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8 Top Philips Earphone between 100 to 1000 Rupees

Best Philips Earphone between 1000 to 100 Rupees

At GS, we are commited to present you information on affordable, efficient, and durable gadgets. For making your music experience better, we are presenting our review on some of the best-selling Philips earphones. Here learn about some very popular and highly rated yet low cost Philips earphones in the Indian market.

Philips SHE9700 In-Ear Headphone

The current price of of this Philips earphone is 999 rupees, which is after a discount of 9%. Having five star ratings from whopping 87% users of this making it one hot choice currently in market.

Feature: This is one highly rated in-the-ear type earphone with a perfect canal phone design that insulates the user from outside ambient noise effectively. We have selected it for a wider frequency range, which ranges between from 6Hz to 23500Hz. Although a human ear cannot listen to less than 20Hz sound frequency, but the wide range of frequency means it will be able to evenly balance between bass, treble and midrange. At 16ohm impedance, it will produce really loud audio output supported well by the driver unit of 8.6 mm diameter in speakers. I am sure its usages with a poorly designed audio player in a smartphone will give you enough rooms for low to high volume control, despite the limitation in the audio application.

Philips SHE9700 98 Review Specification Online Price in India

Design: This is a black colour unit has a neodymium magnet and fine quality rubber caps on both ear buds. There is 1.2-meter long two parallel optical fiber cable cord join at a 3.5 mm gold plated jack.

Caution: According to the Philips official website, this earphone is suitable for smartphones, small audio player and personal computer audio system. Here, maximum power output is just 50mW, which makes it well-being in small peripherals. Any attempt of making it works for a powerful home theatre or a TV audio system will burst its speaker and harm your ear.

Verdict : With Philips’s trust and six months of warranty as well as 87% positive feedback makes it a perfect choice at 999 rupees.

Price 999 Rupees
Magnet Neodymium
Max Power 50 mW
Frequency Response 6Hz to 23,500Hz
Impedance 26 ohm
Driver Units 8.6 mm
Jack 3.5 mm gold plated
Cable Cord 1.2 mm parallel


Philips Earhook Headphones SHS8100

Its MRP is 1299 rupees. Thanks to the stiff competition at the online markets, the current selling price of the Philips SHS8100 is 849 rupees. Flipkart is offers massive 34% discount on the current purchase.

Approval Rating: The selection of this Philips earphone is directed by 88.92% of approval rating based on 271 users review samples.

Design: This is not my preferred design. However, we cannot wish away the basic fact the earphone is simply mind-blowing in terms of performance. Its loud sound output backed by effective noise cancellation will make you total relief from surrounding noise. I had a privilege of using it. For those practice Dhyanam by listening to spiritual songs; this is a perfect choice. Also, it is very good in wearing while you practice Dhyan Yoga. I have used this for listening to solo flute records of Shree Hariprasad Chaurasia during my Yoga session.

Philips SHS8100 Review Specifications and Online Price in India

I live in a peaceful residential area where many trees are around the building. Every morning while I am trying to focus in Yog mudra, a bunch of craw birds make annoying noise on tree branches. That really irritates me a lot. For such situations, this is a perfect gadget to get relief from the unwanted surrounding noise.

Specification: This earphone is loud than the Philips 9700. The SHS8100 is blessed with good specifications and perfect designing of ear buds that fits well in ear canals. Moreover, I am also impressed with the high-frequency range of 9Hz – 24000Hz. With 16ohm impedance, 107 dB sensitivity, and 15 mm driver size is sufficient to blow away your mind in terms of sound clarity and loudness.

Verdict: If you are not satisfied with the sound output, request to replacement it. My experience with the Philips SHS8100 makes me believe that it the best earphone in terms of noise cancellation, sound clarity and an even balance between bass, treble and midrange. Also, the support clip and diameter of ear buds are perfectly designed that fits for everyone.

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Price 850 Rupees
Magnet Neodymium
Max Power 30 mW
Frequency Response 9Hz to 24000Hz
Impedance 16 ohm
Driver Units 15 mm
Jack 3.5 mm gold plated
Cable Cord 1.2 mm parallel, OFC


Philips SHE3590 In-Ear Headphone

The Philips India has made this earphone available in four different colours. At the time of writing review, the white variant was the cheapest whereas the purple version remains the costliest. You can buy it online between a price range of 450 to 750 rupees. I mostly prefer black colour gadget because that fits with all kinds of dressings.

Real User’s Response: We are presenting an addition of all rating points accumulated for different colour variants. At Flipkart, the Philips SHE 3590 gets an approval rating of 86.72% that is based on 1702 review samples.

Interchangeable rubber ear caps: Philips adds three different sizes of polished rubber caps in the sales box for a perfect fit in user’s ear canal.

