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Top Five 32 inch LED TV in 13000 to 20000 Rupees

Lloyd L32EK 32inch LED TV Review and Specifications

The Gadgets Shisha has now become one top destination for new TV buyers for getting suggestions on LED television sets with best features currently on sale on shopping websites. In recent months, we have published many review articles on — recently launched innovative and low-priced LED TV in the Indian market. Since festy offer season is approaching, the time is now to look back and group those reviewed LED TVs as per their one particular feature in different articles for better users' convenience.

Do we really cover all the best LED TVs in the market? The answer is yes; we have reviewed and presented to readers our review on almost all quality LED televisions available currently in the Indian market. Though we missed few and they are going to be reviewed here in this two parts article series. However, In this review piece meet top 5 best LED TV with a 32-Inch screen from best LED TV brands LG, Vu, Micromax, Panasonic, and Lloyd.

→32-Inch Micromax HD Ready LED TV 32T7260HD

Priced currently at 14000 rupees, the Micromax LED TV is one good pick in the list of best 32-inch LEDs. This bears a 32-inch bright screen with HD-ready resolution. Viewing angles are great at 170-degree from both sides. The down firing speakers feature five-band equalizer and can pump up 16W powerful audio.

In terms of connectivity options, Micromax made it really smart by adding many solutions onboard. There are ports for Component-in, HDMI, PC Audio in, RF connectivity, USB, AV input-output, VGA Connector, and PC audio input.

Although this may not be a good display for playing games due to below standard response time, but it can be used as a regular computer monitor. Use this Micromax TV whichever you want as a LED TV or a LED computer monitor. This is indeed a popular product in the online markets. Read more about this Micromax and the below mentioned Vu TV at Top 5 LED TV In India Below 15000 Rupees.

→32-Inch VU 32K160MREVD HD Ready LED TV

Despite being priced same as the Micromax TV mentioned above, the features of this Vu TV are more in sync for better viewer and user’s experience. Its 32-inch screen is really bright (450 cd/m2), responsive (6.5m response time), and vivid with great viewing angles support from both sides (178-degree).

Against 16W audio output of the Micromax champ, this has just 12W but comes with advanced inbuilt feature AVL, which works really great in balancing audio.

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The TV has a slim profile yet it consumes more electricity due to extra clarity as high brightness. Though 50W power consumption is not going pinch users much.

There are some professional features on this Vu TV requires special mention: play movies that are stored on a USB drive, built-in media player, digital noise reduction, and moisture dust resistant features. These interesting features are not even found in popular LG Sony 32-inch LED TVs.

→32-Inch LG 32LH516A with 20W Audio Output – My Pick

This is a brand new LED TV in our market. The set is backed by some innovative and interesting features for best-in-class end user’s experience. In the screen has a brilliant LED panel that offers crystal-clear images, and true black with life-like natural colors. The bezel around the screen is perfect does not distort viewing experience.

Trust that you are going to experience never expected video quality on this. Some popular aspect ratios are supported here. Picture engine running in the background is LG’s signature technology “Triple XD Engine”, the panel is IPS, and some smart features to eliminate noise and add filler so that viewer feels spectacular clarity while watching programs.

The Audio system of this latest LED TV is made powerful and it can deliver 20W clear sound with big bass boost on user’s demand. There are four audio modes: Standard, Bollywood, Cinema, Cricket, and Game. The sound technology in use is Dolby digital decoder- highly reputed for audio quality advancement.

LG 32LH516A HD Ready LED with 20W Audio Output Review

This is really surprising to see how LG has upped audio output which used to be standing not more than 10W. Changing market really where growing influence of Indian TV brands like Micromax and Vu has finally got LG to do what consumer has been demanding from very long. As far as audio management goes, LG 32LH516A is a recommended product.

Not Happy with Connectivity Options on this LG LED TV

I could never understand why it is so difficult for LG, Samsung, Sony to offer all possible connectivity options on their LED TV. Count of connectivity features does define how dynamic a TV is. When compared with a similar Vu product, there are many smart features that really ensure convenience to end users – are lacking on this LG LED. Yes, in terms of connectivity features, LG disappoints with this new 32-inch HD ready television set.

