality

  3. Any update on L’eaupure Aquajet 14gp, I tried calling on the number mentioned in web – nobody picked. I haven’t seen any reviews in the web too. Anyone??

    1. Our review is based on the product demo we had seen in local electronics showroom. Also, we have interviewed users of this purifier. Can you share me the phone number where you had tried to call?

    2. Please call 7829399000 or whatsup for L’eaupure water purifier you can also buy online amazon and other shopping websites with all India service support .

  4. Pureit is the best water purifier in market and they are provides best service.I am using Clasic pureit water purifier on daily basis that helps to make safe water for healthy and long life.

      1. Very Right. Pureit has d worst service in India. They do not have a toll free number & the call centre people are pure idiots wid d lowest IQ in this world. And their service is outsourced to local bania shops who give d worst service in d world

    1. Dear all please suggest me the best RO water purifier, as it’s very urgent. My old water purifier was Genpure – Misty Fresh. Please suggest where I should go..

      1. Hi Sushil, we have a suggestion for you. Why not try the Expert Aqua Wave RO + UV Water purifier. This is one of the best-selling purifier online. With a capacity of 8 liters (suitable for a family with 3 to 6 members), it features overflow protection and auto start. Best 3 Water Purifier Below 7000 Rupees . Since you live in Metro city, consider the UF purifier, which is highly recommended purifier technology for corporation water supply. Top 5 Kent UF Water Purifier For Corporation Water Supply

  5. HI ….. kindly suggest the best water purifier UF …. in affordable budget and best after sales….and i think if one has corporation water supply, then no need of RO only UF will be enough…. TIA

  6. i am also looking a water purifier for myself, but not able to decide.

    i have read reviews and heard from technicians that branded water purifiers even like kent mix un-purified water to bring the taste back to purified water which is sometimes removed because of RO/TDS, even Nasaka purifier has a
    TDS tank separately to mix minerals back in to water but not sure of service, was planning to consider even Zero-B/aquaguard.

  7. I have bought the Leaupure alkaline purifier based on the review here. However now I am dreading the decision. Why? Just search in Google ‘is alkaline water good for health?’ You will find that there is no such scientific evidence as written in this article. In fact there are many studies on the ill effects of alkaline water. Getting to know that instead of getting my family safe drinking water I am putting them at risk is extremely stressful. Advice to one and all don’t make my mistake of following the advice here. Research thoroughly.

    1. We have presented the details by following expert’s opinion. Yes, there are debates whether alkaline water is good or bad or just a marketing gimmick from purifier brands. In fact, now the Bhabha Research center has raised alarm bell on the efficiency of RO and UV purifying technologies. There are huge question marks on all available technologies trending in the market.
      Just to elaborate my argument more clearly, I will take the example of Chocolate. Some reports and studies showing that Chocolate is good for our heart. On the other hand, there are various reports live online against chocolate eating. We have still not decided whether Chocolate is good for health or just a promoted theory by the multinational brands. Therefore, please do not blame us for a wrong purchase. In this article, we have presented the review of all features exist in the listed water purifiers.

      You need to also understand that not all purifiers are suitable for all kinds of water. For example, in Mumbai, for corporation water supply, the UF purifier is sufficient and much more efficient than RO and UV purifier. But that cannot be the case in other metro cities.

    2. Dear sir,
      L’eaupure alkaline Water purifier comes with PH adjuster, If you dont want alkaline water you can adjust to only RO water, But L’eaupure will give max ph value of 8.5, For human body 7.0 to 10.0 PH value is very good for our health.

      WHO also recomends to drink Alkaline water very soon I will share the link. But if you are not ok with drinking alkaline water, Just remove alkaline filter from L’eaupure you will get water as good as other branded RO water purifier.

      No need to feel bad after buying L’eaupure it is the best water purifier at this cost.

    1. Yes, the Leaupure 14 stage purifier has TDS and PH adjuster inbuilt. Also, the brand is offering three years of free service for Bengaluru customers.

  8. You can buy any RO Water purifier but Please check the below details before buying any RO?
    If your TDS is less than 200 you dont need to buy RO,
    IF your TDS is more than 200 and less than 500 RO+Alkaline is recommended.
    If your TDS is more than 500 and less than 1500 RO+UV or RO+UF is recommended.
    If your water TDS is more than 1500 to 3000 then you must buy Leaupure 9 stage with Hardness removal,Anti scalant with HIGH TDS membrane.
    But all RO will not be Safe, L’eaupure brand uses all NSF certified Spares and high quality filters hence no need to worry at all.

    1. L’eaupure has so many models on paanimart. it is confusing. Why don’t you share the brochure which will help us to differentiate between all your products

    2. I live in Andhra Pradesh, Puttaparthi. Advise me, please, what kind of water purifier a better buy for the local water? Maybe someone knows? Thank you!

  9. Before buying any water purifier it is important you know if the purification technology is apt for the type of water you get in your house.
    There is a portal which allows you to do that free of cost. Google for WATER CONSUMER org

  10. RO or UV? UF or RO+? There are so many Water Purification Technologies available in the market. So which one is RIGHT for you?

    It is critical to know the RIGHT water purification technology before you buy a Water Purifier.
    Visit Water Consumer, a not-for-profit organisation that share FREE recommendation on the right purification technology based on the type of water you get.

  11. I am Nasaka 12 Stage minjet water purifier at my home and it is working very well. It is using Japanese water purification technique.

