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Top 7 Convection Microwave Oven Under 13000 Rupees

Top 7 Microwave Oven Under 13000 Rupees in July 2015

A modern kitchen is incomplete without a microwave oven. It makes daily cooking easy. By using a convection oven specially it is possible to cook variety of foods with rich taste. A convection microwave oven in Kitchen is not less than a boon. I can cook well. Using an LG Microwave Oven in my kitchen, on every weekend, I cook some exotic foods for friends and family members. I cannot imagine a kitchen without a Microwave oven. The best thing about an microwave oven is that it would cook the food the way that should be done.

Here, we would help you to buy reliable, durable, a best-selling convection microwave oven with many cooking and convenience features. The listed seven microwave ovens are from well-know brands. Read also Should you Buy an Usha Halogen Oven? Find out

23 Liters Morphy Richards 23MCG Convection Microwave Oven

A critical review of the Morphy Richards 23MCG microwave oven reveals many intricate details that after a thorough scrutiny, you may be persuaded to have one in your kitchen shelves. To start with, this 23 liter-capacity microwave has a mirror door that will enable you see through it without necessarily opening it in case you want to smell or even check cooking progress. It is imperative to note that Morphy Richards 23MCG microwave oven, offers a grill, micro, and convection cooking options unlike other types of microwaves.

The convection microwave contains 5 power levels, 10 auto cooking menus, a defrost function, sensory and overheat protection. Also, you will find wire rack, baking plate, and a child lock feature.

Moreover, Morphy Richards 23MCG microwave oven also has a simple instruction manual in case you want to conduct a DIY installation. There is also a cook completion alarm that in alerting you once your food is ready. What is the advantage of using this type of microwave oven?

Morphy Richards 23MCG Convection Microwave Oven 23 L

Key Features of this Morphy Richards Oven

Every feature in this Morphy Richards convection microwave Oven is unique in its own design and provides the best solution for the work it’s designed for. For instance, the stainless steel cavity cabinet ensures that heat is uniformly spread inside the oven. This makes your food cook a lot more even.

Besides, the stainless steel material will mean that cleaning is made easy since there are no harder stains that will hold on to a stainless steel surface.

The round inner cavity is another unique feature that comes with a big advantage. Remember that, if the inner surface was sharp-cornered, there is likelihood that collecting or cleaning out fallen food particles would be a lot more challenging as compared to a round interior cavity.

The alert alarm is amazing since you do not need to regularly check your food but wait for the alarm to alert you. This time, you would be doing something constructive like ironing or watching your favorite soap.

Cons: There is nothing good that does not have a downside even if it was a smaller number. This 23 liters Morphy Richards oven has one of the high-velocity fans. While this is good at ensuring that heat spreads evenly inside the oven, there is need to keep an eye on your power meter.

  • Besides, 800W output to 1300W is on the higher side.
  • There are critics who argue that the manual is useless since it doesn’t help.
  • While the whole unit seems incredible, complementary utensils are of poor quality.

Verdict: In general, people love to buy a microwave that heats up fast, alerts them, and has a variety of power levels. In addition, buyer demands for several auto cook menus, safe to use, easy to clean, and a long warranty which gives them hope of compensation in case of a defect. Morphy Richards 23MCG microwave oven is that kitchen appliance you deserve. It packs all the best features one can hope in a 10000 rupees budget oven.

Features Child Lock, Overheat Protection, Defrost
Control Type Tact (Buttons)
Power Levels 5
Door Type Mirror Glass
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
Cooking Modes Micro, Convection, Grill
Auto Cook Menu 10
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 10000 Rupees


23 Liters Godrej 23CA1MKM Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej Company may not be the best known brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. It may not be known by many people for such home use items. It is not because of quality. Contrary to the popular belief that when you need a kitchen gadget, you need to go for renowned brands, there is something special that lies beneath Godrej 23CA1MKM microwave oven for your consideration. After all, don’t you need a durable microwave oven that is easy to operate, economical and affordable among other things? Here are some of its notable features that many do not know.

Godrej 23CA1MKM 23L Convection Microwave Oven

Specifications: The 23CA1MKM microwave oven is designed in a way that ensures the safety of its user. Especially in those homes where children are known to aggressively run around the house including inside the kitchen when their parents is cooking. To that affect, it comes with a child lock system. It also comes with a digital display that will help you monitor both heating temperature and time for your food to be ready.

