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Top Air Fryer Under 10000 Rupees in India

best air fryer in india under 11000 Rupees

To make deep fry in the home kitchen, we have three options. First is fill a Kadahi with lots of oil and fry. The second is frying in a microwave oven. And the third option is to use an efficient air fryer to make delicious fry using up to 85% less oil. Among these three ways to make crispy, delicious deep fryer, apparently, the best is the one that requires almost no oil. In my kitchen, I have both, a microwave oven and a Philips air fryer. I took time to become a friend of my Philips Air Fryer. Now I cook most of the things in the air fryer only.

A few years back the features on Air Fryer were limited to oil-free cooking only. It was just an inventive appliance with the latest cooking technology. However, this appliance has improved a lot since then. Now not just oil-free cooking and frying, the latest model of best air fryer on the market can do the 360-degree cooking.

In this piece, I cover best air fryer under 10000 Rupees of top home appliances brands in India Philips, Kenstar, and Havells. Here you read about the top-rated air fryers on sale in the price range of 5000 to 10000 Rupees.

While I am using the most popular Philips air fryer, HD9220 model, my latest favorite in air fryer is the Havells Prolife Digi. The digital air fryer is indeed a masterpiece and a value for money kitchen appliance. It can cook enough food in one go for regular Indian families. It is multitasking, and easy to operate. Moreover, Havells provides 2-Years warranty to cover your investment for the best air fryer at present. Read also Low Cost Best Selling Air Fryer in India.

► 4-Liter Air Fryer Havells Prolife Digi with Touch Control Panel

Most of the people might have not knowing that Havells is not just a home electronics brand, it is also a Kitchen appliances brand. This reliable brand also sells best air fryer in India market.

havells prolife digi 1230-watt 4l air fryer

Havells launched the Prolife Digi air fryer last year and still today, it is the best option below 11000 Rupees. The air fryer price is 8990 Rupees. It is very appreciable that a reliable Indian brand also jumped into the market of Air Fryers. However, is Havells Prolife Digi air fryer a game changer or it is just a product of a stunt to get famous? Let us find out.

The main features of Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer:-

  • Fry, Bake, Toast, Roast, Grill And Reheat
  • Patented Round basket
  • Rapid Air Technology
  • Innovative Air Filtration System
  • Time Control and Auto Off
  • 4-Liter Pan Capacity
  • Touch Panel Control
  • Grill with 85% less old than a regular deep fryer
  • Bake Cake
  • Washable Becket
  • A perfect replacement for Microwave Oven

→ Build and Design of this Digital Air Fryer

The Havells air fryer consumes 1230-Watt of electricity that makes it efficient being a product of today’s technology. It also has Rapid Air Technology similar to the Philips Air Fryer’s Rapid Air Technology. Principally All Air Dryers have the same concept behind, but they use different technology because of patent laws. It weighs 3.5-kg, and its cooking capacity is 4-liter.

If you give a little attention to the design of this Havells air fryer, you see is that it takes inspiration from Philips HD9220 Air Fryer and Kenstar Oxy Fryer. It, however, has control touch panel instead of a temperature control wheel at the top of the front. Because of the touch panel, the Prolife Digi air fryer looks futuristic and is user-friendly. If you look at the shape of this air fryer, you find its resemblance to the best Philips Air Fryer model HD9220. Havells has worked to give a differentiating look to this air fryer, although.

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The cooking procedure includes pulling the container out, putting the food that you want to cook in it, and then putting it back in its original position. Then, you have to set the temperature with the touch panel. A twist in the timer just above the handle help you set the cooking time. Once you set the timer, it automatically starts cooking your food.

One thing that this fryer specializes in — is the feature of multi-type cooking. Not just oil-free cooking and frying, you can also bake, toast, roast, and reheat with this digital air fryer. In fact, that is the biggest plus-point this fryer has over others. Therefore, it is safe to rate Havells Prolife Digi as the best air fryer under 10000 Rupees on the market currently.

→ Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer Pro Features

In the sales box of Prolife Digi Air Fryer, Havells also provides a separator for cooking two food in one go. A recipe book is also included to help with the procedure to cook several delicious dishes.

Pros: – Havells has indeed succeeded in making its first digital Air Dryer a genuinely user-friendly appliance. Labels on and around the controls, a recipe book make it easy for customers to use this product. It also allows one to set the timer up to 60 minutes, against the 30 minutes timer option in the Philips HD9220 Air Fryer. You also get an on-site warranty for 24-months, which is exceptional. Moreover, you can get your Prolife Digi air fryer repaired from Havells service centers spread across India.

Further, only 3.5-KG of weight makes it lighter than many other air fryers manufactured by reputed companies. The list does not stop here, 4-liters cooking container is big enough to cook food in one-session for a family of two to six. Looking at the build, design, capacity, and cooking efficiency, I have no hesitation in rating Havells Prolife Digi as one of the top five best air fryers in India at present.

Price 8990 Rupees
Capacity 1230-Watt
Body Plastic Build with 8-meter Cord
Time Settings 60 minute timer with auto shut-off
Temperature control 80 – 200OC
Indicator lights Red: Power On | Green: Heating Up
Air inflow Rapid air technology
Quick cooking time 12 min frying
Cooking menus Customized cooking menus for multiple cuisines
Basket 4-Liter Non-stick Aluminium cooking basket
Basket release button YES
Air filters Integrated air filter
Handle Cool-touch handle
Sales Box Content Recipe Book, Separator to Cook Two foods at one time,


► 3-Liter Air Fryer Kenstar OxyFryer

You might have heard much appreciation about the Kenstar OxyFryer. Generally, it is recommended before other fryers from multinationals like Phillips. It is also affordable. Kenstar Oxy Fryer price is only 7,990 Rupees. All this generally creates a conception of it being a great product. But is it? The Kenstar air fryer has also been criticized for its quality and durability. So to have better understanding lets go into detail.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer really features a modern and cool design. Nice use of colors, glossy panel really impress most of the buyers. Although it contains a 3 liter cooking container, but the design makes it look smaller than Phillips Air Fryer HD9220, which has only 2.2 liter container.