  12. I am looking a water purifier for my family, but not able to decide. Buy a RO+UV water purifier in Durgapur (west Bengal).Can anyone recommend which products? Kent or pureit

    1. Choose Kent, which is now the best water purifier company in India. the brand offers better service and post sales support.

  13. Please find the maintenance cost of all above 3 water purifiers after one year! given details taken as approximate cost! Kent and aquaguard Sediment will cost Rs.500, where as Leaupure will cost Rs.300, Kent and Aquaguard membrane will cost Rs.2500 to 3000 and Leaupure will cost Rs.1500, KENT and Aquaguard Pump will cost Rs.2500 to 3500 and Leaupure will cost Rs.1800 with 1 year warranty after warranty period, you will get only 3 months warranty for kent and aquaguard, Hence My conclusion after one year you will save more than 40% in maintenance cost with these leading brands.

    1. If your house is getting corporation water supply, then go with Kent Maxx, which is a UV and UF based purifier. The corporation water goes through one or two step of the primary filtration process. Therefore, filter them again with an RO system is not good. This way you burn all minerals in the water.

      However, not all city corporations in India supply filtered water. For example, In Patna an RO purifier is must whereas in Pune or Mumbai or Chennai UV ( with UF) purifier is more suitable with corporation water supply.

      Pureit Marvella is an RO system and very good choice to clean hard water. Hope my answer clears your all doubts.

        1. Sir, you should take a water purifier that has RO, UV and UF technology onboard. My personal favorite is KENT. So, call to Kent and ask for a Demo.

  14. Thank you Amar for the info which will help in selecting the best water filter according to their needs. Kent Purifiers have the best performance with the competitive price and low maintenance.

  15. Just got myself a L’eapure water purifier after reading lots of praises. But now not sure how to get it installed? Can any one help me with this.

  16. Dear Mr.Sandeep Kumar,

    Please call customer care number written on the box and book your installation, you have sent mail without your contact number, When you buy in Flipkart company will not get your contact number, Hence we request you to call us or share your contact details,08040922000

    1. Hi Prakash, I am sorry for late response. We cannot comment on working efficiency of Aqua Marine purifier as We have not seen its demo.

    1. Hi Pournima, I recommend an RO system with UV and UF technology. You can pick up one from three popular water purifiers mentioned in the article.
      I prefer Kent as it is the market leader, offers service across India, and has a team of knowledgeable service engineers. Furthermore, Kent has only the purification business so is more committed to customers than any other brands have many business portfolios to run.

  17. Whirlpool is using UF technology and magnetic softener, which will clean water only 0.01 micron! I believe it will not work for more than 500 tds.

  18. Hi Amar,

    Please suggest a suitable water purifier, I’m staying in Pune. Got confused with all the reviews from the net. I’m inclined towards LeauPure primarily for the Alkaline water option they have but I’m very sceptical about their service. I’ve asked for demo on their SMS mode but no one bothered to contact for past 3 days

    1. Hello Sir, I have been to Pune. I was in Kothrud and there Corporation water quality was really good. You have not given clarity on the budget. So, I will advise only on the required technology. Avoid RO and go with UV and UF purifier technology.

      Leaupure team keeps check of this website. I hope, they will get a message and respond to your concerns quickly.

      1. Dear Amar, Thanks for the reply, my budget is between 15k to 18k, please suggest the make and specific models if possible.

  19. I am looking a water purifier for my family, but not able to decide. Buy a RO+UV +UF water purifier in DELHI (NORTH-WEST NARELAl).Can anyone recommend which products is best in my house. price does,t matter for me, and one thing problem that for cockroaches my current ro system. any possible that ki new ro mein cockroaches nahi ayenge. please help me as soon as possible. after your so many reviews i confused that i will go which brand KENT, PUREIT, L’eaupure.

    1. Since Delhi is always in the news because of free water politics, I assume in you get corporation water supply.

      In that case, you need a UV + UF water purifier. Delhi corporation supplies good quality drinkable water and common public use them without getting any health issue.

      Another scenario is, corporation water pipeline for your street passes through some polluted area and due to leakage, chemicals, and harmful bacteria are mixed in the water.

      In this case, you need RO+UV+UF technology. RO system will do the first stage of cleaning.
      RO+UV combination is best suited when the water has TDS level more than 500 PPM

      Hope you are clear now about technology requirement.

      If your requirement is for UV + UF system, then go with Kent Purifier. Some people complain that Kent or some other purifier brand give poor service.

      We cannot say anything on this as we focus on product, not on the service. I use Kent purifier and never faced problem in terms of service.

      Moreover, if your requirement is for RO+UV system, then go with Aquaguard Enhance. L’eaupure Aquajet is also another good water purifier with Alkaline Water.

      We have recently published a new purifier review. Have a look on them before making a purchase Stylish and Smart Water Purifier below 22000 Rupees

      1. In Noida Sector -73 i want to go for kent pearl or kent prime tc. is there any fix/seal to prevent insects to get(known issue) in now in pearl. water source is submersiblel water. fresh water(direct from motor) tds is 450ppm after storage in tank tds is 550 ppm. checked with hm digital tds-3 tds meter. do i need to install ro? as per WHO it’s ok for this tds range. and still if ro is needed, is kent pearl is right decision? or do you have better suggestions? thanks in advance

        1. Hi Manish Sir, you have given lots of information. If I understood correctly

          Water source – submersible water
          First stage Purification – None
          TDS level – 450 to 550 PPM
          Water taste – Not mention
          Area – Believed to be highly polluted

          RO is the first stage purification process. You should take RO purifier with UV and UF technology. Try Aquaguard Enhance; I think it is well suited for you. Request the brand for a demo; see how good the water is after purification?

