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Top 7 Mobile Phones with Big Battery Below 1000 Rupees

Salora KT18 Review and Specifications

Micromax F145

Since Micromax is doing well in 5000 to 15000 rupees smartphone budget segment, we had believed, it will slowly wind up the low margin feature phone business. However, recent launch of new phones, ranging between 1000 to 3000 rupees, Micromax indications it will continue to dominate Indian phone market with innovative devices in all price segments.

The F145 is good looking smartphone sports curvy polished body has thickness measured in 11.2 mm. A decorated color band separates the front and the back panel, makes entire design look attractive.

Here, Micromax has not followed an intelligent design. The keypad is small features a combination of tiny keys, which we found hard to press. Those with thick finger top will find difficulty in typing, even dialing or attending calls. Placement of the brand monogram between the screen and the keypad is unnecessary. That space should have been used for better and bigger keypad.

Micromax F145 Review and Specifications

Dual SIM Feature: The F145 works with GSM network at 900 and 1800 MHz band. User can insert two SIMs both in standby works for better connectivity anytime anywhere.

Torch: User needs to long press the main control key to activate torch. The feature is made to work without any shortcut. I am sure this will help aged generation and female users.

Entertainment FM and Memory

This supports video and audio playback along with FM tuning. Since the preinstalled memory is only 4MB that too reserved for call book and SMS storage, a microSD card is required in 4GB size to store songs and videos. Although it supports 8GB in SD card port but in reality the phone performance remains stable with a 4GB of microSD card.

Calling and other important feature

Call quality of Micromax F145 is really good and remains so even in thin network area. Some of advance features such as conference call, call time display, call divert and loudspeaker calling are supported here.

  1. 1000 mAh is powerful enough to offers approx 3 to 4 days of standby on basic usages.
  2. 4 inch display sports 240P resolution and 167PPI pixels make icon and images look really sharp and clear.
  3. The Phone supports JAVA game offers few preinstalled games such as Magic sushi, Pack the Man, Bike adventure and F1 race.
  4. 3MP camera does not have any real value so it can be ignored in the specifications list.
  5. USB and Bluetooth for data syncing and hardware connectivity
  6. MP3 audio and MP4 video files are playable.
  7. Enabled GPRS offers easy access to internet navigation.
  8. Approved by Indian cellular association, SAR value of the device is below 1Kg for head makes it safe for everyone.


  1. Stylish look
  2. Good battery life
  3. Hindi messaging
  4. SD Card support


  1. Small Keys
  2. Only 6 months of service warranty
  3. The brand does not offer any accessories in the sales box.

Verdict: For a price of 999 rupees, Micromax offers a quality product. If you are planning to order this phone, then also order a charger and earphone since the brand ships only the phone without any accessories. In terms of battery backup, performance, call quality and entertainment value the Micromax F145 is a good choice.

Screen 2.4 inches
Battery 1000 mAh
MicroSD card Support upto 8GB
Camera 1.3MP with digital Zoom
Buy 1000 Rupees


Champion Y1 Star

In terms of specifications and built, the Y1 star is very similar to other feature phones available in the market. However, we are impressed for its standard built more so to the soft clickable keypad. I am sure user will have great typing experience with this phone.

The Y1 Star built is more plastic renders solid comfort in the hand. Its rear is glossy that also hosts main speaker and primary camera. The phone endorses dual SIM concept works well with 1G and 2G network. For internet browsing, it has GPRS that works through WAP browser.

Digital Camera and Flash: 1.3MP primary camera gets support from a LED flash for clear photography in day time as well as in night time. We should not complain much for camera since the device is available for a throw away price of just 995 rupees. Due to Flash support, low light photography is much better than its competitor in the market.

Champion Y1 Star Review and Specifications

Video and Music Player: Champion Y1 star plays all popular audio and movie files. Most of today’s songs are available in mp3 and videos come in mp4, avi and 3gp format. With this device user can create play list, tune to sweet music and video playback in utmost clarity on the 2.4 inches TFT screen.

