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Top LG Microwave Oven with Four in One Below 25000 Rupees

Top LG Microwave Oven with Four in One Below 25000 Rupees

32 Liter LG Convection Microwave Oven MJ3283BKG

This is the latest LG convection oven comes with a compact built has a capacity of 32 liters and the preset feature of 211 auto cook Indian food Manu. The LG oven makes easier to cook tasty less oily food for a large family in just a few minutes. It features a shiny black exterior, a pull-down handle door, and a stainless steel exterior. Not only it has a great appearance even its total built is solid and stylish too that goes well in a modular Kitchen. Read also Perfect Alternative of Microwave Oven: Usha OTG below 7000 Rupees. Main features of this convection microwave oven are:-

  1. Maximum power feature 2400W
  2. 211 Auto Cook Indian Food Menu
  3. Convection cooking
  4. 5 power levels
  5. Dual VFD display
  6. Tact buttons control
  7. 32 liters capacity
  8. Pull-down handle door
  9. Stainless steel cavity
  10. Steam cooking
  11. Child Lock

Key Features of this LG MJ3283BKG Microwave Oven 

Lightwave technology: The microwave comes with the Lightwave, a premium technology developed by the brand LG for cooking food crispier without losing natural flavor and taste. Just because of this multi-heating system, the final food from the oven is healthier and tastier.

LG MJ 3283BKG 32L Convection Microwave Oven

Charcoal Lighting Heater: The LG oven has the Charcoal Lighting Heater technology, which features charcoal filaments placed inside the microwave, providing you with a faster and even cooking. This technology works with LG’s signature Lightwave technology side-by-side allowing food to maintain natural flavors.

Active Convection cooking: Even some branded ovens are not able to cook food uniformly as the inside remains half cooked not observing sufficient heat, oil and spice. However, the LG convection microwave uses four heaters placed inside the oven, which allows for a wider distribution of heat, thus ensuring that your food is cooked uniformly. The Active Convection technology also helps to conserve energy using adjustable fan speed and grills’ heat.

Indian Roti Basket and other 301 Auto Cooking Features

One of the most exciting abilities of this oven is to make Indian Roti. Furthermore, prepare verity of tasty Indian bread with ease. LG ships a Tawa in the sales box that can be used for making Roti/bread. The concept of Indian Roti Basket equipped with this oven ensures the end user can effortlessly prepare favorite Indian dry Roti.

Motorized Rotisserie: The microwave also comes with a motorized rotisserie, a steel base barbecue that uses the microwaves motor system, allowing for easier grilling of food.

A microwave oven is preferred in the Kitchen also because of the auto cooking feature, which comes with a preset setting for a duration, temperature, and all steps. If an auto cook procedure is followed correctly, the final food item naturally becomes a perfect dish tastier and certainly healthier as well. The brand LG ships a cooking booklet that features most of Indian cuisine menu with steps.

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In fact, the brand offers 211 Indian cuisines and 90 International food items ready to prepare with this LG oven on simple steps. I really liked the fact that some International cuisines have been molded according to Indian taste.

Some of the popular Indian cooking steps included in the oven are diet fry, sweet corner, salad, bakery Manu, Soup, Steam cook, Rice delight, Kids delight, sea food and baby food.

Pros and Cons of this 32 liters Convection Microwave Oven

The microwave comes with several function features such as Lightwave technology and Charcoal Lighting Heater, which greatly increases its performance.

Easy to use: It is equipped with a variety of convenience features such as the Next Step Guide and Auto Cooke Menu, which are designed to offer you an easy time when cooking.

Durable: The LG MJ 3283 BKG is an extremely durable microwave oven. It features a stainless steel cavity that does not rust or peel off easy, and it comes with a great warranty cover from LG (1-year product warranty and the 10-year warranty on heaters).

Health cooking features: It features various health cooking features such as Diet Fry and Health Fry, which allows you to prepare healthy yet delicious meals.

Attractive design: It comes with an attractive body design featuring a shiny black shade, which enhances the appearance of your kitchen.