Pro Features:-

  • Brilliant LED TV with IPS panel
  • Regional Indian languages support
  • Flexi mount installation support
  • The TV is metallic – Slim yet strong
  • All round protections: heat, dust, moisture, lightning, and voltage fluctuation (works without stabilizer)
  • Built-in games
  • Play videos from USB host
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Conclusion: I like this LG product. It is according to my taste. Its build quality is simply brilliant, screen quality is awesome, and I am really surprised with impressive, high-quality 20W audio output. For a price of 19000 rupees, which is 5000 rupees more than what Micromax, Vu demanding for their products with similar features, this is a worthy choice. Can we really compare Micromax and VU with LG?

Price 19000 Rupees
Body 80×50.2×16.2 cm, 5Kg
Screen 32inch, HD Ready, 1366×768 Pixels, IPS Panel
Audio 20W output
Features One year Warranty, HDMI, USB, RF Capable, 35W Power Consumption


→32-Inch Panasonic TH-32C350DX is Good Choice for Daily TV Programs

This being one of the best-selling Panasonic television sets below 20000 rupees price is certainly recommended for buyers looking for a 32-inch television with some great features. This is an HD ready LED TV with an impressive 16W audio output. Viewing angles, too, are impressive and remains clear whether viewers sit any side of the TV or far right or left of the TV screen.

If electricity consumption is a matter of concern for you then go with the LG, detailed above because this Panasonic product consumes not less than 65W in running mode.

Panasonic 32C350DX is a kind of TV that is purely for television programs. You cannot use it conveniently for other purposes. Yes, it lacks many latest connectivity features that are generally seen on Micromax, Vu TVs. However, you will never be disappointed when it comes to video audio quality of this champ.

Panasonic TH-32C350DX Review and Specifications

The panel used on this TV is IPS, which has been trusted for brilliant picture quality. There is the feature of “Dot Noise Reduction” that is working as filler between pixels and significantly improving sync between motion pictures.

As a total package this is not in-demand television set but when compared this with other similar product in terms of audio, video, and built quality, then it is certainly better choice currently.

Pro Features:-

  • Powerful 16W audio output
  • 100 Hz Refresh rate
  • Dot Noise reduction
Price 18000 Rupees
Body 735×465.7×165.5 mm, 4.5Kg
Screen 32-inch, HD Ready, DLED Display Type, 1366×768 Pixel Resolution, 100Hz Refresh rate
Audio 16W output
Features One year Domestic Warranty, HDMI, USB, RF Capable, 65W Power Consumption


→32-Inch Lloyd L32EK LED TV with Three Year Warranty

If Lloyd wants to shine in consumer electronics market, then it must improve customer service. Though the good news is Lloyd understands this, in fact, runs TV promos to claim a better customer support nowadays. However, the ground reality still demands significant improvement.

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The Lloyd LED TV is this year’s model and it is blessed with improved audio and video features. Essentially it is optimized to support only one aspect ratio that is friendlier with HD contents is 16:9. It also has the Zoom feature for video optimization.

The 32-inch screen of this with A-grade panel is not that bright (200cd/m2) and is not optimized for gaming as its response time stands low. Although other features like contrast ratio and refresh rate is according to the usual trend seen in many similar LED TVs.

Lloyd L32EK 32inch LED TV Review and Specifications

Twelve watts audio output from two audio systems does not satisfy either. However, the feature of AVL or automatic volume leveler adds value.

In connectivity features, it is listing everything that is important to connect it with modern media gadgets. The TV lists two HDMI port, one USB port, AV input, RF, headphone jack, and PC audio in.

Safety and Protection Details for this LED TV

Lloyd is strongly advising to use a voltage stabilizer in order to protect the TV from power fluctuation or low voltage situations. Here, we recommend V-guard voltage stabilizer for good care of your electronics devices. One can also use a power UPS to safeguard their TV.

Despite no exciting features onboard, we recommend Lloyd L32EK because it comes with three years of warranty. This is unbelievable as no other LED manufacturers offer such long warranty comment. Read also 6 Best Affordable LED TV below 20000 Rupees in India.

Pro Features:-

  • Three years warranty
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic volume leveler
  • Picture freeze
  • USB Video support
  • Last Channel recall
  • Headphone Jack
  • Two HDMI port
Price 17000 Rupees
Body 733x469x176 mm, 4.5Kg
Screen 32-inch, HD Ready, A Grade panel, 1366×768 Pixel Resolution, 60Hz Refresh rate
Audio 12W output with AVL
Features Three years domestic Warranty, 2×HDMI, 1×USB, 45W Power Consumption

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