          WHO advice is a generic suggestion. For a specific requirement, we have to find a specific solution. In my opinion, for the water supply in your home, an RO system is must. Look at the TDS level, it is on higher side (close to 500 PPM).

          Hope I answered all your queries.

          1. Recently, we have published review of some new water purifiers. Check them before taking a final decision.

  20. Hi Amar,

    Please suggest a suitable water purifier, I’m staying in Kalewadi, PCMC area. I have corporation water supply.

    My budget is upto 15K.

    1. Hello Rahul Sir, I am sorry for late response. Pune Corporation supplies good quality water. In fact, drinking them without additional purification will not create harm. If water in your house has good taste, go with UV and UF technology. These two processes will purify the water up to 99.9999 percent.
      Now the question is which brand makes better water purifier with UF and UV technology. I trust Kent. In fact, Kent Pearl, listed here, is the UV and UF based purifier. Call to Kent and ask for a demo. If you like the water, then buy it online with some discount and cool deals.

  21. Really a nice post about best water purifier and I loved specification of products you have given. There are several other things before selecting water purifier like Electric or non- electric, Storage, Technology used RO or UV. Different technology of water treatment works with different kind of water supply.
    If you don’t know too much about water purifier then Universal purifier are good choice. Universal purifier uses 5-6 stages of purification with combination of RO-UV-UF purifiers so consumer don’t need to worry about water supply.

  22. We have used a aquaguard eboiling + pump model which is a uv purifier for 10 years. Recently it developed issues based on its aging and now thinking to buy a new purifier. Earlier our water were good filtered but now days in hyderabad west we are getting water from godavari river where impurities are more. Aquaguard guy checked the TDS level it was showing 330 and he suggested us to go with Dr.aquaguard magna HD RO+UV. when i read reviews about the same on mouthshut maximum were giving bad rating of the product. Earlier thought of going with aquaguard enhance. Now really confused that what to buy. We are also concerned about the water wastage in RO system as our water supply is from a internally built tank and we should not waste more water as the water supply will be only once in a day for 30 minutes and the internal tank gets filled. Under these circumstances suggest me a appropriate water purifier please.

    1. The website is an ideal place for frustrated customers. In my opinion, most of the complainants there are angry without reason. I will prove that with an example.
      I have been Airtel customer for 10 years now. The brand has never been unfair to me. In fact, even on my mistake, they refunded fund with a humble suggestion. However, check on the website, how many negative complaints against Airtel is there.
      I am only trying to make a point that no one is perfect. And, as a customer, you should know how to approach the company effectively.
      As it is clear from your comment, the Aquaguard purifier has been a trusted companion for almost 10 years. Thus, there is no reason to mistrust the brand.
      if I understood details correctly
      >> Water source – Godavari River
      How is the water taste? Find out whether the water passes through any RO system or not? Does the water smell when kept in open for 10 to 12 hours? If a newborn or pregnant woman is in the house then go with a more authentic process that is getting the water test done in a lab.
      If the taste of the water is good and it does not smell, then it surely passes through some RO system (I cannot say how effective that is).
      You can decide now whether an RO system is needed or not.
      >> TDS level 330
      Experts say RO system should not be used when TDS level is below 500. Therefore, you should look for a water purifier with UV + UF technology, which is more effective in killing negatives, without harming positives of the water( like good minerals).
      >> I did not get the 30-minute water supply statement
      I have two suggestions: Kent Pearl and Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus. We have a review of the Eureka Forbes product on this website and link of that is in one of the comments.

  23. Taste of water is okay and they don’t smell so evening I think they pass thru’ some RO of municipal system. As per the TDS level 330 we should not be needed an RO, but along with UV UF do we get any taste enhancer too. I will surely check the review of aquaguard geneus. Thanks for your kind reply

    1. Sir, I am firm believer in basics. I studied in class four – Water is tasteless, colorless, and odorless. Therefore, the feature of taste enhance is just a marketing gimmick.
      Bharat shelters world’s 16% population but has only 4% share in pure drinkable water available. The situation has gone bad to worst. In the last few years, we run into emergency crisis. Things are so bad that even after purifying some water through all technologies in multiple stages, they remain contaminated and bad in taste. Then, by using, some artificial techniques tried to correct the water taste so that they become odorless.

      Pure water has a kind or natural sweetness. Some artificial things cannot achieve that.

      1. Hello Amar,

        Thanks for all your replies.

        I am searching for a good water purifier for the bore water and the TDS level is 530.

        Although your replies has got lot of answers for my questions, I need one of the water purifier with the best performance and lowest water wastage rate because of the water scarcity.

        when i checked with on of the Aquaguard sales rep he said aqua guard magna HD RO + which wastes only 250 ML for purifying 1 LTR of water… is it true ?

        please let me know what is general or common rate of wastage in case of all purifiers?

        Thanks In advance!!!

        1. I will not be able to comment for the said water purifier model. However, you need an RO system that is for sure. And, an RO system does waste water during the purification process.
          Better you ask the sales representative for a demo. And see for yourself exactly how the machine performances in terms of water wastage.

