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Top 8 2TB External Hard Drives Under 8000 Rupees

Seagate 2TB External Hard Disk STBV2000300

The External Storage is a must have computer peripheral in today’s rich multimedia environment. We access and procure many photos, videos, PPT, PDF files, and MS word Database in our day-to-day work. Nowadays personal computer is powered with high capacity storage, but still that don’t seem to be sufficient. A budget laptop comes with 500 GB HDD that is more than enough to force you for an alternate data archive resource within a year. Therefore, we have to have an external resource center to backup and store data on a regular basis with adequate security.

Today’s external hard disks are going beyond than just a traditional storage facility. Users are benefited with high capacity storage under the umbrella of advance security, such as multi-layer data encryption and secret zone. Moreover, the storage hosted application does a sequential data management with cloud backup and mobile data auto archive options. Read also Super fast Western Digital 4TB External Hard Disk.

You have to be careful with your selection of an EHD. First, understand your need, and then choose a right product to serve your purpose better. We all know that the EHDD meant to store data, but it all comes with unique smartness features to fulfill a specific requirement. Please do not get confused in the usability of each external HDD. Through the course of the article, I will be explaining the best usability factor a listed products.

Seagate STBV2000300 2TB External Hard Drive

Good for: Multiple Job; You can store all kinds of data up to 1.81 GB total storage. This is a cheaper external hard disk available with 2TB storing capacity. It doesn’t own any additional features or application. Yes, it is bulky and bit slow in data transfer, but we cannot raise finger on its durability and ability to secure data for longer periods. The Seagate 2TB HD packed in stiff plastic body, which is securing it from unexpected surroundings.

Seagate 2TB External Hard Disk STBV2000300

I have been using the external Hard Disk from last one year without facing any difficulty. Since it doesn’t host application for backup data, you can consider the EaseUS Todo Backup Free software to create an archive of your entire system. The software comes with auto or manual backup option and lets you store the date at the Seagate’s basic external storage center.

Capacity 2TB
Connectivity USB 3.0/2.0; Transfer Speed: up to 100 MBPS; External Power Source: YES
Body 39.79 x 125.91 x 207.08 mm; 1009 grams
Buy 6000 Rupess


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2TB External Hard Drive Adata HV620

Good For: Multiple Job; Easy carrying in Laptop Backpack. For me this is a new bird in town. While I was doing research for this article, I came across to Adata’s 2TB HDD competing with three other HD at the same price. Initially, I was a bit skeptical since it was the first time I was introduced to the Adata Brand. The Adata is a 13 year old Taiwanese (better than Chinese) flash memory manufacturer with the second position in the sector.

Adata HV620 2.5 inch 2 TB External Hard Drive

Adata’s 2TB hard disk is a lightweight, portable and easy slip-to-pocket device. The HDD has an unusual raised parameter for a stylish look and protection from undue straight external pressure. The Adata offers a secure HDDtoGO application to manage your system connectivity and data transfer. The said application has brought better result than the traditional copy paste as helps speeding up data transfer in sequential order between PC and the EHDD. I would recommend it for Laptop users as it gets fitted in your backpack easily.

Capacity 2TB
Connectivity USB 3.0/2.0; Transfer Speed: up to 90 MBPS; External Power Source: NO
Body 115 x 78 x 21 mm; 165 g
Buy 5000 Rupees


WD My Book Elements 3.5 inch 2TB Hard Drive

Good for: System Backup. The “My BOOK” is bundled with a SmartWare software for auto/manual backup. With WD’s application, you choose to backup single driver or entire system that is in either auto or manual mode. According to the WD, data encryption is possible with a secure layer of password for an entire disk or selected folders. With a rocking data transfer speed of 5 GBPS of USB 3.0 and around 480 MB on USB 2.0, it completes a system backup in just few seconds.

WD My Book Elements 3.5 inch 2TB External Hard Disk

While there are some complaints about defected piece and operational issue, the WD provides free replacement for a certain period after that free service for next three years.

Capacity 2TB
Connectivity USB 3.0/2.0; Power Source :  External
Buy 5500 Rupees


Seagate Backup Plus Desk 2TB Hard Disk with USB 3.0

Good For: System Backup. The Seagate gives backup software to improve user experience with the external 2 TB hard disk. The official software supports multiple backup assignments including your smartphone backup.

