Yong kids love to play with remote-controlled toy cars. In this article, we are not suggesting toy cars replicated from premium car models of the top brand like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Here, we are reviewing five best racing, and stunt cars, controlled by a remote controller, which come with enough features and function to bring an unprecedented smile on your child’s face. Furthermore, we are well-aware of your concerns about the safety aspect while your child is playing with one of these electric RC toy cars. Therefore, we have dedicated a section of a parental guide in each car’s review as well. Read also Birthday Gift Toy – 7 Best Kids Toy under 5000 Rupees.

► Majorette RC Stunt Car

Stunt cars are as much popular among children as premium car toys are. These cars can be a great medium of entertainment for your kids. The Majorette RC Stunt Car is an affordable yet quality solution for you at the price of 1665 INR.

Looks: It is a cute looking beast made with strong build material. Use of red and black color in harmony makes this toy car much attractive. There are also working lights on it.

Age Group: This stunt car can be a great gift for your 6 year of old kid. Younger kids will not be able to use it as their brains are not that much developed. This car can also help in improving the hand-eye coordination of your kid.

Majorette RCStunt Car

Controlling: In the box, you can find an easy to use remote control unit. Your kid will be able to move the car in left-right and forward-backward direction with the help of this remote. There are no special buttons for doing crazy stunt, but as your kid will get use to this toy car, he will be able to use the available controls in great ways.

Power Consumption: The remote of this toy car works on a 9 V non-rechargeable battery. However, the car unit features a 7.2 V battery that can be recharged. Remote will not consume that much power so you won’t have to worry about changing the battery every few days.

Parental Guide: As it is a stunt car, you will have to be much careful while your kid plays with it. There are many small and sharp parts on it, which can be dangerous.

Main Features: The main feature of any stunt car is its ability to do stunts and this toy car seems to be doing great on this front.

Price 2500 Rupees
Age Group 6 to 10 Years


Majorette X Gallop RC Toy Racing Car

There can be no better toy than the Majorette X – Gallop if your kid is a big fan of thrilling speeds. This toy car comes for the price of 1348 INR, but features specs that are found only on premium series racing cars.

Looks: The exterior of this toy car is made with much care. Every single part of it has been given a great attention, which gets reflected in the detailing. Its tires are made with a sturdy material which provides it a longer durability.

Age Group: Considering the skills required and safety, this toy car be gifted to kids not less than 5 years of age.

Controlling: It comes with a small remote, which requires both the hands for control. With levers your kid will make it easy to move the car in left-right and forward-backward directions.

Majorette X – Gallop Review and Price in India

Power Consumption: It should be noted here, this car does not come with batteries. You will have to buy 2 AA batteries for the remote and 3 AA batteries for the car unit. Buying rechargeable batteries for the car unit is a cost effective solution.

Parental Guide: There are many sharp parts on this toy car, which can result in serious cut if not played with care. You will have to guide your kid properly and always keep an eye whenever he plays with it.

Main Features: This toy car can achieve real high speeds. It works on radio signals to a range of about 15 meters. However, single frequency band can be little problem when playing with other remote control toy cars around.

Price 900 Rupees
Age Group 10 – 15 Years


► Toyzstation Transmutation Remote-Controlled Stunt Car

Movies like Transformers attract small kids a lot. Keeping this excitement in mind among children, Toyzstation has come up with its Transmutation Stunt Car. This toy car is a fully functional remote controlled toy and can also perform great stunts. You can purchase this stunt toy for your heart at a price of 1499 INR only.

Looks: The Toyzstation Transmutation Stunt Car comes with the ideal design of Lamborghini Aventador. As this car can transform into a robot, or precisely a Transformer, there are detailing on every part. Its build quality also deserves a great appreciation.

Age Group: This toy car is for the kids who belong to the age group of 4-12 years. Younger kids develop an interest in cars and who can say, what their future holds for them?

Controlling: The Stunt Car comes with powerful, but simple to use remote control. There are stunt buttons marked with labels below them.

Toyzstation Transmutation Stunt Car Review and Price in India

Power Consumption: This car unit comes with a 4.8 V inbuilt battery, which is rechargeable. However, the remote unit supports a non-rechargeable 9 V battery.

Parental Guide: As this toy car can be transformed, so there are various moving parts on it and your kid might accidently get harmed. It is highly advised that you guide him every time he plays with this transmutation stunt car.

Main Features: This toy car can move at the speed of 10 KM per hour. It can perform several stunts and can also play music.

Price 1500 Rupees
Age Group 4 – 10 Years


► Toyzstation Famous Remote Control Toy Car

The Toyzstation RC toy Car is a 1:14 scaled down toy version of the original automobile. This toy car is for those kids who are always fascinated by speedy cars and dream of becoming a racer one day. You will have to spend only 1199 INR to fulfill your child’s dream, at least for now.

Looks: It comes with a solid body that can resist even extreme collisions. The speed of this toy car is reflected by its aerodynamic shape. Its tires perfectly mimic the design of some real racing cars.

Age Group: The minimum age required to play with this car is of 6 years. It is strictly advised that you don’t allow younger kids to play this toy car.

Toyzstation Famous Radio Control Car 1 14 Review and Price in India

Controlling: The remote control unit that comes with this toy car is highly powerful and can operate from a high distance of 12 meters. Your kid can also move this car in left-right and forward-backward direction.

Power Consumption: The toy car comes with five AA in-built batteries, but the remote unit just takes in 2 AA batteries. It consumes a lot of power, so be sure to consider this aspect.

Parental Guide: The side view mirror are much sharp and can be dangerous to the soft skin of your kid. You should store this toy car in such a place where younger children cannot reach.

Main Features: Your kid will highly enjoy the 10 KM per second speed of this toy car. It can be a best car for child race event, but single frequency band might create a problem.

Price 1200 Rupees
Age Group 6 – 12 Years


► A2b Super 458 the Model Toy Car with Remote Control

A2b's Super 458 the Model Car is an attractive RC toy for the kids who love premium cars. It can be purchased for an affordable price of 1399 INR, which is less as compared to its high quality built and performance.

Looks: This car looks similar to the Lamborghini cars because of its style and curves. It is a relatively small car as compared to other remote controlled cars in the market with the ratio of 1:24. However, we assure you that you are looking into a tough car.

Age Group: You can purchase this car for the kids belonging to the age group of 3-15 years. Its look and thrilling speed will also attract adults no matter what their age is.

Controlling: This car comes with a handy remote control unit with pretty nice features. There are controls for forward – backward and left-right movement of the car which makes playing more easy and enjoyable.

A2b Super 458 the Model Car Review and Price in India

Power Consumption: This super toy car features an in-built battery and also comes with a charger unit. This gives a flexibility to recharge and play with it any time anywhere for much more time.

Parental Guide: All you need to be concern of is that your kids do not get hurt with the sharp and small parts of this toy car.

Main Features: The most important feature of this toy car is its multi-directional drive. Moreover, its hard plastic body provides it durability.

Price 1400 Rupees
Age Group 4 – 15 Years