  24. Hi amar sir..this is in Pune..I feel very satisfy with your rep..we are looking for good purifier..we are using bore well we decided to go for Kent purifier..I called Kent service office two times for demo..since three days we are waiting but sill no one has come..I feel bad in service what should i do?.. pl give your suggestions.

    1. Hi Aishu,
      Why don’t you try HUL Pureit? They also have some brilliant water purifier with RO and UV+UV technology. To reach HUL, dial 1860 210 1000

      By the way, KENT media team keeps watch on this website. They will get your message and respond to the demo request quickly.

  25. Finally bought an Aquaguard Enhance UV+RO+UF+TDS. Installed and using from past few days, best on the TDS level – the wastage is below 50% no issues and water is good. Lives near Miyapur Hyderabad and suggest the product to others.

  26. Hi! I’m Basanta and I’m from Assam, Hijuguri Dist.Tinsukia. I’m Planning to buy water purifier for my family – I am using my own water tank and from that tank of water is not so pure….so can u suggest me which water purifier is perfect for me….The price should be affordable and quality should be best….

    1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO Water Purifier with five-stage purification process @ 8500 Rupees
      Tata Swach Electric Platina RO Water Purifier with Advanced 5 stage purification technology @ 8000 Rupees

  27. Amar, can you please suggest the best one for bore water, very hard water. Floride sticks to containers too much. Price is not a problem.

    1. Hi Kranti,

      There are three most trusted water purifier technologies available to make water 90% fluoride free: Reverse osmosis, activated alumina, and Deionizers.

      Further, according to the 2008 report by the University of Nebraska, USA: RO system can remove fluoride ions from the water.

      Therefore, one thing is clear, you need an RO system. Since your home water source is a bore well, I suggest an RO water purifier with UV + UF. Avoid water purifier that is using “Activated Carbon” technology.

      You should consider a product from either Kent or Aquaguard. I also endorse HUL, but I have been repeatedly told by the website readers that HUL offers poor post-sales service.

  28. Hi

    I stay in Indraprastha Township, Vinay Nagar , Saidabad Post(500059) and we are having separate tap for Municipal water supply. I am using Acquaflo Dx which is a UV filter but the test of filtered water is not good. What could be the problem? Is TDS more in supply water and I should have gone for RO. If I have to test water should I test water before filtering or after filtering ? Pl advise.

    1. Your assumption is right that an RO system will solve the problem. I have been told that the municipal water in your area passes through some RO system. If the water taste is not good that means somewhere the pipeline has leakages or some other problem.

      Aquaguard Enhance (RO UV) has been praised for good results. Also, Aquaguard service is good in Hyderabad reason. You could try this water purifier.

  29. I stay in Seshadripuram, Bangalore and we have a deep borewell. Corporation water is also available but not regularly. We presently have ACQUAGUARD and planning to go in for RO filters. Which would you recommend from technical point of view and also after sales service point of view.

    Devendra Shah

    1. I am sorry for late response. Are you looking for suggestion on RO filters? At present, we do not have suggestions ready on the best RO filters. You better ask Aquaguard service for this. They will have better suggestions in this regard.

        1. Hi Swati,

          We haven’t got chance to review Dolphin water purifier. As you are saying the TDS level is 800 – you need an effect water purifier with UV and UF technology. 800 TDS level also mean that the water source is not very genuine. Trust an RO system of any reputed brand that offers good service, and has a stable position in the water purifier business.

          It is not only about having an RO system in home. How effective that RO system is also making lots of difference. As one can easily measure difference between LED TV from Micromax and Sony, similarly there is huge difference between branded non-branded RO water purifiers.

          In terms of price, Dolphin water purifier is not cheap either. In that price, you can easily buy a branded RO system.

          Post-sales service is always an issue with water purifier manufacturers. I suggest a genuine solution to this problem. Contact your purifier brand through emails. This way you will have enough evidence to file complain in consumer court.

          I use many electronics items and regularly face malfunction in them. I always prefer email because that is a solid evidence of my complaint. In fact, I have noticed when I make any complaint through email, response to that is much faster than directly calling to customer care.

          For better response prefer email over phone calls.

  30. please help me i want to buy a good water purifier price no problem specially for river water in karnataka for me in municipal tap water is coming from kavery river is source. it contain tomouch dust and clorine and afcourse bactirea displve solids it contain. so pls help me to buy a good purifier

    1. Suggestion One : Kent Grand Plus @ 16000 Rupees. Capacity: 8 Liter. Inbuilt Technology: RO, UV, UF, TDS controller
      Suggestion Two : Aquaguard Enhance @ 16500 Rupees. Capacity: 7 Liter. Inbuilt Technology: RO, UV, TDS controller

  31. Dear Sir, As per WHO Standard human body can intake Water up to 500 TDS, For Kaveri water you should not install RO Water purifier, As there is a lot of Water scarcity in the world for less than 300 TDS dont buy any RO Water Purifier ! Which is not required you can buy UV+UF with combination of Sediment,Carbon and Extra filter for removing mud from the water. Kent Max, L’eaupure UV UF or Zero B Grande is the ideal recommendation for Kaveri water. L’eaupure UV UF comes with Stainless steel UV chamber and storage capacity of 6 Ltr for just Rs.5500! As RO removes 99.9% Minerals from the water you will get acidic water when you use RO! Mix of RO+UF is also not a good idea as maintenance cost of the RO is very high! So Think before you buy RO for Municipal water.

