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Top Bluetooth Portable Speaker below 3500 Rupees

Top Bluetooth Portable Speaker below 3500 Rupees

Creative Muvo 20 Portable Wireless Speaker

Creative is one of the best brands to consider if you want high-quality products at a limited budget. Its Muvo 20 Portable Wireless Speaker offers good sound quality and is perfect for outdoor usage. You can purchase it for an amount of 3499 rupees, which is not much considering the brand reputation in the market. Read also Creative Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling.

Full Range Speaker: Do not underestimate this speaker by its size. It houses two full range drivers, each of which measures 3 inches in diameter. It produces loud audio, but you would not like its performance at higher volumes. Like most of the portable speakers, the audio that it produces starts distorting with increasing volume. The perfect volume level would fall between 50 to 85 percent of its full capacity.

The Creative speaker features a pair of drivers that enhance the user’s experience with stereo audio. However, do not expect it to offer better imaging. The BasXPort technology helps in producing high-quality low frequencies using a dual flared bass tube. This device also supports aptX codec that produces great audio on a wireless connection.

Creative Muvo 20 Portable Wireless Speaker

This Creative speaker is a Good Choice for Outdoor Usage

The compact outer shell makes this speaker a perfect solution for outdoor usage. You can take it to work, picnic or even to a trip. Use of premium build materials makes this speaker durable. Its outer shell is strong enough to resist light collisions. Still my advice would be to take extra care during outdoor use. Although the product is not pocket-friendly but it is small enough to fit inside a backpack easily. I am sure some of you will have a concern with its weight of 1.02 KG.

Loaded With Modern Connectivity Features: Creative understands the market pulse and designs a product that fulfills everyone’s requirement. The speaker comes with all the latest connectivity options. The inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 technology consumes much less power and works flawlessly within the range of 10 meters. Onboard Software guides the users with voice prompts throughout the setup processes.

Pairing this speaker becomes much easier from the second time onward because modern day smartphones are clever enough to remember the old settings. Moreover, it will take significantly less time connect if your smartphone supports Near Field Connection technology because the manufacturer has placed an NFC chip on top of this speaker.

I am disappointed with lacking support to external storage. You will not be able to play music right from a microSD card or a pen drive. The Creative product does not feature a SD card slot and a pen drive supporting port. However, it does feature a 3.5 mm aux-in jack on the back for universal connectivity.

This Wireless speaker could also work as a Power Bank

The Muvo 20 features a big battery inside. On a single charge, it gives this device a power backup of 10 hours. The best thing is you can charge it through a miniUSB port, which makes it compatible with most of the smartphone chargers. One can even charge it with a laptop using a USB to miniUSB data cable.

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This is not all. After featuring a massive battery, the manufacturer planned to take an extra benefit of it. Apart from giving long power backup, this battery also acts as a power bank for other portable devices like smartphones and tablets. To enable the power bank feature, a full-size USB port has also been provided on the back.

  • Two large 3-inch driver units
  • Features a bass port on the back
  • Compact, portable and durable
  • Inbuilt microphone offers good call quality
  • Two LED indicator lights
  • Voice guided prompts
  • NFC and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Can be used to charge other devices


  • Does not offer best audio quality in the segment
  • High volume performance is not that great

Verdict: The creative speaker comes with some deal breaking cons, but still it is a decent product at the current market price. This is a multifunctional affordable gadget. It acts as a power bank, which really helps it to stand out in the crowd. However, if high volume performance is on top priority, then there are better alternatives available in online market.

Dimensions 190.0 x 37.0 x 59.0 mm
Weight 285 grams
Audio Channel 2
Connectivity Aux-in, NFC, and Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery Yes
Buy 2500 Rupees


Bluspear Elipse Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The low-cost electronic market has been under the control of those brands primarily selling replica of popular and premium gadgets. Even though we might criticize them for copycat but a deeper look presents totally a different picture. Such manufacturers offer the low-cost product in decent built quality.

The main reason behind the success of these brands is people do not consider brand value while purchasing a budget segment product. Bluspear is one such brand, which is not popular as a brand, but has impressed many customers with its Elipse Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This product mimics the design of the Roverbeats t12 speaker. Now, one can purchase this device for an amount of just 3290 rupees.

Appealing Design: The manufacturer has designed this product with a much careful mind. It offers a Unibody feel and is quite sturdy. Connectivity ports are located at the back while the control buttons are positioned at the top. However, to change the music tracks one has to rely on volume rockers, which is a kind of problem. This will annoy many customers.

Bluspear Elipse Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker mesh is made of tough materials and does not allow dirt to enter inside. The unique curvy shape of the outer shell not only makes this device look futuristic but also allows the drivers to produce deep bass levels. The manufacturer has tried the best to make it a compact audio system, but still it is not small enough to slip into a small handbag. Moreover, the weight of 385 grams will prove to be a deal breaker for those customers wants to travel with a portable speaker.

This portable speaker offers Superb Battery Life

I was almost stunned after reading the specification of this amazing speaker. It comes with a 2200 mAh high capacity inbuilt battery, which gives about 12 hours of power backup on a single charge. This significant battery life is a result of the amazing design of driver units that offer the total impedance of 12 Ohms. You can listen to music on this device for two days after charging it once.