Seagate Backup Plus Desk 2TB with USB 3

Let’s discuss more about the Seagate Backup software. Not only it makes you worry free from the backup job rather it goes a step further in securing important data, hosted at your smartphone. For mobile phone backup, you have to have Seagate’s official Mobile app installed on your smartphone. The said app takes regular backup of smartphone data and store at HDD. Moreover, the system application does a noble job in one click image backup directly from your social media portfolio.

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Capacity 2TB
Connectivity USB 3.0/2.0; Power Source :  External
Body  179.4 x 118.0 x 41.5 mm; 860 grams
Buy 7500 Rupees


For Reliable Backup Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive

Good For: Advance Backup and Multimedia Storing and Streaming. This is a well-optimized Hard Disk with fastest connectivity option in the form of USB 3.0, Thunderbolt technology and FireWire 800. As like any other products from the brand, it comes with durable, stiff body, Advance Backup Desk software, and three years of service warranty.

Seagate Backup Plus Desk 2 TB Hard Disk

Keeping today requirement intact, the Seagate has spiced it up with one year free subscription of cloud backup. While there is 32 MB buffer, you get unbelievable 7200 RPM speed that makes it a good choice for multimedia hosting and streaming.

Capacity 2TB;  Speed: 7200 rpm
Connectivity USB 3.0/2.0; Power Source :  External
Body 158×124×44 mm; 1080 g
Buy 6200 Rupees


HDD Seagate Backup Plus Mac 2TB Hard Disk

Good for: An addition to Apple Time Machine and Secure Hosting. The computer peripheral is designed as a dedicated external storing solution to work with Apple Time Machine. For making it interchangeably between Windows and Mac OS, a user has to install a dedicated system drive called HFS+ driver. Fortunately, the driver is hosted at the EHDD, so the moment you connect it with either OS system, the said driver will be installed to make it capability.

HDD Seagate Backup Plus Mac 2 TB Hard Disk

The Seagate claims that the EHDD feature data hosting with a multilayer of security. Buyers get access to Seagate’s advance software along with reliable 3 years of warranty. This is an external HDD, requires additional power source for a regular function.

Capacity 2TB
Connectivity USB 3.0/2.0; Power Source :  External
Body 158×124×44 mm; 1080 g
Buy 6500 Rupees


Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Sony HD-E2 BO2

Good For: Portable and Easy Carry. Sony is a premium brand and has a reputation to produce technical sophistication products. You may have doubts about the current hardware since the Sony is new in the PC storage business. Please note the Sony has a proven track record and its 2TB EHDD won’t disappoint you.

Sony HD E2 BO2 2TB External Hard Disk

The brand new product in pocket size comes with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity option. It doesn’t require an additional source of power. Some Old PC and Laptops does release sufficient power, required by a high capacity HDD. Sony has inherited micro intelligence in the craft to earn compatibility with all Gen PCs. It comes with an internal micro power solution to continue engagement even though there is oozing power supple from a PC.

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It is a neat hardware with glossy looks and matte black finishing. Design wise, it is no less than the Xperia Smartphones. Buck doesn’t stop here. You get – transfer speed booster, password protection and a well-designed backup and data management software from the Sony.

Capacity 2TB; Transfer Speed : Up to 5 GBPS
Connectivity  USB 3.0/2.0; External Power Source: NO
Body 126 × 86 x 21.5 mm; 350 g
Buy 8000 Rupees


Samsung 2TB External HDD M3 Portable

Good For: Portable and Easy Carry. With just 169 gram weight, it is one of the lightest portable external hard disk available in the Market. It is measured in a 112 mm length by 82 mm width and just 17.5 mm height. Samsung has introduced it’s with Seagate help and technical support. The EHDD is meant to a professional auto backup and restore solution that is also in the secure environment. Within the storage, you can create a hidden secret zone to encrypt your secret data and multimedia content, which doesn’t show up even on an unauthorized access.

Samsung 2TB External HDD M3 Portable

Users are benefited with an ultrasonic speed of 4.8 MBPS on USB 3.0 and approx 400 MBPS on USB 2.0, while there is a limited service warranty for three years from Samsung (Seagate).

Overall, the device is a reliable external resource for laptop with a high degree of security. If you are moving around with large database, then this is an external hard disk for you.

Capacity 2TB;  Transfer Speed: Up to 4.8 GBPS
Connectivity USB 3.0/2.0; Power Source: External
Body 112 × 82 x 17.5 mm;  169 g
Buy 7000 Rupees

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