  32. Dear Sir,
    I belong to Distt. Bulandshahr (U.P.) around 75km. far from Delhi. I want to buy a water purifier. I use water from normal hand pump at home which has a 70 feet deep boring but I don’t have any idea about the TDS level and type of the water being used by me. But I have noticed one thing, if the water is kept for a long time in a pot, a grey colour layer is formed in the bottom of the pot. So, please suggest me what type of purifier should I purchase and of which brand?

    B. Malik

      1. Aquaguard Enhance 7L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
        Kent Super Star 7L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
        Kent Ace Mineral 7L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier
        Pureit Classic RO + UV 5L Water Purifier

        These are some purifiers can work effectively with the water source in your home. First request for a demo and then decide which one to buy.

      2. Sir as you said TDS level is 800 in your area then you have to go for RO+UV. We are Dealing all Brand Water Purifiers. If you further information and support Please contact us XXXXXX4307

        Thank You

  33. Heard that BlueStar (AC Pioneers) are going to launch domestic RO water purifiers in the market shortly. Im sure like their premium AC brands backed up with efficient and timely after sales service, their water purifiers will also be the best in water purification. Im sure they will play a major role in the market where premium brands with timely service is a necessity!

  34. Sir
    We will get transfers frequently so the water quality will also change.
    Kindly suggest a water purifier for the water from different sources.

    1. 1) Aquaguard Superb 7 Liter

      Technology: RO UV and UF
      6000 liter filter life
      Overflow protection
      LED indication
      TDS Levels 2000 PPM
      Mineral Guard Protection: Ensures essential minerals are not removed during purification process.
      Table Top (and wall mount) Installation

      2) Eureka Forbes Enhance

      RO UV UF and TDS technology
      Approved Indian medical academy
      Total TDS Level 2000 PPM
      Food safe and non toxic tank
      15 Liter per hour filter
      Filter: Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, and Post Carbon
      Dispense water without electricity
      Table top installation support

      3) Kent Ace Mineral
      I would also recommend this Kent machine but it does not support table top installation. It requires wall mount installation which may be a big headache as you frequently transfer.

      If you are looking for a cheaper solution then go with Kent Gravity based water purifier.

  35. There is a company named Leads Overseas Pvt Ltd marketing there water purifier in Assam. What is the quality of its model named VERTEX. We are planning to buy it. Can you help us.

  36. Hi Amar,
    I am from PUNE under PCMC boundary, we are getting corporation water along with borwell , From above comments and suggestions i understand that for Corporation (river/natural sources) water UF+UV is sufficient and for borwell water we may need to go for RO as well. please let me know and suggest if i will go for UF+UV only then what if i will trouble for corporation water in further, since i won’t be carrying RO for hard water to purify.

    Does there any purification technology available in market which works on smart sense to bifurcate hard and river water and work accordingly without human interaction on it ?

    1. Hi Rakesh,

      If I am not wrong you are looking for a smart water purifier which can decide appropriate technology according to the water quality.

      Fortunately, Eureka Forbes has launched a brand new water purifier that smartly decides between RO + UV and UV + UF technology. Thus, if the water quality (corporation water) is good, it will activate UV+UF and when the water quality is below standard (bore well water) then it will run RO + UV.

      Read more about this smart water purifier at Aquaguard Geneus

  37. Hi sir. Am planning to buy a water purifier now. In my home Municipality water is coming, so please suggest me which is the Best water purifier. i have a 2 kid one is 8 yrs 2nd 3.5 yr old. Also some people from AquaFresh trying to sell their product. so how is it ?

    1. You have not shared information on Budget and the Water Quality in your home. Therefore, I am unable to decide a suitable water purifier for you. However, you could try Aquaguard Enhance as it has been praised by many readers of this website.

      If the water quality in your home is really good then the Kent Maxx with UV + UF technology could be more appropriate.

      1. Hi Amar, Thanks for your detailed reviews. I am having a Kent Grand for the last 10 years. Of late, it is repeatedly failing (frequency of 6-9 months) and need to change the pump, cartridges etc. The replaced pump has failed again today (9 months old). My water supply (Dwarka, New Delhi) is a mix of Corporation Water, Bore & Tanker supply depending upon the season with an average TDS of 600+. Looking for a change/exchange. Interested in L’eaupure 16 stage but not sure about their service here. Though I can assume a stock answer from you that you have not reviewed it, can’t resist asking about A O Smith Z4 or equivalent review. I have a neutral view of Kent due to frequent change in consumables but if necessary, will not shy away from them. Please suggest.

        1. We can help you with AO Smith water heater but have no idea about the AO smith water puffier. Your interest in AO Smith Z4, which is priced 20000 rupees, give me some idea about your budget for a brand new machine.

          Since the water in your home is from three difference sources, you need smart puffier that activates the appropriate purification technology according to the water quality.

          Aquaguard Geneus (@ 20000 Rupees) is the right choice for you. It will smartly decide when to activate RO +UV or UV+UF. It will purify water as well as save huge on water wastage that happens when RO technology comes in action.

  38. Hi ! I stay in Faridabad and in my locality tap water TDS is between 3500-4000. I have used Kent RO which is able to reduce the TDS level only upto 800 which I believe is not drinkable. We have 1 year old son therefore we are using bottle water to drink and give him a bath. Please suggest me a good RO system to bring the TDS level below 200. Also please suggest a cost effective method to make tap water soft and healthy to take bath and wash vegetables.

