When it comes to premium cars everyone loves Ferrari. This Italian brand has made a special place among car lovers with its sports and supercars. You might be one of those who live with a dream of having a Ferrari parked around your house.

Thus, when adults are attracted to this car brand, then how can children remain behind? It is true that children cannot have a Ferrari and they will not be able to drive it even if they were to have one. However, nothing is stopping them from having a toy replica of their favorite sports car. There are many toy brands, which make remote controlled Toy cars in partnership with Ferrari.

Here, GS lab presents in-depth review and research on some best toy cars with remote control in the design of Ferrari cars. Choose any because all these seven RC toy cars are perfect gift children.

→ Silverlit Ferrari Series Enzo RC Toy Car

Enzo Ferrari is a limited edition supercar of which only 400 units were produced during 2002 and 2004. Its unique design and a beasty engine have generated much curiosity in the market that Silverlit has made a toy car version of it. You can buy the Silverlit Ferrari Series – Enzo RC Toy Car for 1255 INR.

Looks: This toy car features the exactly same design as the real Enzo Ferrari at the scale-down ratio of 1:50. The build of this toy car is of much high quality. Its elegant design with a nice application of red color will surely impress your kid.

Silverlit Ferrari Series – Enzo

Age Group: The Silverlit Ferrari Series – Enzo is made keeping in mind the children of with age not less than 8 years. There is no strict restriction on the maximum age, so even adults can play with this toy car.

Controlling: It is a fully functional remote control car allowing your kids to move it in any direction they want. However, it uses infrared technology instead of radio because of which your kid will face some difficulty in controlling the car from long distance.

Power Consumption: You will need 3 AAA batteries to run this toy car, 2 for the remote and remaining one for the car unit. The batteries that come with the box are non-rechargeable so you will have to spend more money each time the battery gets discharged. But you can always purchase an extra set of rechargeable batteries.

Parental Guide: This toy car features some sharp corners so you will have to take extra precautions. It is strictly advised that you store this toy beyond the reach of small kids.

Main Features: Silverlit has done everything to make sure that this toy car looks and feels exactly like the real car. There are working headlamps, brake lights and signal lights on it. You can also align the left-right steer trim to have a better control.

Price 1250 Rupees


→ Two-seater Toy Car Rastar Ferrari California

Rastar has made a toy version of the Ferrari California, which is a grand touring sports car. This toy car comes at the price of 1135 INR and features really great detailing.

Looks: Rastar has successfully imitated most of the parts of the real Ferrari California into this toy car. The tinted windshield and nice curved bonnet making it looks much premium.

Age Group: To play with this car, your kid must be above 5 years of age. Younger kids can engage in fights with their friends and the small parts of this car can be dangerous to them.

Rastar Ferrari California

Controlling: The Rastar Ferrari California comes with a two hand remote control unit that can be used to move this car in four directions including forward, backward, left and right.

Power Consumption: It is a powerful toy car and can move at really great speeds because of which it consumes a lot of power. The car unit takes in three AA batteries and the remote takes in two AA batteries. It would be wiser decision to purchase a set of rechargeable battery else you will have to spend a great amount of money every two or three days.

Parental Guide: Parents are advised to not give this toy car to small kids. It comes with many small parts that can cause a serious problem if your kid takes them in mouth. It would be better to keep an eye on your kid every time he plays with this toy car.

Main Features: It is a 1:24 scaled down version of the real Ferrari California sports car. The main thing that makes it distinct from other toy cars is a great build quality with perfect detailing.

Price 1400 Rupees


→ MJX Ferrari FXX – A sport Toy Car with RC

The MJX Ferrari FXX is a high-performance toy car made for kids who love speed. It can be purchased for 1979 INR, which is a much less price compared to class and build quality of this toy car.

Looks: This car looks much similar to the original car because of it carries the exact same shape and small details. It is a relatively smaller toy car because of its scale ratio of 1:20. However, this toy feels sleek and tough.

Age Group: You can gift this toy car if kid belongs to the age group of 7-15 years. Not to mention that there is nothing restricting you from buying and playing with this car if you are an enthusiast of that kind.


MJX Ferrari FXX

Controlling: This toy car comes with a really bulky remote unit with some amazing features. There are controls for left-right and forward-backward movement. The remote unit also supports three frequency bands, which are much helpful when other RC cars are around.

Power Consumption: This toy car comes with rechargeable batteries, meaning you will not have to spend extra money every three or four days. In the box, you will find an AA battery for the car unit and a 9V battery for the remote control unit.

Parental Guide: You will have to be extra careful with this toy car as it boasts a lot of small and sharp parts. Be sure that kids less than 7 years of age are not able to access this toy. Also, there come many situations when children engage in fights and that moment can be dangerous if the subject of the fight is this car.

Main Features: The most important feature of this car is its three band radio frequency capability. Moreover, it is a fully functional radio controlled car that means your kid will have no problem in controlling this car over larger distances.

Price 1400 Rupees


→ Silverlit IR – Ferrari FXX – An stylish toy car with remote control

Ferrari FXX is so much famous that many brands are selling the toy car version of this great car. We have already discussed the toy replica of this car that MJX is selling. However, the version that Silverlit is selling has got some eye-catching features, which are worthy to be mentioned here.

Looks: It is really a small toy as it is 1:50 scaled down replica of the Ferrari FXX. But the small size hasn’t affected the detailing as every corner and curve is imitated in the exactly same manner as on the original car. Premium finish and high build quality further enhance the feel of this toy car.

