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Top Earphones for Smartphone Below 1500 Rupees

Audio Technica ATH CLR100 Headphones Price Online in India

Sony MDR-EX150AP – One of the top Earphones in budget with a powerful MIC

Almost all earphones that come bundled with smartphones offer undesired audio and cheap build quality. More than anything, they do not offer a comfortable experience to the users. All this force the smartphone customers in purchasing a replacement. Read also Recent Launch Sony Sports Earphones with Mic Online in India.

A good earphone should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be durable
  • Should offer good audio quality
  • It should be comfortable, and lastly
  • The earphone has to be cheap so that users do not feel regretted upon losing it

The Sony MDR-EX150AP earphone seems to be a great option considering all the above requirements. This is certainly one of the top earphones for your smartphone is available in the market for an amount of 1200 rupees. It is an affordable replacement for the cheap quality earphone in your smartphone sales box.

Sony MDR-EX150AP Looks Attractive and Feels Durable

This Sony earphone offers more features than you are paying for. It is available in six colors including red, black, white, blue, light blue and light pink. The metallic back of the earpieces provides a premium look to the whole setup.

Sony has made the aux-in cable with a rubberized material that eliminates tangling and does not break easily. Its 3.5-mm connector is angled at 90-degrees, which is convenient for some people and annoying for others.

Comfortable and Easy To Manage: The earphone also comes with three pairs of different size ear tips. These ultra-soft ear tips do not cause pain in the ears and help in isolating the users from outside noise.

Its earpieces offer a secure fitting, though they may fall off while running or jumping. The whole setup weighs in at 59 grams only. You also get a small cable management tool that not only helps in separating left and right earpieces but also acts as a cable winder when the earphone is not in use. Moreover, the aux-in cord measures 1.2 meters in length, which is perfect for outdoor usage.

Top Earphones for Smartphone - Sony MDR EX150AP with Mic Earphones Review and Specifications

Best in Class Audio Production

I must admit, this Sony product is the most attractive, in fact, one high rated top earphones of the sub-1500-rupee category. Even its specs sheet proves that so. Its frequency response range of 5-24000 Hz is the widest in this price segment.

Users hear accurate audio without any distortions. The earphone adds a little spice to the highs and lows. In fact, the treble is so high that you cannot listen to a high-frequency song at 100 percent volume.

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Sony was also kind enough to feature huge 9-mm drivers on this device. These drivers produce powerful audio and make users feel like they are in a music studio. Vocals and lower-Mids are impressive, though the earphone suffers when it comes to deep bass.

If you love deep thumping frequencies, then this earphone can be a disappointment. In that case, I would suggest choosing an over-the-ear style headphone.

The alphabets “AP” in the product name suggest that it features an inbuilt microphone. This point is worth a mention here because Sony also sells another variant of this device without “AP” in the name, which does not come with a microphone.


  • Super-wide frequency response range of 5-24000 Hz
  • Large 9mm drivers
  • Inline remote with built-in microphone
  • Rubberized cable offers a tangle-free experience
  • Low impedance
  • Highly comfortable
  • Comes with a really useful cable management tool
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Adequate 1.2-meter aux-in cord

Cons: Bass levels are not deep and sometimes deep frequencies feel like artificial

Verdict: Sony MDR-EX150AP can be a great replacement for the earphone that came bundled with your smartphone. You will love listening to music on it. Its frequency response range has really impressed me. Moreover, it comes with the largest possible drivers on an earphone, which generates amazing audio. Read also 8 Top Philips Earphones between 100 to 1000 Rupees.

Connectivity Aux-in
Frequency Response Range 5-24000 Hz
Driver Size 9mm
Design Earbud
Weight 59 grams
Dimensions 17 x 5.4 x 3.6 cm
Buy 900 Rupees


Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 Best rated top earphones

While shopping for headphones, Indian customers always face the “US-Price” dilemma (I have created this term myself). Most headphone brands are EU and US-based Company and they make their products focusing on the paying capacity of Europeans and US citizens. Read also Top 5 Earphones Priced under Rupees 1000.

The thought competition in the headphone market is rising, though it is yet to reach a level the same as smartphone market. Moreover, brands like Bose, Sony, and Beats do not see India and other developing countries as the huge potential market for premium headphones. These factors also affect the release time of the products.

In the effect of these market forces, an average Indian has to pay more money than his or her pocket allows while purchasing a decent headphone.

However, the condition will change soon. Even though most premium brands still consider UK and US as the most profitable markets, but some manufacturers changing strategy and has started believing the potential of Indian electronic market. These brands are few in number but capable enough to make a serious difference. One such brand is Audio Technica. This company has been widely appreciated for the good quality products, which are budget friendly in the Indian market and offers great value.

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One of Audio Technica’s bestselling products is the ATH-CLR100 earphone. It became available in India a few years back and since then it has attracted a good number of sales. You can purchase this product as low as 699 rupees.

Audio Technica ATH CLR100 Headphone Review and Specifications

Superior Audio Quality

No other best-selling top earphones of the budget segment can match the audio quality of this Audio Technica device. Users get an immersive experience while listening to music on it.

At medium volumes, the audio of this Audio Technica remains well balanced. While listening to a rock track, it almost felt like I was using a premium Bose headphone. It generates accurate Mids, punchy bass, and sharp treble.

However, the headphone starts suffering when you increase the volume up to 100 percent. The treble increases uncomfortably while bass becomes totally silent. Still, I believe this headphone is a perfect device for casual listener considering the price point. I really enjoyed my time with it. You cannot get more than this from a budget device.

Highly Comfortable: Audio Technica ships three pairs of ear tips of different sizes with this headphone. You can use the pair that fits your ears. The manufacturer has made these ear tips with ultra-soft materials for better comfort.

I used this headphone for hours without experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort. A disc-like cord winder that comes in the box helps a lot in the handling of the product and also stops its cord from tangling.

Average Build Quality

Although this device is super-comfortable, I am not happy with Audio Technica’s choice of materials while making it. The cord feels really cheap and can easily break. The housing of the 3.5mm audio jack is not durable, though only time will tell how long it will last.


  • Generates immersive audio
  • Super comfortable ear tips
  • Lightweight
  • Low price


  • No microphone
  • No inline remote
  • Bass is not that great

Verdict: The Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 is not a heavy bass headphone and is a great choice if you are looking for top earphones on a budget. It generates a balanced audio, though adds some level of spiciness to the tracks. It lacking inline remote and microphone is a big disappointment. Many people will not purchase this great headphone due to its inability to make calls. Read also Best Headphones below 1000 from Philips Sony Audio Technica.

Audio Technica ATH CLR100 Headphones Price Online in India

Connectivity Aux-in
Design Earbud
Driver Diameter 8.5mm
Frequency Response Range 20-25000Hz
Weight 3.4 grams
Dimensions 17.8 x 5.1 x 7.6 cm
Buy 700 Rupees

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