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To enhance user’s experience in terms of musical entertainment, Champion delivers the rear firing speaker built with big driver for loud audio output. I am sure user will be impressed with main speaker loudness.

Language Support: In setting list, there is option to choose the phone language. According to official website, it supports Hindi and other regional languages.


  1. 1800 mAh battery
  2. Wide keypad with big keys
  3. FM Radio and preinstalled games
  4. Hindi languages support
  5. Powerful main speaker

Verdict: At the current price of 995 rupees, the phone seems to be good enough for the regular entertainment and easy number dialing along with productive calling.

Screen 2.4 inches
Battery 1800 mAh
MicroSD card Support upto 8GB
Camera 1.3 MP, Flash, Zoom
Buy 995 Rupees


Videocon V1429

Indian brand Videocon is famous for smart and affordable televisions and long-lasting consumer electronics. Recently, it has made entry into mobile phone manufacturing starting with entry-level phones. The Videocon V1429 comes with an affordable price tag of 900, wears attractive design and lists some solid specs.

Smart Auto call recording: Videocon claims to offers advance auto call recording, much better than traditional way of activating the feature for individual incoming calls. User will be able to make the best out of the feature by doing some customization, which comes as an option to do so.

1800 mAh battery: A feature phone is all about good calling experience and long lasting battery. The lithium-ion 1800 mAh battery delivers many days of standby on complete charging. Remember, the standby period would vary according to user’s moderate and heavy usages.

Videocon V1429 Review and Specifications

Connectivity: The V1429 offers data sharing and receiving via Bluetooth and USB port. The Bluetooth feature has an additional profile support called A2DP making the device compatible with BT enables gadgets in your home.

Multimedia: In terms of entertainment, the phone has

  1. Audio Player supports MP3, MIDI and WAV music files.
  2. Video Player supports MP4 and 3GP file format.
  3. Tune local FM radio station and record all programs in clear sound.
  4. To make multimedia experience much better the V1429 lists MicroSD card support upto 16GB. However, I would advise to buy 8GB SD card since the phone does not support more than that.


  1. Excellent battery for at least one week of backup
  2. SD card support upto 16GB
  3. Bluetooth with advance wireless music steaming feature
  4. USB port for hassle –free contents upto to the phone
  5. Preinstalled calculator, Calendar, Alarm, Torch Light


  1. 8 inches TFT display with poor resolution of 128 × 160 and pixel density of 114 PPI
  2. 3MP primary camera with digital is just paper specification

Verdict: The Videocon V1429 is a good mobile phone for hardworking Indian citizen. Its primary features are FM with recording, Bluetooth sharing, 16GB Storage and excellent battery backup. If you are searching a cell phone just to make or receive call, the V1429 is a choice. However, before you make a decision, remember the phone sports a dull display not worthy to play games and video files.

Screen 1.8 inches
Battery 1800 mAh
MicroSD Support Up to 16GB
Camera 0.3 MP, Digital ZOOM
Buy 900 Rupees


Champion Y2 Super

I really like the design concept of this Champion gadget. Even though the built is plastic, leatherette finish with stitches at the rear renders a modish looks. Also, the grand shape is nicely smoothen around edges add much needed comfort to this dual SIM GSM phone.

Champion is an Indian mobile brand with good start in entry-level segment. For customer support and product service, user needs to contact at

  • Service Help Desk:   011 4040 1213
  • Service Call Back Number: 08030636277 (Missed call Number)
  • Service Email: [email protected]
  • Support Webpage:

The Champion Y2 Super sports a 2.4 inch TFT display has the resolution of 240 × 320 whereas the pixel density is only 167 PPI. 1.3MP primary camera cannot even recognize the subject forget securing an image in decent quality.