This Godrej convection microwave unlike many microwave ovens contains a vertical rotisserie racks and trays that help homeowners with the easy inner arrangement of any food put inside. The mirror door, the stainless steel cavity material, 5 different power levels and a 23 liters capacity are all features that make Godrej 23L different from other microwave ovens.

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With this new product, you will enjoy one glass turntable, 1 microwave oven, 1 crusty plate, a grill stand, a roller in ring, and over 161 cooking menus that include roast, barbecue and multistage cooking among other features.

Pros: To start with, it is the warranty period that has been tremendously increased. Apart from the basic 3-year warranty that you are issued with when you purchase the microwave, there is an additional one-year product warranty. This ensures your compensation against any technical default.

  • With the stunning aluminum alver, you will be assured of your microwave’s longevity.
  • It is easy to use since everything is vivid.
  • It does not rust.
  • The mirror door gives Godrej oven a nice look that complements your kitchen’s splendor.

Cons: As general rule, there are likelihoods that over-exposure to the use of microwaves will endanger your physiological ability. Further, it is not clear how much power does Godrej 23CA1MKM consume. This is a setback for those who consider power consumption to be a big deal.

Verdict: With few setbacks, but a huge number of advantages, I would suggest that you try Godrej 23CA1MKM. You will not regret.

Features Child Lock, Defrost, Vertical Rotisserie
Power Levels 5
Door Type Mirror Glass
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
Cooking Modes Bake, Convection, Grill
Auto Cook Menu 161
Warranty 1+3 Years
Buy 9500 Rupees


25 Liters Convection Microwave Oven Kenstar KJ25CSG150

The Kenstar Convectional Microwave oven is not new to people who are looking for a quality kitchen appliance. Yes, many people are now aware of the immense benefits of using this oven now. This is not about the name, but all has to do with special features that are not found in any other microwave ovens. Besides, Kenstar 25L microwave has 150-auto cook menu. In fact, most microwave ovens do not go beyond 100 auto cook menus.

The microwave has a control type that is made of tact or buttons. With the pull-door opening mechanism and a 27 cm turntable diameter, this is people’s choice. It has a capacity of 25 liters and the dimension could be measured in 42.5 cm wide, 28.1 cm high and 44 cm diameter.

This convection type of microwave oven is right for your kitchen remodeling. I cannot forget to mention that Kenstar Microwave oven comes with 10 power levels option. This is contrary to the traditional five power levels. But what are the advantages of such a microwave oven?

Kenstar KJ25CSG150 25L Convection Oven

Auto Cook menu, Four Years of Warranty, Timer and lot more features

With the 50 additional auto cooking menus, you can expect a great variety of delicacies from this perfect oven for your kitchen. In fact, this is an ultimate kitchen device one should have. Kenstar Convectional oven comes with a 4-year warranty that will guarantee you compensation in case there will be a fault, defect or workmanship. In addition, the timer feature will no doubt help in knowing the right and precise time your food will be ready. With a good timer you are able to accomplish other things in time while your food is prepared.

  • The plastic bar handle ensures that no matter the interior heat, you are not going to get burnt.
  • All these features fit in a 16-kilogram oven.

Cons: With affluent and high-end features, there comes the price and power consumption. The oven’s power consumption is as shown below: Convection-1950W, Grill – 1000W, Microwave-900W

  • What this means is that with extra sophisticated features that seemingly help in the kitchen, the more power they consume.
  • In case, you would want to replace a particular part of this oven, it will be a problem since spares are hardly found.

Verdict: In your quest of finding a microwave for your kitchen, I advise to look beyond the normal features. As you have noticed, there are products out there waiting for buyers. This is one of those kitchen appliances whose price tags are slightly above the line, but you will have no regrets after purchasing this Kenstar Convectional Microwave oven.

Features Child Lock
Power Levels 10
Door Type Mirror Glass
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
Buy 9000 Rupees


23 Liters Onida Convection Oven MO23CJS11B

Indian electronics brand Onida has been in business from a long time. The brand has not taken off well because of low investment in research and development. However, it is quite good in replicate the existing technology to a great product. And, its customer service gets many appreciations for friendly approach.

I am sure, the Onida MO23CJS11B oven with a 23 Liters capacity is a considerable choice a new family. But what is special about this convection type of microwave oven? Are there any features that will make you think that it is the perfect kitchen appliance you are looking for? Here are the specifications:

Onida MO23CJS11B-23L Convection Oven

Special Features: Onida microwave oven is a public choice thanks to its multi-stage cooking function. This is made possible by the microwave’s stainless steel cavity material. Inside the package box, you will find a user manual which elaborates intricate details on how to effectively handle the main unit. It comes with a LED display that ensures monitor the progress of your cookery.