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Specifications: With the 3-liter cooking container, it really makes a difference when you are cooking for a party. In the power consumption aspect also it is not behind any other air fryer as it only consumes 1500 W of electricity. A 1.2 meters long power cord makes it easy to put the fryer anywhere in the kitchen without buying an extension cord. It weighs only 4.9 KG which makes it lighter than most of the air fryers available in the market. On the cooking side, it uses Oxy Fryer technology to cook food efficiently and without much use oil.

→ Cooking Features of this Air Fryer

For the cooking purpose, you have to take the container out by using the handle in the front. Once taken out put the cooking material or raw food in the container. If you are cooking potatoes, then you can put up to 1.2 KG potatoes in its container. Next, place the container back to its original position. You can set the temperature according to your need from 80 C to 200 C by using the wheel at the top. The next thing you would want to do is to set the timer, which is located just above the handle. Once that is done the device will automatically start cooking your food. The green light indicates that the fryer is turned on and the red light will indicate cooking status.

Air filter at the back will make sure, by filtering the out moving air, which your kitchen does not smell like a hotel kitchen room.

Handling: Handling this Kenstar airfryer is an easy task. A handle at the top makes it easy to put the device anywhere in your kitchen. Dual containers make serving of food very easy. You just have to press the button on the handle and the containers will get separated. The dual container feature also makes it easy to clean the fryer.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer Review

Pro:-Kenstar Oxy Fryer is a very portable device because of its light weightiness. Oxy fryer technology makes sure that you don’t have to apply much oil, ensuring a healthy diet. The timer makes sure that your food does not get overcooked if somehow you lose your attention. Moreover, you get a recipe book with 100 great Indian and International dishes. Also, the Kenstar has launched a dedicated Fryer app to bring the best of Air Fryer cooking at you smartphone device. In our opinion, therefore at its selling price, you cannot get anything better than this.

Cons:- Though Kenstar has done everything to make it a great product, but still there are rooms for improvement. Some customers have criticized this fryer for being made of low quality materials. Also, if the timer had an option to set it up to 60 minutes then it could have impressed more customers.

Price 8000 Rupees
Functions Cooking
Power 1500 W
Dimensions Weight – 4.9 kg, Height – 365 mm
Capacity 3 L
Features LED: Heating, Power, Cook without Oil


► 2.2-Liter Philips Air Fryer HD9220

The Philips gadget makes cooking and frying dishes a very easy task. This method of cooking outperforms traditional methods in many aspects. Rapid Air Technology promises fast cooking without much use of oil, for some dishes you wouldn’t even need oil at all. It is safer and easier to use than all the other methods. Even cleaning also becomes a very interesting task with using Philips HD9220 Air Fryer.

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Specifications: The Philips Air Fryer HD9920 can operate at different temperatures ranging from 80-C to 200-C. It consumes 1425-Watt of electricity, but believe me, even if it sounds a lot, it will save you much money on your gas bill. It has a 2.2 liter, which I think is not enough as there are other fryers available in the market that offer capacity up to 3 liters. Also, 7 KG of weight makes it much heavy than other fryers.

Easy to Use: Cooking becomes a child’s play with the Philips HD9920 Air Fryer. At the front is a handle that you can use to take the container out. In this container you have to put what you want to cook, some dishes will require a little oil application and for that you can read the cooking guide that comes along. Next, you have to slide in the container back into the original position. A small wheel at the top of the front panel helps you set the desired temperature. Now you just need to set the timer with the help of the twist timer, which is located just above the handle.

Further, it allows the end user to schedule the fryer for up to 30 minutes of cooking. As soon as you twist the timer, the fryer will start cooking the food. In between the cooking journey, you must pull the container out, give it a little shake, and put it back to its place.

Philips Airfryer

→ Silent Operation of this Philips Air Fryer is Impressive

One great feature of this fryer is that it will not let anyone know that something is being cooked in your kitchen. An efficient air filter at the back consistently keeps filtering the air that moves out from the fryer to ensure a smell free kitchen.

Once your dish is ready, you just have to pull the container out. A small latch at the top of the container helps separate the inner part of the container from the rest of the body. This makes it easy to serve dishes without creating a mess.

Pros:- Easy to use controls make cooking a cakewalk. The guide that comes along the fryer contains all the necessary information to make sure the users don’t make any mistake. Philips has also created a smartphone app that you can download on your phone and use it to read all the necessary documentation on the go. Moreover, the option to set different temperatures with a sophisticated timer system really makes it a nice product. One more thing that is of interest is the food separator, which allows the end user to cook two different dishes at the same time.

Cons:- 7-KG of weight really makes it very inconvenient to carry. Also, a handle at the top could have made it easy to move this fryer from one place to another. The container, although is not too small, but some more space could have made it a better competitor among all other air fryers in the market.

The next important thing is to mention is its high price. The Philips air fryer price in India market is 9500 Rupees. While the other air fryers, which have more features packed, are available at much lower rates.

Price 9500 Rupees
Features Ready Signal, Temperature Light, Dishwasher-safe Parts, Auto Switch Off
Cord Length 0.8 meter
Body 37.8mm [H], 39mm [W]; Weight: 7kg
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