Specifications: In terms of the audio specifications, it comes close to the Philips SHE 9700. Although the maximum power input of 20mW makes it limited with few multimedia gadgets such as Walkman, mobile phones and audio pads. We strongly advise not to use this earphone with a heavy gadget such as TV, Boombox, DVD players and so on.

Philips SHE 3590 Review Specifications Price in India

The speaker diameter in 8.6mm size is really good, its impedance of 16ohm is also excellent and power sensitivity of 103 dB makes it a perfect choice at the current price of 500 rupees. Philips has put all efforts to design it well in order achieve dynamic audio output in a brilliant frequency range of 12Hz to 23500Hz.

Although the SHE 3590 is limited to work with few audio gadgets but you won’t complain in terms of sound loudness and clarity. My assessment of this earphone is backed by the specifications and user’s positive response of 86.72% in favor.

Verdict: This article is the list of best selling Philips earphones. Therefore, you should not be confused whether it is a good or bad product. My aim is only to make clarity whether it is a worthy buy or an overpriced earphone comparing with the current market trend. My rating for the Philips SHE 3590 is PICK, but ensure price is less than 600 rupees.

Price 400 – 700 Rupees
Features Dynamic Bass Sound
Max Power input 20 mW
Frequency Response 12Hz to 23500Hz
Impedance 16 ohm
Driver Units 8.6 mm
Sensitivity 103 dB
Jack 3.5 mm gold plated
Cable Cord 1.2 mm parallel, OFC


Philips ActionFit Sports SHQ1200

The new Philips Actionfit series is meant to be a perfect gadget to enjoy sweet music during intense workout. I am sure this earphone can refresh your brain while your body is releasing unwanted fats.

User’s rating: In this article, we are evaluating the top 10 Philips earphones based on buyers review and rating. The ActionFit SHQ1200 has a positive approval rating of 88.29%. 5.5% of user’s review considers it is an average performer followed by 6.20% of rating for it being a poor choice at the current price of 450 rupees.

Philips SHQ1200 Review and Specifications

Specifications : The SHQ1200 is very limited in terms of compatibility with different audio players. Its 32-ohm impedance, which means the audio player, has to have a powerful amplifier for desirable loudness. A high sensitivity level of 110 dB is a much-needed feature in order to work with less fueled sound players. While a pricey earphone has an average 8mm speaker, this earphone gets 13.5mm speaker, which is good for its current online price.

Philips has used Mylar dome for speaker’s diaphragm. The given two parallel OFC cable has a length of 1.0 mm that ends at a gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack. Its frequency range of 30Hz to 20000Hz is an indication – the end user will have low sound output, less Bass and less treble.

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An assessment of overall specifications presents a confused picture for me. In my opinion, the earphone tends to have problems with bass and loudness. Here, the balance between impedance and maximum power input is a total mismatch. The ActionFit SHQ1200 has high impedance, which means it requires higher input for loud output. However, Philips has limited the maximum input at 10 mW, so it cannot be used with a powerful amplifier.

Philips SHQ1200 Price Online in India

Now look at this. Its impedance figure is forcing to use with a powerful sound player whereas the power input figure says do not use with a powerful audio system. Yes, the SHQ1200 works well with smartphones, but use will not be satisfied with its loudness, bass, and treble balance.

Verdict: The Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit earphone is designed for a workout session. However, the brand has made a fatal mistake in the design. I am not making a recommendation for this earphone.

Price 450 – 550 Rupees
Voice coil CCAW
Max Power input 10 mW
Frequency Response 30Hz to 20000Hz
Impedance 32 ohm
Driver Units 13.5 mm
Sensitivity 110 dB
Jack 3.5 mm gold plated
Cable Cord 1 mm parallel, OFC


Philips SHE3900 In-Ear Headphone

Black, gold, silver and pink are four colour variants of the SHE3900 available online. Based on the unique response to different colour variants, its prices vary from 500 to 600 rupees. 1.2 meter long parallel copper cable is symmetrical joined with a gold plated audio jack.

Specifications: At an average price of 550 rupees, the SHE3900 is a good earphone. All the basic specifications value, which makes an earphone a true champion, is well balanced here. At least, I am not confused with the specification sheet.

We need low impedance, high power input, big size driver unit, improved sensitivity and Neodymium magnet (in the speaker). Fortunately, all are present to make it a perfect choice. Since it is a low-cost earphone, you will get some limitation that comes in the form of maximum power input value. 20dB makes it workable only with few audio devices. Yes, it will work with all mobile phones.

Philips SHE3900 Review and Specifications

Perfect fit: To make this headset suitable for all size of ear canals, Philips packs three additional soft rubber caps.