Age Group: Unlike the MJX Ferrari FXX, this toy car can be gifted to children of 5 years of age. Silverlit has taken extra care while building the small parts of this car.

Controlling: The remote unit of the Silverlit IR – Ferrari FXX comes with a touch panel. You will also find a bunch of controls on the remote unit that includes speed acceleration, brake, left-right steer and forward-backward steer.

Silverlit IR - Ferrari FXX

Power Consumption: It is a high performing and speedy car, but surprisingly it does not consume much power. The remote takes in only two AAA batteries and the car unit takes in a single AAA battery.

Parental Guide: Even if the manufacturer has taken extra care, but that does not mean that parents have to become careless. It still runs on batteries and there are still sharp parts on it. So it is necessary to allow your kid to play with this car toy under your supervision only.

Main Features: There are LEDs in the headlamp and taillight section. You can also set the operating frequency of the remote control so that it does not interfere with other wireless signals. It comes with steering trim alignment feature that helps your kid gain more control on tires.

Price 1350 Rupees


→ MJX Ferrari F50 GT – Racing RC toy car

If you are a little familiar with Ferrari cars, then you might know how valuable its F50 GT model is. The Italian car manufacturer has only produced three cars of this model. However, that does not mean that there is any limitation on the toy car manufacturers. MJX has understood the curiosity of this car model and has made a toy version of it. You can purchase the MJX Ferrari F50 GT toy car for 1979 INR, which is a fairly nice deal.

Looks: MJX has nicely imitated the details of the Ferrari F50 GT on this toy car. From the looks only you can have an idea on how powerful this car is. There is a Ferrari logo on the bonnet, which provides it a more real look.MJX Ferrari F50 GT

Age Group: It can be a good gift for your son if he belongs to the age group of 5-10 years. He will certainly enjoy the feel of Ferrari in his hands.

Controlling: The MJX Ferrari F50 GT toy car features the traditional style two-hand remote control unit. The good thing is that it can work on 4 different frequency bands. If you are worrying about the steering, then do not as your kid will be able to move it in all four directions.

Power Consumption: The car unit takes in a single AA size battery while the remote works on a 9 V battery. However, these batteries are rechargeable.

Parental Guide: Parents will have to make sure that their small kids do not take any part of this toy car in their mouth. Parts like the mirrors are really sharp and can be dangerous to eyes, so it is important that you give proper guidance to your children.

Main Features: The MJX Ferrari F50 GT toy car can achieve crazy speeds because of its great design and powerful motor. This toy car will be a great companion for your kid in toy races.

Price 1450 Rupees


→ Maisto Ferrari 458 Italia Red Color Toy car

The Ferrari Italia is a real piece of engineering from a toy company. It has got a mind blowing design and comes with some really cool features.

Looks: At a scaled down ratio of 1:24, it is a perfect toy for home and park. Tires, bonnet, and the doors come with the exactly same look as the real Ferrari 458. Its ergonomic design gets further enhanced by the glossy finish that it wears.

Age Group: This toy car is not for small kids and can only be gifted to those who are more than 8 years of age. Maisto also says that the children belonging to the age group of 8-15 years will get benefitted while playing this car as their hand-eye coordination will get improved.

Maisto Ferrari 458 Italia

Controlling: The Maisto Ferrari 458 Italia comes with a pistol grip controller quite ideal for small hands. The car can be moved in left-right as well as forward-backward direction.

Power Consumption: Gifting this car to your kid can put an extra load to your pocket as the batteries that come in the box are non-rechargeable. For the sake of mentioning, the toy car unit runs on two AA battery whereas the remote unit works on two AAA batteries.

Parental Guide: You must guide your kids on how to use this toy car. Giving this car to younger children can be dangerous as they are most likely to put small parts in their mouth.

Main Features: It is a speedy car and its pistol grip controller makes handling much more reliable. This toy car is made with ABS plastic that provides durability to it.

Price 1450 Rupees


→ Silverlit Ferrari Series – LaFerrari Remote Controlled Toy Car

LaFerrari is a limited edition sports car and seeing it in a toy car version is really surprising. Silverlit is really a great brand when it comes to producing toy replica of Ferrari cars. The Silverlit Ferrari Series – LaFerrari has got great features and also comes at an affordable price of 1256 INR.

Looks: This toy car gives a perfect feel of the real LaFerrari. Smallest of the details of the original car has been imitated onto the body of this toy car. Exhaust and disc brakes are replicated in a way that some time you will believe that they are fully functional.

Age Group: The Silverlit Ferrari Series – LaFerrari can be gifted to boys belonging to the age group of 8-14 years. It is for sure that many adults will also love this toy car.

Silverlit Ferrari Series – LaFerrari

Controlling: The remote control comes with a Ferrari and Silverlit branding on it. There are left-right and backward-forward buttons allowing for greater control of the car. In addition, one can also find a dedicated turbo speed and headlight button on the remote itself.

Power Consumption: The batteries that are included in the box are non-rechargeable. However, you can buy extra set of rechargeable batteries from the market if you want to save some money. The remote supports 2 AAA batteries while the car runs on a single AAA battery. And, this toy car also comes with a power saving mode, too, that puts the whole unit in standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Parental Guide: It is advised to you that you only allow your children to play with this toy under your supervision. Children in their initial years always try to take apart the parts of toys and this can be dangerous to them.

Main Features: It is a much smaller replica at the scale ratio of 1:50. Smaller size also means greater power and this toy car can achieve really high speeds. Turbo button on the remote can be used while racing with friends.

Price 1250 Rupees