  39. Dear Amar Ji,
    I am really impressed for your vast knowledge and rendering National health service to so many people. Kindly keep it up in an un-biased way as you are doing. May I solicit your expertise and help .
    We have deep motorised tube-well water, in a large housing complex in North 24 pgns, Kolkata. 470 to 530 TDS. There are frequent newspaper report of arsenic detection in some pockets in the same district.. At about 5km distance a huge solid waste dump-yard. Water tastes good, but hard water, difficult to wash cloth and bucket with white stains.
    To search for a water purifier I learnt Indian Standards IS 10500, IS 14543, IS 13428 etc and International standards like Codex Alimantarious etc exist. But none of the branded water purifier manf. claim conformity to any of these recognised standards of drinking water. All the std specifies pH of 6.5 to 8.5.But none of the brand declare about pH. and when asked the reps said, ” No such parameter required, selling so many- but nobody ask etc.etc”
    Although, IS 10500 specifies 500 TDS as acceptable limit but for likely presence of heavy metal like arsenic, mercury
    and possible microbial and pesticide contamination I think I should go for a RO. with 150-300 TDS and pH level between 6.5 and 8.5 (mandatory). Can you please help me suggesting some brand. Any price.
    With regards
    Prabir kumar

    1. Hi Prabir, We cannot measure technology by some rating or standards. For instance, not possible to rate nuclear technology on some scale; however, we can debate whether it is appropriate or there can be a better solution than this.

      A technology is always measured by a set standard for the result that it delivers. Currently, there are three major technologies for purifying water: RO, UV, and UF. Yes, we can discuss how effective the RO technology is but cannot measure it by a rating scale.

      My research says these five water purifiers are good solution for the water source at your place.

      1. Whirlpool Destroyer EAT
      2. Aquaguard Geneus
      3. Aquaguard Enhance with RO UV and UF
      4. Kent Ace Plus 7L RO + UF Water Purifier
      5. Kent Ace Mineral RO TM 7L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

  40. Hello Amar Ji,
    I need one good purified. Can you suggest which purified is good for Bore well water? If I will go with Aquaguard RO+UV and UF shall I get all minerals of water.

    1. Hi Debasree,

      Yes, it will do. However, If you are really too concerned about minerals in the water, then you should decide one from

      1) Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF 7L (Related Feature: Mineral Guard Protection)
      2) Aquaguard Geneus (Related Feature: Auto Mineral Modulator)
      3) Whirlpool Destroyer EAT (Related Feature: Retains Essential Minerals) (Not highly recommended for bore well water)

      Optional suggestion: Register a demo for Aquaguard Superb. Collect the filtered water and get that tested. If you are satisfied with the test report, then go ahead with its installation. The regular water test cost is less than 500 rupees.

  41. Hi Amar,
    I live in hyderabad and depend on both borewell and municipal water. Can you suggest me a water purifier? My budget is between 15-20K. Also let me know what you think about Leaupure water purifier. Is it still a good option to buy since they have been unavailable on popular e-commerce sites?

    1. You should try Aquaguard Geneus. The product is effective, and as it has been said by many customers, in terms of service, Aquaguard is miles ahead that competitors at present.

  42. Hi Amar,
    Your review and comments are logical and clear, very much appreciated, I am really amused reading review of leaupure aquajet,

    Am staying in Kharghar locality of Navi Mumbai, can you please suggest Leaupure is the right brand for the type of water we receive in our tap.

    Budget is not an issue and I understand the importance of alkaline water and also being diabetic I feel this is right brand for me.

    But I need your fair advise to buy tbe right kind of product in line with the quality of CIDCO water supply in my area.


    1. Only the specialist doctor can say whether alkaline water is appropriate for Diabetic patient or not. We have no authentic information on this. However, some health websites are claiming – alkaline water is good for some types of diabetic patient. It is always advisable though consult doctor before trusting alkaline water as a solution.

      Yes, Leaupure Aquajet with alkaline water is a good water purifier. But, it is out of stock now.

      I have no information on the water quality of CIDCO supply. Although I am getting a fair idea that you want an effective water purifier with UV UF system and also with the feature of alkaline water.

      Talk (+91 7829399000) to Leaupure for a demo. Also, there are many non-branded water purifiers claiming their product have the feature for alkaline water.

      I have one more solution for your requirement. Buy a UV UF water purifier and an alkaline water bottle. This might be a cost effective solution as well as suitable for entire family.

  43. I am staying at Goregaon Mumbai. Shifting to a new house which has tanker water for few months and we will be able to receive BMC water after that.Which technology I should go for. Kindly suggest.

    1. Hi Vidya, I think UV UF should be fine. There are many good quality water purifier from Livpure, Tata, Kent, and Eureka Forbes on affordable budget with UV UF technology.

  44. Hi. Thanks for the in depth post.

    1. I stay in Pune, Maharashtra and have corporation water supply. But due to water shortage last season water supply from corporation was not so good.(after using alum there was a layer of settled particles)
    2. Our society does not have boring so we sometimes had to order corporation water tankers.
    3. Further, society is very old and so is the plumbing network. It may have some rusting in GI pipes or may be bore size may have reduced due to some scaling over period 25-30 years.

    Considering above factors what is the best purification system I shall opt for? I was of the opinion of buying uv +uf water purifier earlier but now after observing last seasons water supply I think I should buy better water purifier with advanced technology. I was impressed with alkaline Leaupure. Is it only a marketing gimmick. Shall I go for it? Cost is no bar.

