►Philips HD2630 Pop Up Toaster

Philips without a doubt is one of the top and most trusted brands in the world. It has many satisfied consumers all across the globe. It clients range from your average teenager to multinational corporations. One of the best selling items from the company in household appliances category goes by the name of Philips HD2630 Pop-Up Toaster. Priced at Rs. 3219, this pop-up toaster has many magnificent features on it. Read on to find out what they all are.

Excellent specifications: In the technical specifications, this toaster has many good ones. The power it consumes is between 850-1000W and voltage required by it should be between 220-240V. The length of power cord of this toaster is 0.85m. There an option also of placing this cord after use in form of an inbuilt storage. There’s also non-slip feet feature available which helps place the toaster steadily on any surface. Also, it has an automatic shut off safety feature available that prevents the device from overheating and keeps your food item from burning.

→ More than just a toaster

The above-stated safety option also does a lot of good in case there’s a scenario of jammed bread pieces in the toaster. This machine also has a purple cancel button given on top for canceling toasting at any time. There’s also a high lift feature available on the toaster for safely taking out bread pieces without any chances of burning your hands or fingers at all. One special feature that sets it apart from all other toasters out there is that it has a bun warming rack available on it. This helps in warming small buns and croissants to crispiness in no time by simply placing them on it.

Good quality plastic material: The outside surface of this toaster is made up of ABS, PP and PC plastics, which are forms of all high-grade plastics. This helps the surface of the machine stay cool even when it is under use. The quality of the bread toasted is absolutely warm and crisp. Each and every part of it is toasted to perfection. It automatically pops the bread pieces up when they are done, so you will never have to worry about having another burnt slice of toast in your entire life after you buy this.

Philips HD2630 Pop Up Toaster Review and Specifications

→ Pros Factors of this Philips Toaster

  • 2 years warranty
  • Bun warming rack
  • High lift feature
  • Body stays cool even under use

Verdict: The black and silver color of this toaster makes it an absolute delight to behold. Though it is not only making it appear very designer but also very modern at the same time. Philips provides warranty of whole 2 years from the date of its purchase. This is yet another advantage to users when most brands are just providing just one. The price of this toaster is very reasonable considering it’s a pop-up toaster from Philips. This is one toaster that you shouldn’t miss and definitely go for it without doing too much thinking.

Price Rs. 3219
Power 1000 Watts
Brand Philips
Warranty 2 Years
Pop-Up Yes
Colour Black and Silver


► Philips Viva HR1832 Juicer

Philips is one of the top players in the world market for electronics and electrical items. This Dutch company has gone on to establish itself as one of the biggest names on a global level. Out of so many countless items the company produces, Philips is known for making some of the best electric juicers. Its Viva collection of juicers is one of the company’s top-selling items. One of the juicers from the category goes by the name of Philips Viva HR1832 Juicer. Priced at Rs.7495, let’s find out all we need to about this juicer from Philips.

Works perfectly: When it comes to the technical specifications, the power this juicer consumes is 500W. The voltage required by this juicer to run is 220-240V and has a frequency of 50-60 Hz. The length of the cord provided with the juicer has a good length of 0.80 m. The pulp container has a capacity of 1L and the capacity of the juice jug provided with juicer is 500ml. The feeding tube on it has a diameter of 55m. This is a good width and users can easily juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables quite effortlessly.

Splendid design: If emphasis on its design was to be laid, then it surely would qualify as a very impressive one. The color of this juicer is a classic ink black. This makes it look absolutely stunning and sophisticated. The oval shape of this juicer with a flat base makes it look very modern and abstract. The material required to build the body of this juicer is fine quality ABS plastic. This gives it a sturdy build and keeps it strong. The material of the jug is made of PP plastic and the pulp container and pusher of ABS and SAN combined.

→ The Philips Juicer is Easy to clean

This juicer has a QuickClean technology which promotes easy and hassle-free cleaning. The drip stop features help prevent dripping of juice all over the place when it is being used. The QuickClean sieve also cleans up very effortlessly too. The pulp of the juiced items gets collected in one place and this makes it very easy to dispose it all off. It even has non-slip feet, safety clamps and integrated cord storage for keeping the cord in place after use. This juicer weighs only 1.9 kilograms and is very easy to carry around and even store.

Philips HR1832 Juicer Review and Specifications


  • Cleans up quickly
  • Froth free juicing
  • Lightweight
  • Low power consumption

Verdict: Philips provides a warranty of one year from the date of purchase on this machine. This juicer has also been given the Philips Green Logo award for being so environment-friendly. Even though the price of this product is a little high when matched against many of its counterparts, its performance and quality end up justifying it. It makes juicing appear like a child’s play and it’s one product from Philips that you can go for with both eyes closed.

Price Rs. 7495
Power 500 Watts
Brand Philips
Warranty 1 Year
Pulp Container Capacity 1L
Colour Black