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Asus Laptop with Intel i7 Processor Below 80000 Rupees

Asus GL552JX CN316T Best Features

15.6-Inch Premium Windows 10 Laptop Asus ROG GL552JX-CN316T

Lately, Asus has flooded the electronic market with some really great and amazing products. It has taken over a much large share of the laptop segment in a short period of time. Its ROG series is quite famous among heavy users and the reason is quite obvious. No other manufacturer offers desktop grade laptops at such prices.

Generally, Asus produces ROG laptops only for premium customers but to maximize profit even more, the brand added an entry-level product to this series recently.

The ROG Asus GL552JX-CN316T Laptop comes in an appealing outer shell and offers unparalleled performance at just 84550 rupees.

Asus GL552JX CN316T Best Features

Mind Blowing Ergonomics: Generally, in the mid-range laptop segment, users have to choose from predominant two options – first is devices with supreme built quality and second is devices with a performing CPU for hard multitasking. However, Asus has been successful to change this with an amazing product, which offers both – superior built & design, as well as excellent performance all the time. The Asus ROG laptop sports a sturdy built wherein the outer shell is so nice that it will blow your mind on the very first look.

The manufacturer has not used even a single piece of metal in the built of this pricy laptop. Still, it is a solid device, which also has appeal in terms of overall look and design. The plastic material that has been used is tough and will last for many years to come. Its textured back panel along with the central part that carries a fake brushed metal finish gives a nice appeal to the eyes.

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The ROG GL552JX is also a lightweight when compared with other high performing laptops in the market. You will find it hefty in carrying in a backpack. However, users will have to be a little careful while resting hand on the palm-rest because it catches fingerprints easily.

Asus GL552JX CN316T Pros

A Reliable Laptop with Superb Display and Comfortable Keyboard

To be correct, this device is one of the few laptops that offer a full HD display in this price segment. What is more interesting is that Asus has installed a high-grade IPS panel on it. The screen does not suffer from any kind of color fluctuations no matter at which angle you view it from. Its picture quality seems quite natural.

This display panel will suffice the needs of graphic designers as well as gamers. It does not suffer from delayed response time. Moreover, as the screen measures 15.6-inches diagonally, you will have a large workspace.

Asus has also covered it with a layer of glossy material to reduce the reflections. Users can easily read text on the screen of this laptop even if they are sitting under the sun. This display is also perfect for watching movies and videos.

Comfortable Keyboard: Another thing that has attracted me to this laptop is its keyboard. All the keys offer a decent travel as well as nice feedback upon pressing. Many customers whom I interviewed said the laptop is one of the best machines in terms of typing in the current market. You will not get tired of typing on it even after hours of action.

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It also comes equipped with a red color backlighting system that creates a superb gaming environment. The WASD keys have been specially marked for high-level gamers. On the right side, you are also getting a numeric keypad that will certainly enhance productivity.

The touchpad of this Asus laptop is good at tracking fingers. However, it wobbles a lot so the end user experience is mostly degraded.

Asus GL552JX CN316T Review

This Asus ROG Laptop is A Performance Beast

In simple words, this laptop is a performance beast. No other device under the price tag of 90,000 rupees can match the performance that it offers. On it, you are getting Intel’s 4th generation Core i7 4750HQ processor that comes with 4 cores and is capable of handling 8 threads simultaneously.

Use the Turbo Boost technology to increase the base frequency of the Intel processor from 2GB to whopping 3.2GHz. Two 4GB DDR3 RAM Sticks offer enough memory for power hungry applications and all the background processes to run flawlessly. This laptop is capable of processing everything that you will throw on it.

For handling the graphics, Asus has featured Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 950M Graphics Card on this Asus laptop. Well, this GPU might not surprise the professional gamers, but it is certainly powerful enough so that you can play all the games launched until now. However, sometimes the laptop does suffer from frame drops, but that problem can be easily solved by running the games at medium settings.

Storage is another aspect that decides the purchase decision of customers. And, this Asus laptop gets full marks on this front, too. It comes with 1TB of HDD, which offers a speed of 7200 rpm.

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The Gaming Laptop is Full Upgradability

When comes to update, most laptop models support only RAM upgrade. However, the Asus Laptop is capable of busting the myth. Along with a primary Hard Disk slot, it also sports an additional M.2 SATA storage compartment that can be used for installing a 256 GB SSD.