    Further, if alkaline ro is not required and still if I go for it thinking of it as an extra precaution, will it damage water quality and health of my family on the contrary?

    Is corporation water supply not alkaline in nature?

    1. Leaupure alkaline Ro is using NSF and FDA certified alkaline filter! There is no marketing gimmick! You can also adjust alkaline level in this product! The day you feel you don’t need alkaline water you can completely stop it! But drinking alkaline water in long run will benefit you and your family! You can call leaupure customer care to understand more.

    2. Hi Ankur, I am also living in Pune and facing same problem since last week…which purifier is the best? I have searched many…Kent, Aquaguard, Blair , Pureit..but still not decide…please let me know..thanks

    3. Hi Ankur,

      So far, RO UV UF – only these three technologies have been proven authentic and reliable solution for purifying water up to 99.99%. TDS control, alkaline water, mineral protection and other features are just add-on solution work side-by-side with the main purification system.

      Coming to your requirement, it looks like you need a smart water purifier than an advance purifier.

      Corporation supplies good quality water: UV+ UF should be fine
      Corporation supplies poor quality water + when water supply is by water tanker: RO+UV+UF should be fine

      I think you should consider Aquaguard Geneus, which smartly decides on – which technology to activate according to the quality of water supply. Call to Aquaguard and judge this smart purifier by reviewing its demo at your place.

      Taste enhancer feature is certainly marketing gimmick but not the alkaline water. We can debate though when alkaline water is safe and the purifier which claims to provide alkaline water can really do that.

  45. So after reviewing all the suggestions and brand specs, in a nutshell there is no any such 100% perfect purifier with desired qualities, we need to choose the one which works close to our requirements with some compromise.

  46. Hi Amar, suggest me a good purifier with RO & UV . My friends suggested pureit classic 5L and also aquaguard enhance . Have bore well water with 766 TDS.

    1. Hi Hari,

      My vote is for Aquaguard Enhance with RO, UV and UF Technology.

      There are many unhappy customers of Pureit. They accused the brand for extremely poor service. On the other hand, Aquaguard have been praised by many readers on this website for demo, installation, and post-sales service.

  47. Hi Amar,
    I live in BHOPAL and depend on both borewell and municipal water. Can you suggest me a water purifier? My budget is between 10-14K. Also let me know what you think about Aqua guard purifier. i check in online but discussed with aqua guard team for the warranty of product but he denied for online pls suggest which one purifier best for use and best for purches online or direct shop.

    1. Hi Dharmendra,
      1) If the water quality is good from both the sources (Bore well and corporation supply) then go with any UV with UF Purifier. Actually, UV UF is cost effective solution whereas RO means some financial burden.

      First Choice – Kent Pearl (RO and UV)
      Second Choice – Kent Maxx
      Third Choice – Tata Swach Viva Silver

      2) You could also try a smart solution. Aquaguard Geneus will help on this.

      3) In RO category (With UV and UF)

      First Choice – Aquaguard Enhance
      Second Choice – Kent Ace Mineral RO
      Third Choice – Aquaguard Superb

      No warranty on online purchase

      I thing Aquaguard people gave you wrong information just to make some money (by selling product directly to you). Send an email ([email protected]) to Aquaguard and request them to provide clarification on warranty when the purchase is done online.

  48. Hi Amar, We live in Chennai, Annanagar area and currently using a non branded RO system. We get Metro water supply and it smells badly even after the RO treatment. The filter had to be replaced couple of times in the past year and now it has stopped functioning all together, Please suggest a brand that will work in this region in terms of quality and service,

    1. Hi Sathya, I use Kent purifier and I am satisfied with the service quality.

      For us (GS team), it is really hard to comment on service quality of popular brands. Thus, our assumption is based on what readers have been sharing on this website.

      In terms of customer support quality, popular water purifier brands in the Indian market:

      1. Kent and Aquaguard
      2. Tata
      3. Whirlpool and Livpure
      4. HUL Pureit

      For your requirement, my advice is to consider a water purifier with UV and UF technology.

  49. I am very much disappointed with the service that Kent is providing. The product quality also has become so poor.

    My first Kent unit I had used for 3-4 years by changing many of the filters, in certain intervals. Even if I was changing filters it was OK for me since it lasted for 3 years.
    In the 4th year since the frequency was more I thought about buying a new unit. And it was a utter stupid decision!!!

    New unit I used for 10 months. In that duration I got complaints for 4 times!!! You may not believe this, but it is true. And it is the most expensive from KENT product. (KENT RO – GRANT+). Rs: 16500 🙁

    I want to use it for 2 more months so that I can utilize the warranty period. So I have raised a complained on 30th of August. (Complaint number 16083001398). The guy came in 2 days and he was unable to resolve the issue. On top of that he created water leakage also. So single issue become double!
    I raised another complaint (Complaint number 16090105497) on 1st September. Today is 7th of September. For the last week I don’t know how many times I called Call center. But there was consistency on the responses. “Sir. We have put a high priority not. Service executive will be visiting in the next 24 hrs”….
    7×24 = 168hrs over…..

    I am not writing anything further. If I am lucky I will be able to use the new unit (which I purchased by spending Rs 16500) for 2 more months so that I can complete 1 Year (Warranty period).