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The oven is equipped with 54 auto cooking menus which mostly dominated by Indian cuisine. This means that your friends will enjoy their favorite when they visit you. It has the ability to cook food at a variety of power levels to ensure that reheats or preheats to your preferred temperature. This microwave oven is also equipped with steam clean, multi stage cooking, and other important features such as keep warm.

This Onida Oven comes with some unique feature to ensure better cooking. Features such as a mirror-finish door, tact control, and child lock as well as deodorizer facility makes it a hot fit for every middle-class family.

Pros: With all the above features, this microwave oven uses 1200W of power utmost. Although it is not low, yet it delivers fast cooking.

  • There could not be any microwave that is designed with simplicity than Onida 23 L. Everything is without a hustle for you.
  • It does not have a rack system. Although it seems a cons but in reality it is a good thing. Racks occupy some space, so reducing free space inside the oven.
  • Multi stage and express cooking

Cons: Considering its price, many people consider 54 auto cooking menus to be a small number. I do not think anyone use more than 8 to 10 cooking menus. In my oven I stick to 4 to 5 regular cooking mode.

  • Though it weighs approximately 14.5 kilograms, it consumes around 800 W to a maximum of 1200 Watts something many consider as much power.
  • Onida offers only one year of warranty. This is way below the 3-year warranty that is considered ideal for microwave ovens.

Verdict: You have seen for yourself, what kind of microwave oven Onida MO23CJS11B is. At a price of 10000 Rupees, this Onida oven offers limited feature and just one year of warranty. In my opinion, a gadget with fewer features run longer, so my vote goes in favor of this oven. However, while other brand over two to three years of warranty; one year of free service from Onida is uncalled. This is a perfect oven with a correct price tag, but warranty period is a cons.

Features Child Lock, Defrost, Vertical Rotisserie
Power Levels 10
Door Type Mirror Glass
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
Buy 10000 Rupees


23 Liters Panasonic Convection Oven NN CT364B

Are you in the verge of buying yourself a kitchen appliance? Well, if the answer is yes, this is the right place where you will find candid information on your preferred appliance.

With the brand new Panasonic NN-CT364B microwave, you will be assured of finding peace in your kitchen. I am sure Bhabhi Ji will make delicious Indian food with popular 49 Indian preset cooking styles. First, it is prudent to note that when you purchase it, you will receive a well-elaborated manual. It will be of help, in case you need to conduct a DIY installation.

Panasonic NN CT364B 23L Convection Microwave Oven

Specifications: To start with, it is good to point that the Panasonic CT364B microwave is equipped with 5 power levels. What this means is that you are able to heat your food to the preferred temperature without the fear of over-cooking. It is fitted with a timer, which gives access to inside process in digital mode. It is safe to use even with young ones around, thanks to the child lock feature.

In terms of operational temperature, it generates 100 to 200 Celsius from all angles for even cooking. The body material that is made up of stainless steel and the glass turntable material make the microwave completely rust-free.

Pros: The quality of this microwave oven is evidenced by the number of years the appliance takes before you change it. Stainless steel with rust proof technology increases the durability at least by two to three years.

  • The Panasonic microwave does not overheat. This is because; it has the ability to contain heat as high as 200 degrees Celsius. This important for food, kitchen and your home safety.
  • All the features that we talked of play an important role in the quality of the Panasonic microwave. For instance, the timer will give you all the time you need you need. Be, it a shower, ironing or even mobbing your house.
  • Child lock is one feature that most modern parents look for especially those with aggressive naughty bulls.

Cons: Panasonic appliances are not hard to find thanks to online stores. But just like other Panasonic products, they are fairly expensive. Many people would prefer to go for cheap products as long as they serve the purpose even if it is for a short time.

  • For a microwave fires 200 degrees Celsius temperature, it has to consume a lot of energy. When you purchase it, think about your power bills. Yes, 1200W for it alone.
  • With approximately 14 kg in weight, this is not a simple kitchen appliance that is easy to move around with.

Verdict: Having looked at the features, pros and cons of the Panasonic NN-CT364B Microwave, what is your decision? For those who want quality, this is my recommendation for your kitchen.

Features Child Lock, Defrost
Power Levels 5
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
Power Output 900W
Buy 11000 Rupees


25 Liters IFB Microwave Oven with Convection 25SC4

This convection type of microwave oven is equipped with a warm feature. It designed to keep your food warm to your preferred temperature until you feel that you are ready for it. This feature is important since the microwave will not consume much power pulse. Interestingly, you can also be able to activate this keeps warm feature for a maximum of 90 minutes. This is a great help in hectic morning hours.