Battery: 1000 mAh battery is very low considering current market trend of minimum 1500 mAh battery. I would like to add here as there is no comparison between Nokia and Micromax battery similarly we cannot judge 1000 mAh of Champion phone will be as juicy as Micromax’s basic phone with the same amount of battery value.

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I am only trying to justify why the aforesaid Micromax F145 with 1000 mAh battery is PICK whereas the Champion Y2 Super with the same battery value gets KICK.

Champion Y2 Super Review and Specifications

Colour: The Y2 Super comes in two color variant that is black and white. I would insist the black variant as the phone looks stunning and more premium.

Features: Yes, it supports auto call recording feature. The list of other custom features is extended with nicely designed calculator, to-do-alarm, converter, world clock and Torch light.

With many add-ons for good time pass, the Champion Y2 Super offers hassle free playing of MP3 songs, 3GP video files and tuning of the local live FM stations. Also, 8GB memory expansion is a value addition to enhance the multimedia experience.


  1. Stunning look, nice built and attractive design
  2. 8GB SD card support
  3. Multi language support
  4. USB, Bluetooth and GPRS Support


  1. Average battery
  2. Poor Camera
  3. Low brand equity

Verdict: If you prefer design over inbuilt specifications, the Champion Y2 Super should be a choice. Otherwise, here, we have listed better options to choose from.

Screen 2.4 inches
Battery 1000 mAh
MicroSD Support Up to 8GB
Camera 0.3 MP
Buy 900 Rupees


iBall KING 2 1.8B

After many years of struggle, finally iBall is able to design mobile phones that user finds worthy to spend for. The King 2 1.8B is one of the finest basic phones available online with many premium features.

I have personal request to iBall management. Please pay little more attention on naming of products. Can anyone help me to decode “KING 2 1.8B”? It seems we are talking about a processor chip.

Hindi and English Keypad: User will be able to send SMS or do chit-chat in Hindi or English languages. I am sorry other regional languages are not supported here.

Wireless FM with Recording: This is indeed a great feature that becomes even greater with recording option. User can tune FM stations without earphone, which basically works as an antenna in a cell phone.

Advance Multimedia: Mostly feature phones support is limited to audio and video playback besides FM tuning. However, iBall King 2 1.8B adds sound recording option helps user to record lovely voice of loved one.

iBall KING 2 1 8B Review and Specifications

Security: iBall even surpasses costly smartphone in terms of security. We all are vulnerable to mobile theft and stealing of private data. With this phone, you will have advantage in terms of protection of personal data.

Mobile TrackerIn case the phone is stolen, enabled mobile tracking feature will help police to locate in a few hours.

Privacy Protection : We share phone with friends and family members. There is possibility, someone might activate Bluetooth and copy all your private videos and image later blackmail with threat to release those contents on the internet. However, with the privacy protection feature you will be able to secure private files from rest of the world.

Phone Password With this feature, user has option to lock the phone so no one gains direct access thereby void the reach to personal files or contact list.

Blacklist and White-listI use this feature to block unwanted call from unknown mobile number.

Storage: The Phone includes microSD card support up to 16GB. There is preinstalled memory that too for operation need offers storage of 100 SMS and 500 phone book contacts.

Unique Features

  1. Contact Group
  2. Contact import export
  3. Call time reminder and call reject by SMS
  4. Bluetooth, GPRS and USB connectivity

Verdict: The iBall King 2 1.8B has many innovative features. Even though the built is bulky, which can be measured in 15mm of thickness, we cannot ignore its offering at the affordable price of 880 rupees. My rating is “PICK” for this phone.

Screen 1.8 inches
Battery 1800 mAh
MicroSD Support Up to 16GB
Camera 0.3 MP, Digital Zoom
Buy 850 Rupees


Salora KT18

The brand Salora is famous and trusted by millions of Indian during many years of its existence. In last two years, the brand has become active in cell phone business offering wide range of choices at affordable price points.