    1. Hi Sreenath, This is shocking.

      In my opinion, you are making mistake in calling to Kent customer support. Rather you should communicate with them through email ([email protected]). This way you will have a chain of emails that could be used as solid evidence against Kent’s service apathy.

      Also, the chain of emails will create pressure on them to act fast on your pending query. Calling to customer support means every time a new person and a new assurance for solving the issue.

  50. Hi,thanks a lot for so much important info abt water to prevent people from many health issues.
    I have 2 questions:
    1)my parents live in Raipur(Chhattisgarh),please suggest how to decide what purifier they need as the water is quite hard n bitter in taste from a borewell.we have not checked its TDS etc.? Pin code is 492008.

    2) i am living in south delhi and corporation water is little wheatish in color with no significant smell.but sometimes there are contaminated water as well.i am using 20 litre pet bottles for consumption,but dealers are pathetic to supply on time. Need a purifier as soon as possible to get drinkable water without much hassle. Please suggest steps of recognising which purifier should i finalise and can get proper after sales service. Pincode is 110059.
    Thanks a lot for the work your team is doing…for general people its much needed help..

    1. Hi Ana, answer to your first question: I suggest a RO purifier with UV UF technology side-by-side. And, make sure that the purifier can support 0-2000 TDS. Check with Kent, Aquaguard, and TATA whether they have a free demo service in the PIN code area.

      Coming to your second question, in my view, a gravity based purifier generally priced around 3000 rupees may solve the water quality issue. HUL, Kent, and Eureka Forbes are some big names in this segment. We have also published reviews of these purifiers you may have a look at them for a better clarity. You could find those review articles by searching for either “gravity water purifier” or “non electric water purifier”.

      If you are not interested in a gravity-based purifier then consider Kent Maxx with UV UF purifier technologies. This is one best-selling reliable water purifier from Kent.

  51. Hi Amar,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Please see my current situation and need your inputs.

    In my apartment,we use bore well and few times water tanker to fill up the sump.
    We have a softener installed which reduces TDS level to 50 from 500 (in our area, TDS level is 500,either bore or tanker).

    Can you suggest what type of water purifier I should go for individual flat, since the softener will already decrease the TDS levels.


    1. I think a water purifier with UV and UF technology will do the job without wasting too much water during purification sessions. Kent Maxx and Tata Swach Viva Silver are two good choices for you.

    1. Hi Dheeraj, I suggest Livpure GLO, a brand new RO UV water purifier in market. It comes with 6 stage purification system and has the feature to retain essential minerals in water. We have just concluded a review of this efficient product.

  52. Dear Amar,
    Please try to update how Livpure retains the minerals in the water? What technology they are using? What minerals they retain and what is the authentication for the same?

  53. hi I live in bangalore and get both borewell water(500-600 ppm) and municipal water from cauveri. I had initially aquaguard genius plus in my mind but i am also impressed with “leaupure 14 Stage alkaline RO with SS storage tank” based on reviews . Which purifier should i go for. After sales service +product quality is definitely main concern .Also heard that genius plus is very high on maintenance.please suggest.

    1. Hi Rahul, Yes, your concern is right. The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus model has a high maintenance cost.

      What I have been told by the users of LEAUPURE purifiers is that post-sales service is good. If you think that the purifier is appropriate for your requirement then go ahead plan an order. But do consider, more features also mean that chances of getting early malfunction are higher. In addition, LEAUPURE water purifier maintenance is not going to be low since it is having multiple filters in action inside.

      Also, you should consider Livpure Glo, an RO water purifier with UV and efficient mineral protection technology.
      Recently Kent launched an upgraded version of very popular Kent Pearl water purifier model. I am using Kent Pearl with RO and UV whereas the upgraded version has the recent advanced technologies RO UV and UF with mineral protection. Maintenance cost, too, of this Purifier is low.

      Thus you have now four three choices for your requirement.

      Leaupure 14 Stage alkaline RO
      Livpure GLO RO and UV with mineral guard protection
      Kent Pearl with RO UV and UF and Mineral guard

      And if you want a simple yet efficient water purifier then Kent MAXX is an all time favorite.

      Compare intelligently see which one fits with your requirement.

  54. Hi, I know its not a new question, but I want a water purifier for low TDS as we live in Bangalore central and get Cauvery water, So I want a UV plus UF filter. Kent Max seems a good option but looses on looks. Can you suggest some water purifier which fits the bill. She’d have auto shut and storage facility also. TIA

  55. Hi Amar

    Would you be able to guide regarding which water purifier has an activated alumina filter that would get the maximum fluoride out of the water?


  56. I think the best way to get a good item is choosing the water purifier only from famous and reputed brands that offer customer support and guarantee high quality.

    1. Hi Kumar,

      There is no branded water purifier which can purify such high TDS water. You need to order custom water purifier. Search online custom water purifier or customized water purifier. The company will send a person to your place. He will test the water and observe the location. Then He will give you a cost estimate.

    1. Mam, I haven’t seen the water purifier and its demo. I also contacted Water Purifier expert for this Website. Unfortunately, he has also not seen the product. Thus, I cannot comment on whether the purifier is good or bad. As per online ratings, the RO Purifier is a failed product.

      If you can share the essential details of the water quality at your home, we can suggest the suitable RO purifier.

  57. What about Aquaguard Geneus water purifier. What is the maintenance cost per year. Whether filter lasts long if we use corporation water as it has sensors. Kindly guide. Thanks in advance

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