The life of a bachelor is usually a simple life unless you want to complicate it. Besides, as the layman puts it, simplicity is supreme.  Nonetheless, the kitchen is one of the areas that make a bachelor’s life unbearable. I am yet to see a single man who loves cooking or washing dishes. Funny enough, most guys think that the only kitchen appliance you need to solve your problems is a dishwasher. Others assume that a wife might be the ultimate solution to all their kitchen menaces.

Whichever the case, as a bachelor you must understand that cooking is more demanding than washing the dishes. In this article, we evaluate some of the must have kitchen appliances for single people. They might not replace you as the chef in your kitchen, but they sure will save you time and energy. You can use this time to do other stuff.

Most of the bachelor gadgets we will be covering in this article are cooking and food preparation appliances. We want to make your cooking experience as trouble-free as possible. With these appliances, you really do not need to buy ready-made food as a way to avoid cooking. You can prepare your meals within minutes using this selection of kitchen appliances for bachelors. Have a look:

► Induction Stove

As opposed to conventional cooking methods like gas and other electric cookers, induction stoves are more convenient for bachelors. Actually, efficiency was the main reason that convinced us to include it in this list of must have kitchen appliances for bachelors. For a bachelor, you cannot afford to waste money paying for resources that you are not utilizing. For instance, a smooth-top electric cooker would be a total waste of money and energy for a bachelor.

Induction Stove for Bachelor

Lucky for you, original induction stoves are sold cheaply nowadays. Due to market saturation, with these gadgets, original brands are being forced to sell induction stoves at cut-rate prices. Most cooktop manufacturers are doing this to keep up with the competition. You can take advantage of this market trend. Go and buy yourself one of the most helpful bachelor gadgets in the market today.

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However, you must note that an induction cooktop will only work with pans made of ferromagnetic materials. Therefore, you might need to buy induction stove-compatible cooking pots if you do not have any. Surprisingly, a study has shown that induction stoves are more energy efficient than traditional gas cookers. There are also more efficient than any regular electric cooker out there. This is probably because they lose less heat during the cooking process. Check the best induction stoves.

► Egg Boiler

An egg boiler is one of the essential kitchen appliances for bachelors. Though, most single people still don’t know the advantages of having an egg boiler in their houses. Think of it this way, every time you boil eggs on your gas stove — you use enough energy to cook a light meal. Of course, the boiled water won’t be of much use to you either, after you take out the eggs. So basically you tend to waste a whole lot of energy when boiling eggs in a pot.

Egg Boiler for Bachelor

To curb this kind of energy wastage, the only kitchen appliance you need for boiling eggs is an egg boiler. A good egg boiler can boil 7 eggs in under 10 minutes. It will also use less water than boiling eggs in a pot.

Moreover, most egg boilers come with an automatic shutoff feature. Therefore, there is no risk of over-boiling eggs, unlike in the case pot boiling. On average, boiling eggs in a pot will take between 15 to 20 minutes. An egg boiler will take just 8 to 10 minutes and consume less energy. Check top electric egg boilers.

► Atta Dough Maker

Roti or Chapati is a significant delicacy in India. Even so, due to the technicalities involved in preparing them, most bachelors prefer buying a roti than cooking one. But then, for a bachelor who loves rotis, an Atta dough maker has to be included in his must have kitchen appliances. On the brighter side, Atta dough makers come in two models.

Automatic Electric Dough Kneader

You can choose to go for the slightly expensive electric Atta dough maker, or you can settle for the manually operated one. The manual dough maker is way cheaper than the electric model. Either way, both bachelor gadgets will serve their purpose perfectly. You really do not have to go through the trouble of kneading the dough with your bare hands.

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Apart from saving you time and energy, an Atta dough maker does an immaculate job of mixing the roti ingredients. On average, a manual Atta dough maker will set you back 300 Rupees at most. On the other hand, an electric model will cost anything between 2000 and 3000rs. We, however, encourage you to go for the electric model since it is easier to use and faster than the manual dough maker. Check best dough maker machine.

► Mixer Grinder Juicer

In order to make your own home juices as a bachelor, the only kitchen appliance you need is a juicer mixer grinder. This multipurpose juice making appliance is one of the wisest purchases you can ever include in your essential kitchen appliances list. You realize that natural juices are more nutritious and better digested than raw fruits.

Mixer Grinder Juicer for Bachelor

Besides, if you compare the cost of making your own natural juice at home and buying juice at your local hotel, you will realize that making juice at home is cheaper. A juicer mixer grinder performs an array of tasks. Apart from making blended juice, this device can grind seeds to powder, mix stuff or blend cooking ingredients.

When buying a juicer mixer grinder for home use, you need to check that it’s made of heavy-duty material. In our opinion, Stainless steel juicer mixer grinders are better than those made of polycarbonate material. This is because stainless steel does not tinge or get stained even after being used for many years. You should also look for a mixer grinder that has overload protection.

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At times, you may overload the grinder or mixer without realizing it, and things could end terribly. The motor could break down or burn out. However, with overload protection, the device will automatically turn off after sensing that it’s straining to perform the task. Check best mixer grinder machine.

► Oven Toaster Grill Machine

Finally yet importantly, we could not fail to mention an Oven Toaster Grill in this list of must have small kitchen appliances for bachelors. In our past articles, we have covered some of the best OTG’s in the market today. Although bachelors are not very much into cooking customary foods, almost every guy in India loves grilled meat.

Oven Toaster Grill for Bachelor

A small bachelor griller will come in handy whenever you invite your friends over to watch a movie or a game of cricket in your house. You can grill some chicken for your pals to munch, as you watch the match. Furthermore, this device can also be used to prepare French fries, pizza, and kebabs.

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If you are a fan of baking cakes, a small oven toaster grill can serve this purpose. An OTG will bake a small cake or muffins at a fraction of the cost you would incur if you were to use an electric cooker. Basically, Oven toaster grillers are more energy efficient than standard ovens. In addition, you can use an OTG to reheat cold food just like we do in microwaves. So you will not need a microwave in your house for this purpose. Check best OTG machine.