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Immersive Sound: Stereo effect that is generated from the dual driver setup allows for better imaging while listening to music. The total RMS output of 6 Watts is not surprising at this price point, but is decent enough considering the design. Since each driver unit measure 40mm in diameter, the output audio will not be distorted even at higher volumes. Vocal and instrumental frequencies are reproduced accurately. As I have mentioned in the preceding sections, this speaker produces deep bass levels that become an important factor while playing rock and pop music.

Impressive Secured Bluetooth Connectivity

Use Bluetooth technology of this speaker to connect with a smartphone or a laptop. You will not have to worry much for messy wire connectivity. The wireless ranges of 30 feet seem to be good for all types of usages. Moreover, it supports most of the modern profiles like HPF, A2DP, and HSP. For a universal support, the manufacturer has also provided a 3.5 mm audio jack on the back. Unfortunately, this speaker does not come with inbuilt microSD card slot and FM radio, which is really a bummer.


  • Curvy design that gives an extraordinary feel
  • 2200 mAh battery offers 12 hours of power backup
  • Bluetooth and Aux-in connectivity
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Dual driver setup for stereo effect
  • Good imaging
  • Generates deep bass levels
  • 40 mm neodymium drivers


  • No microSD card slot
  • Lacks Inbuilt FM radio
  • Is not portable

Verdict: The features of Bluspear Elipse have really impressed me. Even though the product manufacturer is not so popular but audio quality is simply amazing. The main highlight of this sound system is its 12 hours of battery life. However, I do believe that there is some room for improvements.

Dimensions 196 x 74.5 x 87 mm
Weight 385 grams
Audio Channel 2
Connectivity Aux-in and Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery Yes
Buy 3200 Rupees


Creative Muvo Mini BT Wireless Speaker

The speaker market is full of attractive devices, but only a few of them are suitable for rugged usage. Usually, speakers come with a waterproof shell are priced unbelievably high. However, the good thing is electronics product manufacturer Creative is trying to break this paradox with its Muvo Mini BT Wireless Speaker that comes at a price of 3143 rupees.

Compact and Durable: This device comes in a compact bar-shaped outer shell that will easily fit inside your pocket. One of the best things is that it is available in four different color variants. Control buttons are engraved into the speaker body but are much easier to press. Moreover, the device weighs in at 285 grams, which is impressive.

Water and Dust Proof: We all love listening to cool music while sitting alongside a swimming pool or close to seawater on a beach. Using this factor a primary concept, the manufacturer has made this device waterproof and for which it has secured an IP66 certification as well. In terms of outside resistance, another important feature to mention here would be dust proof ability onboard. For the water and dust proofing to work, you will have to close the cap that secures connectivity ports.

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Creative Muvo Mini BT Wireless Speaker

Amazing Connectivity Features this Creative speaker has

One can use this speaker wirelessly using the inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity. Support for all modern BT profiles makes it compatible with a wide range of devices particularly smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, this speaker also comes equipped with an NFC chip on top using which the users will be able to pair their devices with a single tap. The integrated microphone records good quality audio and is highly sensitive. Use a multifunction button at the top to receive and end calls.

Well, it is a fact that wireless connectivity does not offer the best quality audio, which is why Creative has also provided a 3.5mm audio jack on this product. However, missing inbuilt FM radio feature might disappoint some users including me.

Premium Quality Sound Production: This bar shape speaker houses two full range driver units and produces super high-quality audio. These drivers are small, but the output audio volume exceeded our expectations. One can even use this device for small parties.

At the center, it features a large passive radiator that generates deep bass and room shaking vibrations. Surprisingly, I did not find any type of audio distortion at higher volumes, which are another great feature and a reason to have this device in your home. However, like most of the portable speakers, it performs really badly on the front of audio imaging. It also struggles at generating higher frequencies.

This Mini Wireless Speaker comes with Decent Battery Life

At the heart of this device is a powerful 2200 mAh battery. It offers enough juice that the speaker will easily last for about 10 hours. If you have a powerful charger, then it will not take more than 3 hours for the battery to get fully charged. The miniUSB port greatly helps in this regard, as users will be able to use their smartphone chargers, which generally give higher output.


  • 10 meters of Bluetooth range largely depends on line of sight
  • Waterproof and dustproof body (IP66 certified)
  • 10 hours of power backup on a single charge
  • Calls can be received using the inbuilt microphone
  • 2 active and 1 passive driver
  • Room shaking bass levels
  • The device is highly portable

Cons: No microSD card slot

Verdict: Truly speaking, there is not much to say against this device. Customers are getting what they are paying for. This product is focused mainly to those who love to do pool parties. Bluetooth and NFC connectivity are just exceptions that help this Creative speaker to stand out in the crowd.

Dimenions 115.0 x 335.0 x 115.0 mm
Weight 1020grams
Audio Channel 2
Connectivity Aux-in, NFC, and Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery Yes
Buy 3500 Rupees
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