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With the weight defrost option; you are assured of not over defrosting a particular item since you were not aware of how long you should take in the first place. You have an option of 26 auto cooking options to choose from. There is total 10 different power levels and enables you to regulate temperatures between 110 to 220 degrees Celsius. Don’t be worried of cleaning the oven since it comes with a steam clean and deodorize options.

IFB 25SC4 Convection Microwave Oven 25L

The IFB 25SC4 Convection oven packs great features for security and monitoring. It owns a digital display clock for monitoring and a child lock feature is to ensure security in the kitchen. Additionally, it has a timer option, LED display, stainless steel cavity which ensures that your microwave does not rust. There is also a lemon refreshing fragrance that is inside the microwave among many other features.

Pros: I love the deodorizer, steam cleaning option and the lemon fragrance inside the oven. This will enable your microwave give a perfect scent from your kitchen all day long after your cooking.

  • You will be assured that your food is cooked to the right temperature with 10 variable cooking temperatures.
  • The stainless cavity body is a show that your newly-acquired microwave oven is not going to rust so soon.
  • For a modern family, it has a sufficient capacity of 25L. You can cook food for at least 4 to 6 person on one go.
  • Three years of magnetron and cavity warranty and an additional one year for general microwave defect, is a good incentive to any buyer.

Cons: With all those amazing features, you can expect that a lot of power will be involved. Though this may be strange to many people especially those who have not used the oven, it is good to know that it consumes power as follows: Microwave-1400W, Power output-900W, and Grill-1000W

  • For those who are very sensitive with their power usage that might be a disadvantage.
  • 26 auto cooking menus is indeed a small number for 10 variable power levels and 25 L convection microwave oven.

Verdict: If you have been yearning to cook your meals faster without prior soaking; this is the ideal kitchen appliance. Do not hesitate. Grab IFB 25SC4 25 L easy to use and maintain convection oven today and enjoy the refreshing lemon fragrance in it.

Features Child Lock, Defrost, Deodorizer, Overheat Protection
Power Levels 10
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
Power Output 900W
Buy 12000 Rupees


25 Liters Whirlpool Microwave Oven MW25BC with Convection

If you are looking for a perfect appliance for your kitchen, Whirlpool MW 25-BC Convection microwave is one ideal choice. It is made with high-end latest technology that will give you tasty and spicy food on day to day basis. I agree the Whirlpool is not a big star in the kitchen appliances market, but its unique feature and faster cooking ability will force you to have a look it for integrated features.

Specifications: Whirlpool MW25BC microwave oven enjoys a capacity of 25 liters. It comes with a 31.5 cm diameter turntable that has a capacity of carrying a large platter. Besides, it is equipped with grill and convection combi cooking modes, which is mostly found in high-end microwave ovens. In addition, the microwave has an auto Indian cook menu with 100 preset options. All these features are carried in an 18.5 kilograms component.

You can do chicken grilling, fish frying, steak or barbecue thanks to its 100 menus dominated with Indian taste. Besides, also has a speed cooking feature that allows you to reheat your dish within just a half a minute. These are just notable features.

Whirlpool MW25BC 25L Convection Microwave Oven

Pros: It has a timer. This is a feature that every modern microwave oven will hardly lack. In fact, with Whirlpool MW 25 L microwave oven, you are able to preheat and reheat to your preferred temperature. This is made possible with the following feature.

  • It contains 5 different power levels.
  • With the cavity material of stainless steel, you are assured of a non-rusting microwave oven for as long as you will have it.
  • It is easy to operate as well as Eco-friendly.
  • I love the four auto reheat feature named coffee, dinner plate, roll and custom based on your choice.

Cons: This oven consumes 900W. It is even worse if you are using your microwave for a longer time since the grill and the convection output are at 1400W and 2400W respectively. This is indeed huge power consumption. Besides, there are unconfirmed critics suggesting that it is likely to stop after a rigorous heating of approximately 30 minutes.

Verdict: With a trust of American brand Whirlpool, this microwave oven has many preset feature or Indian cooking and reheating. Although its power consumption could be a cons for many but we cannot ignore its superb performance, fast cooking and ultra easy features.

Features Child Lock, Defrost, Grill Rack
Power Levels 5
Door Type Side Swing
Cavity Material Stainless Steel
Power Output 900W
Buy 13000 Rupees
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