Cons: The microwave parts (door) and any external accessories are not covered in the warranty

Verdict: The LG MJ 3283 is a great microwave oven. It is equipped with several function and convenience features, which increases its performance delivery while making it easier in use even for beginners. This is a very durable LG product, which comes with an extensive warranty cover. At the current market price of 24000 rupees, it can be a right addition to your kitchen.

Type 32L Convection
Cooking Mode Grill, Convection, Solo
Cavity Stainless Steel
Control Type Tact (Buttons)
Auto Cook Menu Total 301, Indian Auto Cook Menu 211
Display LED
Power Usages 900W
Steam Cooking YES
Power Level Five
Cooking Complete Alarm YES
Child Lock YES
Accessories Multi Cook Tawa, Glass Turn Table, Motorised Rotisserie, Rollar Ring, High Rack and Low Rack
Check Online 24500 Rupees


LG MJ3294BG Convection Microwave Oven with 32 Liter Capacity

In terms of design and features the 3294BG oven model is almost similar to the 3283BKG, which is also a convection microwave oven from LG. Read also Multipurpose LG Microwave Oven Below 17500 Rupees.

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The LG 3294BG oven has a capacity of 32 liters, which is ideal if you have a large family. It comes with an attractive black exterior, making it a great addition to your kitchen. It comes with pull-down handle glass door, a stainless steel cavity, an LED display and a touch panel. Main specs of this LG Microwave Oven are

  1. Convection cooking
  2. 32 liters capacity
  3. Stainless steel cavity
  4. Touch panel control
  5. Auto Cook Menu 301
  6. LED display
  7. 5 power levels
  8. 1-year warranty
  9. 301 Auto cook menu
  10. Bottom Heating

What are Key features of LG MJ3294BG?

Lightwave technology: The microwave comes with the advanced LG Lightwave technology, which provides you with a multi-heating system that allows you to cook your food easier and faster. In addition, the technology ensures that your food maintains the original flavors and nutrients, making more delicious too.

Charcoal Lighting Heater: The LG MJ 3294 BG microwave oven is one of the few microwaves to use the Charcoal Lighting Heater technology. The microwave is equipped with a charcoal filament, which allows you to cook your food in a more natural method while greatly reducing the time it takes for the food to be ready.

4-in-1 multi-functional cooking: This multifunctional microwave that comes with four different cooking modes – convection, grill, solo and a combination mode. This allows you to cook different types of food with a lot of ease while helping to maximize the usage of space in the kitchen.

Active Convection technology: The microwave comes with an Active Convection technology, which features four heaters that are strategically placed inside the oven (two on top and two in the rear). This allows the heat to reach all the regions of the microwave, ensuring your food cooks faster and in an even manner.

Diet Fry feature: The LG Kitchen gadget also comes with the Diet Fry feature, which allows you to prepare food using minimum oil. With this microwave, you can prepare and enjoy your favorite delights such as oil-free Samosa, without worrying about health problems.

LG MJ 3294BG 32L Convection Microwave Oven

211 Indian Auto cook feature this Heavy Duty Microwave Oven has

Much like the first product in this list, it also features 301 auto cooking presets wherein 211 listed settings are good for Indian cooking and balance 90 setting are specified for International food delights including popular cuisine Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Italian and French.


  • It has an attractive design
  • The LG MJ 3294BG offers excellent performance
  • The end user finds this oven easy to use
  • Certainly It is energy-efficient device
  • LG’s signature heating technology cooks food faster and evenly with manipulating nutritious balance.
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Cons: It does not come with a rotisserie

Verdict: The LG MJ3294 model is an excellent microwave oven. With four heaters, and several function features such as Lightwave technology, Charcoal Lighting Heater, and stainless steel cavity, it delivers an excellent performance, allowing you to cook your food faster. It is also very durable, even coming with a 1-year warranty from LG. it is a great kitchen appliance to have if you are searching for a high performing microwave with a large capacity.

Type Convection
Cavity Stainless Steel
Control Type Glass Touch
Auto Cook Menu Total 301, Indian Auto Cook Menu 211
Display LED
Power Usages 900 to 2400 Watts
Power Level Five
Cooking Complete Alarm YES
Child Lock YES
Accessories Multi Cook Tawa, High Rack and Low Rack
Buy 23500 Rupees

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