I have selected the KT18 because it has 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery offers enough fuel to last more than a week, despite continuous usages. For a price of just 849 rupees, it packs countless mouth watering features and solid built. Exclusively available at Amazon India, the brand ensures easy delivery for the product across India.

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1.8 inches Display: The screen quality is really disappointing. Resolution of 128 × 160 and pixel density of 114PPI over the TFT panel makes user’s experience horrible. In direct sunlight you could hardly notice font and icons. In my opinion, Salora should have given minimum 2.4 or 2.8 inch display since 2200 mAh battery is quite sufficient to take load of a bigger and better screen.

Salora KT18 Review and Specifications

16GB MicroSD card : This is quite encouraging as Salora adds 16GB SD card support – a value addition to the extensive memory management. Use the memory support for prolongs entertainment with a long playlist of sweet songs. Also, the phone supports recording of live FM programs.

Additional Features

  1. LED Torch
  2. Auto call recording
  3. Voice recording
  4. Hindi and English language support
  5. Mobile tracker
  6. Black list unwanted call and mobile phone numbers


  1. Loud sound output


  1. Poor Screen
  2. Bad Camera

Verdict: This is indeed a good choice available online for an affordable price. Salora has designed the phone just for calling, listening to music and tuning live FMs. If your requirement is limited to aforesaid three, then this is a right choice, which comes with more than a week battery backup.

Screen 1.8 inches
Battery 2200 mAh
MicroSD Support Up to 16GB
Camera 0.3 MP, Digital Zoom
Buy 850 Rupees


Cubit League R3i

The brand Cubit is new introduction in Indian cell phone market. According to the official website, the corporate office is located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Since we are reviewing the first phone of this brand, commenting about brand’s approach in terms of customer service and support is difficult.

Cubit Customer supportMobile: 079-2642 6995, 9824465601; Mail ID: [email protected]

In this article, we are discussing the League R3i, the most affordable basic phone bang with many features in least price.

2.4 inch Colour screen: Everything looks clear and sharp on the TFT panel has the resolution of 240 × 320 whereas pixel density per inch is 167. I would like to endorse the display in terms of clarity and quality.

Long lasting battery: In spite of a throw away price tag of 750 rupees, the League R3i packs 1800 mAh battery, which is really incredible. Pick up any smartphone, which has 1800 mAh battery, price tag will never be less than 4000 rupees. Indeed, this phone is a bonanza for buyers.

Storage: Mobile phone available below 1000 rupees mostly offers 8 to 16GB memory expansion whereas the league R3i wins race with whopping 32GB microSD card support. I appreciate the brand effort in terms of memory management. Also, I would recommend the phone to those wants a cheaper alternative of iPod. Buy a quality earphone to enjoy endless music for 36 to 48 hours continuously.

Language Support: Besides Hindi and English, users of Maharashtra and Gujarat would be able to chit chat and send SMS in Guajarati and Marathi.

LED Torch: Instead of a regular torch function, the phone got a super LED flash torch, built on the promise of more light on less energy consumption.

Wireless FM: Wow! Because of the wireless FM feature, user can record, play and replay live FM programs. MicroSD card support up to 32GB helps in this process.

USB Port: To load content in 32GB storage, USB port is needed in order to complete the process quickly. Good news is the phone features a micro USB port 2.0 that supports easy media syncing from computer. The end user needs to connect the phone through a USB cable to copy songs and videos.Cubit League R3i Review and Specifications

Verdict: The Cubit is a new Gujarat based mobile and IT products brand offers quality gadget on affordable price. Since I am not familiar with the brand, the phone rating is KICK rather PICK. As far as specifications, features, performance and pricing are concerned, the Cubit League R3i is a paisa Vasool mobile phone.

Screen 2.4 inches
Battery 1800 mAh
MicroSD Support Up to 32GB
Camera 1.3 MP, Digital Zoom, LED Flash
Buy 750 Rupees

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