Diaphragm: Some user might get a poor response on low standard devices. In fact, it won’t give you desirable output on low-cost China made phones. The reason is PET Diaphragm. I won’t go in deep technicality – this earphone usages a diaphragm that keeps a coating of PET film membrane to generate sound waves. This is an old technology not quite recommended with today’s gadget.

Verdict: The Philips SHE3900 is a good earphone, but it usages the PET Diaphragm to generate sound waves. Just because this earphone is not compatible 100% with all gadgets – we do not recommend a purchase.

Price 500 – 610 Rupees
Diaphragm PET
Max Power input 20 mW
Frequency Response 10Hz to 22000Hz
Impedance 16 ohm
Driver Units 8.6 mm
Sensitivity 107 dB
Jack 3.5 mm gold plated
Cable Cord 1.2 mm parallel, Copper


Philips Earbud Headphone SHE2000

This is the benefit of technology evolution. The SHE2000 earphone is a great quality choice for casual usages at the current price of 238 rupees. Not this all, user also gets Philips care for six months free of cost.

Buyers Rating : 80% of all buyers are satisfied. According to their responses, this product is simply wow. Now question why only 80% positive feedback? The answer is – we Indian want everything free of cost. Walla if someone gives a gift with one free meal with full taxi fare. We do not want to spend even a penny from pocket.

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Philips has given a quality product with six months warranty at a cost of 238 rupees. What more you want? We have to be logical while passing judgment. Actually, I am trying to answer those complaining in terms of BASS, audio control, noise cancellation and other features.

Philips SHE2000 Review Specification and Price Online In India

Feature: The Philips SHE2000 is pumped up with many features for better performance. Some of the main features are Mylar dome, comfort fit slim design, and Neodymium magnet along with voice coil copper.

Impedance should be less than 25 ohm: This SHE2000 impedance is measured in 16 ohm

In order to work with wide range of sound amplifiers, an earphone should have high power input : it accepts power input up to 50 mW.

Sensitivity has to be more than 100 dB: 100% true. Do not worry as this 238 rupees earphone has a sensitivity figure of 110 dB.

Dynamic diaphragm works well with all kinds of voice systems : Indeed, Philips has built its speaker with Dynamic diaphragm.

Cons: This earphone is made for casual usages. Therefore, it lacks noise cancellation system.

Verdict: In my opinion, Philips is doing social service by making it available at such cheap price. Remember, Philips never compromise with quality and care. And, the same is repeated here. The SHE2000 is qualified to work with wide range of sound systems. Also, I am sure of audio loudness, bass balance, and a mix treble for sweet music.

Price 238 Rupees
Features Dynamic Bass Sound
Max Power input 50 mW
Frequency Response 12Hz to 22000Hz
Impedance 16 ohm
Driver Units 15 mm
Sensitivity 110 dB
Jack 3.5 mm nickle plated
Cable Cord 1.2 mm parallel, Copper


Philips Headphones without MIC SHE1360

At Flipkart, it is one of all time best selling earphone. 91% of all feedback confirmed for quality, performance and durability in the SHE1360 earphone. Micromax and Samsung should learn a lesson from Philips.

I am overwhelmed with such massive positive feedback to a “made in India” product (not confirmed officially. Although Philips runs world-class manufacturing hub in India). The current live price is 149 rupees. A customer needs to pay 40 rupees extra as a delivery fee. A few sellers are offering for just 100 rupees.

How much Philips gain in terms of profit? Yes, irrespective of a product MRP, Philips never compromise on product and customer service quality.

Specifications: We will start with the frequency range of this earphone. 16Hz to 20000Hz range is considered good for a balance of bass-midrange-treble in loud audio output. I am also impressed with impedance, which is 16 ohm and sensitivity, which is 100 dB. Having a power input limit of 50 mW, it is widely usable for all types of phones, laptop, tablet, Boombox and so on.

Design: Not much in terms of its design ergonomics. Both ear buds are a flat smooth plastic built that fits easily outside ear canal. Also, it is an ultra thin light weight earphone. However, no one should question the durability factor as many users have pointed out that it has been in service for them from the last two years. And. Still it is going well.

Philips SHE1360 Review Specification and Price Online In India

Warranty: Philips offers six months of carry-in warranty. In the case of an unholy incident, you need to carry it at nearest Philips server center. In my opinion, ordering new earphone is much better than spending almost half day in visiting Philips service center.

Verdict: In my opinion, Philips is doing charity for all music lovers. Do not think twice just grab it before Philips makes an announcement to discontinue this earphone.

Price 150 Rupees
Max Power input 50 mW
Frequency Response 16Hz to 20000Hz
Impedance 16 ohm
Sensitivity 100 dB

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