Solid State Drives aka SSDs have recently become highly popular. This is because they offer read and write speeds of more than 600 MB per second. My advice would be to use an SSD for installing the Operating System on this Asus laptop. It will drastically improve the bootup time and improve the end user experience.

I have already mentioned that the device features 8GB of DDR3 RAM. However, for the people who use graphic and video editing software, this much memory will not suffice their needs. In that case, use an unused slot to upgrade RAM size on board.

You do not need any kind of expertise for installing an SSD or upgrading the RAM. Just remove the bottom panel by sliding it off and all the slots will become visible.

Asus GL552JX CN316T Specifications

This Asus Windows Laptop comes with Impressive Connectivity Options

Without compromising looks and performance, the laptop comes with all the basic connectivity ports. You will not have to sacrifice on anything here. Even a premium laptop list only one USB 3.0, however, this Asus champ has three USB 3.0 ports for uninterrupted transfer of data. Asus has also featured separate audio and microphone jacks, which might sound absurd, but in the reality, it is useful for people who do video editing.

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You can find a gigabit LAN port on the left side of the laptop that helps in streaming high-quality games over the internet or a local network. There is also an optical drive on the right side, which can be used for reading from or writing to a compact disk. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity transfers the data at highest speed without consuming a lot of battery.

I know you must be thinking, how it is possible that a gadget is 100% perfect. Yes, your insinuation is right. We encounter some negligible drawbacks on this Asus laptop. The Wireless LAN card is not capable of working at one Gbps speed. Moreover, I would have appreciated an addition of an NFC terminal.

But Disappointed with this Laptop for its Average Battery Life

A four-cell battery powers this laptop, which is not powerful enough to supply juice for a very long session. For a price tag of 85000 rupees, Asus should have given at least 8-cell since the machine comes with power hungry hardware.

The full HD display eats up lots of electricity. Our interaction with it confirms the fact a fully charged battery of this Asus laptop can deliver power backup not more than 3.5 hours. If you want to extend the battery life, then avoid playing games or use heavy applications when the adapter is not attached.

Asus ROG Laptop comes with a Disappointing Audio Quality

The Asus GL552JX does come with a set of two speakers, but its audio quality is not up to the mark. It fails to produce even medium quality sound. However, when you attach an external set of speakers, the audio quality improves a lot.

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  • Comes preloaded with a licensed version of Windows 10
  • Desktop grade processor with 4 cores and 8 threads
  • Vibrant and beautiful display
  • Great build quality
  • Its outer shell looks really great
  • 1 TB HDD and 8 GB RAM
  • Extra M.2 storage slot for installing SSDs
  • Features an optical DVD writer
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Good for movie watching, gaming, and graphic editing


  • Worst audio quality
  • Lacks Wireless AC

Verdict: Certainly, the Asus machine with top-notch hardware is a beast on the performance front. Indeed, this Asus device is a paisa vasool gadget. However, one bigger question is, can you afford it. If you have a budget for this machine, then do not search for an alternative. It will suit all your needs and requirements.

I am not aware any other laptop in the price segment, which is good at both gaming as well as graphic editing. One major advantage of having this laptop is it features two storage slots.

Yes, it is not free from cons and my advice would be to have a complete check before making a purchase decision. I hope Asus will eliminate cons of this laptop in new launch.

Operating System 64-Bit, Windows 10
Hard Disk 1TB @ 7200 RPM, SATA
Display 15.6 inches, 1920 x 1080 Pixels, LED, FHD Backlit anti-glare Display
Processor 2.0(3.2) Ghz, Intel Core i7 4th Gen-4750HQ, Intel HM86 Express,   NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M, 4GB Graphic Card
Memory DDR3 8GB RAM, 2 Memory Slot, up to 16GB RAM support, Speed @ 1600 Mhz, 2 x 4 Gigabyte
Ports 3× USB 3.0, Ethernet Port, BT 4.0, HDMI, Headphone & Microphone Jack, Digital Media Reader, Inbuilt Microphone, VGA port
Peripherals DVD burner
Keyboard Full-size with numeric keypad, Backlit
Webcam YES
Sound Stereo Speakers, SonicMaster
Battery 4 Cell Li-ion, 64W AC Adapter W
Body 25.5 x 38.2 x 1.6 cm, 2.6 Kg
Buy 80000 Rupees
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